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Fast N' Loud

Fast N' Loud

2012 - Now  •  Monday 10:00 PM on Discovery  •   111 hours
14 votes
2488 votes
# 3109
Buckle your seatbelts motor fans. The all-new season of Fast N' Loud will take viewers on a wild ride as Richard Rawlings and his team at Gas Monkey Garage push their limits further than ever before. This season, Richard is putting everything on the line in hopes of taking Gas Monkey Garage to new heights ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Fanning The Favorites Aired on 06/01/2020
Fanning The Favorites
Season 13: Episode 10
Fast N' Loud | Fast N' Loud Preview | Premieres Wed June 6, 2012 at 10PM e/p on Discovery
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Season 1
S01 E01
Model A Madness
S01 E02
Awesome Aussies and Olds
S01 E03
Monkey Business Dragster
S01 E04
Double Trouble Galaxie
S01 E05
Low Riding Lincoln
S01 E06
Frankensteined Ford
S01 E07
Amazing Impala
S01 E08
Ramshackle Rambler
S01 E09
'48 Chevy Fleetmaster
S01 E10
One of a Kind Woodill
S01 E11
Fast & Furious Fairmont
S01 E12
Holy Grail Hot Rod
Season 2
S02 E01
Mashed Up Mustang
S02 E02
Bad Ass Bronco Part 1
S02 E03
Bad Ass Bronco Part 2
S02 E04
Far-Out Fairlane
S02 E05
Stung by a ''67 Corvette Stingray
S02 E06
Trials of a T-Bird
S02 E07
Ferocious Ford and Fast Ferrari
Season 3
S03 E01
Ferrari Fix Part 1: Dead Head Bus
S03 E02
Ferrari Fix Part 2: 1917 REO
S03 E03
No Bull Bonneville
S03 E04
Dodge Hodge Podge Part 1/'65 Mustang
S03 E05
Dodge Hodge Podge Part 2/Oldsmobile Delta 88
S03 E06
Ford Galaxie: Part 1/Bikini Contest
S03 E07
Ford Galaxie: Part 2/Nash Healey
S03 E08
Beards, Builds and Beers
Season 4
S04 E01
Dale Jr's Sick Nomad
S04 E02
Chopped Cabriolet and 'Vette Rescue
S04 E03
Cool Customline
S04 E04
Killer COPO Camaro
S04 E05
Caddy Rust Bucket / Bel-Air Beauty, Part 1
S04 E06
Caddy Rust Bucket / Bel-Air Beauty, Part 2
S04 E07
Flugtag Flyer / Wicked Wayfarer
S04 E08
71 Cool Kingswood / Retro Replicar
S04 E09
Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto (1)
S04 E10
Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto (2)
S04 E11
Gas Monkey Bandit Car (1)
S04 E12
Gas Monkey Bandit Car (2)
S04 E13
Troll’s Choice Rolls-Royce
S04 E14
Aaron's Falcon Racecar
S04 E15
Mustang Mania
S04 E16
Jacked-Up Jeep
S04 E17
Fleetline Superflip Frenzy
S04 E18
Holy Grail Firebirds (1)
S04 E19
Holy Grail Firebirds (2)
S04 E20
Demolition Theater
S04 E21
Fast Moving F100
Season 5
S05 E01
Chopped and Dropped Model A (1)
S05 E02
Chopped and Dropped Model A (2)
S05 E03
Super Sonic Camaro (1)
S05 E04
Super Sonic Camaro (2)
S05 E05
Pikes Peak or Bust, Part I
S05 E06
C10 Race Truck/Pike’s Peak Pace Truck Part II
S05 E07
The Shorty Short VW Bus
S05 E08
One Cool Impala
S05 E09
Big, Bad C-10 Build (1)
S05 E10
Big, Bad C-10 Build (2)
S05 E11
NHRA and a '55 Pink Caddy (1)
S05 E12
NHRA and a '55 Pink Caddy (2)
S05 E13
Don't Hassle the Hoff - Pontiac Trans Am (1)
S05 E14
Don't Hassle the Hoff - Pontiac Trans Am (2)
S05 E15
Aaron's Falcon Racecar
S05 E16
Mustang Mania
S05 E17
Jacked-Up Jeep
S05 E18
Fleetline Superflip Frenzy
S05 E19
Demolition Theater
S05 E20
Holy Grail Firebirds (1)
S05 E21
Holy Grail Firebirds (2)
S05 E22
Fast Moving F100
Season 6
S06 E01
Scat Pack Challenger (1)
S06 E02
Scat Pack Challenger (2)
S06 E03
Back to the 80's in a '68 Coronet
S06 E04
Road to Barrett Jackson Part I
S06 E05
Road to Barrett Jackson Part II/NHRA
S06 E06
Rocking '76 G10 Van
S06 E07
Chopped and Dropped Model A (1)
S06 E08
Chopped and Dropped Model A (2)
S06 E09
Super Sonic Camaro (1)
S06 E10
Super Sonic Camaro (2)
S06 E11
Pikes Peak or Bust, Part I
S06 E12
C10 Race Truck/Pike’s Peak Pace Truck Part II
Season 7
S07 E01
Cutlass Low Rider (1)
S07 E02
Cutlass Low Rider (2)
S07 E03
Big Red Caddy (1)
S07 E04
Big Red Caddy (2)
S07 E05
Souping up a Super Ford GT (1)
S07 E06
Souping up a Super Ford GT (2)
S07 E07
Racing a '67 Dodge Dart (1)
S07 E08
Racing a '67 Dodge Dart (2)
S07 E09
Frustrated with a '32 Ford; Return to Pike's Peak (1)
S07 E10
Frustrated with a '32 Ford; Return to Pike's Peak (2)
S07 E11
Motorcycle Mayhem/Packing a Packard for Pebble (1)
S07 E12
Motorcycle Mayhem/Packing a Packard for Pebble (2)
S07 E13
Revving up a '69 Riviera
Season 8
S08 E01
Harley And Me
S08 E02
Hot off the Pantera
S08 E03
Pan-tera’s Labyrinth
S08 E04
The Pickup Artist
S08 E05
Pickup The Pieces
S08 E06
Camaro Rising
S08 E07
Porsche 9-1-1
S08 E08
Germany Meet America
Season 9
S09 E01
Million Dollar Monkey
S09 E02
Opening Bid
S09 E03
When Lightning Strikes
S09 E04
La Casa Del Camino
S09 E05
Buggin' Out
S09 E06
The Vomit Comet
S09 E07
Bye Bye Beardy / Build to Mega Race Part I
S09 E08
Fast N' Loud vs. Street Outlaws / Build to Mega Race Part II
Season 10
S10 E01
Step Vanning into a New Era
S10 E02
Crusin' for a Bruisin'
S10 E03
All About the Bass
S10 E04
Bad Bass
S10 E05
Busch vs. Logano
S10 E06
The Race: Busch vs. Logano
Season 11
S11 E01
Dat Car
S11 E02
Tune It Up
S11 E03
Shining Up a '59 F-100
S11 E04
Monkeying Around
S11 E05
Shiny and New
S11 E06
Trouble in the Galaxie
S11 E07
Richard's Guide to the Galaxies
S11 E08
The Bass is Back
S11 E09
The Cutting Krew
Season 12
S12 E01
Bullitt In The Chamber
S12 E02
Scout's Honor
S12 E03
Beyond Reasonable Scout
S12 E04
SEMA Dreamin'
S12 E05
Chop Shop Truck
S12 E06
Monster and Monkeys
S12 E07
Keeping It Shelby
S12 E08
A Very Brady Edition
S12 E09
Fire-Breathing Chevy Coupe
S12 E10
No Second Chances
S12 E11
S12 E12
No Second Chances
S12 E13
Monkey Men
Season 13
S13 E01
Super Troupe Jeep
S13 E02
Wranglin' World Records
S13 E03
Vintage Payday
S13 E04
Race Against Time
S13 E05
Quick-Flippin' a Caddy
S13 E06
In a Galaxie Far, Far Away
S13 E07
Galaxie Quest
S13 E08
Hot For Firebirds
S13 E09
Flippin' The Bird
S13 E10
Fanning The Favorites
Episode 1
Demolition Theater: The Monkey Mashup
Episode 2
Apache/Road to Chopper Live - Part 1
Episode 3
Apache/Road to Chopper Live - Part 2
Episode 4
Demolition Theater: Fire, Fails & Faceplants
Episode 5
Demolition Theater: Cars, Concrete, & Crashes
Episode 6
Demolition Theater: Motorcycle Monkey Mayhem
Episode 7
Demolition Theater: Turkey Day Disasters
Episode 8
Demoltion Theater: Party On Wreck Street
Episode 9
Demolition Theater: Party On Wreck Street
Episode 10
Demolition Theater: Catastrophic Failure
Episode 11
Demolition Theater: Happy Hospital Holidays
Episode 12
Demolition Theater: Outlaws All Over
Episode 13
Demolition Theater: Appetite for Destruction
Episode 14
Demolition Theater: Misfit in the Making
Episode 15
Demolition Theater: Outlaw Overdrive
Episode 16
Demolition Theater: The Outlaw Way
Episode 17
Demolition Theater: Sudden Impact
Episode 18
Demolition Theater: I Forgot the Outlaw
Episode 19
Demolition Theater: Above the Outlaw
Episode 20
Demolition Theater: The Monkey Mashup
Episode 21
Demolition Theater: Mishmash of Monkey Madness
Episode 22
Demolition Theater: We Like to Monkey Around
Episode 23
Demolition Theater: Funky Monkey Fireworks
Episode 24
Demolition Theater: Chucky's Revenge
Episode 25
Beach Q&A Special
Episode 26
Supped Up Superheroes
Episode 27
Fleetmaster Recharged
Episode 28
Hot Rod Recharged
Episode 29
Apache/Road to Chopper Live (1)
Episode 30
Apache/Road to Chopper Live (2)
Episode 31
Chopper Live: Faster N' Louder
Episode 32
Revved Up
Episode 33
Fast N' LIVE - Chopped Cabriolet
Episode 34
Fast N Wow Bandit Giveaway
Episode 35
Top 50 Moments
Episode 36
Fleetline Superflip Frenzy - Live
Episode 37
Year of the Monkey
Episode 38
Hot Wheels, Big Deals
Episode 39
Back to the Beginning With Gas Monkey Garage
Episode 40
Parked In The Keys
Episode 41
Gas Monkey Grillers
Episode 42
Escaping The Zoo
Episode 43
Hot Wheels of Fortune
Episode 44
Social Intervention
Episode 45
100 Monkeys
Episode 46
Fast N' So Long
Episode 47
Farmtruck and AZN Fishin' For Disaster
Episode 48
34 Ford Coupe
Episode 49
Monkeys That Flip & Outlaws Who Trip
Episode 50
Kurt Busch Build
Episode 51
Team Gas Monkey
Episode 52
Monkey Men
Episode 53
Tom Takes Over
Episode 54
Fanning The Favorites
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