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Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol

2011 - Now  •  Wednesday 05:00 AM on MBC Every1  •  23 days  •  3 seasons  •  572 episodes
8 votes
221 votes
# 11221
Comedy, Talk Show, Game Show
Weekly Idol is a South Korean variety show that debuted in 2011. The show was hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong-don and rapper Defconn. Lee Sang-min, Yoo Se-yoon and Kim Shin-young have been selected as the new hosts of the show.
  Previously Aired Episode
Xdinary Heroes Aired on 07/27/2022
Xdinary Heroes
Season 3: Episode 184
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
'Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking'
S01 E02
'Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking' 2
S01 E03
'Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking' 3
S01 E04
S01 E05
S01 E06
S01 E07
B2ST (non-guest special)
S01 E08
S01 E09
S01 E10
S01 E11
S01 E12
Chi Chi (special: Kara)
S01 E13
S01 E14
Girls' Generation (non-guest special)
S01 E15
FT Island
S01 E16
Kim Hyun Joong (non-guest special)
S01 E17
Orange Caramel
S01 E18
Girl's Day
S01 E19
S01 E20
Infinite &
S01 E21
Rainbow & MBLAQ
S01 E22
Wonder Girls
S01 E23
S01 E24
1st Weekly Idol Awards
S01 E25
S01 E26
Episode 26 with B1A4
S01 E27
Episode 27 with Boyfriend
S01 E28
Episode 28 with Dal Shabet
S01 E29
Episode 29 with T-ara
S01 E30
Episode 30 with MBLAQ
S01 E31
Episode 31 with Teen Top
S01 E32
Episode 32 with Teen Top
S01 E33
Episode 33 with Jay Park
S01 E34
Episode 34 with FT Island
S01 E35
Episode 35 with miss A
S01 E36
Episode 36 with miss A
S01 E37
Episode 37 with Haha
S01 E38
Episode 38 with Haha
S01 E39
Episode 39 with 2AM
S01 E40
Episode 40 with B1A4
S01 E41
Episode 41 with SHINee
S01 E42
Episode 42 with SHINee
S01 E43
Episode 43 with 4minute & BtoB
S01 E44
Episode 44 with Apink
S01 E45
Episode 45 with Haha & Sistar
S01 E46
Episode 46 with Nine Muses
S01 E47
Episode 47 with Infinite
S01 E48
Episode 48 with Infinite
S01 E49
Episode 49 with Teen Top
S01 E50
Episode 50 with
S01 E51
Episode 51 with f(x)
S01 E52
First Anniversary with After School
S01 E53
First Anniversary with After School
S01 E54
Episode 54 with Hello Venus & NU'EST
S01 E55
Episode 55 with Haha & Skull
S01 E56
Episode 56 with Infinite
S01 E57
Episode 57 with B.A.P
S01 E58
Episode 58 with B2ST
S01 E59
Episode 59 with B2ST
S01 E60
Episode 60 with Super Junior
S01 E61
Episode 61 with Super Junior
S01 E62
Episode 62 with Secret
S01 E63
Episode 63 with Secret
S01 E64
Episode 64 with Tasty & Hyungdon & Daejun
S01 E65
Episode 65 with ZE:A
S01 E66
Episode 66 with BtoB
S01 E67
Episode 67 with Orange Caramel
S01 E68
Episode 68 with Spica & Fiestar
S01 E69
Episode 69 with miss A
S01 E70
Episode 70 with miss A
S01 E71
Episode 71 with Block B
S01 E72
Episode 72 with Jewelry
S01 E73
Episode 73 with B1A4 & Hyukjin of 100%
S01 E74
Episode 74 with Girl's Day
S01 E75
2nd Weekly Idol Awards with Sungkyu of Infinite & Ilhoon of BtoB
S01 E76
Episode 76 with Ailee
S01 E77
Episode 77 with Yang Yoseob of B2ST & Ilhoon of BtoB
S01 E78
Episode 78 with Hello Venus
S01 E79
Episode 79 with Infinite H
S01 E80
Episode 80 with 2Yoon & Sohyun of 4minute
S01 E81
Episode 81 with Nine Muses
S01 E82
Episode 82 with Dal Shabet
S01 E83
Episode 83 with Sistar19
S01 E84
Episode 84 with Huh Gak
S01 E85
Episode 85 with B.A.P & Kim Bohyung of Spica
S01 E86
Episode 86 with Rainbow
S01 E87
Episode 87 with 4minute
S01 E88
Episode 88 with 4minute
S01 E89
Episode 89 with SHINee
S01 E90
Episode 90 with SHINee
S01 E91
Episode 91 with Speed & Teen Top
S01 E92
Episode 92 with Rania
S01 E93
Episode 93 with Infinite
S01 E94
Episode 94 with Infinite
S01 E95
Episode 95 with Secret
S01 E96
Episode 96 with 15&
S01 E97
Episode 97 with B1A4
S01 E98
Episode 98 with BtoB
S01 E99
Episode 99 with 100%
S01 E100
Special 100th Episode with Rainbow, Secret & 4minute
S01 E101
Special 100th Episode with Rainbow, Secret & 4minute
S01 E102
Episode 102 with MBLAQ
S01 E103
Episode 103 with EXO
S01 E104
Episode 104 with Apink
S01 E105
Episode 105 with Girl's Day
S01 E106
Episode 106 with Jewelry
S01 E107
Episode 107 with Infinite
S01 E108
Episode 108 with EXO
S01 E109
Episode 109 with B2ST
S01 E110
Episode 110 with B2ST
S01 E111
Episode 111 with B.A.P
S01 E112
Episode 112 with Tasty
S01 E113
Episode 113 with BtoB
S01 E114
Episode 114 with A-Jax & 2EYES
S01 E115
Episode 115 with Teen Top
S01 E116
Episode 116 with Henry & Kyuhyun of Super Junior
S01 E117
Episode 117 with Ladies' Code
S01 E118
Episode 118 with Block B
S01 E119
Episode 119 with Spica
S01 E120
Episode 120 with IU
S01 E121
Episode 121 with IU
S01 E122
Episode 122 with K.will
S01 E123
Episode 123 with Park Jiyoon & Lim Kim of Togeworl
S01 E124
Episode 124 with G-Dragon of Big Bang
S01 E125
Episode 125 with G-Dragon of Big Bang
S01 E126
Episode 126 with Shin Bora
S01 E127
3rd Weekly Idol Awards with Yoon Bomi of Apink, Ilhoon of BtoB & P.O of B...
S01 E128
Episode 128 with Kim Heechul of Super Junior
S01 E129
Episode 129 with Yong Junhyung
S01 E130
Episode 130 with Secret
S01 E131
Episode 131 with AOA
S01 E132
Episode 132 with Rainbow Blaxx
S01 E133
Episode 133 with History
S01 E134
Episode 134 with Girl's Day
S01 E135
Episode 135 with B1A4
S01 E136
Episode 136 with BtoB
S01 E137
Episode 137 with B.A.P
S01 E138
Episode 138 with Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls
S01 E139
Episode 139 with CNBlue
S01 E140
Episode 140 with CNBlue
S01 E141
Episode 141 with 4minute
S01 E142
Episode 142 with Apink
S01 E143
Episode 143 with Crayon Pop
S01 E144
Episode 144 with BTS
S01 E145
Episode 145 with BESTie & 100%
S01 E146
Episode 146 with GOT7
S01 E147
Episode 147 with Bomi and Ilhoon
S01 E148
Episode 148 with Jun Hyosung of Secret
S01 E149
Episode 149 with Jiyeon of T-ara
S01 E150
Episode 150 with Wheesung
S01 E151
Episode 151 with B2ST
S01 E152
Episode 152 with Infinite
S01 E153
Episode 153 with Infinite
S01 E154
Episode 154 with AOA
S01 E155
Episode 155 with Jung Joon Young
S01 E156
Episode 156 - Third Anniversary Special
S01 E157
Episode 157 - Third Anniversary Special
S01 E158
Episode 158 with HyunA of 4minute
S01 E159
Episode 159 with B1A4
S01 E160
Episode 160 with Big Byung
S01 E161
Episode 161 with Tiny-G
S01 E162
Episode 162 with Kara
S01 E163
Episode 163 with Kara
S01 E164
Episode 164 with NU'EST & Fiestar
S01 E165
Episode 165 with T-ara
S01 E166
Episode 166 with Kim Jongmin
S01 E167
Episode 167 with Teen Top
S01 E168
Episode 168 with Red Velvet
S01 E169
Episode 169 with Winner
S01 E170
Episode 170 with VIXX
S01 E171
Episode 171 with Orange Caramel
S01 E172
Episode 172 with Song Jieun of Secret
S01 E173
Episode 173 with AOA
S01 E174
Episode 174 with Boyfriend
S01 E175
Episode 175 with Apink
S01 E176
Episode 176 with Kim Ian & Changjo of Teen Top
S01 E177
Episode 177 with GOT7
S01 E178
Episode 178 with EXID
S01 E179
4th Weekly Idol Awards with Bomi of Apink, Ilhoon of BtoB & Big Byung
S01 E180
Episode 180 with Hong Jin-young
S01 E181
Episode 181 with Boys Republic
S01 E182
Episode 182 with JunggiGo, Mad Clown & JooYoung
S01 E183
Episode 183 with Lizzy
S01 E184
Episode 184 with Nine Muses
S01 E185
Episode 185 with 4Minute
S01 E186
Episode 186 with Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE
S01 E187
Episode 187 with Big Byung & Chamsonyeo
S01 E188
Episode 188 with Niel of Teen Top
S01 E189
Episode 189 with Rainbow
S01 E190
Episode 190 with Lovelyz
S01 E191
Episode 191 with Boyfriend
S01 E192
Episode 192 with APink
S01 E193
Episode 193 with Apink
S01 E194
Episode 194 with G-Friend & Berry Good
S01 E195
Episode 195 with K.Will
S01 E196
Episode 196 with FT Island
S01 E197
Episode 197 with EXID
S01 E198
Episode 198 with CLC
S01 E199
Episode 199 with Kim Sung Kyu
S01 E200
200th Episode Special
S01 E201
Episode 201 with Sistar, AOA, Secret, Monsta X, Sonamoo & N.Flying
S01 E202
Episode 202 with Kara
S01 E203
Episode 203 with BTS & Uniq
S01 E204
Episode 204 with AOA
S01 E205
Episode 205 with Teen Top
S01 E206
Episode 206 with BtoB
S01 E207
Episode 207 with INFINITE
S01 E208
Episode 208 with Apink
S01 E209
Eoisode 209 with BEAST
S01 E210
Episode 210 with Girl's Day
S01 E211
Episode 211 with Wonder Girls
S01 E212
Episode 212 with Girls' Generation
S01 E213
Episode 213 with Girls' Generation
S01 E214
Episode 214 with Mamamoo
S01 E215
Episode 215 with APRIL
S01 E216
Episode 216 with Monsta X
S01 E217
Episode 217 with Red Velvet
S01 E218
Episode 218 with CNBLUE
S01 E219
Episode 219 with Lovelyz
S01 E220
Episode 220 with GOT7
S01 E221
Episode 221 with GFRIEND
S01 E222
Episode 222 with Seventeen
S01 E223
Episode 223 with Oh My Girl
S01 E224
Episode 224 with Brown Eyed Girls
S01 E225
Episode 225 with N.Flying
S01 E226
Episode 226 with EXID
S01 E227
Episode 227 with VIXX
S01 E228
Episode 228 with Twice
S01 E229
Episode 229 with BTS
S01 E230
Episode 230 - Christmas Special with Lovelyz, Gfriend and Twice
S01 E231
5th Weekly Idol Awards with Hayoung of Apink, N of VIXX and Mina of AOA
S01 E232
Episode 232 with Lovelyz
S01 E233
Episode 233 with UP10TION
S01 E234
Episode 234 with Dal Shabet
S01 E235
Episode 235 with Tahiti & The Legend
S01 E236
Episode 236 with GFriend
S01 E237
Episode 237 with Shin Hyesung
S01 E238
Episode 238 with Noel
S01 E239
Episode 239 with AOA Cream
S01 E240
Episode 240 with Mamamoo
S01 E241
Episode 241 with Fiestar
S01 E242
Episode 242 with Red Velvet
S01 E243
Episode 243 with Cosmic Girls
S01 E244
Episode 244 with Block B
S01 E245
Episode 245 with Junhyung of BEAST, Bora of SISTAR, Solji of EXID & Jacks...
S01 E246
Episode 246 with Laboum
S01 E247
Episode 247 with J.Y. Park
S01 E248
Episode 248 with Hani, Heechul, Jackson and JYP
S01 E249
Episode 249 with TWICE
S01 E250
Episode 250 with Lovelyz
S01 E251
Episode 251 with AOA
S01 E252
Episode 252 with Lee Hi
S01 E253
Episode 253 with AKMU
S01 E254
Episode 254 with EXID
S01 E255
Episode 255 with DIA
S01 E256
Episode 256 with 4TEN, ASTRO, KNK (Super Rookies Special 1)
S01 E257
Episode 257 with Beast
S01 E258
Episode 258 with Beast
S01 E259
Episode 259 with GFriend & gugudan
S01 E260
Episode 260 - 5th Anniversary
S01 E261
Episode 261 - 5th Anniversary Special with BTOB & GOT7 & TWICE & GFRIEND
S01 E262
Episode 262 - 5th Anniversary Special with BTOB & GOT7 & TWICE & GFRIEND
S01 E263
Episode 263 with Oh My Girl & Got7
S01 E264
Episode 264 - Idols Are the Best Special
S01 E265
Episode 265 with NCT 127
S01 E266
Episode 266 with I.O.I
S01 E267
Episode 267 with Red Velvet
S01 E268
Episode 268 - Chuseok Special BEST OF BEST
S01 E269
Episode 269 with Infinite
S01 E270
Episode 270 with GOT7
S01 E271
Episode 271 with APink
S01 E272
Episode 272 with SHINee
S01 E273
Episode 273 with Dal Shabet & DIA
S01 E274
Episode 274 with Twice
S01 E275
Episode 275 US broadcast video
S01 E276
Episode 276 with BtoB
S01 E277
Episode 277 with BLACKPINK
S01 E278
Episode 278 with Kyuhyun
S01 E279
Episode 279 with Astro
S01 E280
Episode 280 with Sech Kies
S01 E281
Episode 281 with Sech Kies (2)
S01 E282
Episode 282 Special X-Mas
S01 E283
Episode 283 Special Award Ceremony
S01 E284
Episode 284 with BIGBANG
S01 E285
Episode 285 with BIGBANG (2)
S01 E286
Episode 286 with Shinhwa
S01 E287
Episode 287 with Shinhwa (2)
S01 E288
Episode 288 with MOMOLAND, PENTAGON & VICTON (Super Rookie Special 2)
S01 E289
Episode 289 with NCT 127 & BIGBANG
S01 E290
Episode 290 with Bolbbalgan4
S01 E291
Episode 291 with Cosmic Girls and ??
S01 E292
Episode 292 with Lovelyz
S01 E293
Episode 293 with GFriend
S01 E294
Episode 294 with GOT7
S01 E295
Episode 295 with Highlight
S01 E296
Episode 296 with Highlight & KNK
S01 E297
Episode 297 with Monsta X
S01 E298
Episode 298 with Oh My Girl
S01 E299
Episode 299 with EXID
S01 E300
300th Episode Special
S01 E301
Episode 301 with WINNER
S01 E302
Episode 302 with CROSS GENE & SF9
S01 E303
Episode 303 with TWICE
S01 E304
Episode 304 with TWICE (2)
S01 E305
Episode 305 with Triple H
S01 E306
Episode 306 with iKON
S01 E307
Episode 307 with Astro
S01 E308
Episode 308 with Seventeen
S01 E309
Episode 309 with Apink
S01 E310
Episode 310 with BLACKPINK
S01 E311
Episode 311 with Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Young-chul, Park Jae-jung, Min-seo &...
S01 E312
Episode 312 with B.I.G, MAP6 & Matilda (Super Rookies Special 3)
S01 E313
Episode 313 with MAMAMOO & GFriend (Summer Vacation Special 1)
S01 E314
Episode 314 with Turbo (Summer Vacation Special 2)
S01 E315
Episode 315 with Wanna One (1) (Summer Vacation Special 3)
S01 E316
Episode 316 with Wanna One (2) (Summer Vacation Special 3)
S01 E317
Episode 317 with Sunmi & Kim Chung-ha (Female Solos Special)
S01 E318
Episode 318 with Raina, Han Dong-geun, NU'EST W & Pristin (1) (Pledis Fam...
S01 E319
Episode 319 with Raina, Han Dong-geun, NU'EST W & Pristin (2) (Pledis Fam...
S01 E320
Episode 320 with Weki Meki, Golden Child (& Part 1 of GFriend)
S01 E321
Episode 321 with GFriend (2) (& Masked Idol Season 1 Finale Special)
S01 E322
Episode 322 with B1A4
S01 E323
Episode 323 MBC Every1 10th Anniversary Special Part 1
S01 E324
Episode 324 MBC Every1 10th Anniversary Special Part 2
S01 E325
Episode 325 MBC Every1 10th Anniversary Special Part 3
S01 E326
Episode 326 Produce 101 Season 2 Reunion Special
S01 E327
Episode 327 with TWICE
S01 E328
Episode 328 with Super Junior
S01 E329
Episode 329 with Super Junior (2)
S01 E330
Episode 330 with Block B
S01 E331
Episode 331 with Red Velvet
S01 E332
Episode 332 with Rain
S01 E333
Episode 333 with Uhm Jung-hwa
S01 E334
Episode 334 with EXID (Christmas Special)
S01 E335
7th Weekly Idol Awards
S01 E336
Dog Special
S01 E337
Episode 337 with Infinite
S01 E338
Episode 338 with Double V
S01 E339
Episode 339 with Hwanhee and Wheesung
S01 E340
Episode 340 with BoA
S01 E341
Episode 341 with iKON
S01 E342
Episode 342 with Seventeen
S01 E343
Episode 343 with Celeb Five
S01 E344
Episode 344 with N.Flying and Day6
S01 E345
Episode 345 with Mamamoo
S01 E346
Episode 346 with Got7
S01 E347
Episode 347 with NCT
S01 E348
Episode 348 with Monsta X
S01 E349
Episode 349 Special repackage
Season 2
S02 E01
Multi guests
S02 E02
EXID & The Boyz
S02 E03
Snuper & VIXX
S02 E04
Hyeongseob x Euiwoong & GFRIEND
S02 E05
IN2IT & Lovelyz
S02 E06
FOURever (Kim Tae-won, Kim Jong-seo, Kim Kyung-ho, Park Wan-kyu), The Eas...
S02 E07
Victon & Dreamcatcher
S02 E08
H1GHR Music Family and Khan
S02 E09
Pristin V and Fromis_9 (except Jang Gyu-ri)
S02 E10
S02 E11
SHINee, Bolbbalgan4 and UNI.T
S02 E12
S02 E13
Amoeba Culture (Yankie, Rhythm Power, Ha:tfelt, Crush) and A.C.E
S02 E14
Golden Child and Elris
S02 E15
Kim Chung-ha and Gugudan SEMINA
S02 E16
Apink, Kim Chung-ha, Gugudan SEMINA
S02 E17
S02 E18
Leo (VIXX), Laboum, GFriend
S02 E19
Super Junior-D&E
S02 E20
Red Velvet
S02 E21
Brand New Music Family (Hanhae, Kanto, MXM, MC Gree) and Berry Good
S02 E22
NCT Dream
S02 E23
The Boyz
S02 E24
Nam Woo-hyun (Infinite) and Oh My Girl
S02 E25
S02 E26
Yuri (Girls' Generation) and GWSN
S02 E27
S02 E28
Weki Meki and fromis_9
S02 E29
NCT 127
S02 E30
S02 E31
Monsta X
S02 E32
Stray Kids
S02 E33
Key (SHINee)
S02 E34
S02 E35
S02 E36
Special Broadcast Part 1
S02 E37
Special Broadcast Part 2
S02 E38
Special Broadcast Part 3
S02 E39
Special Broadcast Part 4
Season 3
S03 E01
NCT (Taeyong, Doyoung, Jungwoo) and Oh My Girl (Hyojung, Seunghee, Arin)
S03 E02
Cosmic Girls
S03 E03
Luna (f(x)) and Lee Min-hyuk (BtoB)
S03 E04
S03 E05
GFriend (Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, SinB) and Kim Dong-han
S03 E06
S03 E07
Monsta X
S03 E08
Yoon Ji-sung
S03 E09
Ha Sung-woon (HOTSHOT)
S03 E10
S03 E11
Wooseok X Kuanlin
S03 E12
S03 E13
Stray Kids
S03 E14
S03 E15
S03 E16
Lee Seung-hyub (N.Flying), Moon Bin (Astro) and Juyeon (The Boyz)
S03 E17
S03 E18
Oh My Girl
S03 E19
S03 E20
S03 E21
S03 E22
NCT 127
S03 E23
Cosmic Girls
S03 E24
S03 E25
S03 E26
S03 E27
S03 E28
S03 E29
S03 E30
NCT Dream
S03 E31
S03 E32
HoooW and JBJ95
S03 E33
The Boyz
S03 E34
Red Velvet
S03 E35
Weki Meki and EVERGLOW
S03 E36
Chuseok Special: Highlights Broadcast
S03 E37
Astro (MJ, Rocky), Kim Kook-heon and Song Yuvin
S03 E38
Celeb Five
S03 E39
Jang Woo-hyuk (H.O.T.)
S03 E40
Stray Kids
S03 E41
S03 E42
Kei (Lovelyz), Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) and Heejin (Loona)
S03 E43
Monsta X
S03 E44
Brown Eyed Girls
S03 E45
Cosmic Girls
S03 E46
S03 E47
S03 E48
Golden Child
S03 E49
S03 E50
Park Jae-jung, Jeong Se-woon and Kim Kook-heon (B.O.Y)
S03 E51
Kim Jae-hwan
S03 E52
Oh My Girl (Hyojung, Seunghee, Binnie, Arin) and Stray Kids (Bang Chan, L...
S03 E53
B.O.Y, Kim Dong-han and Roh Tae-hyun (HOTSHOT)
S03 E54
S03 E55
Lunar New Year Highlights Special: Idols who shined in 2019 Weekly Idol
S03 E56
Super Junior (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook) (1)
S03 E57
Super Junior (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook) (2)
S03 E58
I'm A Trot Singer Special
S03 E59
S03 E60
S03 E61
S03 E62
S03 E63
ITZY // Astro (Moon Bin, Yoon San-ha) and Kangmin (VERIVERY)
S03 E64
NCT 127 #1
S03 E65
NCT 127 #2
S03 E66
S03 E67
S03 E68
S03 E69
Oh My Girl
S03 E70
S03 E71
Monsta X
S03 E72
NCT Dream
S03 E73
S03 E74
NCT 127
S03 E75
BtoB (Seo Eun-kwang, Peniel)
S03 E76
Super Junior-K.R.Y.
S03 E77
Golden Child
S03 E78
S03 E79
S03 E80
S03 E81
Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi
S03 E82
S03 E83
S03 E84
S03 E85
S03 E86
CLC and Cravity
S03 E87
Super Junior-D&E
S03 E88
S03 E89
Stray Kids
S03 E90
The Boyz, Super Five
S03 E91
S03 E92
Chuseok Special Highlights Broadcast
S03 E93
S03 E94
Cignature and WJSN Chocome
S03 E95
S03 E96
Monsta X
S03 E97
S03 E98
S03 E99
BtoB 4U
S03 E100
S03 E101
Super Junior (1)
S03 E102
Super Junior (2)
S03 E103
S03 E104
Woo!ah! and Lunarsolar
S03 E105
2020 Weekly Idol Masterpieces Special
S03 E106
S03 E107
S03 E108
Golden Child
S03 E109
S03 E110
S03 E111
Cherry Bullet
S03 E112
500th Episode Special
S03 E113
Rain, Ciipher
S03 E114
S03 E115
S03 E116
S03 E117
S03 E118
S03 E119
Cosmic Girls
S03 E120
Brave Girls
S03 E121
S03 E122
S03 E123
S03 E124
Oh My Girl
S03 E125
S03 E126
Monsta X
S03 E127
S03 E128
Fromis 9
S03 E129
Idols Who Wants To Be Seen Again Special #1
S03 E130
Rookie Boy Groups Special
S03 E131
NCT Dream
S03 E132
S03 E133
No.1 Idol Who Wants To Be Seen Again Special #2
S03 E134
S03 E135
Golden Child
S03 E136
The Boyz
S03 E137
S03 E138
Stray Kids
S03 E139
S03 E140
S03 E141
S03 E142
S03 E143
S03 E144
S03 E145
Super Junior-D&E
S03 E146
T1419, Epex
S03 E147
S03 E148
Astro (Moon Bin, Yoon San-ha), Golden Child (Lee Jang-Jun, Hong Joo-chan)...
S03 E149
S03 E150
S03 E151
Weki Meki
S03 E152
S03 E153
S03 E154
WJSN (Yeoreum, Dayoung), SF9 (Inseong, Dawon)
S03 E155
Xdinary Heroes
S03 E156
WJSN Chocome
S03 E157
S03 E158
S03 E159
S03 E160
S03 E161
S03 E162
S03 E163
S03 E164
S03 E165
S03 E166
Stray Kids
S03 E167
Oh My Girl
S03 E168
S03 E169
S03 E170
DKZ, Just B
S03 E171
S03 E172
Moonbyul (Mamamoo), Purple Kiss
S03 E173
S03 E174
S03 E175
Company Special
S03 E176
Company Special
S03 E177
S03 E178
Wooah, Secret Number
S03 E179
S03 E180
S03 E181
S03 E182
S03 E183
S03 E184
Xdinary Heroes
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