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Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep

2003 - 2005  •  TLC  •  115 hours  •  115 episodes
1 vote
59 votes
# 23351
The clutter is out and organized, new rooms are in on TLC's Clean Sweep. Two homeowners are given two days to sort their clutter that has taken over their homes and pitch what they don't need, while two rooms in their home are redesigned by professionals. The two homeowners, who could be anyone from ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Clean Sweep, Fresh Start Aired on 08/27/2005
Clean Sweep, Fresh Start
Season 2: Episode 55
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
115 episodes total
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Junk Sent Packing
S01 E02
The Art of Organization
S01 E03
Clothes Horses
S01 E04
Kitschy Clutter
S01 E05
Sentimental Value
S01 E06
Foster Fix-Up
S01 E07
The Oh My Gosh Room
S01 E08
6 Kid Pile-Up
S01 E09
Put the Fun Back in Functional
S01 E10
Finish It or Pitch It
S01 E11
Taking Back the House
S01 E12
Collectible Madness
S01 E13
Live for Today
S01 E14
Depressed over Depression Glass
S01 E15
Fashion for Clutter
S01 E16
Barbie's Fantasy Clutter House
S01 E17
Teachers Learn a Lesson
S01 E18
Hickory Dickory Dock, the Rat's Nest in the Clock
S01 E19
Computer Clutter Warehouse
S01 E20
Micro-Brewery, Macro-Mess
S01 E21
Two Lovebirds, One Messy Nest
S01 E22
Sock It to Me
S01 E23
Meditation on a Mess
S01 E24
Aloha to a Lot of Stuff
S01 E25
So Many Books, So Little Storage
S01 E26
Thanks for the Memories
S01 E27
The Toy Factory
S01 E28
Proud Mary Keep on Purging
S01 E29
A Toast to Organization
S01 E30
Storming the Palace
S01 E31
Drowning in Debris
S01 E32
This Little Piggy Went Away
S01 E33
Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Leisure Suits
S01 E34
Everything and the Kitchen Sink
S01 E35
Mooooving Out the Mess
S01 E36
Organizational Sand Trap
S01 E37
All-American Mess
S01 E38
They Were in Stitches
S01 E39
Organization? Bring It On
S01 E40
Princess Learns to Purge
S01 E41
Some Bunny Loves Ya
S01 E42
Tune In for Tips
S01 E43
Hey, What's This in the Nursery?
S01 E44
It's a Jungle in There
S01 E45
Last Train from Clutter Town
S01 E46
Waking from a Nightmare, Living a Dream
S01 E47
Rush to Organization
S01 E48
S01 E49
Jonesing for Organization
S01 E50
Ready? Set? Purge!
S01 E51
Girls Gone Cluttered
S01 E52
Handbag Hell
S01 E53
Save the Last Receipt for Me
S01 E54
Big Daddy's Dusty Chair
S01 E55
Mess About the House
S01 E56
Relatively Messy
S01 E57
Six Degrees of Disorganization
S01 E58
Mother-Daughter Disaster
S01 E59
Gold Medal Mess
S01 E60
Disco Disaster
Season 2
S02 E01
Tackling the Toys
S02 E02
Everyday is Like Christmas
S02 E03
Live and Let Go
S02 E04
Zero to Organized in 48 Hours
S02 E05
Bye-Bye Bird House
S02 E06
So Many Shoes, So Little Time
S02 E07
Monster Sized Mess
S02 E08
The Few, The Proud, The Unorganized
S02 E09
Taming the Wild Clutter-bugs
S02 E10
Escape from Magazine Mountain
S02 E11
Lord & Lady Mess-A-Lot
S02 E12
You've Got a Friend in Clean Sweep
S02 E13
One Stormy Sort
S02 E14
Sports of All Sorts
S02 E15
Rec Room Rescue
S02 E16
Yours, Mine & Finally Ours
S02 E17
Goin' to the Chapel of Clutter
S02 E18
Hanging On and Letting Go
S02 E19
Cure for Clutter
S02 E20
Bringin' It All Into Focus
S02 E21
The Clean Sweep Awards: The Best of the Messed
S02 E22
Tools for Organization
S02 E23
Experiments Gone Wild
S02 E24
Sewing the Seeds of Organization
S02 E25
Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go!
S02 E26
When Family Gets Messy
S02 E27
The Great T-Shirt Purge
S02 E28
Going, Going, Gone!
S02 E29
The Clutter Brothers
S02 E30
Hello Kitty, Good-Bye Mess
S02 E31
Clothes Make the Mess
S02 E32
Mother-Daughter Chaos
S02 E33
Five-Alarm Mess
S02 E34
Living Room of Lost Toys
S02 E35
Dressing Room Disaster
S02 E36
Shipping out the Mess
S02 E37
DJ Clutter In Da House!
S02 E38
Trash Can Crazy
S02 E39
S02 E40
Rec Room Wreckage
S02 E41
Portrait of a Clutter Bug
S02 E42
Doing it for Mom
S02 E43
Caught in the Mouse Trap
S02 E44
Clutter Comes Alive
S02 E45
Printing Press Mess
S02 E46
Battle for Bruce Lee
S02 E47
Antiques Unload-Show
S02 E48
Aloha Clutter
S02 E49
Bean Bag Blowout
S02 E50
Messy Baby, Messy!
S02 E51
Where the Toys Are
S02 E52
Hot Rod, Cold Clutter
S02 E53
Viva la Clean Sweep!
S02 E54
Out of Tune Rooms
S02 E55
Clean Sweep, Fresh Start
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