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The Great War

The Great War

2014 - Now  •  Saturday on YouTube
3 votes
356 votes
# 45275
Documentary, History
'The Great War' shows you the history of the First World War in the four years from 1914 to 1918, exactly 100 years ago. Our host Indy takes you back week by week and shows you what was going on in the past. Learn more about the Allies and the Central Powers, archdukes, emperors, Winston Churchill, Franz ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Foreshadowing WW1 - Italo-Turkish War 1911-1912 I THE GREAT WAR [DOCUMENTARY] Aired on 12/17/2021
Foreshadowing WW1 - Italo-Turkish War 1911-1912 I THE GREAT WAR [DOCUMENTARY]
Season 8: Episode 23
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
The Outbreak of WWI - How Europe Spiraled Into the Great War
S01 E02
Germany in Two-Front War and the Schlieffen-Plan
S01 E03
To Arms! Deployment of Troops
S01 E04
A New War With Old Generals – Carnage on the Western Front
S01 E05
The Rape of Belgium And The Battle of Tannenberg
S01 E06
Plans Are Doomed to Fail - The Battle of Galicia
S01 E07
Taxi To The Front – The First Battle of the Marne
S01 E08
Welcome To The Dirt – The Beginning of Trench Warfare
S01 E09
The Russian War Machine And The Race To The Sea
S01 E10
Dying In The Mud - Autumn Is Taking Its Toll
S01 E11
Back For Christmas? - The Illusion Of A Short War
S01 E12
Learning From Napoleon – Russia, The Underestimated Enemy
S01 E13
A War To End All Wars - Home Front Propaganda
S01 E14
Fresh Meat - The Search For New Recruits
S01 E15
The World at War - The Ottoman Empire Enters The War
S01 E16
The Defensive War on the Western Front
S01 E17
The Enemy Within - The German Army's Power Play
S01 E18
Iron, Steel and Oil - The Fight For Resources
S01 E19
Mission Accomplished? - The Austro-Hungarian Empire Conquers Belgrade
S01 E20
The Naval Battle At The Falkland Islands - The Death of Maximilian von Sp...
S01 E21
The Raid On Scarborough - A Failed Attempt at Intimidation
S01 E22
The First Battle of Champagne - Dying In Caucasus Snow
Season 2
S02 E01
The Ottoman Disaster - The Battle of Sarikamish
S02 E02
In Dire Straits - Russia on Austro-Hungary's Doorstep
S02 E03
Onwards! - The Western Front Of Early 1915
S02 E04
Zeppelins Over England - New Inventions For The Modern War
S02 E05
All Or Nothing - Winter Offensive In The Carpathians
S02 E06
Gas! - A New Horror On The Battlefield
S02 E07
Stopping Russia - Hindenburg's Final Offensive?
S02 E08
Hindenburg's Cunning Plan - A 2nd Tannenberg
S02 E09
Prelude to Gallipoli - Naval Bombardement of the Dardanelles
S02 E10
Playing With Fire - The First Flame Thrower
S02 E11
The Battle of Neuve-Chapelle
S02 E12
A Slice of The Pie - Splitting Up The Middle East
S02 E13
The Fall of Przemyśl - Changing Strategy On The Western Front
S02 E14
Showdown In The Dardanelles - Bulgaria Flirts With The Central Powers
S02 E15
The Armenian Genocide
S02 E16
Russia Fails In The Mountains - Basra Falls
S02 E17
Gas On The Western Front - Baptism of Fire for Canada
S02 E18
The Sea Turns Red - Gallipoli Landings
S02 E19
Sinking of the Lusitania & The Gorlice-Tarnów Offensive
S02 E20
The German Phalanx Chases Russia
S02 E21
The Battle of San River - Winston Churchill Gets Fired
S02 E22
The New Alpine Front - Italy Joins World War 1
S02 E23
Artillery in World War 1 - The Key To Success
S02 E24
Rex Warneford Destroys A Zeppelin - Austria Digs Into the Mountains
S02 E25
Cavalry, Spies and Cossacks
S02 E26
The Austro-Hungarian Empire Strikes Back
S02 E27
On the Move but going Nowhere - Optimism is Failing!
S02 E28
Adapt or Die - The Artillery Barrage
S02 E29
The Tumbling Giant - Russia's Army On The Verge Of Collapse
S02 E30
Scorched Earth - Russia's retreat goes up in flames!
S02 E31
Russian Roulette - Germany Helps The Bolsheviks
S02 E32
Warsaw Falls - The Fokker Scourge Begins
S02 E33
The Ruse at Gallipoli and the Siege of Kovno
S02 E34
Escalation At Sea and Russia Up Against the Wall
S02 E35
The Battle of Hill 60 - Lunatic Persistence in Gallipoli
S02 E36
The Western Front Awakens - The Tsar Takes Over
S02 E37
The Socialists Call for Peace - But the Plans Do Not
S02 E38
The State Of World War 1 - As Reported by A Newspaper 100 Years Ago
S02 E39
The German Occupation of Lithuania - Unrest in Russia
S02 E40
The Battle of Loos - New Offensives On The Western Front
S02 E41
Serbia Is Invaded Once Again - The Entente Lands in Greece
S02 E42
Learning Lessons From Loos - Bulgaria Enters The War
S02 E43
The Crime That Shook the World - The Execution of Edith Cavell
S02 E44
Russia Stems The Tide - Winter Is Coming
S02 E45
The Third Battle of the Isonzo - French Despair On The Western Front
S02 E46
Serbia's Last Stand Against The Central Powers
S02 E47
The Forgotten Front - World War 1 in Libya
S02 E48
Pride Comes Before The Fall - British Trouble in Mesopotamia
S02 E49
The Serbian Exodus Through Albania
S02 E50
Britain On The Run - The Siege of Kut Al Amara
S02 E51
Despair And Mutiny On The Italian Front
S02 E52
The Beginning Of The End - Evacuation At Gallipoli
S02 E53
Preparing for 1916 - The Year of Battles
Season 3
S03 E01
Prelude to Verdun And The Road To the Somme
S03 E02
The Invasion Of Montenegro - The End of Gallipoli
S03 E03
The Fight for Montenegro & The Disaster Of Kut
S03 E04
The Kaiser's Birthday - Hypocrisy in Greece
S03 E05
Germany Aims For Verdun - Russia Goes South
S03 E06
The Generalissimo Goes Forth
S03 E07
The Ghost Of The Lusitania - Russia Takes Erzurum
S03 E08
The Battle of Verdun - They Shall Not Pass
S03 E09
The US Arms Industry - The Fight for Douaumont
S03 E10
Equilibrium of Carnage at Verdun - Portugal Joins The War
S03 E11
Battle of the Isonzo - Discord Among The Central Powers
S03 E12
Russian Spring Offensive - Confusion at Fort Vaux
S03 E13
Verdun - A Nightmare to Annex
S03 E14
Zeppelins over Britain - Terror in the Skies
S03 E15
The Meat Grinder at Verdun - Brusilov's New Plan
S03 E16
The Muddy Graves of Russia and Kut
S03 E17
Dividing Up The Middle East - The Sykes-Picot Agreement
S03 E18
The British Surrender At Kut - Germany Restricts The U-Boats
S03 E19
The British Death March in Mesopotamia
S03 E20
Conrad's Cunning Plan - Hiding In Plain Sight
S03 E21
Cutting Germany's Wings- The Dawn Of The Air Force
S03 E22
The Battle of Jutland - Royal Navy vs. German Imperial Navy
S03 E23
The Brusilov Offensive - The Arab Revolt
S03 E24
What If - Two Pivotal Moments of World War 1
S03 E25
The Death of Max Immelmann - Haig's Final Offensive
S03 E26
British Artillery At The Somme - Brusilov Offensive Implodes
S03 E27
The Battle of the Somme - Brusilov On His Own
S03 E28
Meatgrinder At The Somme - Battle of Mametz Wood
S03 E29
Australia's Darkest Hour - The Battle of Fromelles
S03 E30
Happy Birthday World War 1
S03 E31
Germany's Grandeur - Analyzing the War Effort
S03 E32
Italy Breaks Through - Cadorna's Triumph
S03 E33
Cadorna Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory
S03 E34
The Five Nation Army - The Salonica Front Erupts
S03 E35
Romania Joins The War
S03 E36
Fire In The Sky - Zeppelin Shot Down Over Britain
S03 E37
Beasts of Steel - The First Tanks On The Battlefield
S03 E38
Manfred von Richthofen's First Victory - American Volunteers in WW1
S03 E39
Falkenhayn Crosses The Carpathians - The Battle of Sibiu
S03 E40
Douglas Haig's Fantasies Drown In Mud
S03 E41
Deadly Routine On The Italian Front - The 8th Battle Of The Isonzo
S03 E42
French Plans For Glory At Verdun - Romania Stops The Germans
S03 E43
France Turns The Tide At Verdun
S03 E44
War of Attrition On The Italian Front - The Ninth Battle of the Isonzo
S03 E45
Charming The Poles - The Central Powers Look For New Allies
S03 E46
Heavy Action At The Somme - The Fight For Monastir
S03 E47
The Death Of Franz Joseph - The End of The Somme
S03 E48
Romania On The Ropes - Reflections On The Battle of the Somme
S03 E49
The Fall of Bucharest - Political Turmoil in Russia
S03 E50
The Mesopotamian Front Awakes - Joseph Joffre Gets Sacked
S03 E51
They Did Not Pass - The Battle Of Verdun Ends
S03 E52
Turmoil in Russia - The Assassination of Rasputin
Season 4
S04 E01
The World At War 1917
S04 E02
No Peace For The Wicked
S04 E03
Fighting on Alpine Peaks - Call for Self Determination
S04 E04
Nivelle's Spring Offensive - Royal Conspiracy In Greece
S04 E05
Germany Resumes Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
S04 E06
Bulgaria Digs In At Doiran - The Final Blow Against The Senussi
S04 E07
Russian Bombing On The Eastern Front - US Prisoners of War I
S04 E08
Mechanised War In Mesopotamia - Toplica Uprising
S04 E09
Conrad Loses His Job - Nivelle's Coup
S04 E10
The Russian February Revolution 1917
S04 E11
The Tsar Abdicates - Baghdad Falls
S04 E12
Kaiser Karl Wants Peace - The Sixtus Affair
S04 E13
Lenin Takes The Train - First Battle of Gaza
S04 E14
The United States Declares War on Germany
S04 E15
The Canadian Corps Takes Vimy Ridge - The Battle of Arras
S04 E16
The Nivelle Offensive - Carnage At The Chemin Des Dames
S04 E17
The Battle of Doiran - Turmoil In The French Army
S04 E18
The Battle of Arleux - Robert Nivelle Gets Fired
S04 E19
The Macedonian Standoff - The Five Nation Army Is Repelled
S04 E20
Tenth Battle of The Isonzo River - Trotsky Arrives in Petrograd
S04 E21
German Bombers Over Britain - Arab Revolt On The Advance
S04 E22
French Mutinies - Tunnels Under Messines Ridge
S04 E23
The Battle of Messines - Explosion Beneath Hill 60
S04 E24
Italian Mountain Warfare - The Espionage Act
S04 E25
The Disillusionment of Lawrence of Arabia
S04 E26
Russia's New Offensive - The Russian Women's Battalion of Death
S04 E27
Turmoil In The Reichstag - The Kerensky Offensive
S04 E28
Operation Beach Party - Mustard Gas Unleashed
S04 E29
July Days In Petrograd - Blood On The Nevsky Prospect
S04 E30
Three Years of World War 1
S04 E31
The Battle of Passchendaele - Mutiny in the German Navy
S04 E32
Despair Everywhere
S04 E33
The Battle of Hill 70 - Mackensen Advances in Romania
S04 E34
The 2nd Battle Of Verdun - Lost Opportunities On The Isonzo River
S04 E35
The Moscow State Conference - Black Sea Revolutionaries
S04 E36
The Fall of Riga - 11th Battle of the Isonzo River
S04 E37
Attempted Military Coup in Russia - The Kornilov Affair
S04 E38
British Advance At Passchendaele
S04 E39
Battle of Polygon Wood - Betrayal At The Italian Front
S04 E40
Sabotage In The Desert - Battle of Broodseinde
S04 E41
Operation Albion - Passchendaele Drowns In Mud
S04 E42
Operation Albion Concludes - Allied Failures In Belgium
S04 E43
The Battle of La Malmaison - Breakthrough at Caporetto
S04 E44
Battle of Beersheba - Canadian Frustration - Balfour Declaration
S04 E45
The Russian October Revolution 1917
S04 E46
The End Of Passchendaele - Fighting in Petrograd
S04 E47
Tank Corps Unleashed - The Battle of Cambrai
S04 E48
All Quiet On The Eastern Front - Action in East Africa
S04 E49
Halifax Explosion - Peace in the East?
S04 E50
Jerusalem Surrenders - Bolsheviks Consolidate Control
S04 E51
The Armistice of Brest-Litovsk
S04 E52
Ludendorff Plans for a Spring Offensive
Season 5
S05 E01
Machinations In The British High Command
S05 E02
Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points
S05 E03
Assassination Attempt on Lenin - Chaos in Romania
S05 E04
Civil War in Finland and the Ukraine
S05 E05
Strikes and Mutiny
S05 E06
Austro-Hungarian House of Cards
S05 E07
No War, No Peace – Trotsky's Gamble
S05 E08
Operation Faustschlag - Germany Advances In The East Again
S05 E09
Ludendorff's Window Of Opportunity
S05 E10
Peace In The East - The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
S05 E11
Allied Unified Command On The Horizon
S05 E12
Kaiserschlacht - German Spring Offensive 1918
S05 E13
Backs To The Wall - All Eyes On Amiens
S05 E14
Operation Michael Runs Out Of Breath
S05 E15
The Battle of La Lys - Operation Georgette
S05 E16
Knocking Out The Hejaz Railway
S05 E17
The First Tank-on-Tank Battle in History - The Zeebrugge Raid
S05 E18
Pershing Under Pressure - The End Of La Lys
S05 E19
The Ostende Raid - Peace of Bucharest
S05 E20
S05 E21
Bombs Away - German Thirst For Caucasian Oil
S05 E22
50 Miles To Paris - Third Battle Of The Aisne
S05 E23
The Battle of Belleau Wood Begins
S05 E24
The French Counter Attack At Matz
S05 E25
Second Battle of the Piave River
S05 E26
The Run For The Baku Oil Fields
S05 E27
The First Modern Battle - The Battle of Hamel
S05 E28
The Gardeners Of Salonica Prepare A New Offensive
S05 E29
2nd Battle Of The Marne - Turning Point On The Western Front
S05 E30
Ludendorff's Last Swing
S05 E31
Four Years of War
S05 E32
The Black Day Of The German Army - The Battle of Amiens
S05 E33
A Resounding Victory - German Morale Plummets
S05 E34
Over By Christmas? - Growing Allied Confidence
S05 E35
The American First Army Gears Up - Germany Retreats
S05 E36
Red Terror in Soviet Russia
S05 E37
The Battle of Saint-Mihiel
S05 E38
Allied Breakthroughs In Palestine And Macedonia
S05 E39
The Meuse-Argonne Offensive - Bulgarian Collapse
S05 E40
Germany's Reckoning - Bulgarian Armistice
S05 E41
The Hindenburg Line Breaks - The Lost Battalion Returns
S05 E42
The Battle of the Selle - Ludendorff Resigns
S05 E43
Italy Attacks - The Battle of Vittorio Veneto
S05 E44
Austria-Hungary Deisintegrates - The Ottoman Empire Leaves the War I
S05 E45
Revolution in Germany - Armistice in Austria
S05 E46
Armistice - But Peace?
Season 6
S06 E01
New Wars and Revolutions - Demobilisation
S06 E02
The Russian Civil War in Early 1919
S06 E03
Greater Poland Uprising - Book Picks - Veteran Care
S06 E04
The Lenin Boys Go To War - Hungarian Soviet Republic
S06 E05
Bavarian Soviet Republic - 1919 Economy and Reconstruction
S06 E06
Mussolini and D'Annunzio On The Rise - Allies in Crisis Over Italy
S06 E07
US Soldiers Fighting in Russia - The End of the "Polar Bear Expedition"
S06 E08
Just Peace Or Day of Dishonor? - The Treaty of Versailles
S06 E09
Estonia and Latvia Fight For Independence - Russian Civil War Baltic Fron...
S06 E10
The Allied Occupation of Germany After The Treaty of Versailles
S06 E11
Polish-Ukrainian War 1919 - The Battle for Lemberg
S06 E12
The Drive On Moscow - Russian Civil War Summer 1919
S06 E13
Communist Revolution in America? - The Red Scare
S06 E14
Worse Than Versailles? - The Treaty of Saint-Germain
S06 E15
The Freikorps Fights On - Estonia and Latvia War For Independence
S06 E16
The Tide Is Turning - Russian Civil War Fall 1919
S06 E17
The Graveyard of Empires Strikes Back - The British-Afghan War of 1919
S06 E18
The Brief Independence of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
S06 E19
Treaty of Neuilly - A National Catastrophe for Bulgaria?
S06 E20
The Hungarian Romanian War & The Downfall of the Hungarian Soviet Republi...
S06 E21
Adolf Hitler's First Steps In Politics - The Foundation Of The Nazi Party
S06 E22
The Treaty of Versailles And The Economic Consequences Of The Peace
Season 7
S07 E01
The United States Goes Dry - Alcohol Prohibition
S07 E02
The Greco-Turkish War & The Turkish War Of Independence
S07 E03
Diamonds or Self-Determination? - South West African Nationalism
S07 E04
The Freikorps Marches On Berlin - The Kapp Putsch
S07 E05
Irish War of Independence - Black and Tans vs. IRA Guerrillas
S07 E06
The Failed Start Of The League of Nations
S07 E07
Spoils of War for Britain and France - Redrawing the Map of the Middle Ea...
S07 E08
Polish-Soviet War - First Phase 1919 - May 1920
S07 E09
The Spanish Flu Influenza Pandemic 1918 - 1920
S07 E10
The Treaty of Trianon - The Most Controversial of the Peace Treaties
S07 E11
The Peasants Rise Up Against The Bolsheviks - The Russian Civil War(s) 19...
S07 E12
German-Polish Proxy War In Silesia - French Troops On The Rhine
S07 E13
French War In Syria - British War Against The Iraqi Revolution
S07 E14
Greco-Turkish War - Treaty of Sèvres
S07 E15
Battle of Warsaw - Turning Point of Polish-Soviet War
S07 E16
Irish War of Independence - WW1 Veterans In A New Battle
S07 E17
Dividing Up The Middle East - The Creation of Lebanon
S07 E18
Russian Civil War in Central Asia
S07 E19
Polish-Lithuanian War - Caught Between Poland and Soviet Russia
S07 E20
Italian Proto-Fascists Occupy Fiume - The Adriatic Question
S07 E21
Bloody Sunday - Escalation in the Irish War of Independence
S07 E22
The Mexican Revolution - Bandits Turned Heroes
S07 E23
The Russian Civil War in Siberia
Season 8
S08 E01
Anglo-Somali War - The Somali Dervish Movement
S08 E02
Mahatma Gandhi And The Indian Anti-Colonial Resistance After WW1
S08 E03
The Persian Coup And The British Thirst For Oil
S08 E04
Attacking a Fortress Island Across The Frozen Sea - The Kronstadt Rebelli...
S08 E05
Bloody Climax Of The Anglo-Irish War - And A Truce
S08 E06
Banana Wars - US Marines Occupy Cuba, Haiti & Dominican Republic
S08 E07
Emperor Karl Wants His Crown Back - Habsburg Restoration Coups
S08 E08
Chinese Warlord Era - The Zhili–Anhui War
S08 E09
Battle of Annaberg - Germany and Poland Fight Over Silesia
S08 E10
French Troops March Into Germany - After The Treaty of Versailles
S08 E11
Banana Wars - US Occupation in Central America for A Fruit Company
S08 E12
British Economy after WW1 - Fear of The Bolshevik Brit
S08 E13
Outbreak of the Rif War - Spanish Defeat at Annual
S08 E14
Adolf Hitler Becomes Führer of the Nazi Party - Erzberger Assassinated
S08 E15
The Battle of Blair Mountain - West Virginia Coal Wars
S08 E16
Turning Point in the Greco-Turkish War - Battles of Sakarya and İnönü
S08 E17
Palestine Riots - Jewish Settlements Under British Protection
S08 E18
The Largest Anti-Bolshevik Uprising Of The Russian Civil War
S08 E19
Worthless Paper Money - German Hyper-Inflation Starts After WW1
S08 E20
The Franco-Turkish War - Southern Front of the Turkish War of Independenc...
S08 E21
How Mussolini Founded The Italian Fascist Party
S08 E22
A Peace Treaty That Sparked A Civil War - The Anglo-Irish Treaty
S08 E23
Foreshadowing WW1 - Italo-Turkish War 1911-1912 I THE GREAT WAR [DOCUMENT...
Episode 1
Europe Prior to WWI - Allies and Enemies
Episode 2
Tinderbox Europe - From Balkan Troubles to WW1
Episode 3
A Shot that Changed the World
Episode 4
Who Did What in WW1? - Wilhelm II German Emperor
Episode 5
How Did Gas Shells Work in WW1?
Episode 6
What Was Bloodiest Battle of World War 1?
Episode 7
Why Was Hötzendorf Allowed To Command?
Episode 8
In the Service of Men - Women in World War One
Episode 9
Who Did What in WW1? - Adolf Hitler
Episode 10
Silent and Deadly - GAS WARFARE IN WORLD WAR 1
Episode 11
The Religious Leaders During WW1
Episode 12
How did Propaganda Change After the First Months of World War 1?
Episode 13
Art From The Apocalypse - Otto Dix
Episode 14
The Top 10 Moustaches of World War 1
Episode 15
Prisoner of War During World War 1
Episode 16
Verdun Fortress Design - Gas Development Sights
Episode 17
Douglas Haig - Lion or Donkey?
Episode 18
Anti-U-Boat Strategy and Tactics in World War 1
Episode 19
Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery During World War 1
Episode 20
Conscientious Objectors - Water -
Episode 21
Europe Prior to WWI - Alliances and Enemies
Episode 22
Tinderbox Europe - From Balkan Troubles to World War I
Episode 23
A Shot that Changed the World - The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Episode 24
Are Those Insane Austrian Railways Still In Use?
Episode 25
The Role Of Airplanes And Cavalry in World War 1
Episode 26
Who Did What in WW1? - The Red Baron
Episode 27
Why Wasn't Switzerland Invaded in World War 1?
Episode 28
Hard and Muddy Times - The Trench Warfare
Episode 29
Who Did What in WW1? - Kaiser Wilhelm II - The Last German Emperor
Episode 30
How Did Gas Shells Work in WW1? I OUT OF THE TRENCHES
Episode 31
Who Did What in WW1? - Ferdinand Foch
Episode 32
A Sign of Friendship in the Midst of War - The Christmas Truce 1914
Episode 33
How Did the Armies Bury the Dead in the Trenches?
Episode 34
What Was The Bloodiest Battle of World War 1?
Episode 35
Recap: The First Six Months
Episode 36
Who Did What in WW1? - Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck
Episode 37
How Did Journalists Work in World War 1?
Episode 38
Companions In The Trenches - Animals of World War 1
Episode 39
Who Did What in WW1? - Maximilian von Spee
Episode 40
Were British Soldiers Better Than Others?
Episode 41
Patreon Announcement
Episode 42
Poland's Struggle for Independence During WW1
Episode 43
Sustaining Total War - Women in World War One
Episode 44
What About Canada?
Episode 45
Adolf Hitler in World War 1
Episode 46
Latin America During WW1 and Who Are You Guys?
Episode 47
Poison Gas Warfare In WW1
Episode 48
Who Did What in WW1? - The Last Tsar - Nicholas II
Episode 49
South America in WW1 - Religious Leaders
Episode 50
Race To The Sea - Propaganda Changes
Episode 51
Who Did What in WW1? - Conrad von Hötzendorf
Episode 52
The Sky Was The Limit - World War 1 In The Air
Episode 53
Who Did What in WW1? - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Episode 54
Canada in World War 1
Episode 55
Who Did What in WW1? - Winston Churchill
Episode 56
South Africa in WW1 feat. Extra Credits
Episode 57
Who Did What in WW1? - The Author of All Quiet on The Western Front - Eri...
Episode 58
Who Did What in WW1? - A Genius and A Madman - Fritz Haber
Episode 59
Indiana Jones and the Giant Metal Snake - Outtakes
Episode 60
Who Did What in WW1? - Socialist and Front Soldier - Louis Barthas
Episode 61
Italy in World War 1
Episode 62
How do Artillery Shells Work? How Do We Maintain Our Objectivity?
Episode 63
Recap 2: The First Year
Episode 64
It's our Birthday! - One year on THE GREAT WAR
Episode 65
Boy Scouts during WW1 And The Lusitania Sinking Myths
Episode 66
Top 11 Stupid Moves of Early World War 1
Episode 67
Welcome! - The Great War Channel 101
Episode 68
Who Did What in WW1? - The Forgotten War Heroine - Milunka Savic
Episode 69
Capturing the Horrors - The Art of World War 1
Episode 70
The French Rifles of World War 1 featuring Othais from C&RSENAL
Episode 71
French Pistols of World War 1 featuring Othais from C&RSENAL
Episode 72
The Schlieffen Plan - And Why It Failed
Episode 73
Sweden during World War 1 - Balancing Neutrality
Episode 74
Behind the Scenes - A Glimpse Into The Mind of Indy Neidell
Episode 75
Interview with Indy Neidell
Episode 76
Submarines, Dreadnoughts and Battle Cruisers - The Navies of World War 1
Episode 77
Why Did They Fight in Neutral Persia and Albania During WW1?
Episode 78
The Maconochi Stew
Episode 79
Bulgaria in World War 1 - The New Central Power
Episode 80
How Was A Burial Truce organised?
Episode 81
Who Did What in WW1? - The German Painter Who Fought In The Trenches - Ot...
Episode 82
The French Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 83
Why Didn't They Learn Anything From the American Civil War?
Episode 84
Recap 3: August - October 1915 - Global Escalation
Episode 85
The Top 10 Beards of World War 1
Episode 86
Who Did What in WW1? - J.R.R. Tolkien - The Father of Lord of The Rings
Episode 87
The Legend of the Desk & the Far Ends of the Trenches
Episode 88
The USA Before Joining World War 1
Episode 89
Who Laid The Barbed Wire In No Man's Land?
Episode 90
Beyond Wires and Pigeons - Communications in World War 1
Episode 91
What was the German Secret on the Eastern Front in 1915?
Episode 92
German Rifles of World War 1 feat. Othais from C&Rsenal
Episode 93
Why Don't You Use Modern Names For Cities? Who Was A Capable Commander in...
Episode 94
Hell's Handmaiden - Canadian Flying Ace Billy Bishop
Episode 95
Merch is Here! - Indy and Flo introduce Our Brand New Merchandise
Episode 96
Why Weren't The Germans Allowed to Pass Through Belgium in 1914?
Episode 97
Born On The Shores Of Gallipoli - ANZAC in WW1
Episode 98
How Did Submarine Warfare Change During World War 1?
Episode 99
The First Soldier of Belgium - King Albert I
Episode 100
Thank you for 200.000 Subscribers!
Episode 101
Baseball during WW1? What Was the Role Of Bicycle Battalions?
Episode 102
Colonial Glory And World War 1 Reality - British Field Marshal John Frenc...
Episode 103
The Story Of The SMS Emden
Episode 104
Why Was Franz Ferdinand A Horrible Person?
Episode 105
German Pistols of World War 1 feat. Othais from C&Rsenal
Episode 106
How Accurate Is Blackadder Goes Forth?
Episode 107
Dancer, Lover, Spy - Mata Hari
Episode 108
The Return of the Giant Metal Snake - The Great War Outtakes
Episode 109
One Of the Capable Generals of WW1 - Arthur Currie
Episode 110
Battle of Mojkovac & The Biggest Artillery Gun in World War 1
Episode 111
German Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 112
What was the Food like at the Front?
Episode 113
The Entente On The Run
Episode 114
What Happened After A Trench Was Captured?
Episode 115
Edith Cavell - Not A Martyr But A Nurse
Episode 116
Did Germany and Britain Trade Rubber And Optics in WW1?
Episode 117
Zeppelins - Majestic and Deadly Airships of WW1
Episode 118
Was Cocaine Widely Used During World War 1?
Episode 119
Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria
Episode 120
Trench Raid Tactics - Into The Abyss
Episode 121
Soldier Salary, Flying Aces And WW1 Inventions
Episode 122
British Child Soldiers of WW1 - Artillery Training
Episode 123
Erwin Rommel - Infantry Attacks During World War 1
Episode 124
European Socialists During WW1 - Frontline Medics
Episode 125
Austro-Hungarian Rifles of WW1
Episode 126
Artillery and Officer Training - Treatment of Colonial Troops
Episode 127
German East Africa - World War 1 Colonial Warfare
Episode 128
Germans in the US - Talerhof Internment Camp
Episode 129
Propaganda During World War 1 - Opening Pandora's Box
Episode 130
Cadorna Was An Idiot - Our New Format!
Episode 131
The Russian Navy - Submarines - Trench Mortar
Episode 132
Audacity & Gold Bars - The First Voyage Of The SMS Möve
Episode 133
The Trench Cycle - What Happened to Captured Weapons?
Episode 134
Armed Neutrality - The Netherlands In WW1
Episode 135
Military Chaplains - German Skull Caps
Episode 136
The Tragic Downfall Of The Lion Of The Isonzo
Episode 137
French Invasion Plans - Royal Correspondence - Recruitment
Episode 138
Justifying The Failure At Verdun?
Episode 139
Shell Shock - The Psychological Scars of World War 1
Episode 140
Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Habsburg Empire & The Hunt
Episode 141
The Easter Rising - Ireland in World War 1
Episode 142
Body Armor - Fortress Design - Belgian Armoured Car Division
Episode 143
T.E. Lawrence And How He Became Lawrence Of Arabia
Episode 144
The Battle of Verdun - The War Moves To The Middle East
Episode 145
That Question From 2014 - Verdun Heroes - Foreign Medals
Episode 146
Prisoners of War During World War 1
Episode 147
Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis
Episode 148
The Importance Of Oil - Ethiopian Empire
Episode 149
Josip Broz Tito in World War 1
Episode 150
Point Of No Return - Anti-War-Movements
Episode 151
The Age Of Warlords - China in WW1
Episode 152
Dazzle Camouflage - Sabotage Operations
Episode 153
Stormtrooper - German Special Forces of WW1
Episode 154
Execution Squads - Jews in WW1
Episode 155
Verdun Fortress Design - Gas Development Sites
Episode 156
Russia's Finest General - Aleksei Brusilov
Episode 157
10,000$ on Patreon! - We're Going To Przemyśl
Episode 158
Cossacks - Cavalry - Wolves
Episode 159
Beyond The Genocide - Armenia in WW1
Episode 160
Soldier Nicknames - World War - Landmines
Episode 161
World War 1 in Numbers
Episode 162
Cavalry in WW1 - Between Tradition and Machine Gun Fire
Episode 163
Iron Harvest - Frontline Entertainment - Fighting Minorities
Episode 164
The Architect Of The Battle of the Somme - Douglas Haig
Episode 165
Battlefield 1 - Historical Gameplay Trailer Analysis
Episode 166
Marines - Schutztruppe - Artillery Sound
Episode 167
From Socialist to Fascist - Benito Mussolini in World War 1
Episode 168
Deception - Weather Forecast - Trench Quality
Episode 169
Mexico in WW1 - The Mexican Revolution
Episode 170
Mission Tactics - Barbed Wire Placement
Episode 171
The Best Sniper Of World War 1 - Francis Pegahmagabow
Episode 172
Rubber Duckies - The Return of Angel and Snake
Episode 173
The Evolution of German Infantry Tactics
Episode 174
The British Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 175
The Trench Coat - Entente or Allies?
Episode 176
Top 10 Misconceptions About World War 1
Episode 177
The Great Explorer - Ernest Shackleton
Episode 178
Behind The Scenes - Making Of A TGW Episode
Episode 179
Flamethrowers - Anti Aircraft Guns
Episode 180
The British Naval Blockade of Germany
Episode 181
The Year Of Battles
Episode 182
Captured Tanks - Bagpipers
Episode 183
Austro-Hungarian Pistols of WW1
Episode 184
Kurds in WW1 - The Swagger Stick
Episode 185
A Crucial Test For Unity - Greece in WW1
Episode 186
German War Aims - War Economy
Episode 187
The Invention And Development of Submarines
Episode 188
Our First Trip To WW1 Locations Was An Epic Journey
Episode 189
Romania in World War 1
Episode 190
10 Rare And Obscure WW1 Era Guns
Episode 191
Anthony Fokker - Japanese Army - Semi-Auto Rifles
Episode 192
Tank Development in World War 1
Episode 193
Officer and Soldier Relationships - Treatment of Criminals
Episode 194
Reaching the Masses - Propaganda Film During World War 1
Episode 195
Galicia’s role in WWI - Handguns for Pilots - Fight or run
Episode 196
The Lion Of Verdun - Philippe Pétain
Episode 197
Indirect Machinegun-Fire - Welfare Facilities
Episode 198
Russian Uniforms of WW1
Episode 199
The Chinese Labour Corps in Russia During World War 1
Episode 200
The Game Of Thrones in Albania During World War 1
Episode 201
Thank You For 400,000 Subscribers! Production Update
Episode 202
Soldiers With Glasses - Industrial Centres - Frontline Generals
Episode 203
Mimi, Toutou and Fifi - The Utterly Bizarre Battle for Lake Tanganyika
Episode 204
Technical vs. Tactical Innovation - German Officers in the Ottoman Army
Episode 205
The War Photographer - Ernest Brooks
Episode 206
Bomber Pilot Fame - Delville Wood - WW1 Remembrance
Episode 207
New Inventions And New Fronts - Fall 1916
Episode 208
The First Shots of World War 1 - Serbian River Warfare
Episode 209
The Arditi - Italian Special Forces of World War 1
Episode 210
Italian Rifles of World War 1
Episode 211
Olympic Games 1916 - Reaction To Tanks - Barbed Wire
Episode 212
Romanian Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 213
Franz Joseph I - The Father of Austria-Hungary
Episode 214
Our Contribution To Battlefield 1
Episode 215
Night Combat - Tank Hunters - Airplane Detection
Episode 216
The Godfather of Modern Espionage - Sidney Reilly
Episode 217
The Story of The Lusitania
Episode 218
WW1 Archaeologists At The Site Of The First German Gas Attack
Episode 219
Hand Grenades - The Belgian Army - Flemish Nationalism
Episode 220
Baltic Sea Battles - Tanks On Other Fronts
Episode 221
Siege of Przemyśl - Summary
Episode 222
The Design of Przemyśl Fortress - Walking Through The Old Forts
Episode 223
Deportations - Strikes - Evacuations
Episode 224
Exploring WW1 Forts in Ukraine
Episode 225
We Are Going To Verdun - Next Field Trip
Episode 226
Starving For Total War - Turnip Winter 1916
Episode 227
Rasputin - The Man Behind The Tsarina
Episode 228
Absurd Trivia About King Zog - How Italy Prepared To Attack France
Episode 229
Ottoman Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 230
Spy Networks - Public Opinion - Conscription
Episode 231
Luigi Cadorna - The Generalissimo
Episode 232
American Elections - Ottoman Sultan - Austro-German Relations
Episode 233
The Kingdom of Hungary in WW1
Episode 234
German Jäger Corps - Russian Steamroller
Episode 235
Sharpshooters and Snipers in World War 1
Episode 236
Native Americans In WW1 - Superstitions - Paint Jobs
Episode 237
Anti Submarine Warfare and Tactics in World War 1
Episode 238
Smoking - Hearing Protection - Sanitation
Episode 239
The Hindenburg Line - Ludendorff's Defence In Depth
Episode 240
The Year of Battles Comes To An End
Episode 241
Recap Of Our Trip To Verdun
Episode 242
A Fate Worse Than Death - Disfigured Veterans of World War 1
Episode 243
French Railway Guns - Physical Requirements For WW1 Pilots
Episode 244
Medical Treatment in World War 1
Episode 245
Disc Grenade - Camel Corps - Austro-Hungarian Heroes
Episode 246
Outbreak of World War 1 - A Banker's Perspective
Episode 247
Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra in WW1 - Live And Let Live
Episode 248
Russia Before the 1917 Revolution
Episode 249
History Of The Cossacks Until World War 1
Episode 250
Camouflage Patterns - Funerary Practices - Prisoner Exchange
Episode 251
British India During World War 1
Episode 252
Serbian Field Marshal Stepa Stepanovic
Episode 253
Crucified Soldier - RMS Olympic - Somme Cavalry
Episode 254
The Backbone of Total War - Trains in WW1
Episode 255
Comparing WW1 Helmet Designs
Episode 256
Champion for Democracy? - Woodrow Wilson
Episode 257
Visiting the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
Episode 258
The Forgotten Ally - Portugal in WW1
Episode 259
The First American Shots Of WW1 - Guam And The Cormoran
Episode 260
Evolution of the British Infantry during World War 1
Episode 261
Smoke Screens - Fortress Location - Recruitment Age
Episode 262
Western Front Artillery At The Outbreak of World War 1
Episode 263
Flamethrower Units - Handling of Prisoners - Artillery Fuzes
Episode 264
German Trade Submarines - Beutepanzer Upgrades - Dan Carlin
Episode 265
Fight For Air Supremacy - Bloody April 1917
Episode 266
Reinventing Cavalry in WW1 - Bulgarian General Ivan Kolev
Episode 267
Joffre The Imbecile - Nivelle's Catastrophe
Episode 268
US Joins WW1 - Spring Offensives 1917
Episode 269
Junkers Fighter Planes - Whiter Feather Movement - Swiss Invasion Plans
Episode 270
Exploring Fort Douaumont With The VERDUN Developers
Episode 271
The Hero Of Tannenberg - Paul von Hindenburg
Episode 272
The Ally From The Far East - Japan in World War 1
Episode 273
Indochina - Cyprus - Puerto Rico
Episode 274
Croatia in World War 1
Episode 275
Exploring the Romagne 14-18 Museum in France
Episode 276
Austro-Hungarian Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 277
Creeping Barrage - Desert Tanks
Episode 278
Top 10 Stupid Moves of World War 1 - Mid 1915/1916
Episode 279
Ottoman Soldiers in Europe - Naval Tactics - Officer PoWs
Episode 280
Hero or Burden? - King Constantine I of Greece
Episode 281
Greek Rifles and Pistols of World War 1
Episode 282
Spain and the Spanish Arms Industry in WW1
Episode 283
Armoured Trains of World War 1
Episode 284
Fighting Without A Country - Czechoslovak Legions of World War 1
Episode 285
The Destroyed Villages Of France - Fleury
Episode 286
German Defences In The Meuse-Argonne Region
Episode 287
Maria Bochkareva and the 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death
Episode 288
Royal Marines - Anonymous Warfare - Latvian Riflemen
Episode 289
Tunnel Warfare During World War 1
Episode 290
Fake Paris - Female Soldiers - Naval Warfare
Episode 291
British Rifles of WW1
Episode 292
US Preparation - Alien Enemies Act - Franco-Prussian War
Episode 293
Burial and Identification Of The Dead in WW1
Episode 294
Recap Of Our Trip To England
Episode 295
The Baltic States in World War 1
Episode 296
War-Weariness I THE GREAT WAR Summary Part 10
Episode 297
Italian Pistols of World War 1
Episode 298
Trench Mortars - German Double Standards - Hughes’ Shovel
Episode 299
Romanian Guns of WW1
Episode 300
Inside A British Mark IV WW1 Tank
Episode 301
Inside A British Bristol Scout WW1 Airplane
Episode 302
Battlefield 1 Historical Analysis - In The Name Of The Tsar - They Shall ...
Episode 303
Georges Guynemer - The Flying Icon of France
Episode 304
British Malaya - US Equipment - Boobytraps
Episode 305
Inside A British WW1 Airbase - Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome
Episode 306
Mercenaries - War of the Pacific - Russian WW1 Remembrance
Episode 307
The Merchant of Death - Basil Zaharoff
Episode 308
Why Was Haig Still in Command?
Episode 309
Serbian Uniforms of World War 1
Episode 310
Recap Of Our Trip To Italy and Slovenia
Episode 311
Between Gulasch Barons and Defending Neutrality - Denmark in WW1
Episode 312
Electricity - Wright Brothers - Hip Firing MGs
Episode 313
Evolution Of British Battle Tanks In WW1
Episode 314
The Edge of the Abyss - Mountain Warfare On The Italian Front
Episode 315
Brazil in World War 1 - The South American Ally
Episode 316
Interview With Pär Sundström from Sabaton
Episode 317
German Defensive Strategy and Tactics At Passchendaele
Episode 318
On the Battlefield of Caporetto - Exploring the Kolovrat
Episode 319
Strategic Bombing on the Western Front
Episode 320
Breakthroughs and Setbacks - Fall 1917
Episode 321
Zionism during World War 1
Episode 322
The Mad Baron - Roman von Ungern-Sternberg
Episode 323
The Last Hussar - August von Mackensen
Episode 324
Development of British Tank Tactics 1917
Episode 325
Jagdkommandos - Austria-Hungary’s Special Forces in WW1
Episode 326
Dropping Bombs on Germany - WW1 in Heavy Metal
Episode 327
Invasions, Naval Battles and German Raiders - WW1 in the Pacific
Episode 328
Shell Recycling - WW1 Monuments in WW2 - Resistance Movements
Episode 329
Origins Of The German Alpenkorps
Episode 330
Father Victory - Georges Clemenceau
Episode 331
The Road to Independence - Finland in WW1
Episode 332
Beer Brewing - Roger Casement - Surviving Aces
Episode 333
Transcaucasia in World War 1
Episode 334
Filling Trenches - General PoWs - Blindness
Episode 335
The Hush Hush Army - The Adventures of Dunsterforce Part 1
Episode 336
The Sopwith Snipe - WW1 Pilot's Gear
Episode 337
The Defence of Baku - The Adventures of Dunsterforce Part 2
Episode 338
The Great War and C&Rsenal
Episode 339
Inside the Rolls Royce Armoured Car
Episode 340
German Anti-Tank Units - Herman Göring - Caltrops
Episode 341
POWs in Japan - Great War Remembrance - Marasesti
Episode 342
Life On The Isonzo Front
Episode 343
Central Powers Occupation Of Italy
Episode 344
British Pistols of World War 1
Episode 345
Trenches At 10,000 Feet - Fighting On Mt. Lagazuoi
Episode 346
British Special Forces - Bulgarian-Ottoman Relations - Caporetto
Episode 347
Sword Bayonets - German Casualties - Jerusalem Occupation
Episode 348
Hit and Run - Motor Torpedo Boats in World War 1
Episode 349
The Austro-Hungarian Serial Killer Vampire
Episode 350
Russian Pistols of World War 1
Episode 351
Live And Let Live - France's War Aims - Refugees
Episode 352
Russian Rifles of World War 1
Episode 353
Amphibious Landing Craft - Widow Compensation - Repatriation
Episode 354
The Czechoslovak Legion's Odyssey Through Russia
Episode 355
From Caporetto to Cambrai
Episode 356
Lenin & Trotsky - Their Rise To Power
Episode 357
Savage Division - Displaced People - Sexual Relations
Episode 358
German Tactics For 1918 Spring Offensive
Episode 359
King George V in World War 1
Episode 360
Inside the German A7V WW1 Tank
Episode 361
Conscientious Objectors - Water - Wastage
Episode 362
German Armored Cars in WW1
Episode 363
The Neutral Ally - Norway in WW1
Episode 364
Pioneers - Legend of the Kraken - Redeployment of Troops
Episode 365
France Before WW1 - La Belle Époque?
Episode 366
Stalin in WW1 - Quebec - Scottish Home Rule
Episode 367
Storm of Steel - Author And Officer Ernst Jünger
Episode 368
Hunting - Dreyfuss Affair - Equipment Modifications
Episode 369
Tank Crew Training - More German Tank Prototypes
Episode 370
The Finnish Jägers In World War 1
Episode 371
Our Trip To Turkey Recap
Episode 372
The Western Front Awakens - Peace In The East
Episode 373
Marie Curie in WW1 - Who Killed The Red Baron?
Episode 374
Evolution of French Infantry During World War 1
Episode 375
Black Army of Ukraine - Togoland in WWII
Episode 376
The Fightinest Marine - Dan Daly
Episode 377
Naval Operations In The Dardanelles Campaign 1915
Episode 378
Allied Defense During Spring Offensives 1918
Episode 379
Conrad von Hötzendorf - A Military Genius?
Episode 380
The Landings At ANZAC Cove And Suvla Bay 1915
Episode 381
The Landings At Cape Helles 1915
Episode 382
The Goeben & The Breslau - Two German Ships Under Ottoman Flag
Episode 383
The Only German Submarine Attack On US Shore in WW1
Episode 384
Flying Aircraft Carriers - Reversed Bullets
Episode 385
Life In The Tomb - WW1 Author Stratis Myrivilis
Episode 386
Henry Johnson And The Harlem Hellfighters
Episode 387
Crown Prince Wilhelm - Front Line Visits - Trench Entertainment
Episode 388
French North Africa in World War 1
Episode 389
Postal Service - Trench Deployment - US Air Force
Episode 390
Mountain Combat In The Vosges - The Battle For Alsace-Lorraine
Episode 391
More Info About Alsace-Lorraine in WW1
Episode 392
Australian General John Monash
Episode 393
Austro-Hungarian Artillery - Choctaw Code Talkers
Episode 394
A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
Episode 395
Pour Le Merite - Persia - Polish Legions
Episode 396
German Asia Corps In The Ottoman Empire During WW1
Episode 397
American Firearms - Machine Guns of WW1
Episode 398
Rockets - Blinded Soldiers
Episode 399
The Tide Is Turning
Episode 400
German Submarine Warfare in World War 1
Episode 401
Recruits from Alsace - Angel of Siberia
Episode 402
Creating An American Army - John J. Pershing
Episode 403
Italians in AH Army - Military Missions
Episode 404
Inside the Medium Mark A "Whippet" Tank
Episode 405
Adrian Carton de Wiart - WW1 Paratroopers?
Episode 406
WW1 Trucks and Logistics
Episode 407
American Handguns of World War 1
Episode 408
Unleashing The Tank's Full Potential - 1918/1919 Tank Tactics
Episode 409
American Rifles & Shotguns of World War 1
Episode 410
Belgian Uniforms Of World War 1
Episode 411
Drafting - Poetry - Georg von Trapp
Episode 412
Belgium Under German Occupation During WW1
Episode 413
Machine Guns Of World War 1
Episode 414
Stories From The Palestine Front - More About WW1 Trucks
Episode 415
Enzo Ferrari - Tank Sounds - French-American Animosity
Episode 416
Serbia Before World War 1
Episode 417
German Afghanistan Mission
Episode 418
Crown Prince Rupprecht & Erich Ludendorff - Westerner vs. Easterner
Episode 419
Looting - Pilates - Suicides Among Soldiers
Episode 420
Austria During World War 1
Episode 421
Baseball Season 1918
Episode 422
Great Britain Before World War 1
Episode 423
French Tanks of World War 1
Episode 424
George Patton & Douglas MacArthur In World War 1
Episode 425
The Great War is Not Over
Episode 426
The Victors & The Vanquished I The Great War Epilogue
Episode 427
British Weapons of World War 1
Episode 428
German WW1 Prototype Tanks Of 1918
Episode 429
Allied War Economy During World War 1
Episode 430
The Difficult Road To Peace 1919 I THE GREAT WAR Epilogue 2
Episode 431
The Spanish Flu - THE GREAT WAR Epilogue
Episode 432
WW1 World Leaders & Generals After The War - THE GREAT WAR Epilogue
Episode 433
Conflicts & Wars In The Aftermath of WW1 I THE GREAT WAR Epilogue
Episode 434
The Road Ahead For The Great War Channel
Episode 435
WTF is Jesse? Introducing the new Great War Host
Episode 436
Post WW1 Violence Theory - Paris Peace Conference - Beyond the Great War
Episode 437
Welcome to THE GREAT WAR 1919-1923 Channel!
Episode 438
The Great War Channel Birthday Rambling With Flo
Episode 439
Flo Answers Your Questions About Our New WW2 Documentary Project About Th...
Episode 440
My Family History During WW1 and WW2
Episode 441
Meeting Ian From Forgotten Weapons
Episode 442
250+ Videos Demonetized - What is Up YouTube?
Episode 443
We Survived 1919 - Thanks to You and Despite YouTube's Shenanigans
Episode 444
World War 1 Channel Reviews 1917 Movie
Episode 445
The Fighter that Broke The Stalemate In the Air - Fokker D.VII
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