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2012 - 2016   •  YouTube  •   44 hours
1 vote
Speakeasy features Hollywood's most iconic men chatting over drinks with host and comedian Paul F. Tompkins to offer viewers a unique glimpse into their lives—and spirits.
  Previously Aired Episode
Sarah Paulson Talks Playing Marcia Clark Aired on 05/02/2016
Sarah Paulson Talks Playing Marcia Clark
Season 2: Episode 12
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
107 episodes total
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Ty Burrell
S01 E02
Weird Al Yankovic
S01 E03
Andy Richter
S01 E04
Sam Trammell
S01 E05
Nathan Fillion
S01 E06
Max Greenfield
S01 E07
Oscar Nunez
S01 E08
Clark Gregg
S01 E09
Chris Hardwick
S01 E10
7 Years Bad Sex with Homeland's Damian Lewis
S01 E11
Jason Ritter Gets Hammered!
S01 E12
Zach Galifianakis Goes To Broadway
S01 E13
Zach Galifianakis Part 2
S01 E14
Paul Scheer, Fantasy Action Star
S01 E15
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Flirts With Bryan Cranston
S01 E16
Seth Green on Stand Up Trauma, Child Actors, and Star Wars
S01 E17
Patton Oswalt talks Standup, Airport Diets & Family
S01 E18
Nat Faxon
S01 E19
Aziz Ansari
S01 E20
Rich Sommer of AMC's Mad Men
S01 E21
Doug Benson
S01 E22
Tom Arnold
S01 E23
Dominic Monaghan
S01 E24
Michael Rooker of AMC's The Walking Dead
S01 E25
Nick Kroll
S01 E26
Julia Stiles
S01 E27
Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Nerds Out
S01 E28
Russell Peters is a Renaissance Man
S01 E29
William Fichtner Has a Man Cave
S01 E30
Rob Delaney: Comedian
S01 E31
Mad Men's Alison Brie is Awesome
S01 E32
New Girl's Jake Johnson Loves Drunk Acting
S01 E33
Aaron Eckhart Is An Old Pro
S01 E34
The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg Is Versatile
S01 E35
Donald Faison Gets The Last Laugh
S01 E36
Arrested Development's Tony Hale on the Evolution of Buster
S01 E37
Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk is a Jack of All Trades
S01 E38
Michelle Rodriguez Goes Turbo
S01 E39
'Parks and Rec' Ben Schwartz Can't Stop
S01 E40
Archer's Judy Greer Doesn't Know What You Know Her From
S01 E41
The Heat's Nate Corddry is a Delight
S01 E42
SNL's Bill Hader is a Natural
S01 E43
Orange Is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber is Old School
S01 E44
Franklin & Bash's Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a Great Sport
S01 E45
Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks is a Badass
S01 E46
The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Tells His Story
S01 E47
Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Has Made It
S01 E48
The Venture Bros.' James Urbaniak
S01 E49
It's Always Sunny in Kaitlin Olson's World
S01 E50
Key & Peele Push the Limits
S01 E51
Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan Commands Respect
S01 E52
Saving Mr. Banks' B.J. Novak is Multifaceted
S01 E53
Dexter's Yvonne Strahovski: It's Tough to Play a Murderer
S01 E54
My Drinks with Eric André
S01 E55
Thomas Lennon Has Fresh Eyes
S01 E56
Community's Gillian Jacobs Sets the Bar High
S01 E57
Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer Has a Classic Hollywood Story
S01 E58
Haley Joel Osment Thinks Talking About Acting is Weird
S01 E59
Cougar Town's Busy Philipps Lives Up To Her Name
S01 E60
Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Doesn't Play Well With Others
S01 E61
Comedy Bang! Bang!'s Scott Aukerman Doesn't Take Orders
S01 E62
Community's Jim Rash is TV Ugly
S01 E63
Comedian Kevin Nealon Never Bombs
S01 E64
American Horror Story's Evan Peters Has Some Secrets
S01 E65
Arrested Development's David Cross Doesn't Love Hollywood
S01 E66
Two and a Half Men's Amber Tamblyn Just Wants a Garden
S01 E67
Orange is the New Black's Jason Biggs is a Dad Now
S01 E68
Edge of Tomorrow's Bill Paxton Has Big Love for Hollywood
S01 E69
The Daily Show's John Hodgman Makes His Dreams Come True
S01 E70
Community's Dan Harmon Is Just a Guy That Makes a Show
S01 E71
Comedian Marc Maron Goes From Groggy to Hostile
S01 E72
Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte Isn't Cooling Down
S01 E73
Bob Saget Has Gone in a Strange Direction
S01 E74
Veep's Gary Cole is a Busy Gentleman
S01 E75
Master of Sex's Michael Sheen is His Own Raw Material
S01 E76
Comedian John Mulaney Was Always Weird
S01 E77
The Office's Ed Helms Wants to Disarm You
S01 E78
Selfie's John Cho Wants All the Bumps, Bruises, and Blood
S01 E79
Dumb and Dumber To's Rob Riggle Gave Up Flying For This?
S01 E80
Comedian Sarah Silverman is Absolutely Thriving
S01 E81
Comedian Marc Evan Jackson Thinks Failure is a Gift
S01 E82
Two and a Half Men's Clark Duke Has an Existential Crisis
S01 E83
Mark & Jay Duplass Follow Their Stupid Dream
S01 E84
Firefly's Summer Glau was Shaped by Sci-Fi
S01 E85
Parks and Rec's Jim O'Heir Isn't Always Sweet Lovable Jerry
S01 E86
John C. McGinley: Every Week on Scrubs Was an Adventure
S01 E87
Rainn Wilson Discusses His Acting Roots
S01 E88
Randall Park Discusses Fresh Off The Boat
S01 E89
William H. Macy talks about Shameless and 30 Rock
S01 E90
Cameron Esposito says "Don't touch my Butt!"
S01 E91
Comedian Andy Daly Reviews Your Life
S01 E92
Comedian Reggie Watts Rocks Fake Talk Shows
S01 E93
SNL Alum Jerry Minor is Unbreakable!
S01 E94
Magic Mike's Joe Manganiello, Stripper with a Heart of Gold
S01 E95
Comedian Hannibal Buress: The Next Action Hero
Season 2
S02 E01
Paul F. Tompkins Talks Puppets and Podcasts
S02 E02
Anthony Jeselnik Talks Dark Comedy & Bombing On Stage
S02 E03
Michael Shannon Talks New Films and Favorite Music
S02 E04
Saffron Burrows talks Mozart, Rapping, and Modeling
S02 E05
Adam Rodriguez talks Magic Mike, Bogarting, & Directing
S02 E06
Constance Wu Talks Growing Up and Telling Jokes
S02 E07
Rhea Seehorn talks Better Call Saul, Bad Jobs, & Going Home
S02 E08
Darby Stanchfield talks Scandal, The White House, & Crab Fishing
S02 E09
Melissa Rauch talks Big Bang Theory, The Bronze, and Stand Up
S02 E10
Amanda Crew Talks Silicon Valley, Her Celebrity Obsession, and More!
S02 E11
Jon Favreau Talks Taking on The Jungle Book
S02 E12
Sarah Paulson Talks Playing Marcia Clark
Episode 1
Series Trailer
Episode 2
Mean Ty Burrell and The Hunger Games
Episode 3
Grammar Rules and Steampunk Times
Episode 4
Judging Idol and Comedy Fights
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Cologne and Racism
Episode 8
Paul F. Tompkins Answers More Questions
Episode 9
'Never Gonna Give You Up'
Episode 10
Comic Idols and Mr. Holland's Opus
Episode 11
'What Does The F Stand For?'
Episode 12
How Much For The Moustache?
Episode 13
Drinking Games with Nat Faxon
Episode 14
Drinking Games with Aziz Ansari
Episode 15
Drinking Games with Rich Sommer
Episode 16
Drinking Games with Doug Benson
Episode 17
Drinking Games with Tom Arnold
Episode 18
Drinking Games with Dominic Monaghan
Episode 19
Drinking Games with Michael Rooker of AMC's The Walking Dead
Episode 20
Drinking Games with Nick Kroll
Episode 21
Drinking Games with Julia Stiles
Episode 22
Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Plays a Drinking Game
Episode 23
Russell Peters Plays a Drinking Game
Episode 24
Rob Delaney Making Wholesome GIFs
Episode 25
Alison Brie Creates Unsexy .Gifs
Episode 26
Alison Brie Imitates Popular Internet Memes
Episode 27
Jake Johnson Imitates Popular Internet Memes
Episode 28
Aaron Eckhart Creates His Own Memes
Episode 29
Simon Helberg Plays 'How Well Do You Know Howard?'
Episode 30
Donald Faison Plays Internet Games
Episode 31
Tony Hale Plays Creepy Mother's Game as Buster Bluth
Episode 32
Bob Odenkirk Reinterprets Alvin and the Chipmunks
Episode 33
Modern Day 'Saved by the Bell' Scenarios with Zack Morris Himself!
Episode 34
Fairy Tales from Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut
Episode 35
Robert Kirkman Plays Zombify This!
Episode 36
Katee Sackhoff Imitates Sci-Fi Memes
Episode 37
Key & Peele Attempt World Record for Impressions
Episode 38
Key & Peele Play 'Racist or Really Need to Tell You Something'
Episode 39
Lizzy Caplan Imitates Rage Faces
Episode 40
Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer Creates Unsexy .GIFs
Episode 41
Haley Joel Osment Plays 'I Hear About Dead People'
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