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The Hotel Inspector

The Hotel Inspector

2005 - Now  •  Thursday 04:00 PM on Channel 5 (UK)  •   83 hours
1 vote
198 votes
# 10323
The series that transforms failing hotels returns with Alex Polizzi at the helm. Alex, whose family owns the renowned Rocco Forte group of hotels, is on a mission to change the fortunes of some of Britain's most calamitous establishments.
  Previously Aired Episode
West Usk Lighthouse Aired on 12/10/2019
West Usk Lighthouse
Season 15: Episode 8
The Hotel Inspector | The Hotel Inspector Channel 5 Promo
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Season 1
S01 E01
Nandos/Forget-Me-Not Guest House, Stratford
S01 E02
Hanmer Arms, Wrexham County Borough
S01 E03
Worlington Hall Hotel, Suffolk
Season 2
S02 E01
Saxonia Guest House
S02 E02
Langtry Manor Hotel
S02 E03
Key West Hotel
S02 E04
Sparkles Hotel
S02 E05
Blossoms Guest House
S02 E06
Tasburgh House Hotel
S02 E07
Hanmer Arms Revisited
S02 E08
Worlington Hall Hotel Revisited
Season 3
S03 E01
Grand Hotel, Hastings
S03 E02
Beech House Hotel, Reading
S03 E03
Safari Hotel, Bournemouth
S03 E04
Butley Priory, Suffolk
S03 E05
Weyanoke, Eastbourne
S03 E06
St Alfeges B&B, Greenwich
S03 E07
Haven Hotel, Great Yarmouth
S03 E08
Woodlands Lodge Hotel, New Forest
S03 E09
Key West Guest House, Newquay (Revisit)
S03 E10
Tasburgh House Hotel, Bath (Revisit)
Season 4
S04 E01
Brecon Castle
S04 E02
The Lenchford Inn
S04 E03
Jessop House Hotel
S04 E04
West Usk
S04 E05
Number Nine
S04 E06
Garden Lodge
S04 E07
Season 5
S05 E01
The Crown Inn
S05 E02
Walpole Bay
S05 E03
S05 E04
Rose and Crown
S05 E05
The Swan
S05 E06
African Queen
S05 E07
Glangrwyney Court
S05 E08
Hotel du Repos
Season 6
S06 E01
The Astor, Plymouth
S06 E02
Artist's Residence, Brighton
S06 E03
The Rutland Arms, Bakewell
S06 E04
The Sandygate Hotel
S06 E05
Windsors Hotel
S06 E06
Kingston Estate
Season 7
S07 E01
First In Last Out, Winchester
S07 E02
The Hill House, Ross-on-Wye
S07 E03
Welcome Traveller Inn, Pembrokeshire
S07 E04
Brendan Chase, Lake District
S07 E05
Merlin Court Hotel, Devon
S07 E06
The Hollybush Inn, Hay-on-Wye
S07 E07
The Grosvenor Hotel, Rugby
S07 E08
The White Horse, Suffolk
Season 8
S08 E01
The Milton Lodge, Dorset
S08 E02
Bonnington Beach Hotel, Bournemouth
S08 E03
Madonna Halley Hotel, London
S08 E04
The Crown Inn, Derbyshire
S08 E05
Grimscote Manor, Birmingham
S08 E06
Who'd A Thought It, Kent
S08 E07
The New Lyngarth, Blackpool
S08 E08
Bodkin House, Gloucestershire
Season 9
S09 E01
The Clover
S09 E02
The Oakland
S09 E03
The Caspian
S09 E04
The Bellingham
S09 E05
Mansion Lions
S09 E06
The Meudon
S09 E07
The White Hart, St Albans
S09 E08
Godolphin Arms Hotel
S09 E09
Walpole Bay Revisited
S09 E10
African Queen Revisted
Season 10
S10 E01
Epstein House, Liverpool
S10 E02
The Vidella, Blackpool
S10 E03
Eden Lodge, Falmouth
S10 E04
Alexandra Hotel, Llandudno
S10 E05
Paramount Hotel, Nottingham
S10 E06
The Gungate Hotel, Tamworth
S10 E07
Green Man Pub and Hotel, Wembley
S10 E08
Waterhall Country House Hotel, Crawley
Season 11
S11 E01
The Fieldhead, Looe
S11 E02
Harmony B&B, Torquay
S11 E03
Albion House, Ramsgate
S11 E04
Hotel Celebrity, Bournemouth
S11 E05
Mountain View, Port Talbot, Wales
S11 E06
Grant Arms Hotel, Ramsbottom
S11 E07
Little Thatch Inn, Gloucester
S11 E08
La Casa Hotel, Torrox
Season 12
S12 E01
The Blue Inn, Redditch
S12 E02
Harrogate Motel, North Yorkshire
S12 E03
Hotel Continental, Harwich
S12 E04
The Black Bear Hotel, Wareham
S12 E05
The Gyreum, Co Sligo
S12 E06
The Richmoor Hotel, Weymouth
S12 E07
Atlantic House, Bude
S12 E08
The Bulstone Hotel, Branscombe
Season 13
S13 E01
Regency Rooms
S13 E02
The House Near Bath
S13 E03
Colliters Brook Farm
S13 E04
Churston Court
S13 E05
Forest Park
Season 14
S14 E01
The Crown Inn, Aldbourne
S14 E02
Yeoldon House Hotel, Bideford
S14 E03
Horse and Hound Country Inn; Tenison Towers Guest House
S14 E04
Westward Ho! Hotel, Folkestone
S14 E05
Warwick Hall, Carlisle
S14 E06
The Grove Arms, Ludwell
S14 E07
The Sheldon, Eastbourne
Season 15
S15 E01
Rosehill House Hotel
S15 E02
The Sea Croft, Lytham St Anne's
S15 E03
The Lawn Guest House, Horley
S15 E04
Gipsy Hill Hotel, Exeter
S15 E05
Zero Neuf, Gaudies
S15 E06
Devon Bay Hotel, Ilfracombe
S15 E07
The George Hotel, Henfield
S15 E08
West Usk Lighthouse
Episode 1
The Paramount Hotel, Nottingham Revisited
Episode 2
The Caspian, West London Revisited (again)
Episode 3
Langtry Manor Hotel Revisited
Episode 4
St Alfeges/Number 16 B&B Revisited
Episode 5
Grand Hotel Revisited
Episode 6
Haven Hotel/No.78 B&B Revisited
Episode 7
Weyanoke/East Beach Hotel Revisited
Episode 8
In Switzerland
Episode 9
The Caspian, West London Revisited
Episode 10
First In Last Out, Winchester Revisited
Episode 11
Who'd A Thought It, Kent Revisited
Episode 12
Artist Residence, Brighton Revisited
Episode 13
The Meudon Revisited
Episode 14
The Oakland Revisited
Episode 15
The Godolphin Arms Revisited
Episode 16
The White Hart Revisited
Episode 17
The Cornish Hotel Revisited
Episode 18
Albion House Revisited
Episode 19
The Hotel Celebrity Revisited
Episode 20
The Blue Inn Revisited
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