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Know How

Know How

2012 - 2018  •  TWiT  •  16 days  •  1 season  •  388 episodes
2 votes
Talk Show
Get the know how to make technology work for you. Fr. Robert Ballecer and Bryan Burnett show you tech projects that you can do yourself and explain everything from tech basics to advanced techniques. Send your questions and suggestions to or leave a voicemail at 408-800-KNOW.

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  Previously Aired Episode
'Til We Meet Again Aired on 06/28/2018
'Til We Meet Again
Season 1: Episode 388
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
388 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Roll Your Own Cloud
S01 E02
Jailbreaking and Rooting
S01 E03
Flash Your Router's Firmware
S01 E04
Setting up a Media Server
S01 E05
Resurrect an old PC with Linux
S01 E06
Make Your Tech Life More Secure
S01 E07
S01 E08
Portable Apps
S01 E09
Build a Virtual Machine
S01 E10
Upgrade Your Retina MacBook Pro
S01 E11
Ditch Your Landline Phone
S01 E12
Make Your Computer a DVR
S01 E13
Portable-ize Your Desktop PC
S01 E14
Set up a VPN
S01 E15
To Build a PC
S01 E16
Staying Connected without a Cell Phone
S01 E17
Get Free HDTV
S01 E18
Make a Hackintosh!
S01 E19
Emergency Gadgets
S01 E20
Make the web work for you
S01 E21
Arduino 101
S01 E22
Back up your DVDs
S01 E23
Podcast 101
S01 E24
Fix Your Parents' Computer
S01 E25
Best of 2012
S01 E26
Get Fit with Tech
S01 E27
Clean Up Your Music Library
S01 E28
Child-friendly Android
S01 E29
DIY Teleprompter
S01 E30
Mount a TV
S01 E31
Make a Raspberry Pi Media Center with XBMC
S01 E32
Make Windows 8 Act Like Windows 7
S01 E33
Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 7
S01 E34
Set Up Wireless Audio
S01 E35
Organize Your Photos
S01 E36
Simple Home Automation using the Belkin WeMo
S01 E37
Upgrade your Mac Pro
S01 E38
Expand Your Network
S01 E39
Organize Your Cloud
S01 E40
Overclocking 101
S01 E41
Make your Phone Into a Computer
S01 E42
Video Compression with Handbrake
S01 E43
Encrypt Your Data with TrueCrypt
S01 E44
Cameras 101
S01 E45
Set up a Minecraft Server
S01 E46
Make a Home Studio
S01 E47
Calibrating Your TV
S01 E48
Backing Up & Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S3
S01 E49
Loading ROMs on Your Samsung Galaxy S3
S01 E50
Encrypt your email with PGP
S01 E51
Digitizing Books
S01 E52
Setting up a Blog
S01 E53
S01 E54
How to Fix a Cracked Touch Screen Phone
S01 E55
Make Your Phone Into a Universal Remote
S01 E56
Securing Your Smartphone
S01 E57
Turn Your Android into a Spy Cam
S01 E58
Switching from iOS to Android
S01 E59
Video Game Front Ends
S01 E60
Video Editing with an iPad
S01 E61
VLANs, Podcasting Rigs, & More!
S01 E62
Assembling a Reprogrammable LED Electronic Kit
S01 E63
How to Build a Portable Podcasting Rig and Wiretapping with Wireshark
S01 E64
Audio Calibration and Wiretapping 101
S01 E65
Power Your Gadgets with Fire & Locating Your Electronics
S01 E66
How to Build a Raspberry Pi MAME (1) and Choosing Your Podcasting Mic
S01 E67
Trick or Treat! Choosing an SSD and Iyaz's Favorite Tech Pranks
S01 E68
How to Make a Data-Only Phone and Your Own Mobile VPN
S01 E69
Choosing your Podcasting Camera and Building a Raspberry Pi MAME (2)
S01 E70
Fun with Thermocouples and Organizing Your Ripped DVDs
S01 E71
Importing Analog Video & Editing with Premiere Pro
S01 E72
Network Videos on a Roku and Choosing the Monitor for Your Podcast
S01 E73
How to Build a Professional Green Screen and Adobe Premiere (2)
S01 E74
Replace your Macbook Drive with an SSD and Basic Crypto Mining
S01 E75
GreenScreen Basics in Adobe Premier and Upgrading Your Dogeminer
S01 E76
GoPro TimeLapse Basics, Fixing your Dogecoin Miner, and Wireless 101
S01 E77
Mavericks USB Boot Drive, RasPi WebCam, and Home Router Basics
S01 E78
S01 E79
Reviving your Hard Drive
S01 E80
Geeky Valentines Gift and Cantenna
S01 E81
Viewer Feedback and Speeding up DNS
S01 E82
RasPi Web Server and Panning Timelapse
S01 E83
Linux on a USB and Sound Controlled LED
S01 E84
Titanfall Rig and Monitoring Networks
S01 E85
Feedback and Mobile Podcasting Rig
S01 E86
Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing
S01 E87
Titanfall Goat-Bloat Simulator in Low Def
S01 E88
Soldering 101... with a DJI Drone
S01 E89
Heartbleed, LastPass, and Make Windows Faster
S01 E90
Project Ara, Feedback and Heartbleed Demo
S01 E91
F1 Turbo, Solar Powered Rasp Pi, and Goat Sim Tips
S01 E92
Cognitive Radio, OS X Tips, and Make a GIF
S01 E93
Audi R8 with Lasers, Win8 Tricks, and Titanfall Tips
S01 E94
Best Action Cams, Mosquito Killing, and Pinewood Derby
S01 E95
Solar Roadways and Viewer Feedback
S01 E96
S01 E97
Tractor Beams and Free NAS Plex Server
S01 E98
Steam Streaming and Mid Budget PC Build
S01 E99
Full Immersion Cooling, Android Tricks, & Remote Control
S01 E100
RC Power Plant
S01 E101
BloomSky, Port Forwarding, and Immersed Computing
S01 E102
Intro to Linux, RC Suspension, & ARP Cache Poisoning Attack
S01 E103
NFC Tags, Differentials, and Assembling a Transmission
S01 E104
Man Made Leaf, Remote Desktop, and Linux Mint
S01 E105
Pizza Machine, Amazon Glacier, and Lunchbox Chassis Assembly
S01 E106
Bad USB, I Am Groot, and Defcon
S01 E107
LunchBox Completed, Download YouTube Videos, and Defcon ITUS
S01 E108
Super Backup, RC Parts List, & Feedback
S01 E109
Rogue Cell Towers, SSD Upgrade, Linux Part 3, and Android Tips
S01 E110
Mouse Without Borders, Busted Screens, and Network Congestion
S01 E111
Hacking Scammers, NFC Tags, Fixing WiFI, and PC Upgrade
S01 E112
Bash Bug, GPU Upgrade, and Android Wear
S01 E113
FedEx Fleet, Destiny Tips, & Best PC Upgrade
S01 E114
Fiber Tapping, Hybrid vs. SSD, and Linux Terminal
S01 E115
Batteries, Tor Bundle, and Quadcopter (1)
S01 E116
Hoverboards, Sticky Windows, and Quadcopter (2)
S01 E117
Project Loon 2.0, Quad Motors & Props
S01 E118
Nano Pills, Yosemite USB Install, and LiPo Batteries
S01 E119
Probes, LiPo Charging, and Download YouTube Videos
S01 E120
Pollution Monitor, Feedback, & Quad ESC
S01 E121
Mars Mission, Best ESC, Garbage Matting, and Transmitters
S01 E122
3D Printing in Space, Instamorph, Quad Build, & WiFi Help!
S01 E123
F1 History, Quiet Fans, First Quad Flight, & a Rocket Bike!
S01 E124
Best of Know How 2014
S01 E125
Universal Translator, Kepler, Syma Mods, & Edit Machines
S01 E126
Holiday Break, Gallium, Feedback and SSD's
S01 E127
Lasers, 3D Printing, and Feedback
S01 E128
Racing, Networking, and Going Fast!
S01 E129
Mars Helicopter, Ethernet Wiring, and AR Gaming
S01 E130
RasPi 2, Instamorph, and Home Build Router
S01 E131
Future of Solar, Fix a DJI Phantom, and Make a Mask
S01 E132
Wearable Airbag, PWM Explained, & Feedback
S01 E133
Project Alien-X, Arduino Clock, and Network Testers
S01 E134
Hybrid Supercars, FPV250 Mods, and a Arduino Clock
S01 E135
Hydrophobic Coatings, Reverse Mouse Fix, and Unbalanced Props
S01 E136
Car Hacking, NAT's VLAN's and AlienX
S01 E137
Force Fields, DIY Watch, and AlienX
S01 E138
Towers Time Forgot, PID Settings, and Feedback
S01 E139
Making Snow, XYZ 3D Printer, GameBoy Fix, and Thrust Testing
S01 E140
Electric Motorcycles, 3D Printing, 3DR Drone, and Feedback
S01 E141
Augmented Car Reality, Gameboy Backlight and Thrust
S01 E142
Synthetic Diesel, Feedback & How Cameras Work
S01 E143
Wireless Cameras, Project Preview, and SSD's
S01 E144
Maker Faire, DMX Lighting, and Questions.
S01 E145
Ping Command, 1Sheeld, & Drone Questions
S01 E146
Scramjet, Fast DIY USB Drive, and Crash Kit
S01 E147
Green Noise, GameBoy Hex, and VTOL
S01 E148
Rockets, RROD Fix, and Gasification
S01 E149
Vortex Ring State, Zymbit, and KH250 Build
S01 E150
Pulse Jets, TechKnow, & KH250 (2)
S01 E151
Tesla, Sookasa, KH250 part 3, and Questions
S01 E152
Megabot, Grow Bacteria and Flying the KH250
S01 E153
Car Hack, Disable Flash, & Bacteria
S01 E154
3D XPoint, Bacteria Results, & PCIE SSD's
S01 E155
Super Sonic Car, Network Cameras, & Upgrading a Flight Controller
S01 E156
Blackhat DefCon, Fiber, & Dying SSDs
S01 E157
DIY Swamp Cooler, BeerLift, & TrackingPoint Hack
S01 E158
Intel RealSense, Thermoelectric Cooling, and Win10 Gestures on a MacBook
S01 E159
Farm Box, Docker, and Phone Remote
S01 E160
IBM Rat Brain, PCIe SSD, and Questions
S01 E161
Cyborg Cooling, Tinkercad, and Glass 3D Printing
S01 E162
Beer Lifting Drone and Interdrone 2015
S01 E163
Maker Faire and 3D Printed Badges
S01 E164
Stop Showering and Make Jiffier Gifs
S01 E165
Batteries, USB on the Go, and Cheap Tablets
S01 E166
Drone Killer, Win10 Nag, and Electronics Kit
S01 E167
Stingrays, NMAP, Uconnect Fail, and Questions
S01 E168
Geared Turbofan, WinDroid, & Google History
S01 E169
Microorganisms, MAME returns, and Directional FPV
S01 E170
Raspberry Pi Wonderland
S01 E171
Multiple Monitor Madness
S01 E172
Maker Gift Guide
S01 E173
How to Program your LEDs
S01 E174
Best of 2015
S01 E175
RasPi Groove and Media Players
S01 E176
All About Drones
S01 E177
CES 2016
S01 E178
Arduino Collision Avoidance
S01 E179
Gadget Galore and Magic Lantern for DSLR
S01 E180
Upgrading Your Quadcopter with FPV
S01 E181
Electric Vehicles of the Present and Future
S01 E182
FPV Your 250 Quadcopter
S01 E183
All About Amazon and Your Q&A
S01 E184
Routers and Steampunk Goggles
S01 E185
Travel Gaming & Acer Predator Laptop
S01 E186
Steampunk Goggles Build
S01 E187
DIY SteamPunk Goggles Finished
S01 E188
Fire and Ice
S01 E189
FPV 150 Quadcopter Build
S01 E190
Routers Versus Switches
S01 E191
FPV 150 Build (2)
S01 E192
Mobile World Know How 2016
S01 E193
Chromebook vs. Cloudbook
S01 E194
Raspberry Pi Day!
S01 E195
FPV150 Flight!
S01 E196
Game Developers Conference 2016
S01 E197
FPV Up and Running
S01 E198
Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016
S01 E199
Ardunio Wonderland
S01 E200
Your Questions, Our Answers.
S01 E201
Powering LED's
S01 E202
PC Gaming Extravaganza!
S01 E203
Community Project Magic LED's
S01 E204
Cooking for Geeks
S01 E205
Podcasting Special Part I
S01 E206
NAB Show 2016 - Part 2
S01 E207
Upgrading the FPV150
S01 E208
Distance Networking
S01 E209
Servo Motor vs. Stepper Motor
S01 E210
Choosing Your Podcast Camera
S01 E211
Programming a Stepper Motor
S01 E212
Lighting 101
S01 E213
Arduino Controlled Lighting
S01 E214
Health Tech
S01 E215
Maker Faire 2016
S01 E216
3D Printing Projects
S01 E217
Pocasting Mics and Headphones
S01 E218
Trouble Shooting 3D Printers
S01 E219
SSDs and Gaming PC
S01 E220
Stepduino the DIY PTZ
S01 E221
AR, VR, and E3
S01 E222
Arduino Project for Noobs
S01 E223
Tech Support & Quadcopters
S01 E224
Deodorizer and Swamp Cooler
S01 E225
Cheap Odor Eater
S01 E226
Grow How: Green Geek (1)
S01 E227
Pokemon How, and Germination
S01 E228
Grow How: Growing 102
S01 E229
Arduino Proximity Sensor and WearCon
S01 E230
Grow How: Lights for Growing
S01 E231
PC for CAD and URB-E scooter
S01 E232
Grow How, Water
S01 E233
Raspberry PI Alexa
S01 E234
Grow How: Grow Tent
S01 E235
DEFCON with Smitty
S01 E236
S01 E237
Gutting your old PC
S01 E238
Grow How: Clones
S01 E239
IDF, FLIR, and the Future of Video
S01 E240
Ventilation for Growing
S01 E241
Build your own AquaVase (1)
S01 E242
AquaVase (2)
S01 E243
Back to School (1)
S01 E244
Old Phones, New Security Cameras
S01 E245
Back to School (2)
S01 E246
AquaVase Top Assembly
S01 E247
Back to School (3)
S01 E248
Power for the AquaVase
S01 E249
Back to School (4)
S01 E250
Modular Box for Arduino Nano
S01 E251
IFTTT, the Paro, and Hearing Aids
S01 E252
Nano Box Reloaded
S01 E253
Grow How: Root Bound
S01 E254
RasPi Sprinkler System
S01 E255
The Doctor's Hand
S01 E256
Arduino 101, Basic Input and Output
S01 E257
Networking (1)
S01 E258
Arduino 101, Servos, LEDs and Buttons
S01 E259
Networking (2)
S01 E260
Beer How (1)
S01 E261
Beer How (2)
S01 E262
Bryan's Arduino Picture Frame
S01 E263
Gear from Padre's Roman Holiday
S01 E264
Holiday Gift Guide 2016 (1)
S01 E265
Roll your own Surveillance System
S01 E266
Pico Projector
S01 E267
Arduino Gift Kit
S01 E268
Holiday Geeks - 3D Printing Value!
S01 E269
Touch it - Power it - Connect it!
S01 E270
Buy, Build, or Upgrade the Surface Studio!
S01 E271
SSD Upgrade for your PC
S01 E272
Best of 2016!
S01 E273
Worst of 2016!
S01 E274
Travel Gear for Content Creation
S01 E275
2017 CES Preview
S01 E276
CES 2017
S01 E277
Intro to Oscilloscope Kit with Smitty
S01 E278
CES 2017 Gadget Roundup
S01 E279
The Growduino (1)
S01 E280
Synology 1515+, RasPI, and Feedback
S01 E281
The Growduino (2)
S01 E282
Move Your Grow and Repair Syma X5
S01 E283
The Growduino (3)
S01 E284
One Phone To Do It All
S01 E285
Digital Oscilloscope Kit (1)
S01 E286
Raspberry Pi Gaming Machines
S01 E287
Streaming Studio: Cameras (1)
S01 E288
Streaming Studio: Video (2)
S01 E289
Feedback, Mova Globe, and Anker Power
S01 E290
Streaming Studio: Streaming (3)
S01 E291
Networking 101: Routers Explained
S01 E292
Streaming Studio: $1000 Budget (4)
S01 E293
Networking 101: Router WIFI Setup
S01 E294
Starter 3D Printer, HP Envy and Chi-duino
S01 E295
Networking 101: Ports
S01 E296
Arduino with RTC and Screen
S01 E297
Networking 101: Switches
S01 E298
Arduino 102 (2)
S01 E299
Your Questions!
S01 E300
Arduino 102: Networking
S01 E301
Raspberry Pi TOR
S01 E302
DIY Steampunk Goggles Revision 2
S01 E303
Personal Security
S01 E304
Let's Solder! DIY Steampunk Goggles Rev. 2
S01 E305
RasPi Alexa
S01 E306
Steampunk Goggles Ver. 2 Finished
S01 E307
Feedback, Aspire VX15 and NAS Surprise!
S01 E308
Make it Sew!
S01 E309
Resin Casting
S01 E310
Premise Wiring
S01 E311
Your Questions, Our Answers
S01 E312
Networking 102: WannaCry Ransomware
S01 E313
EPROM, X-Point, and a Dirty PC
S01 E314
Networking 102: WannaCry 2 (3)
S01 E315
Networking 102: 3 Dumb Routers (4)
S01 E316
Wireless Bridge, IP Refresh, and Switches
S01 E317
Networking 102: Taps (5)
S01 E318
Tech of Summer
S01 E319
DIY Wait Timer, NAS, and Feedback!
S01 E320
E3, Portable Dock, and RasPi MAME
S01 E321
3D Printed Fidget Spinners
S01 E322
Cloud Backup and Storage
S01 E323
SMD with Smitty!
S01 E324
Twitter Tips, and Encryption
S01 E325
NAS Hard Drives, Security, and Feedback!
S01 E326
DIY Switch Dock and Drawing Apps
S01 E327
LED Clock Build (1)
S01 E328
Cord Cutting and Community Projects
S01 E329
LED Clock Build (2)
S01 E330
Drive Cloning and DIY Install Drive
S01 E331
LED Clock Build (3)
S01 E332
Phone Videography and Action Cams
S01 E333
LED Clock Build (4)
S01 E334
PGP and Cleaning Your PC
S01 E335
LED Clock Build (5)
S01 E336
S01 E337
Back to School!
S01 E338
Back to School! (2)
S01 E339
Back to School! (3)
S01 E340
Protecting Your Campus Network
S01 E341
IR Basics (1)
S01 E342
IR Basics (2)
S01 E343
Ports, Pumps and Patrick!
S01 E344
S01 E345
Alexa Flash Briefings
S01 E346
iOS 11 Secrets
S01 E347
Cayenne - Security on the Cheap!
S01 E348
3D Printer Troubleshooting
S01 E349
Mad Scientist Bubbler
S01 E350
Control Freaks!
S01 E351
Skully (1)
S01 E352
Skully (2)
S01 E353
Game How!
S01 E354
S01 E355
Raspberry Pi-Hole!
S01 E356
Securing Your Google Services
S01 E357
2017 Gift Guide: Makers!
S01 E358
2017 Geek Gift Guide II: Man Cave
S01 E359
2017 Gift Guide: Health and Wellness!
S01 E360
Networking Rock 'n' Roll!
S01 E361
Christmas Feedback
S01 E362
Best of 2017
S01 E363
Multirotor 101 - Part 1
S01 E364
You Feeling Lucky?
S01 E365
Multirotor 101 - Part 2
S01 E366
Cable Management (Burke in a Box)
S01 E367
CES for Your Car, Wrist, and Bottom
S01 E368
Multirotor 101 - Part III
S01 E369
Switch How - Part 1
S01 E370
Switch How - Part II
S01 E371
Soldering Without Poisoning!
S01 E372
The Secrets of Geek Travel - Part I
S01 E373
The Secrets of Geek Travel - Part II
S01 E374
Stream How: Personal Streaming
S01 E375
CLOUDy with a Chance of Spying
S01 E376
S01 E377
Build a Mouse Droid
S01 E378
Stream How: Personal Streaming Part II
S01 E379
Feedback: Linux laptops, Disco lights & Next Gen Wireless!
S01 E380
Synology Madness - Part I
S01 E381
Maker Virgin
S01 E382
Synology Madness - Part II
S01 E383
Fancy Funko Pop!
S01 E384
Synology Madness - Part III
S01 E385
Lithium Powered, UPS Raspberry Pi Case
S01 E386
Synology Madness - Part IV
S01 E387
The Tech of Summer
S01 E388
'Til We Meet Again
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