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Beads Baubles and Jewels

Beads Baubles and Jewels

1998 - Now  •  07:00 PM on PBS  •   39 hours
1 vote
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The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
Peaceful Pursuit Aired on 04/18/2019
Peaceful Pursuit
Season 27: Episode 13
Season 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Season 8
S08 E01
Metal Basics
S08 E02
More Metal
S08 E03
S08 E04
Beading Basics
S08 E05
Combining Materials
S08 E06
Memory Wire
S08 E07
Innovative Designs
S08 E08
S08 E09
Technique Renaissance
S08 E10
S08 E11
S08 E12
Jewelry Shortcuts
S08 E13
Pendants and Gem Trends
Season 9
S09 E01
Big and Bold Designs
S09 E02
Mouth Watering Metals
S09 E03
Affordable Designs
S09 E04
Asymmetrical Designs
S09 E05
Remaking, Recycling and Remixing
S09 E06
Finger Fashions
S09 E07
Textured Metals
S09 E08
Lucite & Resin
S09 E09
Healthy Beading
S09 E10
Vintage or Classic Design
S09 E11
Polymer Clay
S09 E12
How to Become a Winning Designer
S09 E13
Gift Giving Ideas
Season 10
S10 E01
Beautiful Bronze Designs
S10 E02
Stringing Swagger
S10 E03
S10 E04
Tribal and Nature-Inspired Pendants
S10 E05
Be Your Own Designer
S10 E06
Going to the Next Level
S10 E07
Focus on Beads
S10 E08
S10 E09
Focal Drama
S10 E10
Promote and Sell Your Work
S10 E11
Fun With Bezels
S10 E12
Use of Color
S10 E13
Metal with a Twist
Season 11
S11 E01
Steam-Punk Style
S11 E02
Creating with Ceramics
S11 E03
Luxe for Less
S11 E04
Resin How-Tos
S11 E05
More Fun with Knotting
S11 E06
Drilling Tutorial
S11 E07
Decorative Clasp Designs
S11 E08
Beading for Boys
S11 E09
Make Your Own Jump Rings
S11 E10
Nesting Techniques
S11 E11
Multistrand Necklaces
S11 E12
Jewelry-Making Goes Green
S11 E13
Style Bash
Season 12
S12 E01
Make Your Own Chain
S12 E02
Beginning Fold Forming
S12 E03
High Contrast for High Drama
S12 E04
Stained Glass Effects
S12 E05
Add Movement to Jewelry
S12 E06
S12 E07
Ode to Earthy Elements
S12 E08
Enameling on Metal Clay
S12 E09
Wonderful Wire-Wrap Rings
S12 E10
Setting Stones in Metal Clay
S12 E11
Dapping Tips
S12 E12
Better Bracelet Making
S12 E13
Add Sound to Jewelry
Season 13
S13 E01
Antiques and Vintage
S13 E02
S13 E03
S13 E04
S13 E05
S13 E06
S13 E07
S13 E08
S13 E09
S13 E10
S13 E11
S13 E12
S13 E13
Season 14
S14 E01
S14 E02
Do It Yourself Beads
S14 E03
S14 E04
Recycled Components
S14 E05
S14 E06
S14 E07
S14 E08
S14 E09
S14 E10
S14 E11
S14 E12
S14 E13
Season 15
S15 E01
Seed Beads
S15 E02
Semi Precious Stones
S15 E03
Metal Beads
S15 E04
Shells and Natural Beads
S15 E05
Lampwork Beads
S15 E06
Wood Beads
S15 E07
Vintage & Art Beads
S15 E08
Crystal Beads
S15 E09
Heart Shaped Beads
S15 E10
S15 E11
Beaded Beads
S15 E12
Briolette Beads
S15 E13
Found Object Beads
Season 16
S16 E01
S16 E02
S16 E03
S16 E04
S16 E05
S16 E06
S16 E07
S16 E08
S16 E09
S16 E10
S16 E11
World Traveler
S16 E12
S16 E13
Season 18
S18 E01
Getting Started
S18 E02
Dangles and Drops
S18 E03
Make It Today
S18 E04
It's a Wrap
S18 E05
Problem Solving
S18 E06
Pleasing Patterns
S18 E07
Palette Play
S18 E08
Easy Does It
S18 E09
Custom Creations
S18 E10
Designs With a Twist
S18 E11
Mix and Match
S18 E12
New Dimensions
S18 E13
Beaded Gifts
Season 19
S19 E01
Knot It
S19 E02
Wire It
S19 E03
Shape It
S19 E04
Spiral It
S19 E05
Wrap It
S19 E06
Weave it
S19 E07
Design It
S19 E08
Twist It
S19 E09
Link It
S19 E10
Tie It
S19 E11
Embellish it
S19 E12
Stitch it
S19 E13
Bead It
Season 20
S20 E01
Mixing Simple Metal Smithing with Stringing
S20 E02
Using Jigs for Wire Forming
S20 E03
Torch-Fired Enameling
S20 E04
Stringing Projects Using Double-drilled Beads
S20 E05
Get Creative with Resin and Wire
S20 E06
Beaded Embellishments for Your Home
S20 E07
Hammering, Torching and Shaping
S20 E08
Style and Color
S20 E09
Learn How to Viking Knit
S20 E10
Art Inspired Jewelry Making
S20 E11
Bench Jewelry Techniques
S20 E12
Needle Tatting and Chainmaille
S20 E13
Mixed Media Jewelry
Season 21
S21 E01
S21 E02
Heirloom Cabochons
S21 E03
Bead Weaving
S21 E04
Metal Stamping and Spiral Wire Wrapping
S21 E05
Wire Coiling
S21 E06
Brick Stitch Jewelry
S21 E07
Wire Wrapping Variations
S21 E08
Leather and Chainmaille Jewelry
S21 E09
Color Palette Inspiration
S21 E10
Metal Clay Jewelry
S21 E11
Enameling and Metal Stamping
S21 E12
S21 E13
Meaningful Gifts and Talismans
Season 22
S22 E01
Getting Started in Jewelry Making
S22 E02
Creative Embellishments
S22 E03
Beading with Friends
S22 E04
Trendspotting: Parachute Cord & Flowers
S22 E05
Raid Your Craft Closet
S22 E06
Spotlight on Bracelets
S22 E07
Trendspotting: Tassels and Knotting
S22 E08
Wire It Up
S22 E09
Make It From Scratch
S22 E10
Make It Colorful
S22 E11
Take Beadwork to the Next Level
S22 E12
New Ideas for Wirework
S22 E13
Make Your Own Beads
Season 23
S23 E01
Precious Metal Clay and Crystals
S23 E02
The Color Story Begins With Birthstones
S23 E03
Choosing Colors
S23 E04
Cord Bracelets
S23 E05
Color Inspirations
S23 E06
Hourglass Shapes
S23 E07
Die-cutting Leather
S23 E08
Make It Sparkle
S23 E09
Add Movement to the Story
S23 E10
Close It Up
S23 E11
Color and Creativity
S23 E12
Colored Gold
S23 E13
Macrame Makeover
Season 24
S24 E01
Creating Texture
S24 E02
Customize Your Components
S24 E03
Inspired by Books and Movies
S24 E04
Sparkle and Shine
S24 E05
Make These Tonight
S24 E06
Color Explorations
S24 E07
Switch It Up
S24 E08
Boho Chic Made Easy
S24 E09
One of a Kind
S24 E10
Open and Shut
S24 E11
Metalworking in Style
S24 E12
Connecting the Elements
S24 E13
The Shape's the Thing
Season 25
S25 E01
Vary Your Routine
S25 E02
Clay Workout
S25 E03
Work Out Naturally
S25 E04
Get in Shape With Leather
S25 E05
Wired Routines
S25 E06
Mix Up Your Daily Schedule
S25 E07
Enamel Training
S25 E08
Tool Workout
S25 E09
Bodybuilding With Resin
S25 E10
Leather Workout
S25 E11
Get Connected to Fitness
S25 E12
Shape Up
S25 E13
Beading Fitness Routine
Season 26
S26 E01
In the Eyes of an Artist
S26 E02
Inspired by Clay
S26 E03
Natural Basics
S26 E04
The Artist's Relationship With Color
S26 E05
Unconventional Art
S26 E06
An Artistic Approach
S26 E07
Artists' Helpers
S26 E08
Wire as the Artists Muse
S26 E09
It's All Relative
S26 E10
Modern Ingenuity
S26 E11
The Artistic Process
S26 E12
Time for Art
S26 E13
Making Art Accessible
Season 27
S27 E01
By the Sea
S27 E02
S27 E03
City Living
S27 E04
S27 E05
S27 E06
S27 E07
Ice Castles
S27 E08
S27 E09
A Breath of Fresh Air
S27 E10
Exotic Travels
S27 E11
On Your Wrist
S27 E12
All in a Day's Work
S27 E13
Peaceful Pursuit
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