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The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

1967 - 2002  •  CBS  •  67 hours  •  96 episodes
2 votes
1411 votes
# 3046
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was an American comedy and variety show television series hosted by the Smothers Brothers and initially airing on CBS from 1967 to 1969.

The ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
19881019.Bill Dana,Jim Stafford,Toni Basil,Ronn Lucas,Pat Paulsen Aired on 10/19/1988
19881019.Bill Dana,Jim Stafford,Toni Basil,Ronn Lucas,Pat Paulsen
Season 5: Episode 9
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
96 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Jill St. John, Ed Sullivan, Jim Nabors
S01 E02
Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, The Turtles
S01 E03
Jack Benny, George Burns, Esther Ofarim
S01 E04
Betty Davis, Bob Crane, Buffalo Springfield, Pat Paulsen
S01 E05
Barbara Eden, Carl Reiner, Paul Revere and the Raiders
S01 E06
Carol Burnett, The Baja Marimba Band
S01 E07
Jimmy Durante, Inger Stevens, The Turtles
S01 E08
Jack Jones, Tony Randall, Sid Marty Kroft Puppets
S01 E09
Elaine May, Esther Ofarim, Blues Magoos
S01 E10
Robert 'Bobby' Morse, Lana Turner, Electric Prunes
S01 E11
Carl Reiner, Jenny Smith, Happenings
S01 E12
Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr, Dom DeLuise
S01 E13
Jonathan Winters, Nancy Wilson, Jefferson Airplane
S01 E14
Simon and Garfunkel, Janet Leigh, Jim Connell
S01 E15
Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Sonny and Cher
S01 E16
Jim Backus, Margaret O'Brien, The Association, Hamilton Camp
S01 E17
Vikki Carr, Steve Allen, Ted Neeley, Five
S01 E18
Noel Harrison, Shirley Jones, Pat Paulsen, Leigh French
S01 E19
John Gary, Tammy Grimes, TheBuckinghams
S01 E20
Jefferson Airplane, Esther Ofarim, Mason Williams, Bette Davis
Season 2
S02 E01
Janet Leigh, Pete Seeger, Bobbie Gentry
S02 E02
Bette Davis, Mickey Rooney, The Who
S02 E03
George Burns, Herman's Hermits, Leigh French
S02 E04
Jane Powell, Noel Harrison, The Cake
S02 E05
Greer Garson, The Association
S02 E06
Kate Smith, Simon and Garfunkel, Ronnie Schell, Gino Conforti, Leigh Fren...
S02 E07
Eddie Albert, Jackie 'Moms' Mabley, The Byrds
S02 E08
Shirley Jones, Harry Blackstone Jr, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
S02 E09
Dianne Carrol, Ricardo Montalban, First Edition
S02 E10
James Mason, Jimmie Rodgers, David Frye, Barbara Feldon
S02 E11
Nancy Wilson, George Segal, Carol Burnett, Paul Revere and the Raiders
S02 E12
Jimmy Durante, Janis Ian, Nancy Ames, Mason Williams,Gino Conforti, Scoey...
S02 E13
Agnes Moorhead, Norm Crosby, The Hollies
S02 E14
Tallulah Bankhead, The Temptations, Pat Paulsen
S02 E15
Christmas Show: Jack Benny, Nanette Fabray
S02 E16
Eddie Albert, Irish Rovers, Judy Collins, Bobby Blackmore
S02 E17
Edgar Bergen, Judy Carne, The First Edition
S02 E18
Patty Duke, The Association, Don Rickles
S02 E19
Sid Caesar, Blackstone Rangers, Glen Campbell, Leigh French
S02 E20
Robert Morse, Paul Revere and Raiders, Nanette Fabray
S02 E21
Arthur Godfrey, The Bee Gees, Jackie 'Moms' Mabley
S02 E22
Don Knotts, Ravi Shankar, Mel Torme
S02 E23
Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr, The Julliard String Quartet, Leigh Frenc...
S02 E24
Pete Seeger, Mason Williams, Rowan and Martin, Scoey Mitchell, Leigh Fren...
S02 E25
Glen Campbell, Jackie 'Moms' Mabley, John Hartford, Mason Williams
S02 E26
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Glen Campbell, Pat Paulsen
S02 E27
Uncensored120.2.Robert Morse, Paul Revere
S02 E28
S02 E29
S02 E30
S02 E31
Season 3
S03 E01
Harry Belafonte, 'Mama' Cass Elliott, Rosey Grier
S03 E02
The Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, Aaron Williams
S03 E03
The Beatles, Barbara Feldon, Bill Medley
S03 E04
The Everly Brothers, Jack E. Leonard, New Day Singers
S03 E05
Glen Campbell, The Clinger Sisters, Rowan and Martin
S03 E06
Kate Smith, Jefferson Airplane, Mason Williams
S03 E07
Donovan, George Harrison, The Committee, Jennifer Warnes, Dion
S03 E08
Tony Randall, Jennifer Warnes, The Doors, Ed Sullivan
S03 E09
Bob Newhart, First Edition, Paul Hampton, Cast of Hair
S03 E10
George Carlin, The Doors, The Committee
S03 E11
George Gobel, Leigh French, Spanky & Our Gang
S03 E12
Diahann Carroll, The First Edition
S03 E13
Nanette Fabray, Steppenwolf
S03 E14
Steve Martin, Mason Williams, John Hartford, Murray Roman
S03 E15
Ray Charles, Jackie Mason
S03 E16
Billy Barty, The Clinger Sisters, Leigh French, Times Square Two
S03 E17
Burl Ives, The Chambers Brothers, Jackie and Roy
S03 E18
Liberace, David Frye, Hedge and Donna
S03 E19
The Beatles, Victor Borge, The Clinger Sisters, Hello People, Joe South
S03 E20
Joey Bishop, Jonathan Winters, Judy Collins, Leigh French
S03 E21
Glen Campbell, Patty Duke, The Righteous Brothers
S03 E22
Donovan, Mort Saul, Peter, Paul & Mary
S03 E23
Joan Baez, Jackie Mason, The Committee
S03 E24
Ike & Tina Turner, Mason Williams
S03 E25
Unaired Episode: Rowan and Martin, David Steinberg, Nancy WIlson
S03 E26
Anthony Newley, The Clinger Sisters, Delores Hall
S03 E27
Season 4
S04 E01
S04 E02
S04 E03
S04 E04
S04 E05
S04 E06
S04 E07
S04 E08
S04 E09
S04 E10
S04 E11
S04 E12
Season 5
S05 E03
19880413.Ned Beatty,David Johansen,Leila Josefowicz,Pat Paulsen
S05 E04
19880427.Gallagher,Martin Mull,Diane Shuur,Kohl&Co,Pat Paulsen
S05 E05
19880505.ISO,Billy Vera,Anne Ramsey,PDQ Bach
S05 E06
19880511.Foster Brooks,Merry Clayton,Jim Stafford,Pat Paulsen
S05 E08
19880525.Chet Atkins,Harry Belafonte,Jim Stafford,Melinda Saxe
S05 E09
19881019.Bill Dana,Jim Stafford,Toni Basil,Ronn Lucas,Pat Paulsen
Episode 1
1992 Janis Ian Interview
Episode 2
Pat Paulsen: The Makings of a President featurette
Episode 3
1992 Interview with Pat Paulsen
Episode 4
1992 Interview with Kenny Rogers
Episode 5
1992 Interview with Leigh French
Episode 6
2008 Emmy Award Clip
Episode 7
Smothers Brothers at Paleyfest 1993
Episode 8
1992 Interview with Nancy Wilson
Episode 9
1992 Interview with Janis Ian
Episode 10
1992 Interview with Don Rickles
Episode 11
1992 Interview with Pete Seeger
Episode 12
1992 Interview with Glen Campbell
Episode 13
1992 Interview with Mason Williams
Episode 14
Smothered: The Censorship Struggles of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
Episode 15
Pat Paulsen: The Makings of a President
Episode 16
Pat Paulsen Comedy Club Act at the Pierce Street Annex, Anchorage
Episode 17
20th Anniversary Reunion Show
Episode 18
19801101.TV Special 1
Episode 19
19801111.TV Special 2
Episode 20
Pat Paulsen for President
Episode 21
1992 Interview with Harry Belafonte
Episode 22
A Fable For Our Time
Episode 23
Dr. Benjamin Spock Interview Censored from Season 3 Opening
Episode 24
Interview with Eartha Kitt
Episode 25
Pete Seeger Sings Waste Deep in the Big Muddy
Episode 26
Behind the Scenes - Making of an Episode
Episode 27
1969 Emmy Award for Writing
Episode 28
Brothers Q&A to Fill Time due to Censorship
Episode 29
Interview with Bob Newhart
Episode 30
Interview with Allan Blye
Episode 31
Interview with John Densmore
Episode 32
Interview with Chuck Braverman
Episode 33
Interview with Rob Reiner
Episode 34
Interview with Judy Collins
Episode 35
Interview with Bob Einstein
Episode 36
Mom Always Liked You Best
Episode 37
Interview with Joan Baez
Episode 38
Interview with Jackie Mason
Episode 39
Interview with David Steinberg
Episode 40
Excerpts from Press Conference after CBS Cancelled TSBCH
Episode 41
Jackie Mason Dress Rehearsal
Episode 42
Joan Baez Dress Rehearsal
Episode 43
2000 Seminar at the US Comedy Arts Festival
Episode 44
Episode Promos
Episode 45
Pat Paulsen at 1968 Democratic Convention
Episode 46
E! Intro to Pat Paulsen for President
Episode 47
Robert F. Kennedy Outtakes from Pat Paulsen for President
Episode 48
Interview Outtakes from Pat Paulsen for President
Episode 49
Pat Paulsen at the White House
Episode 50
Pat Paulsen's 1996 Michigan Primary
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