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Annie's Bits

Annie's Bits

2012 - 2013   •  Revision3
1 vote
Annie's Bits is a weekly clip show that takes you into the weekend with style. Anything that airs on the Revision3 network and beyond is fair game as Annie Gaus features the funny, strange, most watched and simply interesting clips!
  Previously Aired Episode
Is Fat Usher a Pedo? Make Your Own Hovercraft, and Important Announcement Aired on 11/08/2013
Is Fat Usher a Pedo? Make Your Own Hovercraft, and Important Announcement
Season 1: Episode 81
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
57 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E25
Shark Week Exclusive Preview! And Google Fiber ON-SITE in Kansas City, MO
S01 E26
Replicants are Coming, Kids Predict Cat Videos and Air Jaws!
S01 E27
What is Gangnam Style and How to Whoop Ass Without Hurting Anyone
S01 E28
How to Be a Cool Kid in Class, Dirty Harry Yells at Chair, and Hands. So ...
S01 E29
Cheetah Robot, New NOT iPhone 5 Gadgets, and Save Baby Birds with... Puti...
S01 E30
Accidental Sexting, Happy Birthday Emoticon, and iPhone 5!
S01 E31
Apple Maps Fail, Coke & Condoms and DMX Doesn't Get Google
S01 E32
Facebook Is a WHAT? Plus a Man Commits an Awesome Crime and XCOM in Real ...
S01 E33
How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Shirtless, Run for Political Office, and Gala...
S01 E34
Who is Microsoft's Favorite Rapper? Plus Reddit Founders REACT!
S01 E35
Chinese iPad Mini Clone for $99! How to Fix Windows 8, and Unsexy Hallowe...
S01 E36
The Best Device for Sexting, Nerd Wars Are Raging Over the Lucasfilm & Di...
S01 E37
Why You Probably Shouldn't Buy iPads at Wal-Mart, a Dog with a Blog, Drun...
S01 E38
Worst Video Ever Discovered?
S01 E39
Annie Is Back to Ruin Your Christmas! Sexting with Santa, the Worst Gift ...
S01 E40
New Years Resolution: Never Try Bath Salts, Bowl More Often
S01 E41
CES Day Four: We're Tired
S01 E42
Graph Search, Fake Girlfriends, and Sex for
S01 E43
Rejected Super Bowl Ad for Porn, Drunk Lady Punked
S01 E44
Love is Sweaty, Hatchet-Wielding Superheroes are Real
S01 E45
Russian Meteor, Death to Harlem Shake, and Earnest Guy Hates Photoshop
S01 E46
Google Glass Revealed, Chromebook Pixel, PS4 and CONTEST WINNERS!
S01 E47
How to Avoid CAS Anti-Piracy System (If You Must), Awesome Nintendo Hack
S01 E48
SimCity Disaster, Pizza Hut Has Gone Off the Deep End and Cell Phone Unlo...
S01 E49
Is this the Worst Movie Ever Made? InAPPropriate Comedy
S01 E50
GDC 2013: Man with Serial Killer Eyes Screams about Yogurt
S01 E51
Facebook Home: What's All That About?
S01 E52
Clean your Dirty Tech, How to Cheat and Prom Season 2013
S01 E53
Humans: Still Got It! Condom Snorting, Space Water and Learning is FUN
S01 E54
Rastafarian Banana Destroys Lives, Nature is a Jerk and Google is a Sad
S01 E55
Is Google Glass Creepy, Dorky, or Neither? Plus Dead Giveaway: The Charle...
S01 E56
Youtube Star Busted for Murder, Google I/O Updates, and a True Space Oddi...
S01 E57
Glass HANDS-ON Demo and TestTube: A Network for Awesome People!
S01 E58
Stripper Robots, Cybernetic Husbands, and a Hot New Workout Craze!
S01 E59
Most Embarrassing E3 Moments, How NOT to Remove a Tree, and Brain-Control...
S01 E60
In the Real World War Z, Only Immortal Robots Can Save You. Plus: Interne...
S01 E61
Atlantis: What Can I Buy in the 'Dark Web'? Plus Robot Destruction and Ri...
S01 E62
Google Glass Gone Wild and How NOT to Order a Hitman
S01 E63
It's HOT! Pacfiic Rim: Could it Happen? Plus: Bear Safety and Royal Fever
S01 E64
Chromecast Hands-On, Unsolved Mysteries of Youtube, and Rollerblades are ...
S01 E65
Shark Week Madness 2013, Twisted Sisters, and the Hillbilly Slide
S01 E66
Geek Week, Vidcon Recap and Mars Curiosity Rover Birthday
S01 E67
FREE Rebekah the Raccoon, Help an Amazon Victim, Plus: Milk Wants You Dea...
S01 E68
Jobs vs. Gates, Worst Biopics, Soldiers Sing Adele and Crazy Wedding
S01 E69
America's Favorite Pasttime Explained, Goodbye Steve Ballmer, and Labor D...
S01 E70
Is Miley Cyrus a Reptilian Shapeshifter? Plus: Batfleck Hate and Cat Chat
S01 E71
Is this Video FAKE? Plus: New iPhones and How Does TouchID Work?
S01 E72
Grand Theft Auto 5 Reviews, World's Ugliest Animal, and iOS7 Trouble
S01 E73
Water on Mars, but is there Life? Plus: Spambot Mystery Revealed
S01 E74
Space Week 2013: How Far We've Come, Plus Welcome Animalist
S01 E75
Telekinesis, Shutdown Problems, and Viewer Questions!
S01 E76
Caution: You'll Never Order Chinese Again After This and Flossing is a Sc...
S01 E77
EXTRA: New iPad Air
S01 E78
Nokia's New Tablet, Google's DDoS Attack Map and Important Halloween Prep
S01 E79
What's on This Google Mystery Barge?
S01 E80
Why You Get SAD in the Fall and Daylight Savings Pain
S01 E81
Is Fat Usher a Pedo? Make Your Own Hovercraft, and Important Announcement
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