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2011 - 2018   •  Revision3
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Whether you're a beginner or a pro, HakTip is essential viewing for current and aspiring hackers, computer enthusiasts, and IT professionals. With a how-to approach to all things Information Technology, HakTip breaks down the core concepts, tools, and techniques of Linux, Wireless Networks, Systems Administration, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
How to Use tr, sed, and aspell: Linux Terminal 201 Aired on 06/01/2018
How to Use tr, sed, and aspell: Linux Terminal 201
Season 1: Episode 170
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Series ended
170 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Standard Streams - Pipes with John the Ripper and Aircrack-ng
S01 E02
Enhancing Windows with Virtual Desktops
S01 E03
Packet Sniffing 101: Promiscuous Mode
S01 E04
HOWTO: Build a Multibootable USB Drive For Free
S01 E05
Media Access Control 101: Fundamentals and Spoofing
S01 E06
HOWTO: Optimize Your PC For Fastest Performance
S01 E07
Re:Hak - Top 10 Q&A including bash math, macchanger and airdriver-ng
S01 E08
Review of ADrive and LockNote
S01 E09
WiFi 101: The 6 Modes of Wireless
S01 E10
An Intro to Virtual Machines
S01 E11
WiFi 101: 802.11 Protocols
S01 E12
How To Protect Your PC From Little Nooblettes!
S01 E13
WiFi 101: Channels and Interference
S01 E14
Comparing Free Virtual Machine Software
S01 E15
WiFi 101: 802.11n
S01 E16
Debunking Wireless Generations - a Jason Rant
S01 E17
WiFi 101: 802.11 Frames
S01 E18
Re:Hak, Top 5 tips, questions and software picks
S01 E19
WiFi 101: Beacon Frames and Injection
S01 E20
Comparing Password Protection Tools
S01 E21
WiFi 101: Frame Analyzing
S01 E22
HOW TO: Unsluggify Your PC
S01 E23
WiFi 101: Probe Requests and Responses
S01 E24
An Easy To Use Alternative Local Backup Tool!
S01 E25
DEFCON 19: Wireless Security Assessment
S01 E26
DEFCON 19: Quadshot Open Source Aircraft
S01 E27
My Favorite Jailbroken iPhone Apps - Pt 3
S01 E28
Top 5: Chrome Security Extensions
S01 E29
DEFCON 19: Android Botnets
S01 E30
An Easy To Use Script to Find a Lost USB Flashdrive
S01 E31
BackTrack 5 Auto-Login
S01 E32
Windows Optimization Tools Pt 2
S01 E33
Mirror Websites with HTTrack
S01 E34
How to Make ANY Application Portable
S01 E35
Bash Basics: Ping, Date and While
S01 E36
Easy Network and Bandwidth Monitoring
S01 E37
Bash Basics: Turn Long Commands into Scripts
S01 E38
My Favorite Alternative App Launchers for Windows
S01 E39
Bash Basics: Keep History Free from Passwords
S01 E40
How to Safely and Securely Delete and Restore Your Files
S01 E41
Bash History Tricks
S01 E42
Two Easy Ways to Improve Graphics
S01 E43
Bash Substitution Without Sed
S01 E44
CPU Testing and Tweaking with Simple Apps
S01 E45
Chrome Grease Monkey Script for Late Night Coding
S01 E46
How to Move Steam Games from Your C Drive
S01 E47
Merry Christmas from the Command Line!
S01 E48
How to Use Problems Step Recorder for Windows
S01 E49
Network Monitoring in Linux with lsof
S01 E50
Update All of Your Programs at Once with AppUpdater!
S01 E51
Free Text to Speech with Linux
S01 E52
How to Get Linux with Get Linux
S01 E53
Netcat Without Netcat
S01 E54
9 Tips for the Linux Terminal
S01 E55
Guake: An FPS-Style Terminal for Your Linux Box
S01 E56
Record Terminal Sessions with ttyrec
S01 E57
Linux Terminal 101 - Getting Started
S01 E58
Linux Terminal 101 - File Manipulation
S01 E59
Linux Terminal 101 - Wildcards, Hard Links and Symbolic Links
S01 E60
Linux Terminal 101 - Filenames, History, and Shortcuts
S01 E61
Linux Terminal 101 - Type, Which and Apropos
S01 E62
Linux Terminal 101 - Create Your Own Command with Alias
S01 E63
Linux Terminal 101 - I/O Redirection of Standard Outputs
S01 E64
How to Capture Packets with Wireshark - Getting Started!
S01 E65
Redirecting Standard Terminal Errors in Linux
S01 E66
Linux Terminal 101: Using CAT with Standard Inputs
S01 E67
Linux Terminal 101 - Grep and Pipes!
S01 E68
Linux Terminal 101 - How to use echo
S01 E69
Using Expansions Commands in the Linux Terminal - Part 2
S01 E70
The Importance of Quotes In The Terminal
S01 E71
Linux Terminal 101: Your Favorite Tips and Tricks
S01 E72
Linux Terminal 101: My Top Best Resources
S01 E73
Linux Terminal 101: Typing Less with Keyboard Shortcuts
S01 E74
Linux Terminal 101: How to Use History
S01 E75
Linux Terminal 101: How to Use Permissions
S01 E76
Linux Terminal 101: How to Change Your Identity
S01 E77
Linux Terminal 101: How to View Processes
S01 E78
Linux Terminal 101: Controlling Processes
S01 E79
Linux Terminal 101: Viewer Tips! PID, History, and More!
S01 E80
Linux Terminal 101: Viewer Tips Part 2!
S01 E81
Linux Terminal 101: Netcat
S01 E82
Linux Terminal 101: How to Use Netcat To Chat
S01 E83
Netcat 101: Using Netcat to Transfer Files
S01 E84
Netcat 101: Using Netcat for Banner Grabbing
S01 E85
Netcat 101: Port Scanning in Netcat
S01 E86
Netcat 101: Remote Shells in Windows
S01 E87
Netcat 101: Remote Shells From Windows into Linux
S01 E88
Cryptcat: Netcat Using Two-Fish Encryption
S01 E89
Netcat 101: Making Processes Talk To Each Other
S01 E90
Netcat 101: Using Netcat To Direct Network Traffic
S01 E91
NMap 101: Installing and Your First Target Scan
S01 E92
NMap 101: Scanning For Multiple Targets
S01 E93
NMap 101: Scanning Networks While Excluding Certain Targets
S01 E94
NMap 101: Scanning Networks For Open Ports To Access
S01 E95
NMap 101: Scanning Networks Using Alternative Packets
S01 E96
NMap 101: Discovery Options Part 2
S01 E97
NMap 101: Advanced Scanning Techniques
S01 E98
NMap 101: Port Scanning Options
S01 E99
NMap 101: Operating System Detection
S01 E100
NMap 101: Timing Options Part 1
S01 E101
NMap 101: Timing Options Part 2
S01 E102
NMap 101: Fun With Firewalls!
S01 E103
NMap 101: How to Output to a File
S01 E104
NMap 101: How to Troubleshoot Scans
S01 E105
NMap 101: The Nmap Scripting Engine
S01 E106
NMap 101: The Zenmap Interface
S01 E107
NMap 101: How to Read a Zenmap Output
S01 E108
NMap 101: NDiff and Your Tips!
S01 E109
Maltego 101: What is Maltego?
S01 E110
Maltego 101: Deciphering the GUI
S01 E111
Maltego 101: Adding Your Own Links and Selections
S01 E112
Maltego 101: Managing your Manage Tab
S01 E113
Maltego 101: Graphing Options
S01 E114
Maltego 101: Adding Your Own Entities
S01 E115
Wireshark 101: How to Wireshark
S01 E116
Wireshark 101: The OSI Model
S01 E117
Wireshark 101: Downloading, Displaying, and the BPF Syntax!
S01 E118
Wireshark 101: Expressions
S01 E119
Wireshark 101: IO Graphs and Expert Info
S01 E120
Wireshark 101: TCP Streams and Objects
S01 E121
Wireshark 101: Expressions Examples
S01 E122
Wireshark 101: Display Filters and Filter Options
S01 E123
Wireshark 101: Name Resolutions and Flow Graphs
S01 E124
Wireshark 101: Address Resolution Protocol
S01 E125
Wireshark 101: Internet Protocol
S01 E126
Wireshark 101: Transmission Control Protocol
S01 E127
Wireshark 101: User Datagram Protocol and Internet Control Message Protoc...
S01 E128
Wireshark 101: The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
S01 E129
Wireshark 101: The Domain Name System
S01 E130
Wireshark 101: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
S01 E131
Wireshark 101: Wireshark with Social Networks
S01 E132
Wireshark 101: Wireshark with HipChat
S01 E133
Wireshark 101: TCP Retransmissions and Duplicates
S01 E134
Wireshark 101: Fixing Network Problems with Wireshark
S01 E135
Wireshark 101: TCP Flow Control
S01 E136
Wireshark 101: Understanding High Latency
S01 E137
Identifying Open Ports in Wireshark
S01 E138
Wireshark and Recognizing Exploits
S01 E139
Wireshark 101: Wireless Sniffing
S01 E140
Wireshark 101: Wireless Sniffing Pt 2
S01 E141
Wireshark 101: Feedback and Tips
S01 E142
TCPDump: Set Up and Getting Started
S01 E143
TCPDump: Common Commands
S01 E144
Wireshark 101: CloudShark Review
S01 E145
Wireshark 101: Pcapr review
S01 E146
Linux Terminal 201: How to Configure Startup Files
S01 E147
Linux Terminal 201: Getting started with Vi
S01 E148
Linux Terminal 201: Customize the Shell Prompt
S01 E149
Linux Terminal 201: Installing & Updating Packages
S01 E150
Linux Terminal 201: Working with storage media, ISO images
S01 E151
Linux Terminal 201: Apt Vs Apt-Get
S01 E152
Linux Terminal 201: Networking Commands
S01 E153
Linux Terminal 201: Networking Commands Pt 2
S01 E154
Linux Terminal 201: ifconfig vs ip
S01 E155
Linux Terminal 201: How to Use Man Pages
S01 E156
Linux Terminal 201: Compressing and Archiving
S01 E157
Linux Terminal 201: Searching Files
S01 E158
Linux Terminal 201: All About GREP
S01 E159
Linux Terminal 201: Metacharacters with grep
S01 E160
Linux Terminal 201: Using Brackets with grep
S01 E161
Linux Terminal 201: What is POSIX?
S01 E162
Linux Terminal 201: Using the Find Command pt 1
S01 E163
Linux Terminal 201: Using the Find Command pt 2
S01 E164
Linux Terminal 201: Monitor System Resources pt 1
S01 E165
Linux Terminal 201: Monitor System Resources pt 2
S01 E166
Linux Terminal 201: How to Use ExFAT Drives
S01 E167
How to Use Cat, Sort, and Uniq: Linux Terminal 201
S01 E168
How to Use Cut, Paste, and Join: Linux Terminal 201
S01 E169
How to Use Comm, Diff, and Patch: Linux Terminal 201
S01 E170
How to Use tr, sed, and aspell: Linux Terminal 201
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