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The Chew

The Chew

2011 - 2017  •  ABC (US)  •  8 days  •  372 episodes
2 votes
928 votes
# 16433
Talk Show, Food
Celebrating and exploring life through food, ABC Daytime’s lifestyle series “The Chew” is an innovative and groundbreaking daytime program co-hosted by a dynamic group of engaging, fun, relatable experts in food, lifestyle and entertaining.

“The ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
1,000th Show Aired on 05/05/2016
1,000th Show
Season 2015: Episode 154
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
372 episodes total
Season 3 4 6 7 2015
Season 1
S01 E01
First Day Launch
S01 E02
Pasta La Vista
S01 E03
Dining on a Dime
S01 E04
Easy Family Dishes
S01 E05
Cookin' For The Weekend
S01 E06
The Right Stuff
S01 E07
Comfort Food
S01 E08
Family Feasts
S01 E09
All American Eats
S01 E10
Weekend Snacks
S01 E11
Just Desserts
S01 E12
Food on the Go
S01 E13
Fall Classic
S01 E14
Episode 14
S01 E15
It's Fried-Day
S01 E16
Feeding America
S01 E17
“Souper” Tuesday
S01 E18
World Series of Food
S01 E19
Last Supper
S01 E20
Weekend Brunch
S01 E21
Monster Mash-Up
S01 E22
Masquerade Meals
S01 E23
Hearty Halloween
S01 E24
Sweet Treats
S01 E25
Wicked Weekend
S01 E26
Trick or Treat
S01 E27
November to Remember
S01 E28
Sexy Foods
S01 E29
Food Myths
S01 E30
Extreme Food
S01 E31
Chocolate Lovers Show
Season 3
S03 E89
Pour Some Sugar on Me
S03 E113
S03 E119
S03 E120
Awesomely Loud, Incredibly Crunchy!
S03 E121
Spring Chicken
S03 E122
Miami Spice
S03 E123
EVF: Chips, Dips, & Sips
S03 E124
Luck O' the Irish
S03 E125
Meatball Mania!
S03 E126
Lunch with a Legend
S03 E127
Weeknight Wonders
S03 E128
EVF: Spring Break!
S03 E129
Southern Fried Suppers
S03 E130
Sweet 'n' Salty Spectacular
S03 E131
Batter Up!
S03 E132
EVF: Easter Extravaganza
S03 E133
EVF: Pies 'n' Thighs
S03 E134
Small Plates, Big Taste
S03 E135
Comfort Food Express
S03 E136
Wacky Wednesday
S03 E137
Batter Up!
S03 E138
EVF: Easter Extravaganza
S03 E139
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Season 4
S04 E01
Season 4 Kickoff Cookout
S04 E02
Fun and Fabulous Dinner Party
S04 E03
Lunch in a Crunch
S04 E04
Candies & Cookies & Cakes, Oh My!
S04 E05
Extra Value Friday: Brunch Blitz
S04 E06
Dinner and Dancing
S04 E07
Big Flavor, Money Savers
S04 E45
Thanksgiving in a Flash
S04 E46
Turkey Day to Go
S04 E47
Ultimate Thanksgiving Desserts
S04 E48
All About That Bird!
S04 E49
Thanksgiving Favorites
S04 E50
Extra Value Friday: Ultimate Thanksgiving Desserts
S04 E57
The Chew's Thanksgiving Celebration
S04 E58
The Chew's Thanksgiving Celebration
S04 E59
A Taste of the Holidays
S04 E69
A Taste of the Holidays
S04 E70
Super Saving Spree
S04 E91
Super Saving Spree
Season 6
S06 E01
Ultimate Season Six Celebration
S06 E02
Fantastic Food Fantasies
S06 E03
Brand New Go-Tos
S06 E04
Great American Road Trip
S06 E05
Quick and Easy Daring Dinners
S06 E06
Big Family Breakfast
S06 E07
Dessert in a Pinch
S06 E08
Award-Winning Weekend Eats
S06 E09
Chefs Secrets
S06 E10
Treat Yourself
S06 E11
Southern Favorites with a Twist
S06 E12
Seriously Simple Sweets
S06 E13
How to Get Away with Brunch
S06 E14
Fall to Table
S06 E15
Simple Showstoppers
S06 E16
Elegant in an Instant
S06 E17
Recipes from the Vault
S06 E18
The Chew's Classic Combinations
S06 E19
Big American Eats
S06 E20
The Chew's Ultimate Shortcuts
S06 E21
Easy Diner Delights
S06 E22
Simple Store-Bought Solutions
S06 E23
All-Star Potluck Party
S06 E24
Adventurous Eats
S06 E25
Kicked Up Classics
S06 E26
Magical Meals in Minutes
S06 E27
Coolest Food Ever
S06 E28
Around the World on a Plate
S06 E29
Shareable Bites
S06 E30
Modern Comfort Food
S06 E31
Fast, Chic & Easy
S06 E32
Crowd-Pleasing Party Eats
S06 E33
Smart Fall Supper
S06 E34
Simple Tricks & Treats
S06 E35
Chew-Approved Halloween Tips
S06 E36
Sweet 'N Spooky
S06 E37
Help My Halloween!
S06 E38
Instant Bewitching Bash
S06 E39
The Chew's Ultimate Spooktacular
S06 E40
Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving
S06 E41
No-Stress Fall Feast
S06 E42
Braise It Up
S06 E43
Perfect Pie Day Friday
S06 E44
Thanksgiving Throwdown
S06 E45
Turkey Day Potluck
S06 E46
Quick and Easy Thanksgiving
S06 E47
Fabulous Friendsgiving
S06 E48
Tried & True Thanksgiving
S06 E49
Fix My Turkey Dinner!
S06 E50
Fix My Turkey Dinner!
S06 E51
Stuffing Gone Wild
S06 E52
Desserts to Die For
S06 E53
Appy Thanksgiving
S06 E54
Turkey Timeline #3
S06 E55
First-Timer's Feast
S06 E56
The Greatest Thanksgiving in Chew-story
S06 E57
Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Holidays
S06 E58
Back to Holiday Basics
S06 E59
Festive Family Favorites
S06 E60
Merry Meal Makeovers
S06 E61
Holiday Housewarming
S06 E62
The Chew's Holiday Checklist
S06 E63
Jingle Bell Jam
S06 E64
Holidays in a Hurry
S06 E65
Foolproof Festive Feasts
S06 E66
All-Star Holiday Party
S06 E67
6th Annual Ugly Sweater Party
S06 E68
Holiday Shortcuts
S06 E69
Festive on the Fly!
S06 E70
The Ultimate Cookie Swap
S06 E71
The Chew's Holiday Spectacular #2
S06 E72
Chrismukkah Crowd-Pleasers
S06 E73
Last-Minute Holiday
S06 E74
Christmas Morning Make-Aheads
S06 E75
All You Can Eat (Under 500 Calories)
S06 E76
Fresh Start #2
S06 E77
S06 E78
The Chew's Ultimate Cheat Day!
S06 E79
Viewer Chew & A
S06 E80
Shop Your Pantry
S06 E81
Quick and Easy Comfort Foods
S06 E82
Snack Smarter
S06 E83
Freaky Friday Feast
S06 E84
The Chew's How-To Hotline
S06 E85
Meals Under 20 Minutes
S06 E86
Entertaining with Ease
S06 E87
Best Baking Tips Ever
S06 E88
Perfect Pasta Party
S06 E89
Taco Tuesday
S06 E90
Slammin' Sandwiches
S06 E91
Stews 'N Brews
S06 E92
Crowd-Pleasing Potluck
S06 E93
Cookin' Up Casseroles
S06 E94
Perfect Party Shortcuts
S06 E95
Wine and Dine on a Dime
S06 E96
Big Game Potluck
S06 E97
Instant Super Bowl Party
S06 E98
Easy Weeknight Winners
S06 E99
Grandma's Greatest Hits
S06 E100
Cook My Craving
S06 E101
One Pan Dinner Plan
S06 E102
6th Annual Pajama Party
S06 E103
Weeknight Dinner Plan
S06 E104
New York Plate of Mind
S06 E105
Try Something New! #2
S06 E106
Groovy Cocktail Hour
S06 E107
Entertain Like the Pros
S06 E108
Luxury Meals for Less
S06 E109
Super Fast, Super Delicious
S06 E110
Lessons from the Chew Kitchen
S06 E111
Effortless Entertaining
S06 E112
Oscar Extravaganza
S06 E113
S06 E114
Fat Tuesday Feast
S06 E115
Grab 'N' Go Breakfast
S06 E116
Shareable Recipes
S06 E117
Simple Sunday Suppers
S06 E118
Meals for a Steal
S06 E119
Recipe Refresh
S06 E120
Over-the-Top Eats
S06 E121
Back to Baking Basics
S06 E122
Easiest Brunch Ever!
S06 E123
Global Potluck Party
S06 E124
Ultimate Spring Checklist
S06 E125
Quick Cooking Classics
S06 E126
St. Paddy's Palooza
S06 E127
Dialed-Up Dishes in a Dash!
S06 E128
Money-Saving Mega Meals
S06 E129
Healthy Homecooking
S06 E130
The Chew's Dinner Download
S06 E131
The Chew's Spring Fling
S06 E132
Master the Classics
S06 E133
Spring's Greatest Hits
S06 E134
Indoor Barbecue Bash
S06 E135
Cook This Now!: Spring Edition
S06 E136
Garden Brunch Party
S06 E137
Weeknight Faves with a Twist
S06 E138
Good Food - Fast!
S06 E139
Party Ready Bites
S06 E140
Legendary Dishes
S06 E141
Make-Ahead Easter
S06 E142
Last Minute Treats
S06 E143
Clean Plate Club
S06 E144
Spring Slim-Down Suppers
S06 E145
All-Star Eats
S06 E146
Global Dinner Party
S06 E147
Simple Spring Stunners
S06 E148
Feel Good Family Classics
S06 E149
Simply Perfect Sweets
S06 E150
Cooking on Demand
S06 E151
Fantastic Easy Feasts
S06 E152
Dreamy Desserts
S06 E153
Food Heroes
S06 E154
The Chew's Ultimate Food Tour
S06 E155
Cinco De Mayo Fiesta #2
S06 E156
Viewer Chew & A: Spring Edition
S06 E157
Favorite Food Memories
S06 E158
Weeknight Wows
S06 E159
Great American Eats
S06 E160
The Chew's Best Baby Shower Ever
S06 E161
The Chew Comes to You
S06 E162
Chews Your Own Cooking Adventure
S06 E163
Quick and Easy Outdoor Eats
S06 E164
The Chew's Italian Favorites
S06 E165
All-Star Brunch Bash
S06 E166
The Chew's Kitchen Talent Show
S06 E167
Easy Grilled Greats
S06 E168
Surprising Summer Shortcuts
S06 E169
The Lazy Cook's Guide to Grilling
S06 E170
The Chew's Summer Kick-off Cookout
S06 E171
Home Sweet Homemade
S06 E172
Essential Summer Recipes
S06 E173
State Fair Favorites
S06 E174
Quick Cookout Classics
S06 E175
All-American Party Plates
S06 E176
Simple Market Meals
S06 E177
Sensational Summer Sweets
S06 E178
Warm Weather Wonders
S06 E179
Quick and Easy Poolside Picks
S06 E180
Foolproof Father's Day Feast
S06 E181
Feel-Good Fast Food
S06 E182
The Chew's Summer Shortcuts
S06 E183
6th Annual Summertime, Funtime, Sunshine Happy Hour
S06 E184
Summer in a Snap
S06 E185
Build a Better BBQ
S06 E186
The Best Backyard Barbecue in HISTORY!
S06 E187
Delicious and Daring Pairings
S06 E188
Burger 'n' Shake Spectacular
S06 E189
Summer Picnic Potluck
S06 E190
Best of the Boardwalk
S06 E191
Grilled Greats and Summer Plates
S06 E192
The Chew's Beach Party
S06 E193
Easiest Breakfast Ever!
S06 E194
Quick & Easy Summer Breakfast
S06 E195
Quick & Easy Summer Lunch
S06 E196
Quick & Easy Summer Dinner
S06 E197
Quick & Easy Summer Dessert
S06 E198
Quick & Easy Weekend Party Menu
S06 E199
Summer Cooking School: Global Potluck Party
S06 E200
Summer Cooking School: Pool Party
S06 E201
Summer Cooking School: Master The Classics
S06 E202
Summer Cooking School: Back To Baking Basics
S06 E203
Summer Cooking School: How To Get Away With Brunch
Season 7
S07 E01
Season 7 Kick Off
S07 E02
Chew It Yourself
S07 E03
Try Something New
S07 E04
Follow That Food
S07 E05
Grocery Game Plan
S07 E06
Back to Basics #2
S07 E07
The Chew Lab
S07 E08
America's Most Wanted Meals
S07 E09
What Chew Cookin'?
S07 E10
Lunch Lessons
S07 E11
Party in a Pinch
S07 E12
The Chew's Stay-cation
S07 E13
The Need to Feed
S07 E14
Fall in a Flash!
S07 E15
Quick and Easy Fall
S07 E16
Eat and Tweet
S07 E17
The Chew.... On Trend!
S07 E18
Host Like the Pros
S07 E19
Make It in Minutes
S07 E20
Fix My Food!
S07 E21
The Chew's Ultimate Tip-a-Thon
S07 E22
Dinner with Friends
S07 E23
Foolproof Kitchen Essentials
Season 2015
S2015 E01
S2015 E02
S2015 E03
S2015 E04
S2015 E05
S2015 E06
S2015 E07
S2015 E08
S2015 E09
S2015 E10
S2015 E11
S2015 E12
S2015 E13
S2015 E14
S2015 E15
S2015 E16
S2015 E17
S2015 E18
S2015 E19
S2015 E20
S2015 E21
S2015 E22
S2015 E23
S2015 E24
S2015 E25
S2015 E26
S2015 E27
S2015 E28
S2015 E29
S2015 E30
S2015 E31
S2015 E32
S2015 E33
S2015 E34
S2015 E35
S2015 E36
S2015 E37
S2015 E38
S2015 E39
S2015 E40
Ultimate Meal Makeovers
S2015 E41
S2015 E42
S2015 E43
S2015 E44
S2015 E45
S2015 E46
S2015 E47
S2015 E48
S2015 E49
S2015 E50
S2015 E51
S2015 E52
S2015 E53
S2015 E54
S2015 E55
S2015 E56
S2015 E57
S2015 E58
S2015 E59
S2015 E60
S2015 E61
S2015 E62
S2015 E63
S2015 E64
S2015 E65
S2015 E66
S2015 E67
S2015 E68
S2015 E69
S2015 E70
S2015 E71
S2015 E72
S2015 E154
1,000th Show
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