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This Week in Google

This Week in Google

2009 - 2017   •  TWiT  •   24 days
0 vote
Talk Show, News, Special Interest
This Week in Google is a weekly show hosted by Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, and Jeff Jarvis covering Google and cloud computing.
  Previously Aired Episode
TBA Aired on 01/11/2017
Season 1: Episode 387
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
387 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
In Beta
S01 E02
Pub Sub Hubbub
S01 E03
There's A Command Line For That
S01 E04
Filers vs. Pilers
S01 E05
Ice Cream In The Clouds
S01 E06
All Your Os Are Belong To Us
S01 E07
The Week In Goats
S01 E08
Freckly States
S01 E09
Gina As In Subpoena
S01 E10
Everything Shiny, Cap'n
S01 E11
Where's Leo?
S01 E12
The Big Butt At The End Of The Long Tail
S01 E13
This Is The Droid You're Looking For
S01 E14
Nut Graphs, Gadgets, And Bots
S01 E15
Google Throb
S01 E16
We Need The Eggs
S01 E17
Chrome Os
S01 E18
The Grinch Who Stole Google
S01 E19
I'm Feeling Lucky
S01 E20
Boggled By Goggles
S01 E21
Love Your Scroll Bar
S01 E22
The Cloud In The Bottle
S01 E23
What Should Google Do?
S01 E24
The Penurious Professor
S01 E25
The People's Republic of Google
S01 E26
Ich Bin Ein Googler
S01 E27
Male, Female, or Cylon
S01 E28
Why 2010 Won't Be Like 1984
S01 E29
The Buzz Is On
S01 E30
The Scoble Effect
S01 E31
Googorian Chant
S01 E32
Perky Jerky
S01 E33
Three Bones
S01 E34
Live From Googaluma
S01 E35
Dancing Naked Money
S01 E36
This Week In Topeka
S01 E37
Gigabit To The Schnozz
S01 E38
Self-Aggrandizing Jerks
S01 E39
Facebook Uber Alles
S01 E40
Palm Lives
S01 E41
Blinking 12:00
S01 E42
Tool Of The Week
S01 E43
Live From Google I/O
S01 E44
Clown Of The Week
S01 E45
We're All In Our Jammies
S01 E46
Driving Mr. Jarvis
S01 E47
OAuth You Didn't
S01 E48
It's Just A Cron Job Away
S01 E49
Give Me My Froyo!
S01 E50
It's Full Of Numbers And That Can't Be Good
S01 E51
Open Source Loves You
S01 E52
Android Goes To War
S01 E53
A World of Gibbons
S01 E54
Wave Bye Bye
S01 E55
Carrier-Humping Net Neutrality Surrender Monkeys
S01 E56
I'm Not Dead Yet
S01 E57
Where Are My Funyuns?
S01 E58
Professor 2.0
S01 E59
Gina Loves Justin
S01 E60
PubSubHubbub FUD
S01 E61
No Tweet Left Behind
S01 E62
Pizza Pizza Pizza
S01 E63
Just This Side Of Creepy
S01 E64
Men Hold It This Way
S01 E65
The Facebook Condom
S01 E66
Schmidt Storm
S01 E67
It's Just A Guacamole Platform
S01 E68
It's In My Breast Pocket
S01 E69
The $100 Thank You
S01 E70
Sweaty Zuck-Hug
S01 E71
rel nofollow
S01 E72
Socialized Salsa
S01 E73
Mark Zuckerberg Day
S01 E74
S01 E75
Best Of TWiG 2010
S01 E76
Six Billion Served
S01 E77
This Changes Everything
S01 E78
A Skosh More Room
S01 E79
Hot Honeycomb Action
S01 E80
Civil Smackdown
S01 E81
Naked Running On The Net
S01 E82
3D Phones: They come with Aspirin now
S01 E83
The Uncanny Valley
S01 E84
S01 E85
That's So Scoble
S01 E86
The Right To Be Forgotten
S01 E87
Google Gaga
S01 E88
My Cloud Girlfriend
S01 E89
The Hidden Menu
S01 E90
I Ain't Nuthin' But A Hounddog
S01 E91
Ixnay On The Enispay
S01 E92
You're A Tip, I'm A Tool
S01 E93
Gina Unplugged
S01 E94
Cloud Liver
S01 E95
The Algo Is Complicated
S01 E96
Do No Harm
S01 E97
You'll Find It In The Men's Section
S01 E98
Welcome To Googlestan
S01 E99
S01 E100
Oi Tinagi
S01 E101
Inside Google+
S01 E102
Relatively Awesome
S01 E103
Honor And Offer
S01 E104
S01 E105
Jeff Is Mad As Hell
S01 E106
We're Feeling Lucky
S01 E107
Another One Rides The Plus
S01 E108
I Like Big Buttons
S01 E109
We Didn't Sing
S01 E110
The Fabio Of Open Source
S01 E111
Everyone Is Forking All The Time
S01 E112
Losers Like Us
S01 E113
Doping The Horses
S01 E114
It's A Big Fork
S01 E115
It Turns Into Underwear
S01 E116
Lifehacker Reunion
S01 E117
I Used It Once At FuCamp
S01 E118
The Love Point
S01 E119
It's Not Lying, It's Misinformation
S01 E120
Princess Of The Nerds
S01 E121
It Goes to 11
S01 E122
Dude, You're A Barista
S01 E123
I have a Google
S01 E124
No Nuke Google
S01 E125
S01 E126
Schmidt To English
S01 E127
The Year In Review
S01 E128
I'm No Prude
S01 E129
You Must Be This Dope to Enter
S01 E130
The Day The Internet Went Dark
S01 E131
BE AFRAID... or not
S01 E132
The Google Father
S01 E133
My Fablet Has A Spen
S01 E134
The Leather-Bound Skymall
S01 E135
I Dream Of Jarvis
S01 E136
It's A Polar Bear
S01 E137
My Hips Do Lie
S01 E138
An Old Lady At A Rave
S01 E139
Wage Cut
S01 E140
Condom or Android?
S01 E141
A Carrot-Shaped Stick
S01 E142
S01 E143
I Love IPA
S01 E144
Laws In Space
S01 E145
Hamm Isn't Kosher
S01 E146
Come On Eileen
S01 E147
Safe Harbors
S01 E148
Holy Fleece
S01 E149
Feminism Wrapped In Bacon
S01 E150
SIM surgery
S01 E151
It's Just a cron Job
S01 E152
Now with Green Stamps
S01 E153
Did I Mention it Takes Pictures?
S01 E154
What's Your Glass Number?
S01 E155
To the Cat Cave
S01 E156
Bang the Duck Slowly
S01 E157
The Hasselhoff of Germany
S01 E158
Forking the Meatball
S01 E159
Call Me Ariannna
S01 E160
The Number One Twitter Quitter
S01 E161
The Phantom Vibration
S01 E162
The RTFM Tax
S01 E163
Jeff in a Dress
S01 E164
Clover Lover
S01 E165
Shaka, When the Walls Fell
S01 E166
Three And a Half Dads
S01 E167
Pwned by Pinkie Pie
S01 E168
I've got Amazon in my Trunk
S01 E169
Let's Get Fiscal
S01 E170
No Google For You
S01 E171
Math Wins
S01 E172
S01 E173
YouTube Plus
S01 E174
Reggae Jeff
S01 E175
Nerd Sitters
S01 E176
YOLO That's a Thing?
S01 E177
Hello Cutie Pants
S01 E178
Best of 2012
S01 E179
I Can't Believe it's not Java
S01 E180
Hashtag Backlash
S01 E181
I Bonged My Little Thingy
S01 E182
Halfway to Hamburg
S01 E183
RIM Shot
S01 E184
The Vice President of Cookies
S01 E185
One Four Three
S01 E186
Mall Cops and City Tours
S01 E187
Taste the Rainbow
S01 E188
The Taming of the Troll
S01 E189
Pixel Pressure
S01 E190
Leave it to Bieber
S01 E191
S01 E192
Dead Pixel
S01 E193
Pixel Pusher
S01 E194
Be Kind Rewind
S01 E195
Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
S01 E196
Oppa Samsung Style
S01 E197
Getting Lucky with Glass
S01 E198
Google IO
S01 E199
A Pixel Sandwich
S01 E200
My Pictures of Hair
S01 E201
Patent Crows
S01 E202
The (Well-Paid) Internship
S01 E203
Floating Garbage Bags
S01 E204
The Cloud Free Cloud
S01 E205
There is no Mauve
S01 E206
Cronuts and Rich Toast
S01 E207
Silence of the Leo
S01 E208
S01 E209
Daddy's Home
S01 E210
S01 E211
We Just Installed the Internet
S01 E212
You're Not The Boss Of Me
S01 E213
Jivin' with Jarvis
S01 E214
No No No No No
S01 E215
What's Italian for MOOC?
S01 E216
Verizon Tell Hell
S01 E217
The Human Clippy
S01 E218
Show Bill the Gates
S01 E219
Support Like a Pillow
S01 E220
Colder Than Space
S01 E221
Hairy Toes
S01 E222
An Attractive Virus
S01 E223
Duty-phone or Booty-phone
S01 E224
OK Jarvis
S01 E225
Crows are Hawt
S01 E226
The Hobbit Menu
S01 E227
Turnip Drones
S01 E228
Are you a Robot?
S01 E229
Jiggery Pokery
S01 E230
2013 Best of!
S01 E231
My Tonka Book
S01 E232
Just Lean Forward
S01 E233
Glass Goes to the Movies
S01 E234
A Six Pack of Rolexes
S01 E235
The $4000 Dongle
S01 E236
Who's Your Daddy?
S01 E237
Let Go Let Google
S01 E238
Net Brutality
S01 E239
He Pinched My Pixel
S01 E240
Let's Troll Prince
S01 E241
The Birds
S01 E242
That's Numberwang!
S01 E243
This Old Fart
S01 E244
Bikini Rich Content
S01 E245
Stop Pogueing Me
S01 E246
That Puts the F in the FCC
S01 E247
Snackable Content
S01 E248
Google Pray
S01 E249
Slow Talkers
S01 E250
I Like the Fiddly Bits!
S01 E251
You Forgot About Dre!
S01 E252
Pretty Damn Intuitive
S01 E253
S01 E254
I'm Not a Dingo
S01 E255
93 Million Selfies
S01 E256
A Machete, A Shotgun, and a Votive Candle!
S01 E257
Future Babies
S01 E258
The Google Mule
S01 E259
What's a Kardashian?
S01 E260
Livin' La Vida Cloudy
S01 E261
Nature Abhors a Hexagon
S01 E262
I'm Not In The Moodle!
S01 E263
The Trouble with Trolls
S01 E264
Flinty Parsimony
S01 E265
You Can't Handle the Nudes!
S01 E266
The Indie Web
S01 E267
A Tenth of a Yottobyte
S01 E268
You Had Me at Blackberry
S01 E269
Regina McTrapezoid
S01 E270
The Jarvis Virus
S01 E271
The Lollipop Guild
S01 E272
Check Your Inbox
S01 E273
My First Web Page
S01 E274
Google's Cookie Factory
S01 E275
We All Work For the Dolphins
S01 E276
Don't Be Uber
S01 E277
S01 E278
Google Calls Back
S01 E279
Makin' Paperclips
S01 E280
Sony Pictureless
S01 E281
The Best of 2014
S01 E282
I Dream of Gina
S01 E283
The Wand of Narcissus
S01 E284
Legislating Unicorns
S01 E285
Google Forked Itself
S01 E286
Shake Me Harder
S01 E287
I Hate Dem Green Bubbles
S01 E288
I'm Not Fish Wrap
S01 E289
L'il Rick
S01 E290
Stop Spocking My Bills!
S01 E291
Uber for Metaphors
S01 E292
Eating Chrome
S01 E293
Ewww, not Oooh
S01 E294
Chrome Oh Yes
S01 E295
Bovine Avoidance Mechanism
S01 E296
Smells Like a Pivot
S01 E297
There's a Knob For That
S01 E298
Aaron's Arcade
S01 E299
Secret Stank
S01 E300
Party On, Elon
S01 E301
Cat Takeover
S01 E302
Macadamia Break Weekly
S01 E303
Cardboard in the Classroom
S01 E304
Weiner, Weiner, Pizza Dinner
S01 E305
From Dingo to Hero
S01 E306
From Kerfuffle to Brouhaha
S01 E307
Give Peas a Chance
S01 E308
Dogheads In The Spaghetti
S01 E309
Fetish Fodder
S01 E310
S01 E311
Tubes of Fat
S01 E312
Slowly I Turned
S01 E313
The Alpha Bet
S01 E314
No More Wet Napkins
S01 E315
Disappearable Hearables
S01 E316
One Stream at a Time
S01 E317
Deal With It
S01 E318
Welcome to the Paw Paw Festival
S01 E319
It's 3:49
S01 E320
X is for Nexus
S01 E321
Getting Amp'd
S01 E322
More Than Half Mobile
S01 E323
Eight Feet of Scrolling
S01 E324
You're Not Dead, I'm Just Thinking
S01 E325
Back in BlackBerry
S01 E326
Flying Cellphones
S01 E327
Google Nonplussed
S01 E328
It's a Hard Knock Life
S01 E329
Yahoo Vacancy
S01 E330
The Krampus is in the Details
S01 E331
Peak Danny
S01 E332
You Like Donald Trump?
S01 E333
The Best of 2015
S01 E334
Your Chat Head Is Snowing
S01 E335
Legislating Twitter
S01 E336
Penguin Awareness Day
S01 E337
The Shruggie is Out
S01 E338
S01 E339
S01 E340
Mr. Cook, Decrypt this Phone
S01 E341
I'm REALLY Feeling Lucky
S01 E342
Hit it Right in the Joint
S01 E343
Hold the Grilled Cheese
S01 E344
The Thermally Effective Networked Tent
S01 E345
Live from New York
S01 E346
S01 E347
Hot Tub Tech Machine
S01 E348
It's Bots All the Way Down
S01 E349
The Weekly Packet
S01 E350
S01 E351
Boiling Man
S01 E352
S01 E353
Honey, I Livestreamed the Kid
S01 E354
Bacon Explosion
S01 E355
Trigger Warning
S01 E356
No Whoa, Slow, or Go
S01 E357
Check Your Roof for Dents
S01 E358
Two-Factor Folly
S01 E359
Colonel Cutts
S01 E360
The Dishwashing Dogbot
S01 E361
There Is Only One Flavor of Herring
S01 E362
Oh! Oh! Oh!
S01 E363
Use Fifth Grade Words, Please
S01 E364
Abs of Chipotle
S01 E365
Corgi Shorts
S01 E366
Movin' On Up
S01 E367
What's a Topo Chico?
S01 E368
Kanye Is Fat Elvis
S01 E369
Faster Than the Speed of Regret
S01 E370
The Avocado Is a Pear Shaped Fruit
S01 E371
Perfectly Paranoid, Yet Oddly Convenient
S01 E372
Fail Whale on Ice
S01 E373
The Best of Google
S01 E374
Somewhere Between Scandal and Risotto
S01 E375
The InterNyet
S01 E376
The Game of Nets
S01 E377
Google Throne
S01 E378
More Burritoshot than Moonshot
S01 E379
Ixnay on the Eet-tway
S01 E380
Cauliflower Sex Tape
S01 E381
Bikinis in the Man Cave
S01 E382
Last Media
S01 E383
The Spectacles Spectacular
S01 E384
S01 E385
The Year's Best
S01 E386
You Got Something Jammed in There Good
S01 E387
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