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Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst

2013 - Now  •  Friday on YouTube  •  114 hours  •  111 episodes
18 votes
3306 votes
# 44422
Comedy, Game Show
Mike, Jay, Rich and the rest of the Red Letter Media crew brave some of the worst movies ever created by man and then pick the best of the worst.
  Previously Aired Episode
Plinketto #10 Aired on 04/22/2022
Plinketto #10
Season 2022: Episode 3
Best of the Worst | Best of the Worst Episode 1
Season 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Russian Terminator, Ninja Vengeance, and Never Too Young to Die
S2013 E02
The New Gladiators, Exterminator 2 and Aftermath
S2013 E03
The Killer Eye, They Bite and Xtro
S2013 E04
Deadly Prey, Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Miami Connection
S2013 E05
The Wheel of the Worst #01
S2013 E06
The Vindicator, Cyber Tracker, Robot Jox and ROTOR
S2013 E07
Playing Dangerous, Shapeshifter, and Thunderpants
S2013 E08
The Wheel of the Worst #02
S2013 E09
V-World Matrix, The Amazing Bulk, and Gymkata
S2013 E10
Bloody Birthday, Crazy Fat Ethel II, and Psycho From Texas
S2013 E11
Night Beast, Trick or Treat, and Skull Forest
S2013 E12
The Wheel of the Worst #03
S2013 E13
Playing Dangerous 2, the Exterminator, the Deadliest Prey
S2013 E14
Elves, Santa Claus, Christmas Vacation 2
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Robo-C.H.I.C., Alien Seed, Yor: The Hunter from the Future
S2014 E02
The Wheel of the Worst #04
S2014 E03
Supergirl, Captain America (1990), and Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four
S2014 E04
Ninja Movies
S2014 E05
The Wheel of the Worst #05
S2014 E06
Ghetto Blaster, Terror in Beverly Hills, and Killing American Style
S2014 E07
High Voltage, Death Spa, and Space Mutiny
S2014 E08
Shakma, Python II, and Beaks: The Movie
S2014 E09
The Wheel of the Worst #06
S2014 E10
Theodore Rex, Carnosaur, Tammy and the T-Rex
S2014 E11
The Item, The Crawlers, and Blood Lock
S2014 E12
The Wheel of the Worst #07
S2014 E13
The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 1)
S2014 E14
The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 2)
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Alienator, Alien from the Deep and Hands of Steel
S2015 E02
Blood Debts, The Tomb, and Undefeatable
S2015 E03
The Wheel of the Worst #08
S2015 E04
Lady Terminator, Lost in Dinosaur World, and Low Blow
S2015 E05
The Wheel of the Worst #09
S2015 E06
Future War, The Jar, and White Fire
S2015 E07
Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, Killer Workout, and Mystics in Bali
S2015 E08
The Photon Effect, How I Saved the President, and Double Down
S2015 E09
A Very Cannon Christmas
Season 2016
S2016 E01
The Wheel of the Worst #10
S2016 E02
Order of the Black Eagle, Wired to Kill, and Raiders of Atlantis
S2016 E03
Plinketto #01
S2016 E04
The Wheel of the Worst #11
S2016 E05
Pocket Ninjas, Cyclone, and Dangerous Men
S2016 E06
The Wheel of the Worst #12
S2016 E07
Plinketto #02
S2016 E08
Parole Violators, Future Force, and Geteven
S2016 E09
Scary or Die, Chopping Mall, Exorcist II: The Heretic
S2016 E10
The Wheel of the Worst #13
S2016 E11
RepliGATOR, Johnson Family Christmas Dinner, and Alligator
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Plinketto #03
S2017 E02
Carnosaur 2, The Skateboard Kid 2, and Future Zone
S2017 E03
Biohazard, Slaughter High, and Kill Point
S2017 E04
The Wheel of the Worst #14
S2017 E05
Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper, Black Cougar, and Raw Force
S2017 E06
Hollywood Cop
S2017 E07
The Wheel of the Worst #15
S2017 E08
The Sweeper, Empire of the Dark, and Mad Foxes
S2017 E09
The Last Vampire on Earth
S2017 E10
Plinketto #04
S2017 E11
Vampire Assassin, Hack-O-Lantern, and Cathy's Curse
S2017 E12
Suburban Sasquatch
S2017 E13
The Wheel of the Worst #16
S2017 E14
Merry Kick-mas!
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Plinketto #05
S2018 E02
Black Spine Edition #01
S2018 E03
Hologram Man, Faust, and Blood Street
S2018 E04
Plinketto #06
S2018 E05
Kill Squad, Ryan's Babe, and Demonwarp
S2018 E06
The Wheel of the Worst #17
S2018 E07
Night of the Lepus, Zombie 3, and Silk
S2018 E08
Lycan Colony
S2018 E09
Carnivore, HauntedWeen, and Black Roses
S2018 E10
Black Spine Edition #02
S2018 E11
Plinketto #07
S2018 E12
Christmas or Cats
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Cybernator, Panther Squad, and Project Metalbeast
S2019 E02
The Wheel of the Worst #18
S2019 E03
Spookies, Action USA, and Alien Private Eye
S2019 E04
Blacklight Episode #01: Twister's Revenge
S2019 E05
The Wheel of the Worst #19
S2019 E06
Black Spine Edition #03
S2019 E07
Hawk Jones, Winterbeast and ROAR!
S2019 E08
Plinketto #08
S2019 E09
Petey Wheatstraw
S2019 E10
The Instructor, Through Doohan's Eye, and Twisted Pair
S2019 E11
The Wheel of the Worst #20
S2019 E12
Jack-O, Rock n' Roll Nightmare, and Shark Exorcist
S2019 E13
A Very Scary Christmas
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Wicked World
S2020 E02
Black Spine Junka 2
S2020 E03
Showdown, Robot in the Family, and Bloodz vs. Wolvez
S2020 E04
Bad Movie Scavenger Hunt
S2020 E05
Wheel of the Worst #21
S2020 E06
Diamond Cobra vs. The White Fox
S2020 E07
Twin Dragon Encounter, American Rickshaw, and Infested
S2020 E08
Shock Em Dead, Hollow Gate, and The Satan Killer
S2020 E09
Ben and Arthur
S2020 E10
Christmas 2020
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Plinketto #9
S2021 E02
Blood Shack (aka The Chooper)
S2021 E03
LA Wars, Unmasking the Idol, and Robowoman
S2021 E04
Wheel of the Black Spine Plinketto
S2021 E05
A*P*E, Easy Kill, and Honorable Men
S2021 E06
Wheel of the Worst #22
S2021 E07
Dragon Hunt, Tartarus, and Born Into Mafia
S2021 E08
Black Spine Raffle
S2021 E09
Halloween Spooktacular 2021
S2021 E10
New York Ninja
S2021 E11
Christmas 2021
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Blindfold Picks!
S2022 E02
Wheel of the Worst #23
S2022 E03
Plinketto #10
Episode 1
A Conversation with Matt Hannon
Episode 2
Best of the Worst Extras: Shark Movies
Episode 3
Shark Movies
Episode 4
Direct-to-Video Horror (April Fools)
Episode 5
A Conversation with Len Kabasinski
Episode 6
Regarding Samurai Cop...
Episode 7
A Conversation with Matt Hannon (Part 1)
Episode 8
A Conversation with Matt Hannon (Part 2)
Episode 9
Backwards VHS Footage
Episode 10
Charles Bronson Murders Everyone!
Episode 11
Curse of the Worst
Episode 12
Our VHS Collection
Episode 13
Our DVD and Blu-ray Collection
Episode 14
Best of the Best of the Worst Montage
Episode 15
Organizing Our Movie Collection
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