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On The Road With Charles Kuralt

On The Road With Charles Kuralt

1967 - 1967   •  CBS
1 vote
Documentary, Reality, Special Interest
The beloved Emmy-winning series that began on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite

For 20 years beginning in 1967, Charkes Kuralt wandered America's ... More
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
50 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Blenheim Ginger Ale, Golden Gate Bridge Workers, Bicycle Man
S01 E02
Super Shoe Salesman, Down-Home Remedies, 80-Year Old Cook, Unique Mailbox...
S01 E03
American Citizen, Blowing Bubbles, Junk-Mail Heat, Simplify
S01 E04
Domino Theory, Old Advertisements, Building Wooden Boats, Roadside Shangr...
S01 E05
Kentucky Croquet-Playing Field,
S01 E06
Whistle-Stop Ride, Toothpick Artist, National Weather Survey
S01 E07
All-Night Library, Life on the Bayou, Living in a Small Town
S01 E08
Lady Mayor, Bullfighter, Wind Symphony/Carousels, Shipbuilders of Maine
S01 E09
Interstate 80, Farming and Fishing in Kansas, Greek Sponge-Fisherman, Bis...
S01 E10
Piney Woods Thoreau, Coffee Cups, Wheat Harvest, Cadillac Ranch, Nebraska...
S01 E11
Illinois: Abraham Lincoln's Hometown, Hummingbirds, Maple Sugar, Woman Dr...
S01 E12
Dowser, One-Room Schoolhouse, Brick Maker, Cable Cars, Iowa
S01 E13
Mushrooms, Covered Bridges, Turkey Trot, Kite Man, Montana: Little Big Ho...
S01 E14
104-Year-Old Man, Cymbals Factory, Sleighs, California: The Mission Trail
S01 E15
Chicken Man, Idaho: The River of No Return, Man Who Waves at Traffic
S01 E16
Pauli Murray, Delta Queen, Street Vendor, Colorado Prospectors
S01 E17
Stone Skipping, New Mexico: Atomic Bomb, Pothole Festival, Greenup H.S. C...
S01 E18
Bike Messenger, Lace Making, Cicadas, Capitals of the World, South Dakota...
Season 2
S02 E01
Cloggers, Lady Pilot, Blackie, Spivey Family, Michigan: Wheels and Machin...
S02 E02
British Graves, Lula Watson, Canoe Maker, Pumpkins, Ohio: The Golden Lamb
S02 E03
Moonshiners, Indiana: Poet James Whitcomb Riley, Friendship Between Man a...
S02 E04
Totem Poles, Waynesburg Rain Day, Johnny Appleseed, Swings, Tennessee: A ...
S02 E05
Ball of String, Fiddlers, Delaware: The Du Pont Family, Ferry Boats, Corn...
S02 E06
Jump Rope, Chicago Fire, Hood Ornaments, Bottle House, New Jersey: G.W. C...
S02 E07
Toy-Fixing Man, Skipjack, Jerry's Deli, Billy Jones Railroad, South Carol...
S02 E08
Alabama: Freedom through Knowledge, Steam Whistles, Mule Doctor, Norwegia...
S02 E09
Homesteading, Horseshoe Throwing, Mail Boat, Barber Poles, Arkansas: The ...
S02 E10
Oyster Shucker, Driftwood, Wild Mustangs, Trailers, Oklahoma: American In...
S02 E11
Poet, Chewing Tobacco, Arizona: The Trading Post, Christmas Toys, Profess...
S02 E12
National Road, Bald Eagles, Sandcastles, Rafts, Oregon: The Columbia Rive...
S02 E13
Swanee River, 40-Horse Hitch, Old-Time Religion, Construction Crane, Wash...
S02 E14
Wine Harvest, Lonnie's Diner, Trading Day, Traffic Cop, Texas: Cowboys' R...
S02 E15
Coffee Club, Lightning, McKinley Pilot, Weeds, Hawaii: Early Days
S02 E16
Parolees, Bell Lady, Rodeo Old-Timers, Bird Lady, Connecticut
S02 E17
Maryland: Chesapeake-Ohio Canal, Peppers, Spring, Sod Houses, Gold Leaf
S02 E18
Russian Dentist, Bean-Shooter Man, West Virginia: Harpers Ferry
Season 3
S03 E01
Hex-Sign Painter, Missouri, High-School Plane, Christmas Tree, Alaskan Gl...
S03 E02
Horse Trader, Singing Mailman, Butterflies, Sorghum Making, Minnesota
S03 E03
North Woods Guide, Tombstones, Steam Calliope, Huck Finn, Utah
S03 E04
Dakota Farmer, Goose Lady, Oldest Park Ranger, Pennsylvania
S03 E05
Bell Ringers, Unicycle School, National Anthem, Mountains
S03 E06
Cowbells, The Ice Meister, Gas Stations, Secretariat
S03 E07
Udall, The School Teacher, Prospector, Balloons
S03 E08
July 4th, Pioneer Grave, Pipe Organs, Kuralt's Roots
S03 E09
Photo Family, Skill Olympics, Fire Hydrants, Free Doctors
S03 E10
Wisdomkeepers, The Land, Dessie Odom
S03 E11
Old Men and the Sea, Plank Road, Ellis Island
S03 E12
Love Train, Worm Grunting, Elephants, Heroes of '41
S03 E13
History of Norway, Hot-Dog Man, Donkey-Cart Man, The Eyelid Alarm, Runnin...
S03 E14
Loving Country, TX; Sewer Art, Last Lighthouse
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