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Investigation Discovery Documentaries

Investigation Discovery Documentaries

2006 - Now  •  Sunday 05:00 PM on Investigation Discovery  •   9 days
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Documentary, Crime
ID is the brand new channel from Discovery home to some of the finest, most diverse high-quality crime programming on UK television. Uncover the stories, understand the motives, find the facts. Join ID to review the evidence, listen to people’s experiences, ask questions and investigate the world’s ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Murder of George Floyd: A Nation Responds Aired on 06/09/2020
The Murder of George Floyd: A Nation Responds
Season 2020: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
The Lost Boys of Bucks County
Season 2020: Episode 11
Season 2003 2005 2006 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Season 2003
S2003 E01
Ruby Ridge: Anatomy of a Tragedy
Season 2005
S2005 E01
Pol Pot - Inside Evil
Season 2006
S2006 E01
Kidnapped for Love
S2006 E02
Terror Day of the Sniper
Season 2010
S2010 E01
Why Is Bin Laden Alive?
S2010 E02
Horror on the Homestead
S2010 E03
Episode 3
Season 2011
S2011 E01
Casey Anthony: Behind the Verdict
S2011 E02
Norway Massacre: The Killers Mind
S2011 E03
Home Invasion Murders
S2011 E04
Episode 4
Season 2012
S2012 E01
My Brother The Serial Killer
S2012 E02
Nightmare Christmas
S2012 E03
The Great Pretender
S2012 E04
The Woman Who Wasn’t There
Season 2013
S2013 E01
March to Justice
S2013 E02
Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster
S2013 E03
Killer Truckers
S2013 E04
House of Horrors: Kidnapped In Cleveland
S2013 E05
Inside Waco
S2013 E06
Beauty & the Blade Runner
Season 2014
S2014 E01
The First Kill - Beauty Queen Killer
S2014 E02
The First Kill - Son of Sam
S2014 E03
Confessions of the Boston Strangler
S2014 E04
A Question of Innocence
S2014 E05
OJ: Trial of the Century
S2014 E06
Restless Souls
S2014 E07
The Scientology Cure
S2014 E08
Pistorius On Trial: Nowhere To Run
S2014 E09
The Boston Strangler: The Hunt for a Killer
Season 2015
S2015 E01
The Hunt for Ted Bundy
S2015 E02
Prison Break: Killers on the Run
S2015 E03
Prison Break: The Manhunt Ends
S2015 E04
Hate in America
S2015 E05
Angel of Decay Part 1
S2015 E06
Angel of Decay Part 2
S2015 E07
Angel of Decay Part 3
S2015 E08
The Pig Farmer Killer
S2015 E09
Let's Kill Mom
S2015 E10
A Checklist For Murder
S2015 E11
Steven Avery: Innocent Or Guilty?
S2015 E12
Codes and Conspiracies : Deadly Cults
S2015 E13
In the Line of Fire With Rikki Klieman
S2015 E14
S2015 E15
Behind Closed Doors: Shocking Secrets
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty?
S2016 E02
O.J. Simpson Trial: The Real Story
S2016 E03
Too Pretty to Live
S2016 E04
A Taste for Murder
S2016 E05
Adnan Syed: Innocent or Guilty?
S2016 E06
After Scientology: Mark Rathbun's Escape
S2016 E07
Smooth Talker: Trail of Death
S2016 E08
The Scientology Cure
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Scientology: A Student's Descent
S2017 E02
Bill Cosby: An American Scandal
S2017 E03
Son of Sam: The Hunt for a Killer
S2017 E04
Manson: The Prison Tapes
S2017 E05
Drew Peterson: An American Murder Mystery
S2017 E06
Ted Bundy An American Monster
S2017 E07
Murder Street
S2017 E08
A Killing in Amish Country
S2017 E09
A Murder in the Family
S2017 E10
A Lover's Secret
S2017 E11
A Killer in Town
S2017 E12
Alaska: A Killer on the Loose
S2017 E13
Mystery Close to Home
S2017 E14
Night Shift Nightmare
S2017 E15
Tara Grinstead Vanished Without a Trace
S2017 E16
Unmasking a Serial Killer
S2017 E17
Deadly Desire
S2017 E18
Blood Ties: The Menendez Brothers
S2017 E19
The Boston Strangler: The Hunt for a Killer
S2017 E20
The Killer Beside Me
S2017 E21
What Happened to Maura Murray
S2017 E22
Murder Among Mormons
S2017 E23
The Road to Hell
S2017 E24
Mystery in the Sunshine State
S2017 E25
Blood Red Snow
S2017 E26
The Bloody Benders: American Serial Killers
S2017 E27
One Frightful Night
S2017 E28
Frozen In Fear
S2017 E29
Silent Scream
S2017 E30
Traces of Evil
S2017 E31
Dance With The Devil
S2017 E32
Bound in a Box: The Story of Anita Wooldridge
S2017 E33
Bound in a Box: The True Story of Colleen Stan
S2017 E34
Black and Blue
S2017 E35
All Hallows' Evil
S2017 E36
The Killer Clown
S2017 E37
The Monster Among Us
S2017 E38
Unabomber 20 Years of Terror
S2017 E39
A Fatal Affair
S2017 E40
LA Riots: As We Watched
S2017 E41
Confessions of a Murderer
S2017 E42
Oklahoma City Bombing: As We Watched
S2017 E43
Tupac A Hip Hop Murder Mystery
S2017 E44
Murder at Cape
S2017 E45
The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving
S2017 E46
Thanksgiving Evil
S2017 E47
Horror for the Holidays
S2017 E48
Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery
S2017 E49
Missing in the Mountains
S2017 E50
The True Story of the Dating Game Killer
S2017 E51
Web of Deceit
S2017 E52
Jeffrey MacDonald: People Magazine Investigates
S2017 E53
A Mystery Down in Georgia
S2017 E54
The Sounds of Murder
S2017 E55
The Family I Had
S2017 E56
Silent Night, Violent Night
S2017 E57
Murder Under the Mistletoe
S2017 E58
The Nightmare After Christmas
S2017 E59
Murdered on New Years Eve
S2017 E60
New Year's Evil
S2017 E61
A Wicked New Year
S2017 E62
Gone on New Year's Eve
S2017 E63
Final Vision
S2017 E64
Evil Intentions
S2017 E65
Truth and Lies: The Murder of Laci Peterson
S2017 E66
Horror on the Homestead
S2017 E67
Gone on the 4th of July
S2017 E68
Sexual Assault in College: Tamron Hall Investigates
Season 2018
S2018 E01
A Winter's Grave
S2018 E02
New England Nightmare
S2018 E03
Deadly Deception
S2018 E04
Fear in the Night
S2018 E05
Truth and Lies: Waco
S2018 E06
Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story
S2018 E07
Sean Taylor: Murder of a Football Legend
S2018 E08
The Mystery of Steve McNair: Aphrodite Jones Investigates
S2018 E09
The True Story of Tommy Kane
S2018 E10
Vanished in Alaska
S2018 E11
He Lied About Everything
S2018 E12
Hilltop Horror
S2018 E13
The Story of Warren Jeffs: An Evil Lives Here Special
S2018 E14
When Evil Strikes
S2018 E15
Jonestown: A Deadly Devotion
S2018 E16
Mystery in Michigan
S2018 E17
The Mystery in Washington State
S2018 E18
Vanished at 16
S2018 E19
A Monster in Kansas
S2018 E20
A Mystery in Florida
S2018 E21
Rocky Mountain Murders
S2018 E22
Aileen Wuornos: An American Monster
S2018 E23
Who Is Donnie Rudd? Keith Morrison Investigates
S2018 E24
Mile High Murder Mystery
S2018 E25
Natalie Wood: An American Murder Mystery
S2018 E26
Killer Comes to Town
S2018 E27
The Face of Murder
S2018 E28
Married to Murder
S2018 E29
The Axe Man
S2018 E30
Evil's Embrace
S2018 E31
The Killing Oath
S2018 E32
Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four
S2018 E33
Missing in Texas
S2018 E34
Murder Pact
S2018 E35
Independence Day Terror: Paula Zahn Investigates
S2018 E36
Kidnapped on the 4th of July: Paula Zahn Investigates
S2018 E37
Mystery at Bad Creek Bridge
S2018 E38
The Lies That Bind
S2018 E39
Murder in the Mirror
S2018 E40
Fatal Passions
S2018 E41
Bad Henry
S2018 E42
Desire Turned Deadly
S2018 E43
A Match to Kill
S2018 E44
Sugar Town
S2018 E45
The Disappearance of Susan Powell
S2018 E46
A Murder in Texas
S2018 E47
A Mystery in Black Hills
S2018 E48
A Mother's Secret
S2018 E49
A Killer in Disguise
S2018 E50
A Horror in October
S2018 E51
Under a Killing Moon
S2018 E52
Trick or Treat: Robbed on Halloween
S2018 E53
In the Shadow of Halloween
S2018 E54
A Nightmare in California
S2018 E55
He Put a Spell on Me
S2018 E56
Once Upon a Halloween Night
S2018 E57
Bloody Marys
S2018 E58
Murder Circle
S2018 E59
Death Comes Knocking
S2018 E60
Gypsy's Revenge
S2018 E61
Pieces of Murder
S2018 E62
A Murder in Mansfield
S2018 E63
A Killer Thanksgiving
S2018 E64
A Recipe for Disaster
S2018 E65
The Last Thanksgiving
S2018 E66
The Thanksgiving Ambush
S2018 E67
House Guest From Hell
S2018 E68
Don't Tell a Soul
S2018 E69
Troubled Waters
S2018 E70
The Long Island Railroad Massacre: 20 Years Later
S2018 E71
Mystery in North Carolina
S2018 E72
Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery
S2018 E73
A Mystery in Georgia
S2018 E74
The Nightmare Before Christmas
S2018 E75
Tangled Love
S2018 E76
Vanished on Christmas: Paula Zahn Investigates
S2018 E77
A Christmas Mourning
S2018 E78
The Men Who Stole Christmas
S2018 E79
Once Upon a Cold December
S2018 E80
The Darkest Winter
S2018 E81
Two Can Keep a Secret
S2018 E82
A Killer New Year
S2018 E83
The Sound of Terror
S2018 E84
Secrets in the Desert
S2018 E85
A Mystery in Alaska
Season 2019
S2019 E01
The Sound of Terror
S2019 E02
Secrets in the Desert
S2019 E03
A Mystery in Alaska
S2019 E04
The Killer Collective
S2019 E05
My Mother's Secret
S2019 E06
An Ice Cold Grave
S2019 E07
Murder in the Mist
S2019 E08
The Lady in the Woods
S2019 E09
Death of a Lineman
S2019 E10
Fall of a Football Star
S2019 E11
A Winter Nightmare
S2019 E12
The Wrong Confession
S2019 E13
A Deadly Winter Blaze
S2019 E14
Dead Before Sunrise
S2019 E15
BTK: A Killer Among Us
S2019 E16
City of Fear
S2019 E17
Mystery in San Luis Obispo
S2019 E18
The Doorbell Rang Twice
S2019 E19
Fatal Reunion
S2019 E20
The Doe in the Desert
S2019 E21
Homicide on the Range
S2019 E22
Death and Taxes
S2019 E23
An Easter Tragedy: Paula Zahn Investigates
S2019 E24
Madeleine McCann: The Missing Pieces
S2019 E25
Family Man, Family Murderer
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein - Billionaire Predator
S2020 E02
Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery
S2020 E03
Disappeared in the Darkness: An ID Mystery
S2020 E04
Who Killed the Co-Ed? An ID Murder Mystery
S2020 E05
Little Boy Lost: An ID Mystery
S2020 E06
Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein - Inner Circle
S2020 E07
Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? - Suicide or Murder
S2020 E08
Vanished In New Canaan: An ID Mystery
S2020 E09
The Truth Behind Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story
S2020 E10
The Murder of George Floyd: A Nation Responds
S2020 E11
The Lost Boys of Bucks County
Episode 1
Restless Souls
Episode 2
Hate in America
Episode 3
Restless Souls
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