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This Week in Enterprise Tech

This Week in Enterprise Tech

2012 - Now  •  Friday 01:30 PM on TWiT  •  14 days  •  1 season  •  341 episodes
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Talk Show, News
This Week in Enterprise Tech explores the complex, cutting edge world of enterprise technology. Hosted by Lou Maresca, TWiET features IT professionals explaining the ins and outs of enterprise solutions.
  Previously Aired Episode
This Week in Enterprise Tech #419 Aired on 11/13/2020
This Week in Enterprise Tech #419
Season 2020: Episode 46
Season 2020
Season 1
S01 E01
The Thinner the Client
S01 E02
Not a Roomba
S01 E03
It is a Tablet
S01 E04
Keep Your RF off my Yard
S01 E05
Don't Trust the Salesman
S01 E06
Behind The Firewall
S01 E07
Beer Power over Ethernet
S01 E08
Shoot it, Burn it
S01 E09
I Love it When a VLAN Comes Together
S01 E10
Taps for the PC Era
S01 E11
The Internet of Bouncing Things
S01 E12
Interop Live
S01 E13
Heads in the Clouds
S01 E14
All Tapped Out
S01 E15
Streaming with the Fishes
S01 E16
Virtualization Special
S01 E17
Tablet Tool Time
S01 E18
The Cloud is Falling
S01 E19
Have You Been to Kansas
S01 E20
Poo Over IP
S01 E21
The Shocking Truth About DC
S01 E22
Take the Gun, Leave the Spork
S01 E23
Questions From the Trolls
S01 E24
One Ring to Rule Them All
S01 E25
The Uprising
S01 E26
Seriously Good POS
S01 E27
AUP There it is
S01 E28
Office 365 is Cool
S01 E29
The Inevitable Headache
S01 E30
Big Data gets Personal
S01 E31
Trolls and Other Disasters
S01 E32
SSD is Better Than Bacon
S01 E33
Live from Enterprise Connect 2013
S01 E34
Polly Wants a Camera
S01 E35
Patent Troll Smackdown
S01 E36
This. Will. Not. Stand.
S01 E37
She Blinded Me with Fiber
S01 E38
The Missing LYNC
S01 E39
Smart Grids and Dumb Interfaces
S01 E40
Viva Las Interop
S01 E41
One SSD to Rule Them All
S01 E42
Gateway 42
S01 E43
Xbox One
S01 E44
Don't Hate the Player
S01 E45
Can You Hear Me Now?
S01 E46
NSA Deep Dive
S01 E47
The Temporary Tribe
S01 E48
S01 E49
In the Sauce
S01 E50
Got 99 Problems, but the Switch Ain't One
S01 E51
Turn Off All the Things
S01 E52
Alphabet Soup
S01 E53
S01 E54
The Boys Are Back in Town!
S01 E55
S01 E56
Busted Windows
S01 E57
Islands in the Data Stream
S01 E58
Dell is the New IBM
S01 E59
Armitage, Cobalt Strike, and Metasploit
S01 E60
Secrets of the WiFi Masters
S01 E61
Aerohive Explains 802.11ac
S01 E62
Man in the Middle
S01 E63
The First Law of the Internet
S01 E64
Identity Management - Part I
S01 E65
Application Performance Management
S01 E66
IPv6 vs. IPv4
S01 E67
Deeper Packet Inspection
S01 E68
Intrusion Prevention and Detection
S01 E69
Glenn Evans and the Future of Networking
S01 E70
Secure Your Mobile Data
S01 E71
Spoof My SMTP
S01 E72
Beacon Beachhead
S01 E73
The 2013 Enterprise Wrap-up
S01 E74
The 2014 Predictions: Loser Buys the Pizza
S01 E75
Splunk Goes Your Big Data
S01 E76
Net Neutral, Padre Biased
S01 E77
S01 E78
Too Nice for Microsoft
S01 E79
Stop Feeding the Pigeons
S01 E80
There's Nothing to See Here
S01 E81
Kingston Knows SSDs
S01 E82
Be a Good Netizen Adopt IPv6
S01 E83
Big Data and Enterprise Connect 2014
S01 E84
Vertical, Desperate, and Tested
S01 E85
Live From Interop Las Vegas 2014
S01 E86
Live Action and The Internet of Vulnerable Things
S01 E87
SMB's Spinning in the Vorex
S01 E88
Heartbleed? Oops
S01 E89
A Nesting Doll of Patent-Trolly Goodness
S01 E90
iBeacon to Your BigData
S01 E91
Disaster Recovery with a Broomstick
S01 E92
Net Neutral, ISP Hostile
S01 E93
VDI: The Licensing
S01 E94
VDI vs. Server Huggers and EMP: Fight!
S01 E95
Livesift Online Engagement
S01 E96
Cricket Liu & DNSSEC too
S01 E97
Dwayne Melancon: Recovering from a Data Breach
S01 E98
Contextual Security With AlienVault
S01 E99
Remote Access with Ericom
S01 E100
Coho Data: To Infinite Storage and Beyond
S01 E101
Threat Multiplication with Rapheal Mudge
S01 E102
Blackhat 2014 Pre-Show
S01 E103
Bad USB and Legal Smackdown
S01 E104
Dan Holme and IT Unity
S01 E105
ITUS, Watchdox & Zero Hidden Failure
S01 E106
ISPs, Net Neutrality, The Cloud, and Other Nightmares
S01 E107
Microsoft VDI
S01 E108
ITUS the Internet of Things
S01 E109
The IxChariot
S01 E110
Shellshock Unwrapped
S01 E111
PCIe SSD with Kingston
S01 E112
DeepStorage with Howard Marks
S01 E113
The NEW Data Center, with APC/Schneider
S01 E114
Net Neutrality, Microsoft, and CRM with Lou Maresca
S01 E115
Hangin with Geeks, Underwater
S01 E116
DDoS'ing a Neutral Net
S01 E117
Web Security, Now FREE!
S01 E118
Legal Extravaganza #2
S01 E119
Breaching with Seculert
S01 E120
Enterprise 101 with Recommind
S01 E121
Best of 2014
S01 E122
The 2015 Predictions Show
S01 E123
Cricket Liu and DNS Too!
S01 E124
Getting the Band Back Together
S01 E125
Encryption Special
S01 E126
Microsoft, Ixia, Threat Testing
S01 E127
Deep Packets with ITUS Networks
S01 E128
Shmoocon & BYOD
S01 E129
Hit Archive and the Future of Optical Storage
S01 E130
Net Neutral, Google Positive
S01 E131
Privacy and Security with ITUS Networks
S01 E132
VMware Storage Operations Manager
S01 E133
UEFI in the Enterprise
S01 E134
AT&T, Comcast, and Other Bad News
S01 E135
The Next Wave of 802.11AC
S01 E136
Pindrop Security
S01 E137
Interop Preview
S01 E138
Interop 2015
S01 E139
The Next Generation of DDOS
S01 E140
S01 E141
SSD Myths With Allyn Malventano
S01 E142
Data Center Power
S01 E143
Mobile Security, Run from Simplicity.
S01 E144
Something Something as a Service.
S01 E145
Robots, and Sharks, and Snakes! Oh My!
S01 E146
Spectrum Wars for Freedom
S01 E147
Apple Exploits and Other Mythical Beasts
S01 E148
Streaming with the Fishes
S01 E149
Kingston Tech in the Data Center
S01 E150
S01 E151
Windows 10 and Endpoint Security
S01 E152
Hacker Summer Camp
S01 E153
Atmel and The Internet of Things That Can Kill You
S01 E154
Build Your Own Municipal Network
S01 E155
Colby Moore from Synack and Hacks in Space
S01 E156
Nautilus Data Technologies: Pier Pressure
S01 E157
Cheebert's 50-caliber Drone
S01 E158
S01 E159
Microsoft's Legal Tripwire
S01 E160
CRM 101
S01 E161
S01 E162
Matthew Keys and the CFAA
S01 E163
Converged Data Protection
S01 E164
Karma and ITUS: Startup Growing Pains
S01 E165
'The Walk' Through the Cloud
S01 E166
Niara Secures File Transfer
S01 E167
Encryption, the IoT, and Other Mythical Beasts
S01 E168
Give the Internet, Gibberish!
S01 E169
Enterprise Gift-giving
S01 E170
Big Data Ingestion with DataTorrent
S01 E171
Our 2016 Prediction Special
S01 E172
2016 Predictions Part 2
S01 E173
Power, Security, Audits...and other Mythical Creatures
S01 E174
IPv6 Ready with Brandon Ross
S01 E175
Securing POS
S01 E176
Karl Auerbach and the KMAX
S01 E177
Ron Culler and the Internet of Insecure Things
S01 E178
EULAs, Encryption, and Other Useless Things
S01 E179
Securing Active Directory with Skyport
S01 E180
S01 E181
Enterprise Connect 2016
S01 E182
Deep Dive into the Dropbox
S01 E183
Enterprise Patch Fatigue
S01 E184
Argyle Fights Fraud with Big Data
S01 E185
Fighting CryptoMalware with Fear and Education
S01 E186
Death, Taxes, Fraud, and Pindrop
S01 E187
PEBKAC (Imperva and Inside Threats)
S01 E188
Interop 2016
S01 E189
Introducing...the Packet Pusher!
S01 E190
Hadooping It
S01 E191
IOPS with Malventano
S01 E192
Ofer Gayer's Guide to DDoS
S01 E193
Network Troubleshooting with PathSolutions
S01 E194
John Curran - ARIN and IPv6
S01 E195
How to Spend Your Budget Surplus
S01 E196
Practicing Safe Energy with Belden
S01 E197
Cyber Ethics & White Bread
S01 E198
WiFi Jamboree!
S01 E199
Hardware Keys & Piggybacking Malware
S01 E200
Welcome to 200!
S01 E201
Fluke Out
S01 E202
DNS DANE with Cricket Liu
S01 E203
The Moving Episode
S01 E204
S01 E205
S01 E206
S01 E207
Mubix Penetrates, VMWare Secures
S01 E208
Metro Wireless with Network Utility Force
S01 E209
S01 E210
Eight Degrees of Enterprise Security Disasters
S01 E211
Chip and Pin
S01 E212
Axis Control Systems
S01 E213
Brexiting Up is Hard to Do
S01 E214
IOT Jungle
S01 E215
Holes in the Polls
S01 E216
PortWorx and the Future of Containers with Gou
S01 E217
Business Intelligence Visualized with Esri
S01 E218
WiFi Retail Analytics with AeroHive
S01 E219
Geek Tools for the New Year
S01 E220
The Best of 2016
S01 E221
Global Fraud Talk
S01 E222
Detect and Respond Policies with Securonix
S01 E223
Rugged DevOps with Splunk
S01 E224
WMWare:Hyper Converged Infrastructure
S01 E225
The Security Onion
S01 E226
Predictions for 2017, 1/2
S01 E227
Cayenne by MyDevices
S01 E228
ESRI: ArcGIS Insight
S01 E229
Mobile Health Technology Initiatives
S01 E230
Faction, Inc Hybrid Clouds
S01 E231
OpenStack with IBM Cloud Object Storage
S01 E232
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
S01 E233
Bot on Bot Action with Gupshup
S01 E234
Gigamon: The Responsible Man in the Middle
S01 E235
VDI with VMWare Horizon
S01 E236
Honeypots & Deceptive Solutions
S01 E237
Tools for the Data Scientist
S01 E238
ExtraHop Network Analytics
S01 E239
Kingston SSDS, Build and European Ransomware
S01 E240
Don't Turtle your Network!
S01 E241
Argyle Data
S01 E242
Ron Culler: Security For Building Management Systems
S01 E243
Ruckus is All Up in Your Bzness
S01 E244
Look Mom, I'm on CCTV!
S01 E245
The Rise of the Graph
S01 E246
A Storage Drive to Rule Them All
S01 E247
Improving the Speed of Light
S01 E248
Emails From Your exFAT
S01 E249
The Isolation Chamber
S01 E250
Blackhat 2017
S01 E251
Secure Digital Workspaces
S01 E252
Trusting Your Hybrid Cloud
S01 E253
Cannabis as a Service
S01 E254
The Google Counter Abuse Team
S01 E255
Shotput: Come With Me if You Want to Shop
S01 E256
Savvius: The Network Knows
S01 E257
Couchbase: What Database is Right for You?
S01 E258
InfoBlox on Change Management
S01 E259
Extrahop: Machine Learning for Network Management
S01 E260
Dana Simberkoff: Privacy and Equality
S01 E261
TWiL & TWiET: Fixing CRCs
S01 E262
Phishers of Men
S01 E263
The Secret Sauce of Sauce Labs
S01 E264
Visibility, Management, and SSO with F5 Networks
S01 E265
Type II Hypervisors with VMware
S01 E266
Talend Evolves Data Analytics
S01 E267
Firewalls as a Service
S01 E268
S01 E269
After Net Neutrality
S01 E270
How to Explain Net Neutrality
S01 E271
The Best of 2017
S01 E272
Microservices in the Enterprise
S01 E273
The EU Cracks the GDPR Whip
S01 E274
Will AI Kill Time Wasters
S01 E275
TWiET Predicts the Future
S01 E276
Spoon Guru: AI for your Diet
S01 E277
Next-Generation SSDs with Kingston
S01 E278
Why Enterprises Still Tip-Toe Around the Cloud
S01 E279
The Divi Project
S01 E280
Dell Security on GDPR
S01 E281
WiFi Changes to WPA3
S01 E282
VMware on AWS
S01 E283
Unsupervised Machine Learning
S01 E284
Low China Orbit
S01 E285
The Future of Mobile Connectivity is 5G
S01 E286
VMware in Healthcare
S01 E287
Onboarding the Next Generation
S01 E288
VMware Workspace One
S01 E289
NetBeez Performance Monitoring
S01 E290
The Race for WAN Leadership
S01 E291
DNS and the Edge of the Cloud
S01 E292
LogicHub and Women in Technology
S01 E293
WiFi in the NY Subway
S01 E294
Web Application Firewalls
S01 E295
Padre's Last Episode
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Deep Fake Crystal Balls
S2020 E02
Kari's Law is Changing 911
S2020 E03
Tiers for Fears
S2020 E04
Brussels Sprout Taxation
S2020 E05
Connect the Engine to the Steering Wheel
S2020 E06
VMWare Crystal Ball
S2020 E07
Tissue Paper Security
S2020 E08
Grand Theft Tesla
S2020 E09
AI Ops and the Hybrid Cloud
S2020 E10
AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response
S2020 E11
The Zen of CRM
S2020 E12
IBM's AI Analyzes the Coronavirus
S2020 E13
Continuously Delivering Everything with Qentelli
S2020 E14
Can NetOps and SecOps Live in Harmony?
S2020 E15
TWiET Remote Access Roundtable
S2020 E16
Log Data Mining with LogDNA
S2020 E17
Hypervisor Security with VMware
S2020 E18
C-19 changes MDM for BYOD
S2020 E19
Vulnerability & Threat Management With Digital Defense
S2020 E20
The Once and Future Database
S2020 E21
Remote Work / Back to Work?
S2020 E22
Digital Transformation For An Analog World
S2020 E23
Salesforce: Low Code Solutions
S2020 E24
Mind Your Devices With MDM
S2020 E25
Cooking Up DevSecOps and Compliance Recipes with Chef
S2020 E26
DNS Over SSL and Fighting Misinformation
S2020 E27
Automatic for the DevOps
S2020 E28
Just Clouding Around With Serverless
S2020 E29
Malware Behind the Curtain
S2020 E30
Forbidden Whaling
S2020 E31
Security Standards not Found
S2020 E32
How Agile is Your Business?
S2020 E33
Rocks & Pebbles of Wi-Fi 6
S2020 E34
Land of the Fee
S2020 E35
May The Salesforce Be Available To You
S2020 E36
IoT It!
S2020 E37
See Spot Cloud
S2020 E38
Your Next.js Workflow
S2020 E39
How Solid is Your Storage?
S2020 E40
The Death Of Email
S2020 E41
Data on Cloud 9
S2020 E42
Digital Identity Crisis
S2020 E43
Cloud Is A Bag Of Cats
S2020 E44
This Week in Enterprise Tech #417
S2020 E45
This Week in Enterprise Tech #418
S2020 E46
This Week in Enterprise Tech #419
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