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The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show

1961 - 1978   •  CBS  •   8 days
8 votes
4901 votes
# 124
A variety / sketch comedy show starring Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner, and Tim Conway. It originally ran on CBS from September 11, 1967 to March 29, 1978 for 278 episodes, and originated from CBS Television City's Studio 33 (known today as the Bob Barker Studio). The series ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
A Special Evening with Carol Burnett Aired on 03/29/1978
A Special Evening with Carol Burnett
Season 11: Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
281 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Season 1
S01 E01
with Jim Nabors
S01 E02
with Sid Caesar, Liza Minnelli
S01 E03
with Jonathan Winters, Eddie Albert
S01 E04
with Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, and Gloria Loring
S01 E05
with Imogene Coca, Lainie Kazan
S01 E06
with Phyllis Diller, Gwen Verdon, and Bobbie Gentry
S01 E07
with Smothers Brothers, Diahann Carroll, Richard Kiley
S01 E08
with Nanette Fabray, Sonny & Cher
S01 E09
with Richard Chamberlin, Gloria Loring
S01 E10
with Juliet Prowse, Martha Raye
S01 E11
with Don Adams, Lesley Ann Warren
S01 E12
with Jonathan Winters, Barbara Eden, and Leonard Nimoy
S01 E13
with Mickey Rooney, John Davidson
S01 E14
with Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald
S01 E15
with Lynn Redgrave, Mike Douglas
S01 E16
with Lana Turner, Frank Gorshin
S01 E17
with Trini Lopez, Ken Berry
S01 E18
with George Chakiris, Shirley Jones
S01 E19
with Jonathan Winters, Dionne Warwick
S01 E20
with Jack Palance, Liza Minnelli
S01 E21
with Betty Grable, Martha Raye
S01 E22
with Nanette Fabray, Art Carney
S01 E23
with Garry Moore, Durward Kirby, John Gary
S01 E24
with Imogene Coca, Mel Tormé
S01 E25
with Tim Conway, Jack Jones, and Ruth Buzzi
S01 E26
with Soupy Sales, Gloria Loring
S01 E27
with Peter Lawford, Minnie Pearl
S01 E28
with Tim Conway, Shani Wallis
S01 E29
with Sid Caesar, Barbara McNair
S01 E30
Family Show
S01 E31
The Four Funns Of Broadway
Season 2
S02 E01
with Jim Nabors
S02 E02
with Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Carol Channing
S02 E03
with Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez
S02 E04
with George Gobel, Bobbie Gentry
S02 E05
with Edie Adams, Tim Conway
S02 E06
with Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, and Nancy Wilson
S02 E07
with Nanette Fabray, Mel Tormé, and Don Rickles
S02 E08
with Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald
S02 E09
with Garry Moore, Durward Kirby
S02 E10
with Michele Lee, Flip Wilson, Vivian Blondell
S02 E11
with Imogene Coca, Vic Damone
S02 E12
with Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne
S02 E13
with Mickey Rooney, Nancy Wilson, Emmaline Henry, Roland Winters
S02 E14
with Tim Conway
S02 E15
with Tim Conway, Perry Como, Sydney Omarr
S02 E16
with Martha Raye, Mel Torme
S02 E17
with Vince Edwards, Chita Rivera
S02 E18
with Ken Berry, Shirley Jones
S02 E19
with Soupy Sales, Barbara McNair
S02 E20
with Ethel Merman, Tim Conway
S02 E21
with Ross Martin, John Davidson
S02 E22
with Martha Raye, Mike Douglas
S02 E23
with Barrie Chase, Larry Hovis
S02 E24
with Ronnie Schell, Vikki Carr
S02 E25
with Imogene Coca, Robert Goulet
S02 E26
with Yolanda Merido, Sergio Bustamante
S02 E27
with Edie Adams, Tim Conway, Jimmie Rodgers
Season 3
S03 E01
with Jim Nabors
S03 E02
with Nancy Wilson, Bernadette Peters, and The Burgundy Street Singers
S03 E03
with Steve Lawrence, Edward Villella
S03 E04
with Scoey Mitchell, Bobbie Gentry
S03 E05
with Ken Berry, Tim Conway, Kay Medford
S03 E06
with Gwen Verdon, Pat Boone
S03 E07
with Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin
S03 E08
with Andy Griffith, Merv Griffin
S03 E09
with Lucille Ball, George Carlin
S03 E10
with Martha Raye and Tim Conway
S03 E11
with Garry Moore, Durward Kirby
S03 E12
wjth Donald O'Connor, Nancy Wilson
S03 E13
with Kaye Stevens, Audrey Meadows
S03 E14
with Nanette Fabray, Nancy Wilson
S03 E15
with Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr
S03 E16
with Soupy Sales, Mel Tormé, and Ronald Reagan
S03 E17
with Barbara Feldon, Joan Rivers
S03 E18
with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Kay Medford
S03 E19
Family Show
S03 E20
with Pat Carroll, Jack Jones
S03 E21
with Tim Conway, Jane Connell
S03 E22
with Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez
S03 E23
with Ronnie Schell, Nancy Wilson
S03 E24
with Martha Raye, Mel Torme
S03 E25
with Tim Conway, Peggy Lee
S03 E26
with Nanette Fabray, Michele Lee
S03 E27
Family Show
S03 E28
Episode 28
Season 4
S04 E01
with Jim Nabors
S04 E02
with Cass Elliott, Pat Paulsen
S04 E03
with Nanette Fabray, Steve Lawrence
S04 E04
with Eydie Gorme, Joan Rivers
S04 E05
with Nanette Fabray, Ken Berry
S04 E06
with Lucille Ball, Mel Tormé
S04 E07
with Donald O'Connor, Bernadette Peters
S04 E08
with Ricardo Montalbán, Cass Elliot
S04 E09
with Juliet Prowse
S04 E10
with Martha Raye, Ross Martin
S04 E11
with Dyan Cannon, Paul Lynde
S04 E12
with Debbie Reynolds, John Davidson
S04 E13
with Mel Torme, Don Rickles
S04 E14
with Steve Lawrence, Julie Budd, and Durward Kirby
S04 E15
with Pat Carroll, Robert Goulet, Rich Little
S04 E16
with Art Carney, Pat Carroll
S04 E17
with Jerry Lewis, Lesley Uggams
S04 E18
with Michele Lee, Mel Torme
S04 E19
with Martha Raye, Edward Villella, and Violette Verdy
S04 E20
with Rita Hayworth, Jim Bailey
S04 E21
with Ken Berry, Totie Fields
S04 E22
with Chita Rivera, Bob Newhart
S04 E23
with Pat Carroll, Karen Wyman, and Tim Conway
S04 E24
with Mike Douglas, Bernadette Peters
S04 E25
with David Frost, Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne
S04 E26
with Paul Lynde, Nanette Fabray
Season 5
S05 E01
with Jim Nabors
S05 E02
with Tim Conway, The Carpenters
S05 E03
with Steve Lawrence, Carol Channing
S05 E04
with Ken Berry, Cass Elliot
S05 E05
with Peggy Lee, Dom DeLuise
S05 E06
with Tim Conway, Diahann Carroll
S05 E07
with Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde
S05 E08
with Cass Elliot, Bernadette Peters
S05 E09
with Nanette Fabray, Mel Tormé
S05 E10
with Eydie Gorme, Shecky Green
S05 E11
with Tim Conway, Cass Elliot
S05 E12
with Andy Griffith, Barbara McNair
S05 E13
with Ken Berry, Dionne Warwick
S05 E14
with Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin
S05 E15
with Paul Lynde, Peggy Lee
S05 E16
with Ken Berry, Nanette Fabray, The Carpenters
S05 E17
with Tim Conway, Ray Charles
S05 E18
with Eydie Gorme, Vincent Price
S05 E19
with Steve Lawrence, Kaye Ballard
S05 E20
with Burt Reynolds, Nanette Fabray
S05 E21
with Tim Conway, Eydie Gorme
S05 E22
with Jack Klugman, Tony Randall
S05 E23
with Paul Lynde, Karen Black
S05 E24
Family Show
Season 6
S06 E01
with Jim Nabors
S06 E02
with Carol Channing, Marty Feldman
S06 E03
with Andy Griffith, Helen Reddy
S06 E04
with Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand
S06 E05
with Eydie Gorme, Jack Gilford
S06 E06
with Joel Grey, Cass Elliott
S06 E07
with Tim Conway, Pearl Bailey
S06 E08
with Peggy Lee, Jerry Stiller, and Anne Meara
S06 E09
with Steve Lawrence, Lily Tomlin
S06 E10
with Ruth Buzzi, John Davidson
S06 E11
with Ray Charles, Vincent Price
S06 E12
with Carl Reiner, Melba Moore
S06 E13
with Anthony Newley, Bernadette Peters
S06 E14
with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway
S06 E15
with Jack Cassidy, Tim Conway
S06 E16
with Ruth Buzzi, Jack Gilford
S06 E17
with Tim Conway, Kaye Ballard
S06 E18
Family Show
S06 E19
with Petula Clark, Jack Byner
S06 E20
with Tim Conway, Valerie Harper
S06 E21
with Eydie Gorme, Ken Berry
S06 E22
with David Hartman, Paula Kelly
S06 E23
with Peggy Lee, William Conrad
S06 E24
Family Show
Season 7
S07 E01
with Jim Nabors
S07 E02
with Tim Conway, Charo, Petula Clark
S07 E03
with Gloria Swanson
S07 E04
with Helen Reddy, John Byner
S07 E05
with Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand
S07 E06
with Ken Berry, Jack Weston, and Tim Conway
S07 E07
with John Byner
S07 E08
with Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand
S07 E09
with Petula Clark, Tim Conway
S07 E10
with Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence
S07 E11
Family Show
S07 E12
The Australia Show
S07 E13
with Ruth Buzzi, Richard Crenna
S07 E14
with Anthony Newley, Dick Martin
S07 E15
with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway
S07 E16
with Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand
S07 E17
with Carl Reiner
S07 E18
with Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence
S07 E19
with Vincent Price, Joel Grey
S07 E20
with Tim Conway, Bernadette Peters
S07 E21
with Eydie Gorme, Tim Conway
S07 E22
with Steve Lawrence
S07 E23
with Roddy McDowall, The Jackson 5
S07 E24
with John Byner, Francine Beers
S07 E25
Family Show
Season 8
S08 E01
with Jim Nabors
S08 E02
with Steve Lawrence
S08 E03
with James Coco and The Pointer Sisters
S08 E04
with Jack Weston and Michele Lee
S08 E05
with Telly Savalas and The Smothers Brothers
S08 E06
with Eydie Gorme and Rich Little
S08 E07
with Alan King and Lena Zavaroni
S08 E08
with John Byner and Ken Mars
S08 E09
with John Byner and Helen Reddy
S08 E10
with Maggie Smith and Tim Conway
S08 E11
with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, and Steven Warner
S08 E12
with Carl Reiner and Ken Berry
S08 E13
with Alan Alda
S08 E14
with Vincent Price and Joan Rivers
S08 E15
with Tim Conway
S08 E16
with William Conrad and The Jackson Five
S08 E17
with Tim Conway and The Pointer Sisters
S08 E18
with Rock Hudson and Nancy Walker
S08 E19
with Tim Conway and Dick Patterson
S08 E20
with Wayne Rogers and Buddy Ebson
S08 E21
with Roddy McDowall and Bernadette Peters
S08 E22
with Steve Lawrence and Sally Struthers
S08 E23
with Jean Stapleton and Phil Silvers
S08 E24
Family Show, Tim Conway
Season 9
S09 E01
with Jim Nabors
S09 E02
with Sammy Davis, Jr.
S09 E03
with Cher
S09 E04
with Shirley MacLaine
S09 E05
with Bernadette Peters
S09 E06
with Maggie Smith
S09 E07
with The Pointer Sisters
S09 E08
with Roddy McDowall
S09 E09
Episode 9
S09 E10
with Maggie Smith
S09 E11
with Betty White
S09 E12
with The Pointer Sisters
S09 E13
with Eydie Gorme
S09 E14
with Jessica Walters
S09 E15
with Steve Lawrence
S09 E16
with Rita Moreno
S09 E17
with Steve Lawrence
S09 E18
with Emmett Kelly and The Jackson Five
S09 E19
with The Pointer Sisters
S09 E20
Family Show
S09 E21
with Joanne Woodward
S09 E22
with Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall
S09 E23
with Jack Klugman
S09 E24
Family Show
Season 10
S10 E01
with Jim Nabors
S10 E02
with Sammy Davis, Jr.
S10 E03
Family Show
S10 E04
with Madeline Kahn
S10 E05
with Steve Lawrence
S10 E06
with Roddy McDowall
S10 E07
with Kay Cole
S10 E08
with Dinah Shore
S10 E09
with Ken Berry
S10 E10
with The Pointer Sisters
S10 E11
with Alan King
S10 E12
with Betty White
S10 E13
with Dick Van Dyke
S10 E14
Family Show
S10 E15
with Glen Campbell
S10 E16
Family Show
S10 E17
with Rock Hudson and Steve Lawrence
S10 E18
with Helen Reddy
S10 E19
with Eydie Gorme
S10 E20
with Ben Vereen
S10 E21
with Hal Linden
S10 E22
with Neil Sedaka
S10 E23
with Ken Berry
S10 E24
Tenth Anniversary Show
Season 11
S11 E01
with Jim Nabors
S11 E02
with Steve Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke
S11 E03
Family Show
S11 E04
with Nancy Dussault
S11 E05
Family Show with Dick Van Dyke
S11 E06
with Ken Berry and Dick Van Dyke
S11 E07
Family Show
S11 E08
with Dick Van Dyke
S11 E09
with Ben Vereen
S11 E10
Family Show
S11 E11
with Bernadette Peters
S11 E12
with Rock Hudson
S11 E13
with Helen Reddy and Ken Berry
S11 E14
with Steve Lawrence
S11 E15
with Ken Berry and Roddy McDowall
S11 E16
with Eydie Gorme
S11 E17
with Steve Lawrence and Captain and Tennille
S11 E18
with Natalie Cole and Ken Berry
S11 E19
with Ken Berry
S11 E20
with Steve Lawrence
S11 E21
with Betty White and Steve Martin
S11 E22
with James Garner, George Carlin, and Ken Berry
S11 E23
with Steve Lawrence and Bernadette Peters
S11 E24
A Special Evening with Carol Burnett
Episode 1
Featurette: Bring Up the Lights - Carol\'s Q&As
Episode 2
"Let's Bump Up The Lights" A Cast Reunion with Carl, Vicki Lawrence, Tim ...
Episode 3
"Harvey Korman & Tim Comway - Together Again" (taped in Los Angeles, Apri...
Episode 4
Show Stoppers
Episode 5
A Reunion - The 25th Anniversary Special
Episode 6
Ahhhh, Mrs. Whiggins?
Episode 7
This Time Together
Episode 8
One More Time - A Cast Reunion
Episode 9
A Backstage Tour
Episode 10
An Interview with Carol Burnett
Episode 11
Interview with Don Rickles
Episode 12
Bonus Sketch: From Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center
Episode 13
Interview with Jim Nabors
Episode 14
Bonus: Q&A
Episode 15
On the Spot: Carol's Q&A
Episode 16
Fabulous Firsts
Episode 17
Interview with Queen Latifah
Episode 18
Interview with Lesley Ann Warren
Episode 19
Interview with Carol Channing
Episode 20
Interview with Jack Jones
Episode 21
The Song and Dance: Crooners, Hoofers & Balladeers
Episode 22
Interview with Tony Bennett
Episode 23
Interview with Kristen Chenoweth
Episode 24
Bonus Sketch: Carol and Sis
Episode 25
Expecting the Unexpected
Episode 26
Interview with Steve Carell
Episode 27
Bonus Sketch: As the Stomach Turns
Episode 28
Interview with Vikki Carr
Episode 29
Interview with Burt Reynolds
Episode 30
Interview with Pat Boone
Episode 31
Featurette: The Making of a Mackie
Episode 32
Bonus Sketch: Alice Portnoy
Episode 33
Writers' Roundtable: A Conversation with the Writers
Episode 34
Interview with Edward Villella
Episode 35
The Garry Moore Show
Episode 36
Bonus Show: The Garry Moore Show
Episode 37
Harvey Korman Remembers
Episode 38
Leading Lady
Episode 39
Interview with Carl Reiner
Episode 40
Interview with Betty White
Episode 41
Episode 42
Harvey and Tim Together Again
Episode 43
Interview with Tim Conway
Episode 44
Interview with Steve Lawrence
Episode 45
Once Upon a Mattress
Episode 46
Carol + 2
Episode 47
Origins of the Charwoman
Episode 48
The Golden Age of the Variety Show
Episode 49
Interview with Alan Alda
Episode 50
Interview with Carol Burnett
Episode 51
Interview with Randy Doney
Episode 52
Interview with Tina Fey
Episode 53
Interview with Bill Hader
Episode 54
Messages to Carol
Episode 55
Interview with Julie Andrews
Episode 56
Interview with George Chakiris
Episode 57
Interview with Shirley Jones
Episode 58
Interview with Buz Kohan
Episode 59
Interview with Gloria Loring
Episode 60
Episode 61
A Writers' Roundtable
Episode 62
Interview with Marty Ingels
Episode 63
Interview with Arnie Kogan
Episode 64
Interview with Chita Rivera
Episode 65
Interview with Saul Turteltaub
Episode 66
Gags and Gowns: The Genius of Bob Mackie
Episode 67
Side Effects May Include: The Commercial Parodies
Episode 68
An Interview With Vicki Lawrence
Episode 69
Bonus Sketch: The Rock Sisters
Episode 70
Bonus Sketch: Brown Derby
Episode 71
Featurette: We Love You Harvey
Episode 72
Featurette: Focus on "The Family"
Episode 73
Featurette: Breaking Up Is Hard... Not to Do
Episode 74
Featurette: Next Stop, Broadway - About the Mini-Musicals
Episode 75
Featurette: Laugh Tracks - A Tribute to the Writers
Episode 76
Featurette: Starlet, Mildred, and More
Episode 77
Featurette: I Want to Push That Button... - The History of The Carol Burn...
Episode 78
Bonus Sketch: Society Marriage with Jerry Lewis
Episode 79
Featurette: Bring Up the Lights - Carol's Q&As
Episode 80
Interview with Lainie Kazan
Episode 81
Interview with Bernadette Peters
Episode 82
Interview with Carl Reiner - Additional Interview
Episode 83
Interview with Gail Parent
Episode 84
Interview with Kenny Solms
Episode 85
Interview with Tim Conway - Additional Interview
Episode 86
Interview with Jerry Lewis
Episode 87
Interview with Amy Poehler
Episode 88
Interview with Lyle Waggoner
Episode 89
Interview with Ellen DeGeneres
Episode 90
Interview with Jane Lynch
Episode 91
Interview with Kyra Thompson
Episode 92
Interview with Bob Mackie
Episode 93
Interview with Betty White - Additional Interview
Episode 94
Harvey Korman Remembers Part 2
Episode 95
Bonus Sketch: Lovely Story, parody of Love Story
Episode 96
Interview with Amy Poehler - Additional Interview
Episode 97
Interview with Kyra Thompson - Additional Interview
Episode 98
Interview with Gail Parent - Additional Interview
Episode 99
Interview with Kenny Solms - Additional Interview
Episode 100
Interview with Lyle Waggoner - Additional Interview
Episode 101
Interview with Rita Moreno
Episode 102
Interview with Bernadette Peters - Additional Interview
Episode 103
Interview with Tim Conway - Additional Interview Part 2
Episode 104
Bonus Sketch: Sunnyset Boulevard
Episode 105
Interview with Ken Berry - Additional Interview
Episode 106
Interview with Lainie Kazan - Additional Interview
Episode 107
Interview with Steve Lawrence - Additional Interview
Episode 108
Interview with Jane Lynch - Additional Interview
Episode 109
Interview with Vicki Lawrence - Additional Interview
Episode 110
Interview with Bob Mackie - Additional Interview
Episode 111
Interview with Rita Moreno - Additional Interview
Episode 112
Harvey and Tim Together Again Part 2
Episode 113
Interview with Betty White - Additional Interview Part 2
Episode 114
Interview with Joel Grey
Episode 115
Featurette: From Soaps to 'Nuts
Episode 116
Interview with Vicki Lawrence - Additional Interview Part 2
Episode 117
Season 10 Guest Book
Episode 118
50th Anniversary Special
Episode 119
Bonus: Q&A with Jonathan Winters
Episode 120
Bonus: Christmas Night Quarrel
Episode 121
Bonus: Charwoman sings 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'
Episode 122
Bonus: Carol sings 'The Twelve Days After Christmas'
Episode 123
Interview with Ken Berry
Episode 124
Bonus Sketch: Morton of the Movies
Episode 125
"This Time Together": Cast reunion with Carol, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Comway...
Episode 126
"One More Time": Cast reunion with Carol, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and ...
Episode 127
Featurette: From Soaps to 'Nuts - About the TV Parodies
Episode 128
Let's Bump Up the Lights
Episode 129
Featurette: Ahhhh, Mrs. Whiggins? - As in "Tudball and Wiggins"
Episode 130
Featurette: Leading Lady - Carol Burnett as a Television Pioner
Episode 131
"Harvey Korman & Tim Comway - Together Again" (taped in Los Angeles, Apri...
Episode 132
"Harvey Korman & Tim Comway - Together Again" (taped in Los Angeles, Apri...
Episode 133
"Harvey Korman Remembers" - Interview with Harvey Korman, Reminiscing abo...
Episode 134
"Harvey Korman Remembers" - Interview with Harvey Korman, reminiscing abo...
Episode 135
"Best Of The Carol Burnett Show Extras" 11 Years of Laughter
Episode 136
"Best Of The Carol Burnett Show Extras" Fashion Forward: 11 Years of Styl...
Episode 137
"Best Of The Carol Burnett Show Extras" Bonus Interview With Jim Bailey
Episode 138
Bonus: The End of 11 Years
Episode 139
Bonus: As The Stomach Turns 02-09-1973 Valerie Harper
Episode 140
Extra: Group Therapy 03-03-1978
Episode 141
Extra: Open Wider Please 03-03-1978
Episode 142
Extra: The Interrogator 02-22-1974
Episode 143
Extra: The Oldest [Fire]Man 02-17-1973
Episode 144
Extra: Tim Conway Cracker Upper In Chief
Episode 145
Extra: Tim On the Street
Episode 146
Extra: Two Man Sub 02-01-1974
Episode 147
Extra: Almost Live
Episode 148
The Gary Moore Show
Episode 149
A Brand New Interview with Carol!
Episode 150
The Dentist
Episode 151
Interview with Carol Burnett: The Family
Episode 152
We Love You, Harvey... About the Ensemble
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