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Steven Universe

Steven Universe

2014 - 2019   •  Cartoon Network
184 votes
22177 votes
# 480
Comedy, Animation, Children, Science-Fiction, Adventure, Family
The Crystal Gems are a team of magical beings who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe. Half-human, half-Gem hero Steven is the "little brother" of the group. The goofball is learning to save the world using the magical powers that come from his bellybutton and he goes on magical adventures ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Change Your Mind Aired on 01/21/2019
Change Your Mind
Season 5: Episode 28
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
154 episodes total
Steven Universe | "Steven Universe Opening Song (Season 2)" I Steven Universe I Cartoon Network
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Gem Glow
S01 E02
Laser Light Cannon
S01 E03
Cheeseburger Backpack
S01 E04
Together Breakfast
S01 E05
S01 E06
Cat Fingers
S01 E07
Bubble Buddies
S01 E08
Serious Steven
S01 E09
Tiger Millionaire
S01 E10
Steven's Lion
S01 E11
Arcade Mania
S01 E12
Giant Woman
S01 E13
So Many Birthdays
S01 E14
Lars and the Cool Kids
S01 E15
Onion Trade
S01 E16
Steven the Sword Fighter
S01 E17
Lion 2: The Movie
S01 E18
Beach Party
S01 E19
Rose's Room
S01 E20
Coach Steven
S01 E21
Joking Victim
S01 E22
Steven and the Stevens
S01 E23
Monster Buddies
S01 E24
An Indirect Kiss
S01 E25
Mirror Gem
S01 E26
Ocean Gem
S01 E27
House Guest
S01 E28
Space Race
S01 E29
Secret Team
S01 E30
Island Adventure
S01 E31
Keep Beach City Weird!
S01 E32
Fusion Cuisine
S01 E33
Garnet's Universe
S01 E34
Watermelon Steven
S01 E35
Lion 3: Straight to Video
S01 E36
Warp Tour
S01 E37
Alone Together
S01 E38
The Test
S01 E39
Future Vision
S01 E40
On the Run
S01 E41
Horror Club
S01 E42
Winter Forecast
S01 E43
Maximum Capacity
S01 E44
Marble Madness
S01 E45
Rose's Scabbard
S01 E46
The Message
S01 E47
Political Power
S01 E48
The Return
S01 E49
Jail Break
Season 2
S02 E01
Full Disclosure
S02 E02
Open Book
S02 E03
Joy Ride
S02 E04
Say Uncle
S02 E05
Story for Steven
S02 E06
Shirt Club
S02 E07
Love Letters
S02 E08
S02 E09
Sworn to the Sword
S02 E10
Rising Tides/Crashing Skies
S02 E11
Keeping it Together
S02 E12
We Need to Talk
S02 E13
Chille Tid
S02 E14
Cry for Help
S02 E15
Keystone Motel
S02 E16
Onion Friend
S02 E17
Historical Friction
S02 E18
Friend Ship
S02 E19
Nightmare Hospital
S02 E20
Sadie's Song
S02 E21
Catch and Release
S02 E22
When It Rains
S02 E23
Back to the Barn
S02 E24
Too Far
S02 E25
The Answer
S02 E26
Steven's Birthday
S02 E27
It Could've Been Great
S02 E28
Message Received
S02 E29
Log Date 7 15 2
Season 3
S03 E01
Super Watermelon Island
S03 E02
Gem Drill
S03 E03
Same Old World
S03 E04
Barn Mates
S03 E05
Hit the Diamond
S03 E06
Steven Floats
S03 E07
Drop Beat Dad
S03 E08
Mr. Greg
S03 E09
Too Short to Ride
S03 E10
The New Lars
S03 E11
Beach City Drift
S03 E12
Restaurant Wars
S03 E13
Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service
S03 E14
Monster Reunion
S03 E15
Alone at Sea
S03 E16
Greg the Babysitter
S03 E17
Gem Hunt
S03 E18
Crack the Whip
S03 E19
Steven vs. Amethyst
S03 E20
S03 E21
S03 E22
S03 E23
Back to the Moon
S03 E24
Season 4
S04 E01
The Kindergarten Kid
S04 E02
Know Your Fusion
S04 E03
Buddy's Book
S04 E04
Mindful Education
S04 E05
Future Boy Zoltron
S04 E06
Last One Out of Beach City
S04 E07
Onion Gang
S04 E08
Gem Harvest
S04 E09
Three Gems and a Baby
S04 E10
Steven's Dream
S04 E11
Adventures in Light Distortion
S04 E12
Gem Heist
S04 E13
The Zoo
S04 E14
That Will Be All
S04 E15
The New Crystal Gems
S04 E16
Storm in the Room
S04 E17
S04 E18
Tiger Philanthropist
S04 E19
Room for Ruby
S04 E20
Lion 4: Alternate Ending
S04 E21
Doug Out
S04 E22
The Good Lars
S04 E23
Are You My Dad?
S04 E24
I Am My Mom
Season 5
S05 E01
Stuck Together
S05 E02
The Trial
S05 E03
Off Colors
S05 E04
Lars' Head
S05 E05
Dewey Wins
S05 E06
S05 E07
Raising the Barn
S05 E08
Back to the Kindergarten
S05 E09
Sadie Killer
S05 E10
Kevin Party
S05 E11
Lars of the Stars
S05 E12
Jungle Moon
S05 E13
Your Mother and Mine
S05 E14
The Big Show
S05 E15
Pool Hopping
S05 E16
Letters to Lars
S05 E17
Can't Go Back
S05 E18
A Single Pale Rose
S05 E19
Now We're Only Falling Apart
S05 E20
What's Your Problem?
S05 E21
The Question
S05 E22
Made of Honor
S05 E23
S05 E24
Legs From Here to Homeworld
S05 E25
S05 E26
Together Alone
S05 E27
S05 E28
Change Your Mind
Episodes 1
Sneak Peek with Rebecca Sugar
Episodes 2
Sneak Peak with Rebecca Sugar
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
What are Gems?
Episodes 5
SDCC 2015 Clip (Extended Theme)
Episodes 6
We Are The Crystal Gems (Extended Theme)
Episodes 7
Extended Theme
Episodes 8
Extended Theme (SDCC 2015)
Episodes 9
The Classroom Gems: How Are Gems Made?
Episodes 10
Episodes 11
Unboxing Special
Episodes 12
The Classroom Gems: Fusion
Episodes 13
Gem Karaoke
Episodes 14
Steven Reacts
Episodes 15
Video Chat
Episodes 16
Steven's Song Time
Episodes 17
Minisode: Gem Karaoke
Episodes 18
Minisode: Steven Reacts
Episodes 19
Minisode: Video Chat
Episodes 20
Minisode: Steven's Song Time
Episodes 21
Minisode: Cooking with Lion
Episodes 22
Lion Loves to Fit in a Box
Episodes 23
The Classroom Gems: What are Gems?
Episodes 24
We Are the Crystal Gems
Episodes 25
How Are Gems Made?
Episodes 26
Unboxing Special #1: Wacky Sack Hot Dog Duffel Bag
Episodes 27
Episodes 28
Cooking with Lion
Episodes 29
The Series So Far
Episodes 30
Steven Universe: The Movie
Episodes 31
Steven Universe
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1 Review
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7 Memos
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positive reviews
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English only please. Home rules.
Story: 9  Visuals: 9  Sound: 9  Character: 8  Enjoyment: 10

The power of love

It's a good story about a boy who's just learning about the world he lives and himself. How the storys starts with Steven who know anything and is just starting to understand where he comes from

Great visual animations

Normal and good effects

There's a lot of to say about them

Better watch it


This serie have made feel euphoria, astonishment, sadness and a lot of others feelings. Just because the characters are always showing how they're broken inside but with Steven everything... read more

2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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Member’s ratings:
Marcus Berry Marcus Berry 10
Surprisingly FUN and sweet!
pantonaki pantonaki 9
Started as something to just watch, but it has a surprisingly good backstory and story line in general! thumbs up!!
Keten Keten 6
Ambitious with great messages but it really drops the ball on the resolution to conflicts and wastes a lot of time on pointless episodes.

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