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Quark - S01E08 - Vanessa 38-24-36

Quark season 1 episode 8

Vanessa 38-24-36

We are on Perma One and it's a joyous Holiday Number 11; it seems a lot like Christmas on Earth! But holiday or not, Quark is told by The Head that he's going to be the subject of his latest experiment. Reluctantly, Quark goes with Palindrome and he's introduced to the United Galaxy's leading computer scientist Dr. Cheryl Evans and Vanessa 38-24-36, the most advanced computer of its kind in the Galaxy. Quark is told that he and his crew are about to be proved obsolete by Vanessa! It isn't long until Vanessa tests Quark's abilities as a commander with a simulated Gorgon attack, but Adam's human instinct succeeds in thwarting Vanessa's challenge. However, Vanessa won't let up and attempts to kill Quark by ejecting him into space, but Quark manages to survive and unite his crew in an attempt to dismantle Vanessa. Again Vanessa catches on and disables the crew with sleeping gas, but Quark outwits Vanessa sending her to an outer space grave, thus proving that man can prevail over machine. Unfortunately, Quark could not prevail over the NBC network executives and this turns out to be the last mission that we will ever get to see.
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Quark / S01E08 : Vanessa 38-24-36
Season 1, Episode 8 | Aired on April 7, 1978 | 25 min. | NBC
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  • Quark - Episode 8 - Vanessa 38-24-36
    Episode 8
    Vanessa 38-24-36
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