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Have I Got News for You

Have I Got News for You

1990 - Now  •  Fridays 04:00 PM on BBC One  •  12 days  •  66 seasons  •  605 episodes
24 votes
5389 votes
# 1733
Comedy, News, Game Show
Based on the week's news, Have I Got News For You is fronted by guest hosts and features two regular team captains, Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Each week the show invites two guests to cast a jaundiced eye over the week's news, resulting in a fast flow of anarchic, spontaneous and hugely entertaining ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Hannah Fry, Stephen Mangan, Zing Tsjeng Aired on 11/24/2023
Hannah Fry, Stephen Mangan, Zing Tsjeng
Season 66: Episode 7
  New Episode Air Date
Airs on Friday 12/01/2023
Guz Khan, Ross Noble, Janet Street-Porter
Season 66: Episode 8
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66
Season 1
S01 E01
Sandi Toksvig, Kate Saunders
S01 E02
Jan Ravens, Martin Young
S01 E03
Tony Slattery, Robert Harris
S01 E04
Arthur Smith, Gill Pyrah
S01 E05
Dillie Keane, Simon Hoggart
S01 E06
Rory McGrath, Ken Livingstone MP
S01 E07
Clive Anderson, Russell Davies
S01 E08
Germaine Greer, Tony Banks MP
Season 2
S02 E01
David Thomas, Sandi Toksvig
S02 E02
Alan Coren, Tony Slattery
S02 E03
Rory McGrath, Tony Banks MP
S02 E04
John Wells, Robert Harris
S02 E05
Nick Hancock, Clare Short MP
S02 E06
Michael White, Stephen Frost
S02 E07
Trevor McDonald, Craig Ferguson
S02 E08
Richard Ingrams, Richard Littlejohn
S02 E09
Jan Ravens, Martin Young
S02 E10
Kevin Day, Edwina Currie MP
S02 E11
Christmas Special - Clive Anderson, Harry Enfield
Season 3
S03 E01
Tony Slattery, John Wells
S03 E02
Joan Bakewell, Donna McPhail
S03 E03
Charles Kennedy, Jan Ravens
S03 E04
John Diamond, Harry Enfield
S03 E05
Rory McGrath, Ken Livingstone
S03 E06
Steve Steen, Danny Baker
S03 E07
Griff Rhys Jones, Anne Robinson
S03 E08
Steve Frost, Stephanie Calman
S03 E09
Trevor McDonald, John Sessions
S03 E10
Cecil Parkinson, Norman Willis
Season 4
S04 E01
Griff Rhys Jones, John Sessions
S04 E02
Charles Kennedy, David Baddiel
S04 E03
Danny Baker, Annabel Giles
S04 E04
Jerry Hayes, Frank Skinner
S04 E05
Ken Livingstone, Rory Bremner
S04 E06
Nick Hancock, Sandi Toksvig
S04 E07
Meera Syal, Chris Tarrant
S04 E08
Jo Brand, Neil Kinnock
S04 E09
Douglas Adams, Peter Cook
S04 E10
Christmas Special - Frank Skinner, Stephen Fry
Season 5
S05 E01
Jonathan Ross, Peter Cook
S05 E02
Fiona Armstrong, Chris Evans
S05 E03
Frank Skinner, Richard Littlejohn
S05 E04
Baz Bamigboye, Caroline Quentin
S05 E05
Amanda Platell, Meera Syal
S05 E06
David Steel, Mark Thomas
S05 E07
John Simpson, Alan Coren
S05 E08
Tony Slattery, Rt Hon. Tub of Lard MP
Season 6
S06 E01
Margaret Thatcher Special - Derek Hatton, Edwina Currie
S06 E02
Tony Hawks, Roy Hattersley
S06 E03
Alexei Sayle, Gerald Kaufman
S06 E04
Jo Brand, Frank Bough
S06 E05
Jimmy Tarbuck, Vitali Vitaliev
S06 E06
Kathy Burke, Martin Young
S06 E07
Maria McErlane, Jon Snow
S06 E08
Maureen Lipman, Lesley Abdela
S06 E09
Christmas Special - Griff Rhys Jones, Bob Geldof
Season 7
S07 E01
Eddie Izzard, Jonathan Ross
S07 E02
Caroline Quentin, Kathy Lette
S07 E03
Francis Wheen, Bob Monkhouse
S07 E04
Tony Hawks, Jack Dee
S07 E05
John Stalker, Hugh Dennis
S07 E06
Maureen Lipman, Rhodes Boyson
S07 E07
Neil Kinnock, Mariella Frostrup
S07 E08
Donna McPhail, Salman Rushdie
Season 8
S08 E01
Martin Clunes, James Pickles
S08 E02
Arthur Smith, Richard Coles
S08 E03
Andrew Morton, Lee Hurst
S08 E04
Nick Hancock, David Icke
S08 E05
Teddy Taylor, Helen Atkinson-Wood
S08 E06
Hattie Hayridge, Glenda Jackson
S08 E07
Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter
S08 E08
Michael Buerk, Hugh Dennis
S08 E09
Christmas Special - Kelvin MacKenzie, Alexei Sayle
Season 9
S09 E01
Diane Abbott, Julian Clary
S09 E02
Michael Winner, Eddie Izzard
S09 E03
John Bird, John Fortune
S09 E04
Alan Cumming, Steve Wright
S09 E05
Germaine Greer, Fred MacAulay
S09 E06
Frank Skinner, Raoul Heertje
S09 E07
Terry Major-Ball, Tim Rice
S09 E08
Spike Milligan, Andrew Neil
Season 10
S10 E01
Gordon Kennedy, Paula Yates
S10 E02
Bob Mills, Alex Salmond
S10 E03
Melvyn Bragg, Mike Yarwood
S10 E04
Alan Coren, Terry Christian
S10 E05
Neil Morrissey, Teresa Gorman
S10 E06
Alan Davies, Ken Livingstone
S10 E07
Craig Charles, P. J. O'Rourke
S10 E08
Lee Hurst, Mark Little, Colin the Parrot
S10 E09
1995 Highlights
Season 11
S11 E01
Paul Merton, Charles Kennedy, Eddie Izzard
S11 E02
Dermot Morgan, Janet Street-Porter, Eddie Izzard
S11 E03
Alan Davies, Mohammad al-Massari, Clive Anderson
S11 E04
Claire Rayner, Neil Morrissey, Martin Clunes
S11 E05
Max Clifford, Fred MacAulay, Eddie Izzard
S11 E06
Felix Dexter, Piers Morgan, Clive Anderson
S11 E07
Rich Hall, Rupert Allason, Alan Davies
S11 E08
Richard Wilson, John Bird, John Fortune
Season 12
S12 E01
Greg Proops, Ken Livingstone
S12 E02
Peter Stringfellow, Rhona Cameron
S12 E03
Mark Davies, Nigel Lawson
S12 E04
Maureen Lipman, Tony Parsons
S12 E05
Elvis Costello, Gordon Kennedy
S12 E06
Vincent Hanna, Tony Hawks
S12 E07
Mark Hurst, Francis Wheen
S12 E08
Austin Mitchell, Jack Docherty
S12 E09
Alan Davies, Jennifer Paterson
S12 E10
1996 Highlights
Season 13
S13 E01
Fred MacAulay, Swampy
S13 E02
Hugh Dennis, Will Self
S13 E03
1997 General Election Special - Richard Wilson, Nick Ross
S13 E04
Maureen Lipman, Neil Hamilton, Christine Hamilton
S13 E05
Greg Dyke, Jack Docherty
S13 E06
Martin Clunes, Michael Parkinson
S13 E07
Eve Pollard, Sue Perkins
S13 E08
Dominic Holland, Germaine Greer
Season 14
S14 E01
Bob Monkhouse, Ken Livingstone
S14 E02
Max Boyce, Alex Salmond
S14 E03
Dermot Morgan, Francis Wheen
S14 E04
Graeme Garden, Kirsty Young
S14 E05
Arabella Weir, Tony Livesey
S14 E06
Hattie Hayridge, Warren Mitchell
S14 E07
Jeff Green, Brian Sewell
S14 E08
Alan Davies, Matthew Parris
S14 E09
1997 Highlights
Season 15
S15 E01
Patrick Kielty, Stephen Bayley
S15 E02
Janet Street-Porter, Boris Johnson
S15 E03
Will Self, John Humphrys
S15 E04
Phil Hammond, Patrick Moore
S15 E05
Jonathan King, John Sergeant
S15 E06
Germaine Greer, Chris Donald
S15 E07
Antony Worrall-Thompson, Oona King
S15 E08
Danny Baker, Richard Wilson
Season 16
S16 E01
John Simpson, Magnus Magnusson
S16 E02
Ian McCaskill, Michael Mansfield
S16 E03
Jackie Mason, Michael Crick
S16 E04
Alan Titchmarch, Stephen Bayley
S16 E05
Loyd Grossman, Bob Marshall-Andrews
S16 E06
Linda Smith, Gavin Esler
S16 E07
Charles Kennedy, George Melly
S16 E08
Tom Baker, Muriel Gray
S16 E09
1998 Highlights
Season 17
S17 E01
Richard Whiteley, David Aaronovitch
S17 E02
Paul Daniels, Charlie Whelan
S17 E03
Trevor Phillips, Bill Bailey
S17 E04
Peter Hitchens, Clarissa Dickson-Wright
S17 E05
Stephen Fry, Richard Littlejohn
S17 E06
Meera Syal, Brian Sewell
S17 E07
Jimmy Savile, Diane Abbott
S17 E08
Pauline McLynn, Edward Stourton
Season 18
S18 E01
Lembit Öpik, Martin Clunes
S18 E02
Gordon Ramsay, Francis Wheen
S18 E03
Glenda Jackson, The Earl of Onslow
S18 E04
John Sergeant, Mark Seddon
S18 E05
Gyles Brandreth, Michael Cole
S18 E06
Anna Ford, Alex Salmond
S18 E07
Boris Johnson, Janet Street-Porter
S18 E08
Bill Deedes, Will Self
S18 E09
1999 Highlights
Season 19
S19 E01
Stephen Fry, David Shayler
S19 E02
Dominic Holland, David Steel
S19 E03
Michael Brown, Max Clifford
S19 E04
Angela Rippon, Peter Kilfoyle
S19 E05
Sheila Hancock, Robert Reed
S19 E06
Clive Anderson, Liza Tarbuck
S19 E07
Jon Snow, Phil Hammond
S19 E08
Richard Wilson, Michael Brunson
Season 20
S20 E01
Richard Blackwood, John Simpson
S20 E02
Lauren Booth, Andrew Rawnsley
S20 E03
Germaine Greer, Charles Kennedy
S20 E04
Rich Hall, Siôn Simon
S20 E05
Linda Smith, Jeremy Bowen
S20 E06
Lembit Öpik, Lorraine Kelly
S20 E07
Sanjeev Bhaskar, Matthew Collings
S20 E08
Peter Stringfellow, Nigella Lawson
S20 E09
2000 Highlights
Season 21
S21 E01
John Humphrys, Tracey Emin
S21 E02
Bill Bailey, Dermot Murnaghan
S21 E03
Sean Lock, Jane Moore
S21 E04
Dom Joly, David Aaronovitch
S21 E05
Keith Chegwin, Michael Grade
S21 E06
Janet Street-Porter, Ray Johnson
S21 E07
Will Self, Derek Draper
S21 E08
2001 General Election Special - Clive Anderson, Gyles Brandreth
Season 22
S22 E01
Rich Hall, Michael Crick
S22 E02
Andrew MacKinlay, Jennie Bond
S22 E03
Shazia Mirza, Boris Johnson
S22 E04
Rosie Boycott, Richard Bacon
S22 E05
Adam Boulton, Carol Thatcher
S22 E06
Omid Djalili, Clement Freud
S22 E07
Sara Cox, Andrew Marr
S22 E08
Francis Wheen, James Naughtie
S22 E09
Christmas Special - Charles Kennedy, John Sergeant
S22 E10
2001 Highlights
Season 23
S23 E01
Phill Jupitus, Evan Davis
S23 E02
Charlotte Church, Ben Miller
S23 E03
Penny Smith, Graeme Garden
S23 E04
Matthew Wright, Mark Steel
S23 E05
Neil Fox, Bill Deedes
S23 E06
Dave Gorman, Ken Livingstone (Angus' Scandal)
S23 E07
Linda Smith, David Dickinson
S23 E08
Ross Noble, Katie Derham
Season 24
S24 E01
Christine Hamilton, Rod Liddle
S24 E02
Ross Noble, Gerald Kaufman
S24 E03
Rich Hall, Andrew Neil, Ross Noble
S24 E04
Anne Robinson, John O'Farrell, John Simpson
S24 E05
John Sergeant, Germaine Greer, Lorraine Kelly
S24 E06
Boris Johnson, Stephen K. Amos, Clive Anderson
S24 E07
Liza Tarbuck, Fred MacAulay, Janet Street-Porter
S24 E08
Charles Kennedy, Robert Winston, Will Self
S24 E09
Jeremy Clarkson, Mo Mowlam, Michael Grade
Season 25
S25 E01
Martin Clunes, Ruby Wax, Glenda Jackson
S25 E02
William Hague, Linda Smith, Jeremy Clarkson
S25 E03
Charlotte Church, Jimmy Carr, Jennie Bond
S25 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Mark Steel, Phil Hammond
S25 E05
John Sergeant, Dara Ó Briain, Lembit Öpik
S25 E06
Hugh Dennis, Gyles Brandreth, Martin Freeman
S25 E07
Sanjeev Bhaskar, Rebecca Front, Nick Robinson
S25 E08
Bruce Forsyth, Marcus Brigstocke, Natasha Kaplinksy
Season 26
S26 E01
Jack Dee, Clement Freud, Clare Balding
S26 E02
Martin Clunes, The Earl of Onslow, Linda Smith
S26 E03
John Humphrys, Sean Lock, Kirstie Allsopp
S26 E04
Jimmy Carr, Ross Noble, Ian McKellen
S26 E05
Alexander Armstrong, Phill Jupitus, Julia Hartley-Brewer
S26 E06
Kirsty Young, Will Self, Jonathan Aitken
S26 E07
Dara Ó Briain, John O'Farrell, George Galloway
S26 E08
Boris Johnson, Rick Wakeman, Kate Garraway
S26 E09
Gyles Brandreth, Carol Smillie, Chris Addison
Season 27
S27 E01
Alexander Armstrong, Les Dennis, Germaine Greer
S27 E02
Greg Dyke, Danny Baker, Armando Iannucci
S27 E03
Des Lynam, Marcus Brigstocke, Robert Kilroy-Silk
S27 E04
William Hague, Stanley Johnson, Claudia Winkleman
S27 E05
Dara Ó Briain, Carol Vorderman, Michael Gambon
S27 E06
Alexander Armstrong, Griff Rhys Jones, Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall
S27 E07
Dara Ó Briain, Clive James, Julia Hartley-Brewer
S27 E08
Kirsty Young, Dave Gorman, John Bird
Season 28
S28 E01
Jack Dee, Trisha Goddard, Adam Hart Davies
S28 E02
Andrew Marr, Ross Noble, Shobna Gulati
S28 E03
Robin Cook, P.J. O'Rourke, Phil Hammond
S28 E04
Jane Leeves, Daisy Sampson, Mark Steel
S28 E05
Des Lynam, Kaye Adams, Sean Lock
S28 E06
Marcus Brigstocke, Michael Buerk, Tony Livesey
S28 E07
Neil Kinnock, Will Self, Linda Smith
S28 E08
Kirsty Young, Ian McMillan, Julian Fellowes
S28 E09
Christmas Special - Ronnie Corbett, Amanda Donohoe, Tracey Emin
Season 29
S29 E01
Jeremy Clarkson, Germaine Greer, Danny Baker
S29 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Jo Caulfield, Michael Winner
S29 E03
Nicholas Parsons, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Chris Langham
S29 E04
2005 General Election Special - Kirsty Young, Andy Hamilton, Peter Oborne
S29 E05
Dara Ó Briain, Steve Frost, Steve Pound
S29 E06
Marcus Brigstocke, Robert Llewellyn, Daisy Sampson
S29 E07
William Hague, Mark Mardell, Peter Serafinowicz
S29 E08
Des Lynam, David Mitchell, Evan Davis
Season 30
S30 E01
Jack Dee, Tony Livesey, Claudia Winkleman
S30 E02
Michael Aspel, Will Self, Bill Bailey
S30 E03
Chris Langham, Ross Noble, Alan Duncan MP
S30 E04
Jeremy Clarkson, Andy Hamilton, Mark Steel
S30 E05
Alexander Armstrong, Ian McMillan, Fi Glover
S30 E06
Boris Johnson, Dr. Phil Hammond, Sara Cox
S30 E07
Anna Ford, David Mitchell, Bob Marshall-Andrews MP
S30 E08
Lorraine Kelly, Robert Webb, Nick Robinson
S30 E09
Christmas Special - Joan Collins, Michael Winner, Peter Serafinowicz
Season 31
S31 E01
Trevor McDonald, Marcus Brigstocke, Lembit Öpik
S31 E02
Sean Lock, Peter Capaldi, Shami Chakrabarti
S31 E03
Julian Clary, Quentin Letts, Alun Cochrane
S31 E04
Michael Buerk, Diane Abbott, David Mitchell
S31 E05
Alexander Armstrong, Fern Britton, Andy Hamilton
S31 E06
Carol Vorderman, Richard E Grant, Dr Phil Hammond
S31 E07
Jeremy Clarkson, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mark Steel
S31 E08
Jack Dee, John O'Farrell, Liza Tarbuck
Season 32
S32 E01
Gordon Ramsay, Peter Serafinowicz, Andrew Neil
S32 E02
Alistair McGowan, Fern Britton, Alan Duncan
S32 E03
Jeremy Bowen, June Sarpong, Fred MacAulay
S32 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Charlie Brooker, Ross Noble
S32 E05
Damian Lewis, Neil Mullarkey, Dom Joly
S32 E06
Ronni Ancona, Stewart Lee, Andy Hamilton
S32 E07
Ann Widdecombe, Lucy Porter, Danny Baker
S32 E08
Rob Brydon, Frankie Boyle, Claudia Winkleman
S32 E09
Christmas Special - Boris Johnson, Emily Maitlis, Sue Perkins
Season 33
S33 E01
Jeremy Clarkson, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Michael McIntyre
S33 E02
Adrian Chiles, Mark Steel, Daisy McAndrew
S33 E03
Fern Britton, Reginald D. Hunter, Adam Boulton
S33 E04
Bill Bailey, Armando Iannucci, Adam Buxton
S33 E05
Kirsty Young, Bob Marshall-Andrews, Dr. Phil Hammond
S33 E06
Chris Tarrant, Lembit Öpik, Andy Hamilton
S33 E07
Alexander Armstrong, James May, Nick Robinson
S33 E08
Moira Stuart, Marcus Brigstocke, Jim Jeffries
Season 34
S34 E01
Kirsty Young, Robert Harris, Ross Noble
S34 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Ed Byrne, Bob Marshall-Andrews
S34 E03
Omid Djalili, Julian Fellowes, Danny Baker
S34 E04
Jo Brand, Andy Hamilton, Julia Hartley-Brewer
S34 E05
Michael Aspel, Sara Cox, Reginald D. Hunter
S34 E06
Ann Widdecombe, Alex James, Jimmy Carr
S34 E07
Clive Anderson, Will Self, Chris Addison
S34 E08
Jack Dee, Charlie Brooker, Russell Brand
S34 E09
Richard Madeley, Lauren Laverne, Stephen K. Amos
Season 35
S35 E01
Jack Dee, Bob Marshall-Andrews, Peter Serafinowicz
S35 E02
Julian Clary, Ed Byrne, Andrew Neil
S35 E03
Brian Blessed, Alan Duncan, Marcus Brigstocke
S35 E04
Bill Bailey, Nick Robinson, Reginald D. Hunter
S35 E05
Kirsty Young, Charlie Higson, Frankie Boyle
S35 E06
Lee Mack, Shami Chakrabarti, John O'Farrell
S35 E07
Alexander Armstrong, Clare Balding, Michael McIntyre
S35 E08
Jeremy Clarkson, Kate Silverton, Ian McMillan
Season 36
S36 E01
Fern Britton, Tom Bradby, Mark Steel
S36 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Frank Skinner, Kevin Maguire
S36 E03
Tom Baker, Vince Cable, Chris Addison
S36 E04
2008 USA Election Special - Jo Brand, Toby Young, Reginald D. Hunter
S36 E05
Jack Dee, Miranda Hart, Frank Skinner, Quentin Letts
S36 E06
Al Murray, Mark Watson, Germaine Greer
S36 E07
David Mitchell, Sarah Millican, Andy Hamilton
S36 E08
Jerry Springer, Katy Brand, Ken Livingstone
S36 E09
Jeremy Clarkson, Charles Kennedy, Ed Byrne
S36 E10
Christmas Special - Alexander Armstrong, Frank Skinner, Noddy Holder
Season 37
S37 E01
Frank Skinner, Katy Brand, Alan Duncan MP
S37 E02
Damian Lewis, Chris Addison, Janet Street-Porter
S37 E03
Jack Dee, Fred MacAulay, Clare Balding
S37 E04
Rolf Harris, Andy Hamilton, Julia Hartley-Brewer
S37 E05
Alexander Armstrong, Stuart Maconie, Reginald D. Hunter
S37 E06
David Mitchell, The Rev. Richard Coles, Andrew Maxwell
S37 E07
Ruth Jones, Clive Anderson, Jo Caulfield
S37 E08
Lee Mack, Shappi Khorsandi, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Season 38
S38 E01
Martin Clunes, Charlie Brooker, Arlene Phillips
S38 E02
David Mitchell, Grayson Perry, Ed Byrne
S38 E03
Miranda Hart, Mark Steel, Andrew Neil
S38 E04
Kirsty Young, Kevin Maguire, Ross Noble
S38 E05
Jack Dee, Marcus Brigstocke, Rebecca Front
S38 E06
Alexander Armstrong, Jimmy Carr, Bob Crow
S38 E07
Jo Brand, Quentin Letts, Jon Richardson
S38 E08
Dominic West, James May, Reginald D. Hunter
S38 E09
Christmas Special - Bill Bailey, Charles Kennedy, Mark Watson
Season 39
S39 E01
Lee Mack, Kevin Bridges, Nigel Farage
S39 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Victoria Coren, Richard Herring
S39 E03
Robert Webb, David Threlfall, Marcus Brigstocke
S39 E04
Jeremy Clarkson, Clare Balding, Andy Hamilton
S39 E05
2010 Election Special - Jo Brand, Jon Richardson, Lembit Öpik
S39 E06
Martin Clunes, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Chris Addison
S39 E07
Eamonn Holmes, Armando Iannucci, Robert Peston
S39 E08
Bruce Forsyth, Laura Solon, Ross Noble
S39 E09
John Prescott, John Bishop, Penny Smith
Season 40
S40 E01
Benedict Cumberbatch, Victoria Coren, Jon Richardson
S40 E02
Frank Skinner, Reginald D. Hunter, Janet Street-Porter
S40 E03
John Bishop, Andy Hamilton, Miles Jupp
S40 E04
Chris Addison, James Blunt, Nick Robinson
S40 E05
Jo Brand, Sally Bercow, Charlie Higson
S40 E06
Damian Lewis, Kevin Bridges, Clive Anderson
S40 E07
Martin Clunes, Grayson Perry, Jimmy Carr
S40 E08
Lee Mack, Ken Livingstone, Sarah Millican
S40 E09
Miranda Hart, Marcus Brigstocke, Greg Davies
S40 E10
Christmas Special - Alexander Armstrong, Micky Flanagan, Ross Noble
S40 E11
2010 Highlights
Season 41
S41 E01
Jack Dee, Caroline Wyatt, Jon Richardson
S41 E02
Stephen Mangan, Bob Ainsworth, Kevin Bridges
S41 E03
Rhod Gilbert, Louise Bagshawe, Marcus Brigstocke
S41 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Victoria Coren, Ross Noble
S41 E05
Greg Wallace, John Torode, Samira Ahmed, Richard Herring
S41 E06
Alan Johnson, Miles Jupp, Graham Linehan
S41 E07
Bill Bailey, Armando Iannucci, Jack Whitehall
S41 E08
Sharon Horgan, Joe Wilkinson, Richard Madeley
S41 E09
Jo Brand, Reginald D. Hunter, Joanna Scanlan
Season 42
S42 E01
Jo Brand, Victoria Coren, Graham Linehan
S42 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Danny Baker, Louise Mensch.
S42 E03
Lee Mack, Ross Noble, Victoria Derbyshire
S42 E04
Stephen Mangan, Greg Davies, Grace Dent
S42 E05
David Mitchell, Roisin Conaty, Andy Hamilton
S42 E06
Dan Stevens, Miles Jupp, Susan Calman
S42 E07
Kirsty Young, Gyles Brandreth, Marcus Brigstocke
S42 E08
Miranda Hart, Reginald D. Hunter, Tom Watson
S42 E09
Sue Perkins, Nick Hewer, Jack Whitehall
S42 E10
Christmas Special - Martin Clunes, Rebecca Front, David O'Doherty
S42 E11
2011 Highlights
Season 43
S43 E01
Stephen Mangan, Grace Dent, Miles Jupp
S43 E02
Jo Brand, Humphrey Ker, Graham Linehan
S43 E03
Damian Lewis, Chris Packham, Susan Calman
S43 E04
Jeremy Clarkson, Nancy Dell'Olio, Kevin Bridges
S43 E05
Alexander Armstrong, Nadine Dorries, Reginald D. Hunter
S43 E06
Kathy Burke, Ken Livingstone, Joe Wilkinson
S43 E07
William Shatner, Charlie Brooker, Andy Hamilton
S43 E08
Alastair Campbell, Nick Hewer, Ross Noble
S43 E09
Kirsty Young, Victoria Coren, Greg Davies
Season 44
S44 E01
Clare Balding, Graham Linehan, Ken Livingstone
S44 E02
Jo Brand, Richard Bacon, Will Smith
S44 E03
Alexander Armstrong, Victoria Coren, Conrad Black
S44 E04
Jeremy Clarkson, Will Gompertz, Tony Law
S44 E05
Damian Lewis, Nigel Farage, Harry Shearer
S44 E06
Roger Moore, Marcus Brigstocke, Rachel Johnson
S44 E07
Jack Whitehall, Nick Hewer, Baroness Trumpington
S44 E08
David Mitchell, Susan Calman, Janet Street-Porter
S44 E09
Charlotte Church, Miles Jupp, Richard Osman
S44 E10
Christmas Special - Daniel Radcliffe, Sara Cox, Andy Hamilton
S44 E11
2012 Highlights
Season 45
S45 E01
Stephen Mangan, Joan Bakewell, Richard Osman
S45 E02
Brian Blessed, Bridget Christie, Ken Livingstone
S45 E03
Warwick Davis, Gyles Brandreth, Joe Wilkinson
S45 E04
Ray Winstone, Reginald D. Hunter, Camilla Long
S45 E05
Mel Giedroyc, Richard Coles, Ross Noble
S45 E06
Jo Brand, John Cooper Clarke, Michael Fabricant
S45 E07
Robert Lindsay, Deborah Meaden, Johnny Vegas
S45 E08
Alexander Armstrong, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Josie Long
S45 E09
Frank Skinner, Matt Forde, Miles Jupp
Season 46
S46 E01
David Mitchell, Danny Baker, Cathy Newman
S46 E02
Richard Osman, Dan Snow, Mark Steel
S46 E03
Stephen Merchant, Hal Cruttenden, Gabby Logan
S46 E04
Jo Brand, John Prescott, Gyles Brandreth
S46 E05
Kirsty Young, Max Keiser, Tony Law
S46 E06
Alexander Armstrong, Godfrey Bloom, Victoria Coren
S46 E07
Jack Whitehall, Janet Street-Porter, Richard Bacon
S46 E08
Robert Lindsay, Alan Johnson, Katherine Ryan
S46 E09
Kathy Burke, Miles Jupp, Tim Loughton
S46 E10
Martin Clunes, Bernard Cribbins, Jennifer Saunders
S46 E11
2013 Highlights
Season 47
S47 E01
Jennifer Saunders, Sadiq Khan, Richard Osman
S47 E02
Stephen Mangan, Roisin Conaty, Nigel Farage
S47 E03
Jeremy Clarkson, Henning Wehn, Camilla Long
S47 E04
Martin Clunes, Jo Coburn, Johnny Vegas
S47 E05
Jack Dee, Charlie Brooker, Bridget Christie
S47 E06
David Mitchell, Susan Calman, Andy Hamilton
S47 E07
Jo Brand, Kevin Bridges, Jacob Rees-Mogg
S47 E08
Kirsty Young, John Cooper Clarke, Ross Noble
S47 E09
Alexander Armstrong, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Joe Wilkinson
Season 48
S48 E01
Jennifer Saunders, Armando Iannucci, Peter Bone
S48 E02
Sue Perkins, Tony Law, Nick Hewer
S48 E03
Frank Skinner, Sara Pascoe, Nick Robinson
S48 E04
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Katherine Ryan, Janet Street-Porter
S48 E05
Damian Lewis, Roisin Conaty, Andy Hamilton
S48 E06
Jo Brand, Richard Osman, Caroline Lucas MP
S48 E07
David Mitchell, Sara Cox, Alan Johnson MP
S48 E08
Alexander Armstrong, Josh Widdicombe, Germaine Greer
S48 E09
Jack Dee, Joan Bakewell, Mark Watson
S48 E10
Martin Clunes, Reginald D. Hunter, Kirsty Wark
S48 E11
2014 Highlights
Season 49
S49 E01
Daniel Radcliffe, Diane Morgan, Armando Iannucci
S49 E02
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Alun Cochrane, John Prescott
S49 E03
Stephen Mangan, Miles Jupp, Camilla Long
S49 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Michael Grade, Katherine Ryan
S49 E05
Jo Brand, Romesh Ranganathan, Jon Snow
S49 E06
Robert Peston, Roisin Conaty, Rob Delaney
S49 E07
Frank Skinner, Jon Ronson, Cariad Lloyd
S49 E08
Gary Lineker, Andy Hamilton, Sara Pascoe
S49 E09
Jack Dee, James Acaster and Janet Street-Porter
Season 50
S50 E01
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Osman, Camilla Long
S50 E02
Charlie Brooker, Diane Abbott, Nish Kumar
S50 E03
Sue Perkins, Roisin Conaty, Sadiq Khan
S50 E04
Michael Sheen, Jon Richardson, Ruth Davidson
S50 E05
David Tennant, Grayson Perry, Katherine Ryan
S50 E06
Kathy Burke, Cathy Newman, Ross Noble
S50 E07
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Hal Cruttenden
S50 E08
Jo Brand, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Farron
S50 E09
Alexander Armstrong, Alex Salmond, Sara Pascoe
S50 E10
David Mitchell, Kirsty Wark, Andy Hamilton
S50 E11
Season 51
S51 E01
Stephen Mangan, Suzanne Evans, Henning Wehn
S51 E02
Tracey Ullman, The Reverend Richard Coles, Clive Myrie
S51 E03
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Romesh Ranganathan, Eddie Izzard
S51 E04
Jo Brand, Diane Morgan, Nick Hewer
S51 E05
David Tennant, Phil Wang, Janet Street-Porter
S51 E06
Frankie Boyle, Adil Ray, Julia Hartley-Brewer
S51 E07
Gary Lineker, Ross Noble, Samira Ahmed
S51 E08
Katherine Ryan, Joe Wilkinson, Gyles Brandreth
S51 E09
Martin Clunes, Jason Manford, Jess Phillips
Season 52
S52 E01
Nick Clegg, Kevin Bridges, Roisin Conaty
S52 E02
Stephen Mangan, Ruth Davidson, Henning Wehn
S52 E03
Jo Brand, Tim Farron, Chris Kamara
S52 E04
David Mitchell, Chris Bryant, Rose Matafeo
S52 E05
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Andy Hamilton, Tim Loughton
S52 E06
Charlie Brooker, Rich Hall, Maureen Lipman
S52 E07
Alexander Armstrong, Jess Phillips MP, Nish Kumar
S52 E08
Tom Hollander, Hal Cruttenden, Suzanne Evans
S52 E09
Mel Giedroyc, Adil Ray, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
S52 E10
Gary Lineker, Nicky Morgan MP, Jon Richardson
S52 E11
Have I Got 2016 News for You
Season 53
S53 E01
Patrick Stewart, Richard Osman, Camilla Long
S53 E02
Kirsty Young, Robert Peston, Jon Richardson
S53 E03
Alexander Armstrong, Sara Pascoe, Andy Hamilton
S53 E04
David Harewood, Kirsty Wark, Josh Widdicombe
S53 E05
Frankie Boyle, Cariad Lloyd, Gyles Brandreth
S53 E06
Ed Balls, Janet Street-Porter, Henning Wehn
S53 E07
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Adam Boulton, Richard Coles
S53 E08
Election Special: Jo Brand, Alan Johnson, Ross Noble
S53 E09
Adil Ray, Angela Eagle, Phil Wang
Season 54
S54 E01
Alexander Armstrong, Roisin Conaty, James O'Brien
S54 E02
Richard Ayoade, Andy Hamilton, Isabel Hardman
S54 E03
Martin Clunes, Jon Richardson, Kirsty Wark
S54 E04
Rhod Gilbert, Armando Iannucci, Lucy Prebble
S54 E05
Jo Brand, Miles Jupp, Quentin Letts
S54 E06
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Sara Pascoe, Henry Blofeld
S54 E07
Stephen Mangan, Steph McGovern, Jo Caulfield
S54 E08
Katherine Ryan, Richard Osman, Desiree Burch
S54 E09
Mel Giedroyc, Hal Cruttenden, Sathnam Sanghera
S54 E10
David Tennant, Angela Rayner, Joe Wilkinson
S54 E11
Highlights Special: Have I Got 2017 News For You
Season 55
S55 E01
Jeremy Paxman, Steph McGovern, Josh Widdicombe
S55 E02
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Richard Osman, Val McDermid
S55 E03
Lee Mack, Janet Street-Porter, Sara Pascoe
S55 E04
Tracey Ullman, James Acaster, Beth Rigby
S55 E05
Rhod Gilbert, Andy Hamilton, Baroness Warsi
S55 E06
Alexander Armstrong, Sindhu Vee, Jess Phillips MP
S55 E07
Richard Ayoade, Roisin Conaty, Robert Peston
S55 E08
Jo Brand, Ross Noble, Mona Chalabi
S55 E09
Frank Skinner, Lucy Prebble, Henning Wehn
Season 56
S56 E01
Alexander Armstrong, Naga Munchetty, Josh Widdicombe
S56 E02
Richard Ayoade, Nicky Morgan MP, Jon Richardson
S56 E03
Jo Brand, Grace Dent, Kiri Pritchard-McLean
S56 E04
Steph McGovern, Richard Osman, Joan Bakewell
S56 E05
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Janey Godley, Robert Rinder
S56 E06
David Tennant, Reginald D. Hunter, Lucy Prebble
S56 E07
David Mitchell, Andy Hamilton, Deborah Frances-White
S56 E08
Jennifer Saunders, Grayson Perry, Matt Forde
S56 E09
Danny Dyer, Sara Pascoe, Judy Murray
S56 E10
Gary Lineker, Tom Allen, Ayesha Hazarika
S56 E11
Highlights Special: Have I Got 2018 News For You
Season 57
S57 E01
David Dimbleby, Stacey Dooley, Henning Wehn
S57 E02
Alan Johnson, Janey Godley, Tim Shipman
S57 E03
Steph McGovern, Ash Sarkar, Josh Widdicombe
S57 E04
David Tennant, Zoe Lyons, Johnny Mercer MP
S57 E05
Jo Brand, Heidi Allen MP, Phil Wang
S57 E06
Katherine Ryan, Andy Hamilton, Cariad Lloyd
S57 E07
Rhod Gilbert, Tom Allen, Emma Barnett
S57 E08
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Jess Phillips MP, Ahir Shah
S57 E09
Richard Ayoade, Richard Osman, Kiri Pritchard-McClean
Season 58
S58 E01
Martin Clunes, Layla Moran MP, Sara Pascoe
S58 E02
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Ross Noble, Rachel Johnson
S58 E03
Steph McGovern, Miles Jupp, Camilla Long
S58 E04
Jo Brand, Fintan O'Toole, Zoe Lyons
S58 E05
Adil Ray, Ivo Graham, Helen Lewis
S58 E06
David Mitchell, Maisie Adam, Rory Stewart MP
S58 E07
Helen McCrory, Chris McCausland, Andy Hamilton
S58 E08
Stephen Mangan, Roisin Conaty, Brian Cox
S58 E09
Alexander Armstrong, Nicky Morgan, Jon Richardson
S58 E10
Charlie Brooker, Emma Barnett, Phil Wang
S58 E11
Highlights Special: Have I Got 2019 News For You
Season 59
S59 E01
Steph McGovern, Miles Jupp, Helen Lewis
S59 E02
Stephen Mangan, Zoe Lyons, Rev. Richard Coles
S59 E03
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Deborah Meaden, Phil Wang
S59 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Henning Wehn, Emma Barnett
S59 E05
Romesh Ranganathan, Maisie Adam, James O'Brien
S59 E06
David Tennant, Ayesha Hazarika, Chris McCausland
S59 E07
Jo Brand, Katy Balls, Ivo Graham
S59 E08
Charlie Brooker, Dr. Hannah Fry, Mark Steel
S59 E09
Martin Clunes, Janet Street-Porter, Fin Taylor
Season 60
S60 E01
Damien Lewis, Katy Balls, Chris McCausland
S60 E02
Adil Ray, Nicky Morgan, Kiri Pritchard-McLean
S60 E03
Stephen Mangan, Janey Godley, Helen Lewis
S60 E04
Jennifer Saunders, Matt Forde, Ayesha Hazarika
S60 E05
Steph McGovern, Miles Jupp, Baroness Warsi
S60 E06
Richard Ayoade, Roisin Conaty, Armando Iannucci
S60 E07
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Joan Bakewell, Fin Taylor
S60 E08
Jo Brand, Reginald D Hunter, Charlene White
S60 E09
Alexander Armstrong, Dr Hannah Fry, Phil Wang
S60 E10
Romesh Ranganathan, Grayson Perry, Alice Levine
Season 61
S61 E01
David Tennant, Jack Dee, Helen Lewis
S61 E02
Adrian Dunbar, Katherine Ryan, Tim Shipman
S61 E03
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Josh Widdicombe, Emma Dabiri
S61 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Joe Lycett, Kirsty Wark
S61 E05
Steph McGovern, Zoe Lyons, John Pienaar
S61 E06
Romesh Ranganathan, Jo Brand, Lemn Sissay
S61 E07
Richard Ayoade, Richard Osman, Baroness Warsi
S61 E08
David Mitchell, Rev Richard Coles, Janey Godley
S61 E09
Aisling Bea, Roisin Conaty, Clive Myrie
Season 62
S62 E01
Stephen Mangan, Ria Lina, Ross Noble
S62 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Mishal Husain, Geoff Norcott
S62 E03
Jo Brand, Rylan, Robert Peston
S62 E04
Bill Bailey, Fin Taylor, Dawn Butler
S62 E05
Richard Ayoade, Roisin Conaty, Andy Hamilton
S62 E06
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Maisie Adam, Helen Lewis
S62 E07
Jack Dee, Phil Wang, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi
S62 E08
Clive Myrie, Miles Jupp, Camilla Long
S62 E09
Jess Phillips, Jon Richardson, Hannah Fry
S62 E10
Martin Clunes, Steph McGovern, Armando Iannucci
Season 63
S63 E01
Clive Myrie, Andy Hamilton, Helen Lewis
S63 E02
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Ria Lina, Tim Shipman
S63 E03
Jack Dee, Nabil Abdulrashid and Hannah Fry
S63 E04
Mel Giedroyc, Richard Osman, Sonia Sodha
S63 E05
Jo Brand, Susie McCabe, Camilla Long
S63 E06
Richard Ayoade, Maisie Adam, Justin Webb
S63 E07
Anna Maxwell Martin, Chris McCausland, Steph McGovern
S63 E08
Miles Jupp, James May, Jess Phillips MP
S63 E09
Jon Richardson, Joan Bakewell, Phil Wang
Season 64
S64 E01
Richard Ayoade, Mick Lynch, Roisin Conaty
S64 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Ria Lina, Matt Chorley
S64 E03
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Ivo Graham, Isabel Hardman
S64 E04
Adil Ray, Richard Osman, Jess Phillips MP
S64 E05
Clive Myrie, Katy Balls, Jo Brand
S64 E06
Steph McGovern, Jamie MacDonald, Hannah Fry
S64 E07
Gary Neville, Maisie Adam, Richard Madeley
Season 65
S65 E01
Charlie Brooker, Miles Jupp, Charlotte Ivers
S65 E02
David Tennant, Lucy Beaumont, Richard Osman
S65 E03
Richard Ayoade, Marina Purkiss, Phil Wang
S65 E04
Alexander Armstrong, Maisie Adam, Camilla Long
S65 E05
Diane Morgan, Desiree Burch, Matt Chorley
S65 E06
Mel Giedroyc, Chris McCausland, Kirsty Wark
S65 E07
Steph McGovern, Carol Vorderman, Nabil Abdulrashid
S65 E08
Naga Munchetty, Baroness Ruth Davidson, Hugh Dennis
S65 E09
Harry Hill, Jack Dee, Zing Tsjeng
S65 E10
Clive Myrie, Munya Chawawa, Helen Lewis
Season 66
S66 E01
Victoria Coren Mitchell, Carol Vorderman, Ignacio Lopez
S66 E02
Alexander Armstrong, Miles Jupp, Olivia Utley
S66 E03
Bill Bailey, Helen Lewis, Daliso Chaponda
S66 E04
Jack Dee, Emmanuel Sonubi, Dehenna Davison MP
S66 E05
Jo Brand, Zoe Lyons, Feargal Sharkey
S66 E06
Richard Ayoade, Steph McGovern, Jamie MacDonald
S66 E07
Hannah Fry, Stephen Mangan, Zing Tsjeng
S66 E08
Guz Khan, Ross Noble, Janet Street-Porter
S66 E09
S66 E10
Episode 1
1992 Election Special
Episode 2
Have I Got A Question of Sport for You - Frank Bruno, Bill Beaumont
Episode 3
Have I Got Unbroadcastable News for You
Episode 4
The Official Pirate Video
Episode 5
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over (1999)
Episode 6
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over (1999)
Episode 7
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over (2001)
Episode 8
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over (2001)
Episode 9
The Very Best of 'Have I Got News for You' 1990-2002
Episode 10
The Best of the Guest Presenters: The Full Boris
Episode 11
Comic Relief 24 Hour Panel People Special
Episode 12
Have I Got 2020 News For You
Episode 13
Have I Got 30 Years For You
Episode 14
Have I Got 2021 News for You
Episode 15
John Lloyd's Newsround (1990) - Pilot Episode
Episode 16
Have I Got News for Boris: A Special Tribute
Episode 17
Have I Got 2022 News for You
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