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Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Saved by the Bell: The New Class

1993 - 2000  •  NBC  •  59 hours  •  7 seasons  •  143 episodes
12 votes
2141 votes
# 27658
Comedy, Children, Family
A new group of students are now making their way through the halls of Bayside High School. Mr. Belding is still the principal, and Screech is now his assistant.
  Previously Aired Episode
A Repair to Remember Aired on 01/08/2000
A Repair to Remember
Season 7: Episode 13
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
143 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
The Date Lottery
S01 E02
The Slumber Party
S01 E03
A Kicking Weasel
S01 E04
Home Shopping
S01 E05
Love Is on the Air
S01 E06
George Washington Kissed Here
S01 E07
Homecoming King
S01 E08
Belding's Baby
S01 E09
Good-bye Megan
S01 E10
Swap Meet
S01 E11
Weasel Love
S01 E12
Tommy A
S01 E13
Running the Max
Season 2
S02 E01
The Return of Screech
S02 E02
All Play and No Work
S02 E03
Let the Games Begin
S02 E04
Blood Money
S02 E05
Squash It
S02 E06
Brian's Girlfriend
S02 E07
The People's Choice
S02 E08
Rachel's Choice
S02 E09
Belding's Prank
S02 E10
A Matter of Trust
S02 E11
Tommy the Tenor
S02 E12
Christmas in July
S02 E13
Bayside Story
S02 E14
Farewell Dance
S02 E15
A Perfect Lindsay
S02 E16
Back at the Ranch
S02 E17
Wanna Bet?
S02 E18
Breaking Up
S02 E19
The Class of 2020
S02 E20
Drinking 101
S02 E21
Feuding Friends
S02 E22
To Cheat or Not to Cheat
S02 E23
The D Stands for Dropout
S02 E24
Belding's Prize
S02 E25
Goodbye Bayside (1)
S02 E26
Goodbye Bayside (2)
Season 3
S03 E01
Welcome to Bayside
S03 E02
The Love Bugs
S03 E03
Driving School
S03 E04
What's the Problem
S03 E05
Air Screech
S03 E06
Big Screech on Campus
S03 E07
Maria's Movie Star
S03 E08
Acting Jealous
S03 E09
S03 E10
Hollywood, Here He Is
S03 E11
Ryan's Worst Nightmare
S03 E12
Prom Dates
S03 E13
Thomas D.
S03 E14
Fear of Falling
S03 E15
The Principal's Principles
S03 E16
Screech's Millions
S03 E17
My Best Friends
S03 E18
Lindsay's Dilemma
S03 E19
Screech's Dream
S03 E20
R.J.'s Handicap
S03 E21
Casino ID's
S03 E22
Green Card
S03 E23
No Smoking
S03 E24
The Fallout
S03 E25
The Christmas Gift
S03 E26
New Year's Resolution
Season 4
S04 E01
Oh, Brother
S04 E02
Unequal Opportunity
S04 E03
Backstage Pass
S04 E04
Baby Care
S04 E05
The Tall and the Short of It
S04 E06
Little Hero
S04 E07
Student Court
S04 E08
Fall Formal
S04 E09
Wrestling with Failure
S04 E10
To Tell the Truth
S04 E11
Renaissance Faire
S04 E12
The Last to Know
S04 E13
The Final Curtain
S04 E14
Hospital Blues
S04 E15
Trash TV
S04 E16
Karate Kids
S04 E17
Vote Screech
S04 E18
Campaign Fever
S04 E19
The Wrong Stuff
S04 E20
Science Fair
S04 E21
The Fifth Wheel
S04 E22
The Kiss
S04 E23
Balancing Act
S04 E24
Stealing Screech
S04 E25
Fire at the Max (1)
S04 E26
Fire at the Max (2)
Season 5
S05 E01
Desperately Seeking Work
S05 E02
Suddenly Ryan
S05 E03
It's Not About Winning
S05 E04
Football & Physics
S05 E05
Highs and Lows
S05 E06
Letting Go
S05 E07
The Great Stain Robbery
S05 E08
Boy II Man
S05 E09
Big Sister Blues
S05 E10
Her Brother's Keeper
S05 E11
Friends Behaving Badly
S05 E12
Secrets & Liz
S05 E13
A Tale of Two Siblings
S05 E14
Liz's Choice
S05 E15
State Champs
S05 E16
Screech and the Substitute
S05 E17
Love, Bayside Style
S05 E18
Foreign Behavior
S05 E19
Thanks for Giving
S05 E20
Foreign Affairs
S05 E21
Putting up Walls
S05 E22
Goodbye Paris
S05 E23
Private Peterson
S05 E24
Into the Woods
S05 E25
Mission: Control
S05 E26
Forget and Forgive
Season 6
S06 E01
Maria's Revenge
S06 E02
Do the Write Thing
S06 E03
The Lyin' King
S06 E04
The Young and the Sleepless
S06 E05
Cigar Wars
S06 E06
Win, Lose or Cheat
S06 E07
Hands Off
S06 E08
Guess Who's Running the Max
S06 E09
Mind Games
S06 E10
Free for All
S06 E11
S06 E12
Bye-Bye Tony
S06 E13
Seasons Greed-ings
Season 7
S07 E01
Show Me the Money
S07 E02
Prescription for Trouble
S07 E03
S07 E04
The Captain and Maria
S07 E05
Liz Burns Eric
S07 E06
The X-Friends Files
S07 E07
Don't Follow the Leader
S07 E08
A Mall Shook Up
S07 E09
Party Animals
S07 E10
The Last Prom
S07 E11
Mr. B. Goes to College
S07 E12
The Bell Tolls
S07 E13
A Repair to Remember
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