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NFL Top 10

NFL Top 10

2007 - Now  •  Wednesday  •   100 hours
0 vote
Documentary, Sport
NFL Top 10 is a documentary program produced by NFL Films for airing on the NFL Network. The host and narrator is Derrin Horton.

The program counts down ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Backup Quarterbacks Aired on 01/08/2019
Backup Quarterbacks
Season 1: Episode 152
  New Episode Air Date
Packers V Patriots (26 January 1997)
Season 2: Episode 1
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Draft Trades
S01 E02
Draft Steals
S01 E03
Draft Classes
S01 E04
Draft Busts
S01 E05
Mobile Quarterbacks
S01 E06
One Shot Wonders
S01 E07
Bad Weather Games
S01 E08
S01 E09
Elusive Runners
S01 E10
Single Season Performances
S01 E11
Linebacking Corps
S01 E12
Most Versatile Players
S01 E13
Pass Rushers
S01 E14
Passing Combinations
S01 E15
S01 E16
Opening Days
S01 E17
S01 E18
Records That Will Never Be Broken
S01 E19
Worst Teams
S01 E20
Power Backs
S01 E21
Coaches Who Belonged In College
S01 E22
Football Factories
S01 E23
Team Turnarounds
S01 E24
Clutch Quarterbacks
S01 E25
Things That Changed The Game
S01 E26
Receiving Corps
S01 E27
Motivational Coaches
S01 E28
Controversial Calls
S01 E29
Quarterback Controversies
S01 E30
Tight Ends
S01 E31
Super Bowl Performances
S01 E32
Cornerback Tandems
S01 E33
S01 E34
Players Not In The Hall Of Fame
S01 E35
Most Feared Tacklers
S01 E36
Home Field Advantages
S01 E37
Biggest Upsets
S01 E38
Gutsiest Performances
S01 E39
Football Families
S01 E40
S01 E41
Rookie Seasons
S01 E42
Football Myths
S01 E43
S01 E44
Backfield Tandems
S01 E45
Dallas Cowboys
S01 E46
Games With Names
S01 E47
S01 E48
S01 E49
Return Aces
S01 E50
Coaches Who Never Won a Championship
S01 E51
S01 E52
S01 E53
Greatest Hands
S01 E54
Snakebit Franchises
S01 E55
S01 E56
Undrafted Players
S01 E57
Fans Choice
S01 E58
Things We Loved About The 2000s
S01 E59
Overtime Finishes
S01 E60
Gutsiest Calls
S01 E61
Jersey Numbers
S01 E62
Backup Quarterbacks
S01 E63
Shortest Players
S01 E64
Lefty Quarterbacks
S01 E65
Oakland Raiders
S01 E66
Quarterbacks of the 1980s
S01 E67
S01 E68
Revenge Games
S01 E69
Pittsburgh Steelers
S01 E70
Super Bowls
S01 E71
Teams That Didn't Win the Super Bowl
S01 E72
Worst Free Agent Signings
S01 E73
Things We Miss About Football
S01 E74
Football Divas
S01 E75
End Zone Celebrations
S01 E76
Green Bay Packers
S01 E77
Things We Love About the Giants - Eagles Rivalry
S01 E78
Toughest Acts to Follow
S01 E79
Quarterbacks of the 1990s
S01 E80
Football Moves
S01 E81
Brett Favre Games
S01 E82
Football Voices
S01 E83
Thanksgiving Moments
S01 E84
Passing Seasons
S01 E85
Quarterback Duels
S01 E86
Players Who Never Played in a Super Bowl
S01 E87
Heisman Winners in the NFL
S01 E88
Things We Loved About The 80s
S01 E89
Things We Love About Tebow
S01 E90
Worst Collapses
S01 E91
Trick Plays
S01 E92
Running-Backs of the 1980s
S01 E93
Joe Montana Games
S01 E94
Quarterbacks of the 1970s
S01 E95
Underrated Players
S01 E96
S01 E97
Draft Day Moments
S01 E98
Rushing Seasons
S01 E99
Episode 99
S01 E100
S01 E101
Ageless Wonders
S01 E102
Players You Love to Hate
S01 E103
Football Curses
S01 E104
Football Steves
S01 E105
Coaches of the 80's
S01 E106
Most Fun Teams Ever
S01 E107
Trending Topics of 2013
S01 E108
Fantasy Seasons
S01 E109
Brady vs. Manning Games
S01 E110
Quarterback Teases
S01 E111
Big Guys
S01 E112
Devastating Losses
S01 E113
New York Giants
S01 E114
Football Dynasties
S01 E115
Fastest Players
S01 E116
Super Bowl Plays
S01 E117
Peyton Manning Games
S01 E118
Free Agents
S01 E119
New England Patriots
S01 E120
Wide Receivers of the 2000's
S01 E121
Playoff Performances
S01 E122
Worst Plays
S01 E123
S01 E124
Playoff Finishes
S01 E125
Player Comebacks
S01 E126
Mic'd Up Guys
S01 E127
Greatest Catches
S01 E128
Chicago Bears
S01 E129
Greatest Interceptions
S01 E130
Greatest In-Season Trades
S01 E131
Tom Brady Games
S01 E132
Hail Marys
S01 E133
Clutch Drives
S01 E134
Career Finales
S01 E135
Amazing Runs
S01 E136
Greatest Teams
S01 E137
High Powered Offenses
S01 E138
Denver Broncos
S01 E139
What If's
S01 E140
Forgotten Plays
S01 E141
End Zone Celebrations of 2017
S01 E142
Bitter Ending (Devastating Departures)
S01 E143
Mount Rushmores
S01 E144
Goal Line Stands
S01 E145
S01 E146
Greatest Games of All Time
S01 E147
S01 E148
Quarterback-Coach Duos
S01 E149
Draft Years
S01 E150
HBCU Players
S01 E151
Human Highlight Reel
S01 E152
Backup Quarterbacks
Season 2
S02 E01
Packers V Patriots (26 January 1997)
S02 E02
Packers V Seahawks (12 January 2008)
S02 E03
Packers V Raiders (22 December 2003)
S02 E04
Packers V Panthers (12 January 1997)
S02 E05
Packers V Bengals (20 September 1992)
S02 E06
Packers V Seahawks (4 January 2004)
S02 E07
Packers V 49ers (11 January 1998)
S02 E08
Packers V Redskins (17 October 1983)
S02 E09
Packers V Bears (12 November 1995)
S02 E10
Packers V 49ers (14 October 1996)
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