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I Want That

I Want That

2011 - 2015  •  DIY Network  •  23 hours  •  7 seasons  •  84 episodes
1 vote
We’re taking an up-close look at the hottest home improvement products around. From the latest in lighting to smart appliances and must-have tools and gadgets, each episode of DIY Network's I Want That is packed with in-depth information on the coolest products to just hit the market.
  Previously Aired Episode
Cliks Floor Tiles Aired on 11/30/2011
Cliks Floor Tiles
Season 1: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
84 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
Cliks Floor Tiles
S01 E02
Mobile Shop
S01 E03
Race Track Floor
S01 E04
Car Capsule
S01 E05
Swift Hitch
S01 E06
Aspect Tiles
S01 E07
Znak Wallpaper
S01 E08
State Flex
S01 E09
Remote Fetch
S01 E10
iZon Camera
S01 E11
Rotisserie Case
S01 E12
Garage Vac
S01 E13
Season 2
S02 E01
Nest Thermostat
S02 E02
Benchmark Table
S02 E03
Image Snap
S02 E04
All In One Energizer
S02 E05
Fresh Futons
S02 E07
Vecco Rug
S02 E09
Click and Go
S02 E10
I Want That
S02 E11
DIY Stone
S02 E12
S02 E13
Season 3
S03 E01
Rug Buddy
S03 E02
Alto Steps
S03 E03
Wood Snap
S03 E04
Hey Mosiac
S03 E05
S03 E06
Look Lock
S03 E07
Trailer Valet
S03 E08
Adapt Acoustic
S03 E09
Bottoms Up
S03 E10
S03 E11
Faux Concrete
S03 E12
Baking Steel
S03 E13
Chalkboard Paint
Season 4
S04 E01
Renny Ringer
S04 E02
LG Smart ThinQ
S04 E03
S04 E04
Wash It
S04 E05
Doggie Doorbell
S04 E06
Big Kahuna Spatula
S04 E07
Picture Chair Rail
S04 E08
Blueair Sense
S04 E09
S04 E10
S04 E11
S04 E12
Facet Cupboards
S04 E13
Season 5
S05 E01
Nest Pro
S05 E02
S05 E03
Chill Pad
S05 E04
SKLZ - Air Station
S05 E05
Tugo Wheel Suitcase
S05 E06
Spider Podium
S05 E07
Pit Stop Furniture
S05 E08
Sticks, Frames
S05 E09
Help My Shelf
S05 E10
Magic Hood
S05 E11
Frame Wraps
S05 E12
Power All
S05 E13
Wall Control Pegboard
Season 6
S06 E01
Rabbit Air Purifier
S06 E02
Somniaire Bed Swing
S06 E03
Twilight Ceiling
S06 E04
S06 E05
Inverted Blender
S06 E06
Flower Garden Torches
S06 E07
Under Washer
S06 E08
Wall Candy
S06 E09
S06 E10
Comic Art Portrait
S06 E11
Perfect Bake
S06 E12
Heated Jacket
S06 E13
Formia Kid's Design
Season 7
S07 E01
Bionic Bird
S07 E02
Fruit Wall
S07 E03
Electro Object
S07 E04
S07 E05
Guitar Doorbell
S07 E06
S07 E07
S07 E08
Episode 8
Episode 1
I Want That: Hardware Special
Episode 2
Design and Construction Week
Episode 3
I Want That Holiday Special
Episode 4
Hardware Special
Episode 5
International Builders' Show 2013
Episode 6
Hardware Show
Episode 7
Consumer Electronics Show 2013
Episode 8
I Want That for the Holidays
Episode 9
National Hardware Show
Episode 10
Consumer Electronics Show 2014
Episode 11
International Builders' Show 2014
Episode 12
I Want That The Most Special
Episode 13
Consumer Electronics Show 2015
Episode 14
International Builder's Show 2015
Episode 15
National Hardware Show 2015
Episode 16
I Want That Most 2015
Episode 17
Consumer Electronics Show 2016
Episode 18
Green Industry & Equipment Expo
Episode 19
International Builder's Show 2016
Episode 20
National Hardware Show 2016
Episode 21
Hardware Special 2016
Episode 22
I Want That Most 2016
Episode 23
Consumer Electronics Show 2017
Episode 24
Father's Day Gift Guide
Episode 25
Design and Construction Week 2017
Episode 26
National Hardware Show 2017
Episode 27
Holiday Gift Guide
Episode 28
Consumer Electronics Show 2018
Episode 29
Green Industry & Equipment Expo 2018
Episode 30
Builders, Kitchen and Bath Show 2018
Episode 31
Father's Day Gift Guide 2018
Episode 32
National Hardware Show 2018
Episode 33
Consumer Electronics Show 2019
Episode 34
Builders, Kitchen and Bath Show 2019
Episode 35
Builders, Kitchen and Bath Show 2020
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