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Clean House

Clean House

2003 - 2011  •  Esquire Network  •  8 days  •  213 episodes
3 votes
519 votes
# 6614
Documentary, Reality, Home and Garden
Each week, one cluttered clan puts itself at the mercy of host Niecy Nash (Reno 911!) and her crew of interior designers and organizers. They decide what stays and, more importantly, what goes--by way of a giant yard sale. Then they turn around and pour the proceeds into a much-needed home makeover.
  Previously Aired Episode
Petrossian Family Aired on 08/03/2011
Petrossian Family
Season 11: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
213 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Season 1
S01 E01
Where It All Begins
S01 E02
Boomerang Daughter
S01 E03
Make Room for Baby
S01 E04
Will and Grace
S01 E05
Three's Company
S01 E06
Teen Makeover
S01 E07
Clutter R Us
S01 E08
Starting Over
S01 E09
Letting Go
S01 E10
The Perfect Facade
S01 E11
Will You Marry Me
S01 E12
Couture Clutter
S01 E13
Stop the Insanity
S01 E14
Can't Say No
S01 E15
World of Clutter
S01 E16
9021 Clutter
S01 E17
Dumpster Diving Dad
S01 E18
Diva Disaster
S01 E19
No Laughing Matter
Season 2
S02 E01
The Jones Family
S02 E02
The Sciacqua Family
S02 E03
The Robinson Family
S02 E04
The Hansen Family
S02 E05
The Barnes Family
S02 E06
The Shimohara Family
S02 E07
Dragon Family
Season 3
S03 E01
The Otano Family
S03 E02
The Cotter Family
S03 E03
The Irwin Family
S03 E04
The Smith Family
S03 E05
The Brady Family
S03 E06
The Novack Family
S03 E07
The Star Family
S03 E08
The Taylor Family
S03 E09
The Partee Family
S03 E10
The Bloch Family
S03 E11
Andrea Canyon Jones
S03 E12
Margaret Ensley
Season 4
S04 E01
The Lightburn Family
S04 E02
The Greene Family
S04 E03
The Bowman Family
S04 E04
The Silverman Family
S04 E05
The Rojo/Nagao Family
S04 E06
The Marin Family
S04 E07
The Chavez-Rodriguez Home
S04 E08
The Epps Family
S04 E09
The Gaines Family
S04 E10
Kat McElhinnie and Tim Phipps
S04 E11
The LaCombe Family
S04 E12
The Miller Family
S04 E13
The Fink Family
S04 E14
The Cummins Family
S04 E15
The ChavezRodriguez Home
Season 5
S05 E01
The Geller Family
S05 E02
The Williams Family
S05 E03
Alpha Epsilon Phi Fraternity House
S05 E04
The Miller Family
S05 E05
The Bos Family
S05 E06
The Poe Family
S05 E07
The Meadows Family
S05 E08
Niecy's Reunion Show Road Trip
S05 E09
The Harrell Family
S05 E10
Danny Jacobs and Roommates
S05 E11
The Grier Family
S05 E12
The Graham-Gaines Family
S05 E13
Katy Walker and Dwayne Pfannkuch
S05 E14
The Straker Family
S05 E15
The Mast Family
S05 E16
The Sheffie Family
S05 E17
The Lyons Family
S05 E18
The Villines Family
S05 E19
The Saunders Family
S05 E20
The Menjivar Family
S05 E21
The McFrazier Family
S05 E22
The Hinkley Family
S05 E23
The House-Modesitt Family
S05 E24
The Loesser Family
S05 E25
The Dunaway Family
S05 E26
The Messiest Home in the Country
Season 6
S06 E01
The Silva Family
S06 E02
The Olson Family
S06 E03
The Johnson/West Family
S06 E04
Jessica and Irma
S06 E05
The Magana Family
S06 E06
The Phillips/Hayes Family
S06 E07
The Childress Family
S06 E08
The Iwasaka Family
S06 E09
The Ramstad Family
S06 E10
Sam Eskenazi and Johara Twaijari
S06 E11
The Freitz Family
S06 E12
The Cohen Family
S06 E13
The Vanek/Krish Family
S06 E14
The Mornay Family
S06 E15
The Halverson Family
S06 E16
The Welch Family
S06 E17
Alex Lunardon & Jean Belcher
S06 E18
Duke Duong and Lynn Luong
S06 E19
The Smith Family
S06 E20
Patti Negri and Kevin Wyler
S06 E21
Ngaire Harvey and Frank Yanno
S06 E22
The Bunce Family
S06 E23
The Blount Family
S06 E24
The Allison Family
S06 E25
The Najera Family
S06 E26
The Brown Family
Season 7
S07 E01
Qmii Jackson
S07 E02
The McCord Family
S07 E03
100th Episode: The Dirty Little Awards Show
S07 E04
The Gossett/Flynn Family
S07 E05
The Crump Family
S07 E06
The Shapiro Family
S07 E07
The Horner Family
S07 E08
Loria Update
S07 E09
The Fleming Family
S07 E10
Gedanken Family
S07 E11
Kelly Family
S07 E12
Gonzalez Family
S07 E13
Mandelbaum Family
S07 E14
Kumar Family
S07 E15
Ra'oof Family
S07 E16
Roberston/Dickerson Family
S07 E17
Horn Family
S07 E18
Bell/Abell Family
S07 E19
Lenox Family
S07 E20
Hutchinson Family
S07 E21
Reagan/Costanzo Family
S07 E22
Lussier Family
S07 E23
Lara-Marquez Family
S07 E24
Savely Family
S07 E25
Beck-Cory Family
S07 E26
Taylor Family
S07 E27
Shabel Family
S07 E28
Delgado Family
S07 E29
York Family
S07 E30
The Messiest Home in the Country 3
Season 8
S08 E01
Nash/Ensley Family
S08 E02
Thordarson Family
S08 E03
Flynn-Rodriguez Family
S08 E04
Medel Family
S08 E05
Bruce/Rawlings Family
S08 E06
Mulqueen/Kolchakji Family
S08 E07
Bernard-Haylock Family
S08 E08
Montgomery Family
S08 E09
Peterson Family
S08 E10
Ryan Family
S08 E11
Horowitz Family
S08 E12
Families Revisited
S08 E13
Messiest Home in the Country 4
S08 E17
Ensley Family
S08 E18
Thordarson Family
S08 E21
Bruce-Rawlings Family
S08 E24
Bernard-Haylock Family
S08 E29
Families Revisited
Season 9
S09 E01
Nelson Family
S09 E02
Eska-Zachar Family
S09 E03
Dodd/Rouffel Family
S09 E04
Hotz Family
S09 E05
Brumana Family
S09 E06
Sanders Family
S09 E07
Hererra Family
S09 E08
Long Family
S09 E09
Kahros/Hart Family
S09 E10
Mills/Mitzner Family
S09 E11
Dugan Family
S09 E12
Conlon Family
S09 E13
The Kostiszak/McElroy Family
S09 E14
The Lopez-Gamble Family
S09 E15
The Moore Family
S09 E16
The Bui Family
S09 E17
The Hirsch Family
S09 E18
The Bautista Family
S09 E19
The Haislet Family
S09 E20
The Miller Family
S09 E21
The Boulos Family
S09 E22
The Tong Family
S09 E23
Families Revisited
S09 E24
The Waldorf Family
S09 E25
The Boulos Family
S09 E26
The Franklin Family
S09 E27
The Miller Family
S09 E28
Families Revisited
S09 E29
Best of the Worst Messiest Home Moments
S09 E30
Messiest Home in the Country
S09 E31
The Bunton Family
S09 E32
Jordan Burns
S09 E33
Paul Vitagliano
S09 E34
The Petrossian Family
Season 10
S10 E01
Halbert Family
S10 E02
Bucci Family
S10 E03
Waldorf Family
S10 E04
The Franklin Family
S10 E05
The Bunton Family
S10 E06
Jordan Burns
S10 E07
Paul Vee
S10 E08
The Petrossian Family
S10 E09
Messiest Home in the Country 5
S10 E10
Waldorf Family
S10 E12
The Franklin Family
S10 E13
The Miller Family
S10 E14
Hammond Family
S10 E15
Crete Family
S10 E16
Cast Favorites
S10 E17
Clean House Yearbook
Season 11
S11 E01
Halbert Family
S11 E02
Bucci Family
S11 E03
Waldorf Family
S11 E04
Franklin Family
S11 E05
Messiest Home in the Country 5
S11 E06
Bunton Family
S11 E07
Jordan Burns
S11 E08
The Tong Family
S11 E09
Paul Vitagliano
S11 E10
Petrossian Family
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