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City Confidential

City Confidential

1999 - Now  •  Thursday on A&E  •  47 hours  •  144 episodes
4 votes
578 votes
# 1618
Documentary, Crime
City Confidential features real life stories in a wide variety of American cities. While many of these stories deal with murder, some also deal with attempted murder, and public officials caught in compromising situations, among other things. The cities featured vary widely in size, from the smallest ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Bloodshed in Brookland Aired on 11/11/2021
Bloodshed in Brookland
Season 12: Episode 3
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Season 1
S01 E01
Little Rock: The Politics of Murder
S01 E02
Sunny Days, Deadly Nights on Mercer Island
S01 E03
San Francisco: Betrayal by the Sea
S01 E04
Wilmington: Dangerous Affairs
S01 E05
Nashville: Murder in Music City
S01 E06
Fairbanks: Mining for Murder
S01 E07
Midnight in Miami
S01 E08
Las Vegas: Deadly Jackpot
S01 E09
Soho: The Art of Murder
S01 E10
Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley?
S01 E11
Hermosa Beach: Missing in Paradise
S01 E12
Gibsonton: The Last Side Show
S01 E13
Skidmore: Frontier Justice
S01 E14
Deadly Odds in Biloxi
S01 E15
New Orleans: Betrayal in the Big Easy
S01 E16
Dallas: Arsenic and Old Money
S01 E17
Ft. Lauderdale: Sin in the Sun
Season 2
S02 E01
Middleburg: Pistols, Ponies, and Foul Play
S02 E02
Newberry: Small Town Justice
S02 E03
Scottsboro: Foul Play in the Bible Belt
S02 E04
Darlington, WI: Bad Judgement
S02 E05
Virginia City: Showdown at the Mustang Ranch
S02 E06
Key West: Pirates in Paradise
S02 E07
St. Augustine: The Socialite and the Politician
S02 E08
The Chicago Horse Mafia
S02 E09
Carlsbad:Danger in the Desert
S02 E10
Phoenix: Shady Deals in Sun City
S02 E11
Great Falls:The Criminal Next Door
S02 E12
Greenwood: The Devil and the Delta Blues
S02 E13
Ruthton: Tragedy in the Heartland
S02 E14
Gatlinburg: Smoky Mountain Nightmare
S02 E15
Rock Springs: Deadly Draw in the Wild West
S02 E16
Ingleside: Dirty Deals, Buried Secrets
S02 E17
Faith and Foul Play in Salt Lake City
S02 E18
Boston: Betrayal in Beantown
Season 3
S03 E01
Wilmington: Dangerous Affairs
S03 E02
Atlantic City: The Mayor and the Mob
S03 E03
Ingleside: Dirty Deals, Buried Secrets
S03 E04
Key West: Pirates in Paradise
S03 E05
St. Augustine: The Socialite and the Politician
S03 E06
Carlsbad: Danger in the Desert
S03 E07
Phoenix: Shady Deals in Sun City
S03 E08
Greenwood: The Devil and the Delta Blues
S03 E09
Great Falls: The Criminal Next Door
S03 E10
Philadelphia: Double Dutch Bust
S03 E11
Rock Springs: Deadly Draw in the Wild West
S03 E12
Gatlinburg: Smoky Mountain Nightmare
S03 E13
Boston: Betrayal in Beantown
Season 4
S04 E01
Bigfork: Silent Night, Deadly Night
S04 E02
Ruthton: Tragedy in the Heartland
S04 E03
Greensboro: Clash with the Klan
S04 E04
Austin: Empty Graves
S04 E05
Hilo: Betrayal on the Big Island
S04 E06
Paradise Valley: Showdown in the High Desert
S04 E07
Akron: Brother Against Brother
S04 E08
Bad News in Battle Creek
S04 E09
Chattanooga: Dangerous Trespassing
S04 E10
Tyler: Fallen Rose
S04 E11
Lopez Island: Foul Play on the Friendly Isle
S04 E12
Green Bay: Terror in Titletown
S04 E13
Horror in Amityville
S04 E14
Aspen: Murder on the Slopes
S04 E15
San Antonio: Maximum Justice
Season 5
S05 E01
Baton Rouge: Scandal on the Bayou
S05 E02
Malibu: The Murder of Good Time Charlie
S05 E03
Santa Monica: A Woman Scorned
S05 E04
Athens: Showdown at the Station
S05 E05
Berkeley: Murder in a College Town
S05 E06
Ozark: Deadly Medicine
S05 E07
Detroit: A Co-ed's Secret
S05 E08
Deadly Games in Little Washington
S05 E09
Youngstown: Mob Hits and Misses
S05 E10
Kansas City: The Final Curtain
S05 E11
Denver: Campaign for Cover-up
S05 E12
Paducah: Cruel Summer
S05 E13
Bad Medicine in Bangor
S05 E14
Huntsville: Twins on Trial
Season 6
S06 E01
Milwaukee: The Legend of Bambi Bembenek
S06 E02
Albuquerque: The Black Widow
S06 E03
Atlanta: Devil Down in Georgia
S06 E04
Park City: High Times and Hate Crimes
S06 E05
Houston: Cheers and Fears
S06 E06
Beverly Hills: Brothers in Arms
S06 E07
Lynchburg: The Heiress and Her Lover
S06 E08
Orlando: Faith and Felonies
S06 E09
Memphis: Burning Betrayal
S06 E10
Fresno: Fatal Inheritance
Season 7
S07 E01
Durham: Dangerous Housewife
S07 E02
Archer City: Under Suspicion
S07 E03
El Paso: Outlaw Attorney
S07 E04
Miami Beach, FL: Smugglers & Speedboats
S07 E05
Portland, ME: Unfriendly Fire
S07 E06
Los Angeles, CA: Silenced Partner
S07 E07
San Diego, CA: Badge of Dishonor
S07 E08
Pittsburgh, PA: Til Death Do Us Part
S07 E09
Charlotte, NC: Panther on the Run
S07 E10
Spokane: Predator in the Parks
S07 E11
Palm Beach: Deadly Infestation
S07 E12
Hanover: Tragedy 101
Season 8
S08 E01
Newport: Chaos in the Castle
S08 E02
Brownsville: Black Magic
S08 E03
Cherry Hill: Sins of the Rabbi
S08 E04
Carthage: Frozen Assets
S08 E05
Wellesley: The Doctor's Double Life
S08 E06
Macon: Spoonful of Arsenic
S08 E07
Sebring: Social Insecurity
S08 E08
Santa Fe: In Harm's Way
S08 E09
South Beach: Fashion Victim
S08 E10
Potomac: Eliminating the Competition
S08 E11
St. Louis: Family Man, Hit Man
S08 E12
Elkhart: Crimes of Passion
Season 9
S09 E01
Somerset, KY: A Killer Campaign
S09 E02
Boise, ID: Last Dance
S09 E03
Panama City, FL: Autopsy of a Marriage
S09 E04
Portland, OR: Skinhead Slayer
S09 E05
Honesdale: Highway to Hell
S09 E06
Milford: Death and Taxes
S09 E07
Lexington, KY: A Parting Shot
S09 E08
Barrington: Terror in the Suburbs
S09 E09
Darlington, WI: Bad Judgment
S09 E10
Duchesne, UT: Blown Away
Season 10
S10 E01
Cookeville, TN: Deadly Politics
S10 E02
Palo Alto, CA: Flesh and Blood
S10 E03
Seattle, WA: Long Walk Home
S10 E04
Orange County, CA: A Family Affair
S10 E05
Riggins, ID: Frontier Faceoff
S10 E06
Pikeville, KY: Kentucky Gothic
S10 E07
Providence, RI: The Mayor and the Mob
S10 E08
Knoxville, TN: Phantom Hitman
S10 E09
Emporia, KS: Thou Shalt Not Kill
S10 E10
Conway, SC: Fatal Friendship
Season 11
S11 E01
Rochester, NY: The Big Heist
S11 E02
Elizabeth, NJ: Death of a Don
S11 E03
Merion, PA: Recipe for Murder
S11 E04
West Columbia, TX: Killing Cousins
S11 E05
Amarillo, TX: High School Hit & Run
S11 E06
Minneapolis, MN: Deadly Investment
S11 E07
Reading, MA: Fatal Blow
S11 E08
Lake Tahoe, NV: The Casino Bomber
S11 E09
Saddle River, NJ: From Russia with Murder
S11 E10
San Leandro, CA: The Sausage King
Season 12
S12 E01
Monsters on Main Street
S12 E02
Murder in Amish Country
S12 E03
Bloodshed in Brookland
Episode 1
Old Hollywood: Silent Stars, Deadly Secrets
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