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Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa

2008 - 2017  •  Cartoon Network  •  30 hours  •  5 seasons  •  150 episodes
27 votes
6606 votes
# 24649
Comedy, Fantasy, Animation, Family
Uncle Grandpa, the uncle and grandfather of everyone in the world, stops by children's houses every day to see how they are doing. The children he visits have a problem of their own and Uncle Grandpa tries to help them through a series of chaotic and surreal misadventures.
  Previously Aired Episode
Uncle Grandpa: The High School Years Aired on 06/30/2017
Uncle Grandpa: The High School Years
Season 5: Episode 23
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
150 episodes total
Uncle Grandpa | Uncle Grandpa San Diego Comic-Con Sizzle | Uncle Grandpa | Cartoon Network
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Belly Brothers
S01 E02
Tiger Trails
S01 E03
Space Emperor
S01 E04
Funny Face
S01 E05
Moustache Cream
S01 E06
S01 E07
Drivers Test
S01 E08
Uncle Grandpa Sitter
S01 E09
Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework
S01 E10
Uncle Grandpa for a Day
S01 E11
Afraid of the Dark
S01 E12
Treasure Map
S01 E13
Locked Out
S01 E14
S01 E15
Brain Game
S01 E16
Mystery Noise
S01 E17
Charlie Burgers
S01 E18
S01 E19
Perfect Kid
S01 E20
Big in Japan
S01 E21
Leg Wrestler
S01 E22
Future Pizza
S01 E23
More Uncle Grandpa Shorts
S01 E24
Viewer Special
S01 E25
Bad Morning
S01 E26
Prank Wars
S01 E27
1992 Called
S01 E28
Bezt Friends
S01 E29
Food Truck
S01 E30
Hide and Seek
S01 E31
The History of Wrestling
S01 E32
Sick Bag
S01 E33
S01 E34
Aunt Grandma
S01 E35
S01 E36
Haunted RV
S01 E37
Internet Troll
S01 E38
Not Funny
S01 E39
Prison Break
S01 E40
S01 E41
UG Christmas Special
S01 E42
Dog Day
S01 E43
Tiger and Mouse
S01 E44
Pizza Steve's Diary
S01 E45
S01 E46
Big Trouble for Tiny Miracle
S01 E47
New Kid
S01 E48
Uncle Zombie
S01 E49
Uncle Caveman
S01 E50
Misfortune Cookie
S01 E51
S01 E52
Duck Lips
Season 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
Body Trouble
S02 E03
Shower Party
S02 E04
Uncle Grandpa Land
S02 E05
Taco Comet
S02 E06
The Fan
S02 E07
The Package
S02 E08
Are You Talking to Tree?
S02 E09
S02 E10
Guest Directed Shorts
S02 E11
Hundred Dollar Gus
S02 E12
Weird Badge
S02 E13
The Great Spaghetti Western
S02 E14
S02 E15
Uncle Grandpa at the Movies
S02 E16
Bottom Bag
S02 E17
Watermelon Gag
S02 E18
Uncle Grandpa Babies
S02 E19
S02 E20
Uncle Grandpa Retires Part 1
S02 E21
Uncle Grandpa Retires Part 2
S02 E22
Secret Santa
S02 E23
Fool Moon
S02 E24
Nacho Cheese
S02 E25
Mustache Tree
Season 3
S03 E01
The Little Mer-Tiger
S03 E02
Ball Room
S03 E03
Back to the Library
S03 E04
Uncle Easter
S03 E05
King Gus
S03 E06
The Uncle Grandpa Movie
S03 E07
Lame Station
S03 E08
Space Oddity
S03 E09
Relaxation Land
S03 E10
The Land of the Lost Shadows
S03 E11
Pizza Eve
S03 E12
The Return of Aunt Grandma
S03 E13
Messy Bessy
S03 E14
Memory Foam
S03 E15
Even More Shorts
S03 E16
Fleas Help Me
S03 E17
Wicked Shades
S03 E18
Except for Cooper
S03 E19
In the Clouds
S03 E20
The Lepre-Con
S03 E21
Fear of Flying
S03 E22
G'day Mornin
S03 E23
Uncle Fashion
S03 E24
Inventor Mentor
Season 4
S04 E01
Jerky Jasper
S04 E02
Dinosaur Day
S04 E03
RV Olympics
S04 E04
Uncle Melvins
S04 E05
Uncle Baseball
S04 E06
Costume Crisis
S04 E07
Uncle Grandpa Runs for President
S04 E08
Chill Out
S04 E09
The Bike Ride
S04 E10
Mr. Gus Moves Out
S04 E11
Hiccup Havok
S04 E12
S04 E13
Gone to His Head
S04 E14
Pony Tale
S04 E15
You Can't Handle the Tooth!
S04 E16
A Gift for Gus
S04 E17
S04 E18
Lil' Mac
S04 E19
Disappearing Act
S04 E20
Tongue Tied
S04 E21
Uncle Dummy
S04 E22
Face Fix
S04 E23
The Phone Call
S04 E24
Uncle Cupid
S04 E25
Doctor Visit
S04 E26
Cake Mistake
Season 5
S05 E01
Sheep Deprivation
S05 E02
Trash Cat
S05 E03
Uncle Grandpa's Odd-yssey
S05 E04
Surprise Party
S05 E05
Late Night Good Morning with Uncle Grandpa
S05 E06
New Direction
S05 E07
Anger Management
S05 E08
Pizza Steve's Past
S05 E09
Diggin' a Hole
S05 E10
Broken Boogie
S05 E11
Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa
S05 E12
Transitional Phase
S05 E13
Cartoon Factory
S05 E14
Date with Gus
S05 E15
What's the Big Idea?
S05 E16
Full Grown Pizza
S05 E17
More Director Shorts
S05 E18
High Dive
S05 E19
Chess Master Steve
S05 E20
Tiny Miracle's Tiny Miracle
S05 E21
Uncle Greedpa
S05 E22
Exquisite Grandpa
S05 E23
Uncle Grandpa: The High School Years
Episode 1
Uncle Grandpa
Episode 2
Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa
Episode 3
5 Disgustoids and a Baby
Episode 4
Uncle Grandpa's Journey
Episode 5
Uncle Cupid
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2 Memos
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Member’s ratings:
Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho 1
Tried first episode. Possibly the worst cartoon I have ever seen.
Guriguri Guriguri -
I remember looking at the internet that Uncle Grandpa was hated. I was confused and didn't watched the show.

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