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The Haves and the Have Nots

The Haves and the Have Nots

2013 - 2021  •  Oprah Winfrey Network  •  6 days  •  201 episodes
9 votes
3259 votes
# 11959
Drama, Soap
Written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, "The Haves and the Have Nots" is a drama series following the dynamics of the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of Hanna, their housekeeper, and the obstacles and secrets that exist within both families.
  Previously Aired Episode
Episode 1 Aired on 06/01/2021
Episode 1
Season 9: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
201 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Season 1
S01 E01
The Big Surprise
S01 E02
Playing In The Deep End
S01 E03
Beautifully Dysfunctional
S01 E04
Entering The Race
S01 E05
A Woman's Pride
S01 E06
Angry Sex
S01 E07
A True Friend
S01 E08
The Criminal
S01 E09
The Set Up
S01 E10
Number Nine
S01 E11
Not My Daughter
S01 E12
In Recovery
S01 E13
What Are You Doing Here?
S01 E14
My Name Is Veronica
S01 E15
The Truth Will Set You Free
S01 E16
No More Hiding
S01 E17
The Black Sedan
S01 E18
Wyatt's Nightmare
S01 E19
Family Issues
S01 E20
Unanswered Calls
S01 E21
Why Didn't You Tell Me?
S01 E22
Protecting Wyatt
S01 E23
Amanda's Revenge
S01 E24
Maggie's Plan
S01 E25
March For Justice
S01 E26
Starting the Race
S01 E27
You'll Be Sorry
S01 E28
The Confession
S01 E29
S01 E30
The Awakening
S01 E31
The Vulnerable
S01 E32
The Sarandon Hotel
S01 E33
Again and Again
S01 E34
Something's Wrong with Amanda
S01 E35
Norman Hewens
S01 E36
Season 2
S02 E01
The Power Dance
S02 E02
The War Room
S02 E03
A Southern Brawl
S02 E04
Amanda's Room
S02 E05
The Press Conference
S02 E06
A Tragic Day
S02 E07
April 7, 1979
S02 E08
In Crisis
S02 E09
A Talk With Jim
S02 E10
S02 E11
S02 E12
Enough is Enough
S02 E13
Two Funerals
S02 E14
In Memoriam
S02 E15
Nine Lives
S02 E16
The Cougar
S02 E17
Candace Young, Esq.
S02 E18
Benny Does Battle
S02 E19
Quincy Jr.
S02 E20
A Home For Q
S02 E21
Candace's Closing
S02 E22
Dianna Whinchil
S02 E23
S02 E24
Sheep's Clothing
S02 E25
When the Chickens Come
Season 3
S03 E01
The Waters Run Deep
S03 E02
Paid In Full
S03 E03
The Right Medicine
S03 E04
An Evil Soul
S03 E05
S03 E06
Making Millions
S03 E07
A Front Row Seat
S03 E08
Unexpected Visitors
S03 E09
I Choose My Son
S03 E10
Beg for What You Need
S03 E11
48 Hours
S03 E12
My Friend Maggie
S03 E13
Criminology 101
S03 E14
Giving Candy to a Baby
S03 E15
The Apple Tree
S03 E16
The Heart of a Man
S03 E17
An Accident
S03 E18
A Tragic Assumption
S03 E19
I Am Wolf
S03 E20
Back in Business
S03 E21
The Fugitive
S03 E22
The Silk Handkerchief
S03 E23
Promises Kept
Season 4
S04 E01
A Cup Tea
S04 E02
Waiting For Candace
S04 E03
It's OK to Love
S04 E04
A Mother's Wisdom
S04 E05
Brilliant Lawyers Lurking
S04 E06
A Hurricane Offshore
S04 E07
Pieces of the Puzzle
S04 E08
Praying for Light
S04 E09
We All Need Forgiveness
S04 E10
Forget the Bubble
S04 E11
In Pursuit of Prey
S04 E12
The Fallout From War
S04 E13
My Grandson's War
S04 E14
Mad Day
S04 E15
A Woman Under the Stairs
S04 E16
S04 E17
Elevator Seven
S04 E18
A Broken Mirror
S04 E19
Haunted by the Surname
S04 E20
The Enemy Called Trust
S04 E21
S04 E22
For the Team
S04 E23
The Veronica Show
Season 5
S05 E01
Afraid of Flames
S05 E02
Searching For A Mother's Love
S05 E03
Undercover Vice
S05 E04
The Lion
S05 E05
Errand Boy
S05 E06
Hanna’s Tea
S05 E07
Every Six Months
S05 E08
S05 E09
An Eye For An Eye
S05 E10
A Lover's Passions
S05 E11
Veronica’s House
S05 E12
In His Eyes
S05 E13
The Right Cocktail
S05 E14
The Rabbit and The Water Moccasin
S05 E15
The Third Quarter
S05 E16
No Honor In This Game
S05 E17
The Broken Washer
S05 E18
Sugar Mamma
S05 E19
Team of Rivals
S05 E20
S05 E21
S05 E22
Til Death Do Us Part
S05 E23
The Road to Hell
S05 E24
The Black Dress
S05 E25
A Father's Regret
S05 E26
The Damned Defibrillator
S05 E27
Laugh Not To Cry
S05 E28
Stronger Together
S05 E29
The Black Man....
S05 E30
Three's A Crowd
S05 E31
The Chosen
S05 E32
The Committee
S05 E33
S05 E34
Speak Through It
S05 E35
Battle For The Past
S05 E36
A Good Man
S05 E37
The Surgeon
S05 E38
Power Struggle
S05 E39
From the Seventies
S05 E40
Room Three
S05 E41
S05 E42
S05 E43
Fifteen Minutes
S05 E44
Out Of Time
Season 6
S06 E01
A Wicked Web
S06 E02
S06 E03
Spanish Moss Trail
S06 E04
Tomorrow's Not Promised
S06 E05
Second Chances
S06 E06
On The Edge
S06 E07
A New Leaf
S06 E08
She's Gonna Be Real Mad
S06 E09
Show Not Tell
S06 E10
Fifteen Minutes
S06 E11
Out of Time
Season 7
S07 E01
Are You Happy?
S07 E02
Fleeting Moments
S07 E03
Pray To Me
S07 E04
Evil Offspring
S07 E05
Jimmy Crack Corn
S07 E06
Mister Jim
S07 E07
A Change of Heart
S07 E08
The Heavy Lifting
S07 E09
Boom Boom Bang
S07 E10
Bananas Foster
S07 E11
Power of Attorney
S07 E12
One Way or Another
S07 E13
Fine Together
S07 E14
Someone Special
S07 E15
The Executor
S07 E16
Counting The Costs
S07 E17
No More Time
S07 E18
A Sixth Sense
S07 E19
Father's Day
S07 E20
The Reaping
Season 8
S08 E01
The Long Game
S08 E02
Power of the Purse
S08 E03
The Long Drive Home
S08 E04
The Appointment
S08 E05
A Little Bird
S08 E06
The Family's Name
S08 E07
A Working Girl
S08 E08
A Showdown
S08 E09
A Game of Chess
S08 E10
S08 E11
Blank Panther
S08 E12
Hidden Bones
S08 E13
Pink Unicorns
S08 E14
S08 E15
Trouble Man
S08 E16
Dark Intentions
S08 E17
Final Cast Reunion Pt1
S08 E18
Final Cast Reunion Pt2
Season 9
S09 E01
Episode 1
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