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The Parent 'Hood

The Parent 'Hood

1995 - 1999   •  The WB  •   37 hours
2 votes
936 votes
# 6967
A family-friendly, early WB sitcom that chronicles the ups and downs of parenting and family life as experienced by a professor and his wife as they raise their four kids. The series, produced by star Robert Townsend, sometimes tackles tough issues such as single motherhood, gangs, guns and dropping ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Wedding Bell Blues Aired on 07/25/1999
Wedding Bell Blues
Season 5: Episode 11
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
90 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Ring Around the Nosey
S01 E02
The Rake, the Fake and the Gopher Snake
S01 E03
Pizza Man
S01 E04
Crappy Anniversary
S01 E05
Like Father, Like Hell
S01 E06
The Paw That Rocks the Cradle
S01 E07
IQ, UQ, We All Q
S01 E08
Byte Me
S01 E09
Trial by Jerri
S01 E10
Don't Be Alarmed
S01 E11
Nice Guys Finish Lust
S01 E12
The Bully Pulpit
S01 E13
Trust a Move
Season 2
S02 E01
Robert in the 'Hood
S02 E02
A Kiss is Just a Kiss
S02 E03
Don't Take My Wife, Please
S02 E04
Track Dreams
S02 E05
Wendell and Muriel's Wedding
S02 E06
The Taxi Man
S02 E07
Poppa Was a Rolling Stone
S02 E08
Welcome Back, Robert
S02 E09
Not With My Daughter
S02 E10
Just Say Yes, No or Maybe
S02 E11
The Man Who Canceled Christmas
S02 E12
One Man and a Baby
S02 E13
Little Bitty Pretty One
S02 E14
Substitute's Pet
S02 E15
The Lost Weekend
S02 E16
I'm O'Tay, You're O-Tay
S02 E17
Torn Between Two Brothers
S02 E18
An American Class President
S02 E19
We Don't Need Another Hero
S02 E20
I Never Danced for My Mother
S02 E21
Ode to Billy Stankbreath
S02 E22
Reconcilable Differences
Season 3
S03 E01
The Critic
S03 E02
Our Gang
S03 E03
Voice in the 'Hood
S03 E04
Love, African-American Style
S03 E05
S03 E06
Labor Daze
S03 E07
Clothes Call
S03 E08
Nick the Brick
S03 E09
Chimney Boy
S03 E10
S03 E11
The Parade-y Bunch
S03 E12
Fight the Power
S03 E13
Baby Oprah
S03 E14
Home Loan
S03 E15
A Star is Torn
S03 E16
Nick the Player
S03 E17
Double Date
S03 E18
Tango & Cash
S03 E19
When Robert Met Jerri
S03 E20
The Peterson Redemption
S03 E21
Mother and Law
S03 E22
Rappin' It Up
Season 4
S04 E01
House Arrest
S04 E02
S04 E03
No Soul on Ice
S04 E04
Beauty Call
S04 E05
Wendell and I Spy
S04 E06
Father Wendell
S04 E07
Zaria Peterson's Day Off
S04 E08
The Play's the Thang
S04 E09
Don't Go There
S04 E10
Fast Cash
S04 E11
Bad Rap
S04 E12
Me and Ms. Robinson
S04 E13
Money Shot
S04 E14
Stand by Boo
S04 E15
A Sister Scorned
S04 E16
Flaked Out
S04 E17
Color Him Father
S04 E18
I Want My Z-TV
S04 E19
An Affair to Forget
S04 E20
Hurricane Linda
S04 E21
Here Comes Z Bride
S04 E22
'Hood Sweet 'Hood (1)
Season 5
S05 E01
'Hood Sweet 'Hood (2)
S05 E02
Front Window
S05 E03
Talkin' Trash
S05 E04
S05 E05
Mommy Dearest
S05 E06
Deserving Honors
S05 E07
Integrity to Block
S05 E08
Old Men Can't Jump
S05 E09
To Kiss or Not to Kiss
S05 E10
Something About Queenie
S05 E11
Wedding Bell Blues
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