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1993 - 2005  •  ABC (US)  •  8 days  •  262 episodes
24 votes
12743 votes
# 2812
Drama, Crime
The gritty details of life as a member of a New York City police unit.
  Previously Aired Episode
NYPD Blue: A Final Tribute Aired on 03/01/2005
NYPD Blue: A Final Tribute
Season 12: Episode 21
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
262 episodes total
NYPD Blue | NYPD Blue | Season 1 Trailer
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
4B or Not 4B
S01 E03
Brown Appetit
S01 E04
True Confessions
S01 E05
Emission Accomplished
S01 E06
Personal Foul
S01 E07
S01 E08
Tempest in a C-Cup
S01 E09
Ice Follies
S01 E10
Oscar, Meyer, Weiner
S01 E11
From Hare to Eternity
S01 E12
Up on the Roof
S01 E13
Abandando Abandoned
S01 E14
Jumpin' Jack Fleishman
S01 E15
Steroid Roy
S01 E16
A Sudden Fish
S01 E17
Black Men Can Jump
S01 E18
Zeppo Marks Brothers
S01 E19
Serge the Concierge
S01 E20
Good Time Charlie
S01 E21
Guns 'n Rosaries
S01 E22
Rockin' Robin
Season 2
S02 E01
Trials & Tribulations
S02 E02
From Whom the Skell Rolls
S02 E03
Cop Suey
S02 E04
Dead and Gone
S02 E05
Simone Says
S02 E06
The Final Adjustment
S02 E07
Double Abandando
S02 E08
You Bet Your Life
S02 E09
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel
S02 E10
In the Butt, Bob
S02 E11
S02 E12
Large Mouth Bass
S02 E13
Travels With Andy
S02 E14
A Murder With Teeth in It
S02 E15
Bombs Away
S02 E16
UnAmerican Grafitti
S02 E17
Dirty Socks
S02 E18
S02 E19
Boxer Rebellion
S02 E20
The Bookie and the Kooky Cookie
S02 E21
The Bank Dick
S02 E22
A.D.A. Sipowicz
Season 3
S03 E01
S03 E02
Torah! Torah! Torah!
S03 E03
One Big Happy Family
S03 E04
Heavin' Can Wait
S03 E05
Dirty Laundry
S03 E06
Curt Russell
S03 E07
Aging Bull
S03 E08
Cold Heaters
S03 E09
Sorry, Wong Suspect
S03 E10
The Backboard Jungle
S03 E11
Burnin' Love
S03 E12
These Old Bones
S03 E13
A Tushful of Dollars
S03 E14
The Nutty Confessor
S03 E15
Head Case
S03 E16
Girl Talk
S03 E17
Hollie and the Blowfish
S03 E18
We Was Robbed
S03 E19
Auntie Maimed
S03 E20
A Death in the Family
S03 E21
Closing Time
S03 E22
He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother
Season 4
S04 E01
Moby Greg
S04 E02
Thick Stu
S04 E03
Yes, We Have No Cannolis
S04 E04
Where's 'Swaldo?
S04 E05
Where'd the Van Gogh?
S04 E06
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
S04 E07
Ted and Carey's Bogus Adventure
S04 E08
Unembraceable You
S04 E09
S04 E10
My Wild Irish Nose
S04 E11
Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore
S04 E12
Upstairs, Downstairs
S04 E13
Tom and Geri
S04 E14
A Remington Original
S04 E15
Taillight's Last Gleaming
S04 E16
What a Dump!
S04 E17
A Wrenching Experience
S04 E18
I Love Lucy
S04 E19
Bad Rap
S04 E20
Emission Impossible
S04 E21
Is Paris Burning?
S04 E22
A Draining Experience
Season 5
S05 E01
As Flies to Wanton Boys Are We to the Gods; This Bud's for You
S05 E02
All's Wells That Ends Well
S05 E03
Three Girls and a Baby
S05 E04
The Truth is Out There
S05 E05
It Takes a Village
S05 E06
Dead Man Talking
S05 E07
Sheedy Dealings
S05 E08
Lost Israel (1)
S05 E09
Lost Israel (2)
S05 E10
Remembrance of Humps Past
S05 E11
You're Under a Rasta
S05 E12
A Box of Wendy
S05 E13
Twin Petes
S05 E14
Weaver of Hate
S05 E15
Don't Kill the Messenger
S05 E16
The One That Got Away
S05 E17
Speak For Yourself, Bruce Clayton
S05 E18
I Don't Wanna Dye
S05 E19
Prostrate Before the Law
S05 E20
Hammer Time
S05 E21
Seminal Thinking
S05 E22
Honeymoon at Viagra Falls
Season 6
S06 E01
Top Gum
S06 E02
Cop in a Bottle
S06 E03
Numb & Number
S06 E04
Brother's Keeper
S06 E05
Hearts and Souls
S06 E06
Danny Boy
S06 E07
Czech Bouncer
S06 E08
Raging Bulls
S06 E09
Grime Scene
S06 E10
Show and Tell
S06 E11
Big Bang Theory
S06 E12
What's Up, Chuck?
S06 E13
Dead Girl Walking
S06 E14
Raphael's Inferno
S06 E15
I Have a Dream
S06 E16
Tain't Misbehavin
S06 E17
Don't Meth With Me
S06 E18
Mister Roberts
S06 E19
Judas Priest
S06 E20
I'll Draw You a Mapp
S06 E21
Voir Dire This
S06 E22
Safe Home
Season 7
S07 E01
Loogie Nights
S07 E02
A Hole in Juan
S07 E03
The Man with Two Right Shoes
S07 E04
The Naked are the Dead
S07 E05
These Shoots are Made for Joaquin
S07 E06
Brothers Under Arms
S07 E07
Along Came Jones
S07 E08
Everybody Plays the Mule
S07 E09
S07 E10
Who Murders Sleep
S07 E11
Little Abner
S07 E12
Welcome to New York
S07 E13
The Irvin Files
S07 E14
Sleep Over
S07 E15
Stressed for Success
S07 E16
Goodbye Charlie
S07 E17
Roll Out the Barrel
S07 E18
Lucky Luciano
S07 E19
Tea and Sympathy
S07 E20
This Old Spouse
S07 E21
Bats Off to Larry
S07 E22
The Last Round Up
Season 8
S08 E01
Daveless in New York
S08 E02
Waking Up is Hard to Do
S08 E03
Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn
S08 E04
Family Ties
S08 E05
Fools Russian
S08 E06
Writing Wrongs
S08 E07
In-Laws, Outlaws
S08 E08
S08 E09
Oh Golly Goth
S08 E10
In the Still of the Night
S08 E11
Peeping Tommy
S08 E12
Thumb Enchanted Evening
S08 E13
Flight of Fancy
S08 E14
Nariz a Nariz
S08 E15
Love Hurts
S08 E16
Everyone Into the Poole
S08 E17
Dying to Testify
S08 E18
Lost Time
S08 E19
Under Covers
S08 E20
In the Wind
Season 9
S09 E01
Lie Like a Rug (1)
S09 E02
Johnny Got His Gold (2)
S09 E03
Two Clarks in a Bar
S09 E04
Hit the Road, Clark
S09 E05
Cops and Robber
S09 E06
Baby Love
S09 E07
Mom's Away
S09 E08
Puppy Love
S09 E09
Here Comes the Son
S09 E10
Jealous Hearts
S09 E11
Humpty Dumped
S09 E12
Oh, Mama
S09 E13
Safari, So Good
S09 E14
Hand Job
S09 E15
Guns & Hoses
S09 E16
A Little Dad'll Do Ya
S09 E17
Gypsy Woe's Me
S09 E18
Less is Morte
S09 E19
Low Blow
S09 E20
Oedipus Wrecked
S09 E21
Dead Meat in New Deli
S09 E22
Better Laid Than Never (1)
S09 E23
Better Laid Than Never (2)
Season 10
S10 E01
Ho Down
S10 E02
You've Got Mail
S10 E03
One in the Nuts
S10 E04
Meat Me in the Park
S10 E05
Death by Cycle
S10 E06
Maya Con Dios
S10 E07
Das Boots
S10 E08
Below the Belt
S10 E09
S10 E10
Healthy McDowell Movement
S10 E11
I Kid You Not
S10 E12
Arrested Development
S10 E13
Bottoms Up
S10 E14
Laughlin All the Way to the Clink
S10 E15
Tranny Get Your Gun
S10 E16
Nude Awakening
S10 E17
Off the Wall
S10 E18
Marine Life
S10 E19
Meet the Grandparents
S10 E20
Maybe Baby
S10 E21
Yo, Adrian
S10 E22
22 Skidoo
Season 11
S11 E01
Frickin' Fraker
S11 E02
Your Bus, Ted
S11 E03
Shear Stupidity
S11 E04
Porn Free
S11 E05
Keeping Abreast
S11 E06
Andy Appleseed
S11 E07
It's to Die For
S11 E08
And the Wenner Is...
S11 E09
Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax
S11 E10
You Da Bomb
S11 E11
Passing the Stone
S11 E12
Chatty Chatty Bang Bang
S11 E13
Take My Wife, Please
S11 E14
Colonel Knowledge
S11 E15
Old Yeller
S11 E16
On the Fence
S11 E17
In Goddess We Trussed
S11 E18
The Brothers Grim
S11 E19
Peeler? I Hardly Knew Her
S11 E20
Traylor Trash
S11 E21
What's Your Poison?
S11 E22
Who's Your Daddy?
Season 12
S12 E01
Dress for Success
S12 E02
Fish Out of Water
S12 E03
Great Balls of Ire
S12 E04
Divorce Detective Style
S12 E05
You're Buggin' Me
S12 E06
The Vision Thing
S12 E07
My Dinner With Andy
S12 E08
I Like Ike
S12 E09
The 3-H Club
S12 E10
The Dead Donald
S12 E11
Bale Out
S12 E12
I Love My Wives, But Oh You Kid
S12 E13
Stoli with a Twist
S12 E14
Stratis Fear
S12 E15
La Bomba
S12 E16
Old Man Quiver
S12 E17
Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band
S12 E18
Lenny Scissorhands
S12 E19
Bale to the Chief
S12 E20
Moving Day
S12 E21
NYPD Blue: A Final Tribute
Episode 1
Inside NYPD Blue: A Decade on the Job
Episode 2
A Final Tribute
Episode 3
The Making of Season 1
Episode 4
Love on NYPD Blue
Episode 5
Cast Blotter
Episode 6
Season 2: A Season Of Change
Episode 7
Wedding Bell Blues
Episode 8
The Music Of Mike Post
Episode 9
Life In The 15th Precinct
Episode 10
Father And Son
Episode 11
Women Of NYPD Blue
Episode 12
Through the Lens: The Look of Blue
Episode 13
In With the New
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