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Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins

2012 - Now  •  Saturday 07:00 PM on Disney Junior  •  110 hours  •  266 episodes
12 votes
2158 votes
# 8770
Animation, Children
Animated series about a 6-year-old girl who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys.
  Previously Aired Episode
It's a Hard Doc Life Aired on 04/18/2020
It's a Hard Doc Life
Season 5: Episode 16
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Knight Time
S01 E02
A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns
S01 E03
Out of the Box
S01 E04
Run Down Race Car
S01 E05
Tea Party Tantrum
S01 E06
Blast Off!
S01 E07
Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine!
S01 E08
The Right Stuff
S01 E09
Gulpy, Gulpy Gators!
S01 E10
One Note Wonder
S01 E11
Arcade Escapade
S01 E12
Starry, Starry Night
S01 E13
Ben/Anna Split
S01 E14
That's Just Claw-ful
S01 E15
A Good Case of the Hiccups
S01 E16
Stuck Up
S01 E17
Rescue Ronda, Ready for Take-off!
S01 E18
All Washed Up
S01 E19
The New Girl
S01 E20
Wrap It Up
S01 E21
Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!
S01 E22
Keep on Truckin'
S01 E23
Blame It on the Rain
S01 E24
Busted Boomer
S01 E25
Dark Knight
S01 E26
Hallie Gets an Earful
S01 E27
Break Dancer
S01 E28
Bubble Monkey
S01 E29
Out in the Wild
S01 E30
A Whale of a Time
S01 E31
The Rip Heard Round the World
S01 E32
Walkie Talkie Time
S01 E33
S01 E34
S01 E35
Hallie's Happy Birthday
S01 E36
Shark-Style Toothache
S01 E37
Awesome Possums
S01 E38
The Bunny Blues
S01 E39
Get Set to Get Wet
S01 E40
Loud Louie
S01 E41
Caught Blue-Handed
S01 E42
To Squeak, or Not to Squeak
S01 E43
Doctoring the Doc
S01 E44
Hot Pursuit
S01 E45
Boo-Hoo to You!
S01 E46
It's Glow Time
S01 E47
Chilly Gets Chilly
S01 E48
Through the Reading Glasses
S01 E49
My Huggy Valentine
S01 E50
Dusty Bear
S01 E51
Bronto Boo-Boos
S01 E52
Brontosaurus Breath
S01 E101
A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns
S01 E202
Run Down Race Car
S01 E302
Blast Off!
S01 E402
The Right Stuff
S01 E502
One Note Wonder
S01 E602
Starry, Starry Night
S01 E702
That's Just Claw-ful
S01 E802
Stuck Up
S01 E902
All Washed Up
S01 E1002
Wrap It Up
S01 E1102
Keep On Truckin'
S01 E1202
Busted Boomer
S01 E1302
Hallie Gets an Earful
S01 E1402
Bubble Monkey
S01 E1502
A Whale of a Time
S01 E1602
Walkie-Talkie Time
Season 2
S02 E01
Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile
S02 E02
Chip Off the Ol' Box
S02 E03
Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm
S02 E04
Lamb in a Jam
S02 E05
Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is
S02 E06
Bronty's Twisted Tail
S02 E07
Frida Fairy Flies Again
S02 E08
A Tale of Two Dragons
S02 E09
Think Pink
S02 E10
You Foose, You Lose
S02 E11
Leilani's Lu'au
S02 E12
Karate Kangaroos
S02 E13
Doc to the Rescue
S02 E14
Don't Knock the Noggin
S02 E15
Disco Dress Up Daisy
S02 E16
The Glider Brothers
S02 E17
Kirby and the King
S02 E18
Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose!
S02 E19
Professor Pancake
S02 E20
You Crack Me Up
S02 E21
A Very McStuffins Christmas
S02 E22
The Doctor Will See You Now
S02 E23
L'il Egghead Feels the Heat
S02 E24
The Big Sleepover
S02 E25
No Sweetah Cheetah
S02 E26
Big Head Hallie
S02 E27
Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!
S02 E28
Celestial Celeste
S02 E29
Run, Doc, Run!
S02 E30
A Fairy Big Knot
S02 E31
Rosie the Rescuer
S02 E32
Crikey! It's Wildlife Will
S02 E33
Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal
S02 E34
Take Your Doc to Work Day
S02 E35
Blazers Bike
S02 E36
The Big Storm
S02 E37
Spritzy Mitzi
S02 E38
Dad's Favorite Toy
S02 E39
Chllly and the Dude
S02 E40
Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess
S02 E41
Serpent Sam makes a Splash
S02 E42
The Wicked King and the Mean Queen
S02 E43
Take a Stroll!
S02 E44
Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak
S02 E45
There's a King in Your Tummy
S02 E46
Doc's Busy Day
S02 E47
Wrong Side of the Law
S02 E48
Mirror, Mirror on My Penguin
S02 E49
Hide and Eek!
S02 E50
McStuffins School of Medicine
S02 E51
The Super Amazing Ultra Hoppers
S02 E52
Let the Nightingale Sing
S02 E53
Hazel Has a Sleepover
S02 E54
My Breakfast with Bronty
S02 E55
Training Army Al
S02 E56
Sproingo Boingo Takes the Leap
S02 E57
Shell Shy
S02 E58
Commander No
S02 E59
The Flimsy Grumpy Bat
S02 E60
Rockstar Ruby and the Toys
S02 E61
A Day Without Cuddles!
S02 E62
S02 E63
Crash Course
S02 E64
Luna on the Moon-a
S02 E65
Fully in Focus
S02 E66
Picky Nikki
S02 E67
Getting to the Heart of Things
S02 E68
Toy in the Sun
S02 E69
Three Goats A'Cuddlin'
S02 E70
Swimmer's Belly
S02 E71
Fetchin' Findo
S02 E72
Twin Tweaks
Season 3
S03 E01
Slip 'N Slide
S03 E02
A Big Pain In Teddy's Tummy
S03 E03
Boxed In
S03 E04
Itty Bitty Bess Takes Flight
S03 E05
Top Lamb
S03 E06
Molly Molly Mouthful
S03 E07
Filling Chilly
S03 E08
Doc's Dream Team
S03 E09
Fetchin' Findo
S03 E10
A Dragon's Best Friend
S03 E11
Take Your Pet to the Vet
S03 E12
Master and Commander
S03 E13
Stuffy & Squibbles
S03 E14
Queen of Thrones
S03 E15
Three Goats A'Cuddlin'
S03 E16
Swimmer's Belly
S03 E17
Huggable Hallie
S03 E18
Pop-up Paulo
S03 E19
Twin Tweaks
S03 E20
Nurse's Office
S03 E21
A Case of the Glitters
S03 E22
Doc McStuffins Goes to Washington
S03 E23
Winded Winnie
S03 E24
Hallie Halloween
S03 E25
Don't Fence Me In
S03 E26
Demitri the Dazzling!
S03 E27
Smitten With a Kitten
S03 E28
The Search for Squibbles
S03 E29
Factory Fabulous
S03 E30
Lambie Gets the Linties
S03 E31
Moo-Moo's Tutu Boo-Boo
S03 E32
The New Nurse
S03 E33
Chilly's Loose Button
S03 E34
Say It Again, Sadie
S03 E35
Mind Over Matter
S03 E36
Snowy Gablooey
S03 E37
S03 E38
Space Buddies Forever!
S03 E39
Liv Long and Pawsper
S03 E40
Kirby's Derby
S03 E41
Ticklish Truck
S03 E42
Blast Off to the Unknown!
S03 E43
Bust A Move
S03 E44
Baby McStuffins
S03 E45
Selfless Snowman
S03 E46
St. Patrick's Day Dilemma
S03 E47
A Giant Save
S03 E48
Runaway Love
S03 E49
Tour De McStuffins
S03 E50
Hooty's Duty
S03 E51
A Cure For a King
S03 E52
Bringing Home Baby
S03 E53
Baby Names
S03 E54
Night Night, Lala
S03 E55
The Lady in the Lake
S03 E56
Black Belt Kangaroos
S03 E57
Joni the Pony
S03 E58
Sleepless in Stuffyland
S03 E59
The Scrapiest Dragon
S03 E60
Going for Broke
Season 4
S04 E01
Welcome to McStuffinsville
S04 E02
First Day of Med School
S04 E03
Stuffy Gets His Scrubs
S04 E04
Night Shift
S04 E05
Check-Up Chilly
S04 E06
Project Nursery Makeover
S04 E07
Stuffy's Ambulance Ride
S04 E08
Made to Be a Nurse
S04 E09
Rescue at the Ranch
S04 E10
CeCe's First Bath
S04 E11
The Most Impatient Patient
S04 E12
Chilly's Snow Globe Shakeup
S04 E13
Hoarse Hallie
S04 E14
A Lesson in Diagnosis
S04 E15
Karaoke Katie's Opening Night
S04 E16
Nikki's Night in the E.R.
S04 E17
Royal Buddies
S04 E18
Bouncy House Boo Boos
S04 E19
The Best Therapy Pet Yet
S04 E20
The Mayor's Speech
S04 E21
The Lake Monster
S04 E22
Chuck Learns to Look!
S04 E23
Birthday Party Emergency
S04 E24
Camille Gets Over the Hump
S04 E25
Willow's Wonky Whiskers
S04 E26
Into the Hundred Acre Wood
S04 E27
Mole Money, Mole Problems
S04 E28
Yip, Yip, Boom
S04 E29
Get-Well Gus Gets Well
S04 E30
Triceratops Trouble
S04 E31
Hannah the Brave
S04 E32
Waddly's Huggy Overload
S04 E33
Lambie Stuffy Switcharoo
S04 E34
The Sleepwalking King
S04 E35
Count Clarence's Daytime Adventure
S04 E36
Dixie Gets Glued
S04 E37
Lambie and the McStuffins Babies
S04 E38
The Emergency Plan
S04 E39
What a Quack
S04 E40
First Responders to the Rescue (1)
S04 E41
First Responders to the Rescue (2)
S04 E42
Mermaid in the Midfield
S04 E43
Whole Lotta Hula
S04 E44
Daisy Makes the Call
S04 E45
Visiting Hours
S04 E46
Stuffy's Wild Pet
S04 E47
On Call Ball
S04 E48
On a Roll
S04 E49
Home Is Where the Fruit Is
S04 E50
Home Is Where the Fruit Is
Season 5
S05 E01
Pet Rescue: The Pet Rescue Team!
S05 E02
Pet Rescue: A Pet for Everyone
S05 E03
The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special
S05 E04
Toys in Space
S05 E05
Adventures in Baby Land
S05 E06
Stuffy's Safari
S05 E07
Jungle Jumble
S05 E08
Arctic Exposure
S05 E09
Jumbo Mumbo
S05 E10
The Hallie Trap
S05 E11
Lost & Found
S05 E12
Bedazzled! (1/2)
S05 E13
Bedazzled! (2/2)
S05 E14
The Great McStuffins Meltdown (1/2)
S05 E15
The Great McStuffins Meltdown (2/2)
S05 E16
It's a Hard Doc Life
Episode 1
A Little Cuddle Goes a Long Way
Episode 2
Cuddle Me Lambie
Episode 3
Friendship is the Best Medicine
Episode 4
The Doc Is In
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