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Pit Bulls and Parolees

Pit Bulls and Parolees

2009 - Now  •  Saturday 09:00 PM on Animal Planet  •   5 days
6 votes
1082 votes
# 1669
Documentary, Special Interest
Pit bulls are eager to please, faithful and enthusiastic friends and pleasant with children according to credible canine organizations. Really, it's true. Yet, the public largely associates these dogs with fear, danger and unyielding aggression toward people. Pit bulls actually were once ranked among ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Sweetest Thing Aired on 11/30/2019
The Sweetest Thing
Season 14: Episode 9
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Season 1
S01 E01
Second Chance Ranch
S01 E02
S01 E03
S01 E04
S01 E05
On the Run
S01 E06
Sin City
Season 2
S02 E01
Return to the Ranch
S02 E02
A Battle of Wills
S02 E03
A Final Verdict
S02 E04
A Fighting Chance
S02 E05
S02 E06
Beware of Dog
S02 E07
Breaking Point
S02 E08
Mission of Mercy
S02 E09
Saving Tia Torres
S02 E10
Trial by Fire
S02 E11
Life in the Spotlight
S02 E12
The Next Chapter
Season 3
S03 E01
Judgement Day
S03 E02
Prison Break
S03 E03
New Blood
S03 E04
S03 E05
Southern Uprising
S03 E06
Heart Broken
S03 E07
Burn Out
S03 E08
Pushing the Limits
S03 E09
Cut Loose
S03 E10
Path of Destruction
S03 E11
Don't Blow It
S03 E12
End of the Road
Season 4
S04 E01
New Orleans, Here We Come
S04 E02
Face Off
S04 E03
A Gift from Heaven
S04 E04
Ghost Dog
S04 E05
Saving Prada
S04 E06
S04 E07
Trapped Below
S04 E08
Band of Brothers
S04 E09
Boiling Point
S04 E10
Buried Alive
S04 E11
Freedom Fighters
S04 E12
A Family Affair
S04 E13
Making Miracles
S04 E14
Storm on the Horizon
S04 E15
Storm Surge
S04 E16
**NEEDS REMOVAL Duplicate of Speical** Season 4 Unleashed
Season 5
S05 E01
Out of the Dark
S05 E02
Shell Shocked
S05 E03
Pitch Black
S05 E04
S05 E05
Giving Back
S05 E06
Flood Watch
S05 E07
A New Future
S05 E08
Rescuing the Holidays
S05 E09
Can't Give Up
S05 E10
Collision Course
S05 E11
Not Meant To Be
S05 E12
Battle Scars
S05 E13
Almost Perfect
S05 E14
Rescue Resurrection
S05 E15
From the Shadows
S05 E16
Perfect Match
S05 E17
Season 6
S06 E01
Last Chance
S06 E02
Diamond in the Rough
S06 E03
Risky Business
S06 E04
Standing Strong
S06 E05
Helter Shelter
S06 E06
S06 E07
Healing Hearts
S06 E08
Broken Home
S06 E09
Giving Thanks
S06 E10
Above and Beyond
S06 E11
Good Gone Bad
S06 E12
A Clash of Wills
S06 E13
Saving Each Other
S06 E14
From Darkness to Dawn
S06 E15
Taming the Beast
S06 E16
Long Road Home
S06 E17
Blind Hope
S06 E18
Hero's Journey
S06 E19
S06 E20
Why We Go On
Season 7
S07 E01
New Frontiers
S07 E02
Jail Break
S07 E03
S07 E04
New Heights
S07 E05
Knife's Edge
S07 E06
Shock to the System
S07 E07
First Time for Everything
S07 E08
S07 E09
The One
S07 E10
A New Best Friend
S07 E11
Low Rider
S07 E12
The Gift
S07 E13
100th Episode: A Long Time Coming
S07 E14
Eye of the Storm
S07 E15
Behind Bars
S07 E16
A Street Dog Named Desire
S07 E17
The Incomparable Dr. K
S07 E18
New Day, New Blood
S07 E19
Second Savior
S07 E20
Never Meant Harm
Season 8
S08 E01
Down, Not Out
S08 E02
S08 E03
Kindness of Strangers
S08 E04
Down Below
S08 E05
Rock City Rescue
S08 E06
Our Gift
S08 E07
Second Savior
S08 E08
Rescuing the Holidays
S08 E09
Going the Distance
S08 E10
S08 E11
Longing For Home
S08 E12
City of Second Chances
S08 E13
Young Blood
Season 9
S09 E01
Down, Not Out
S09 E02
S09 E03
Pit Bulls & Parolees: Kindness of Strangers
S09 E04
Down Below
S09 E05
Rock City Rescue
S09 E06
The Gift
S09 E07
Pushing Forward
S09 E08
S09 E09
Going the Distance
S09 E10
Longing for Home
Season 10
S10 E01
City of Second Chances
S10 E02
Young Blood
S10 E03
A Girl Named Gun
S10 E04
A Home At Last
S10 E05
Midnight Savior
S10 E06
Tip of the Iceberg
S10 E07
A Different Mission
S10 E08
Rising Tide
S10 E09
Our Growing Pack
S10 E10
Pit Bulls & Parolees Presents: Hounded
S10 E11
S10 E12
Season 11
S11 E01
A New Year for Villalobos
S11 E02
Shelter from the Storm
S11 E03
The Dogs Who Made Us
S11 E04
Soul Survivor
S11 E05
New Arrivals
S11 E06
Treading Water
S11 E07
Cutest Moments Ever
S11 E08
Most Valuable Puppy
S11 E09
Left for Dead
S11 E10
Mama Drama
S11 E11
A Brother's Lifeline
Season 12
S12 E01
Village of Wolves
S12 E02
A Brother's Return
S12 E03
Never Let Go
S12 E04
Under Earl's Wing
S12 E05
A Clean Slate
S12 E06
A Puppy's Journey Home
S12 E07
Finding A Hero
S12 E08
Divine Rescue
S12 E09
Finally Free
S12 E10
From the Ashes
S12 E11
My Underdog Life
Season 13
S13 E01
Pressure Cooker
S13 E02
Golden Girl
S13 E03
A Family Connection
S13 E04
Southern Dogs in the City
S13 E05
A Box of Puppies
S13 E06
Fire Dog
S13 E07
Like a Boss
S13 E08
Last of the Mobsters
S13 E09
The Pitz Carlton
S13 E10
Love at First Sight
S13 E11
The Dogs That Stole Our Hearts
Season 14
S14 E01
Raised in Rescue
S14 E02
Here in their Golden Years
S14 E03
Home Is Where the Dog Is
S14 E04
Happy Howl-O-Ween
S14 E05
Treasure Not Trash
S14 E06
Match Made Perfect
S14 E07
Sisters in Rescue
S14 E08
Never Too Late
S14 E09
The Sweetest Thing
Episode 1
Episode 13
Episode 2
Season 7 Preview
Episode 3
The Dogs Who Made Us
Episode 4
Season 3 Unleashed
Episode 5
Season 4 Unleashed
Episode 6
Rescuing the Holidays
Episode 7
Season 5 Unleashed
Episode 8
Season 6 Aftershow
Episode 9
Holiday Special
Episode 10
Season 7 Preview - Unforgettable
Episode 11
Tia vs. Nature
Episode 12
Life Transformed
Episode 13
Biggest, Baddest Rescues
Episode 14
100th Episode: A Long Time Coming - Aftershow
Episode 15
Season 7 Aftershow
Episode 16
Season 4 Unleashed
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Pit bulls and parolees season 11episode 2

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