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The Block

The Block

2003 - Now  •  Monday 07:30 PM on Nine Network  •  33 days  •  807 episodes
9 votes
516 votes
# 12145
Reality, Home and Garden
Get ready for action, drama and plenty of tears and laughter when the hugely successful realty-renovation competition The Block,

hosted by Scott Cam, introduces four couples who are taking on one of the toughest but potentially ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (1) Aired on 10/18/2021
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (1)
Season 17: Episode 42
  New Episode Air Date
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (2)
Season 17: Episode 43
The Block | The block 2015. The blocktagon Channel 9
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Season 1
S01 E01
Episode 1 - Series Premiere
S01 E02
Episode 2
S01 E03
Episode 3
S01 E04
Episode 4
S01 E05
Episode 5
S01 E06
Episode 6
S01 E07
Episode 7
S01 E08
Episode 8
S01 E09
Episode 9
S01 E10
Episode 10
S01 E11
Episode 11
S01 E12
Episode 12 - Grand Finale Auction
S01 E13
Episode 13 - Tears, Tantrums & Triumphs
S01 E14
Episode 14 - Moving Out
S01 E15
Reno Rumble (Part 3)
Season 2
S02 E01
Episode 1
S02 E02
Episode 2
S02 E03
Episode 3
S02 E04
Episode 4
S02 E05
Episode 5
S02 E06
Episode 6
S02 E07
Episode 7
S02 E08
Episode 8
S02 E09
Episode 9
S02 E10
Episode 10
S02 E11
Episode 11
S02 E12
Episode 12
S02 E13
Episode 13
S02 E14
Episode 14
S02 E15
Episode 15
S02 E16
Episode 16
S02 E17
Epsiode 17
S02 E18
Episode 18
S02 E19
Episode 19
S02 E20
Episode 20
S02 E21
Episode 21
S02 E22
Episode 22
S02 E23
Episode 23
S02 E24
Episode 24
S02 E25
Episode 25
S02 E26
Episode 26
Season 3
S03 E01
Welcome To The Block 2010!
S03 E02
First Bedroom
S03 E03
Guest Bedroom
S03 E04
The Ensuite
S03 E05
Master Bedroom
S03 E06
Bathroom And Laundry
S03 E07
S03 E08
Kitchen And Dining
S03 E09
The Final
Season 4
S04 E01
Elimination Night 1
S04 E02
Elimination Night 2
S04 E03
Elimination Night 3
S04 E04
Elimination Night 4
S04 E05
The Order
S04 E06
The Homes
S04 E07
Shelley Craft Challenge
S04 E08
Episode 8
S04 E09
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S04 E10
Epsiode 10
S04 E11
Episode 11
S04 E12
Episode 12
S04 E13
Episode 13
S04 E14
Episode 14
S04 E15
Episode 15
S04 E16
Episode 16
S04 E17
Episode 17
S04 E18
Episode 18
S04 E19
Challenge Night
S04 E20
The Block Unlocked 1
S04 E21
Room Reveal and Judging
S04 E22
Challenge Night
S04 E23
Episode 23
S04 E24
Episode 24
S04 E25
Challenge Night
S04 E26
The Block Unlocked 2
S04 E27
Room Reveal and Judging
S04 E28
Episode 28
S04 E29
Episode 29
S04 E30
Episode 30
S04 E31
Challenge Night
S04 E32
The Block Unlocked 3
S04 E33
Room Reveal and Judging
S04 E34
Episode 34
S04 E35
Episode 35
S04 E36
Episode 36
S04 E37
Challenge Night
S04 E38
The Block Unlocked 4
S04 E39
Room Reveal and Judging
S04 E40
Episode 40
S04 E41
Episode 41
S04 E42
Episode 42
S04 E43
Challenge Night
S04 E44
The Block Unlocked 5
S04 E45
Room Reveal and Judging (1)
S04 E46
Room Reveal and Judging (2)
S04 E47
Episode 47
S04 E48
Episode 48
S04 E49
Episode 49
S04 E50
The Block Unlocked 6
S04 E51
The Block Auction
Season 5
S05 E01
Elimination Night 1
S05 E02
Elimination Night 2
S05 E03
Elimination Night 3
S05 E04
Elimination Night 4
S05 E05
House Decider Challenge
S05 E06
The Block Unlocked
S05 E07
Move into The Block
S05 E08
Shelley Craft's Challenge
S05 E09
Room 1 Renovations Continue
S05 E10
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E11
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E12
The Block Unlocked
S05 E13
Room Reveal
S05 E14
Shelley Craft's Challenge
S05 E15
Two-Room Week Continues
S05 E16
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E17
Scott & Shelley walk around The Block
S05 E18
The Block Unlocked
S05 E19
Room Reveal
S05 E20
Shelley Craft's Challenge
S05 E21
Guest / Powder Room Renovations Continue
S05 E22
Scotty's Challenge feat Shaynna Blaze
S05 E23
Renovations and Paint Ball
S05 E24
The Block Unlocked
S05 E25
Room Reveal
S05 E26
S05 E27
Renovations Continue
S05 E28
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E29
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E30
The Block Unlocked
S05 E31
Room Reveal
S05 E32
S05 E33
Renovations Continue
S05 E34
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E35
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E36
The Block Unlocked
S05 E37
Room Reveal
S05 E38
S05 E39
Renovations Continue
S05 E40
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E41
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E42
The Block Unlocked
S05 E43
Room Reveal
S05 E44
Shelley Craft's Challenge
S05 E45
Renovations Continue
S05 E46
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E47
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E48
The Block Unlocked
S05 E49
Room Reveal
S05 E50
Shelley Craft's Challenge
S05 E51
Renovations Continue
S05 E52
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E53
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E54
The Block Unlocked
S05 E55
Room Reveal
S05 E56
Shelley Craft's Challenge
S05 E57
Renovations Continue
S05 E58
Scotty's Workshop Challenge
S05 E59
Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
S05 E60
The Block Unlocked
S05 E61
Room Reveal
S05 E62
Challenge Week Commences
S05 E63
Challenge Week Renovations Continue
S05 E64
Scott and Shelley walk around The Challenge House
S05 E65
Challenge House Room Reveal
S05 E66
The Block Unlocked
S05 E67
The Block Auctions Grand Finale
Season 6
S06 E01
Move into The Block
S06 E02
Charity Make-over Challenge
S06 E03
The Safe Opens
S06 E04
Bedroom Room Reveal
S06 E05
Bedroom 2 Renovations Begin
S06 E06
Bedroom 2 Renovations Continue
S06 E07
Restoration Nation Challenge
S06 E08
Scott & Shelley walk around The Block
S06 E09
The Block UNLOCKED:Bedroom 1
S06 E10
Bedroom 2 Room Reveal
S06 E11
Bathroom Renovations Begin
S06 E12
The Block Olympian Challenge
S06 E13
The Belle Bathroom Challenge
S06 E14
Hell Week Continues
S06 E15
Dani Takes Charge
S06 E16
The Block UNLOCKED: Bedroom 2
S06 E17
Bathroom Room Reveal
S06 E18
Triple Room Week Begins
S06 E19
Triple Room Week Continues
S06 E20
Go-Karting Challenge
S06 E21
The 2nd safe opens
S06 E22
Brad and Lara return
S06 E23
The Block UNLOCKED: Bathroom
S06 E24
Triple-Room Reveal
S06 E25
Someone leaves The Block
S06 E26
Kitchen renovations continue
S06 E27
New arrival on The Block
S06 E28
Dan Unchained
S06 E29
The Block UNLOCKED: Triple Room
S06 E30
Kitchen Room Reveal
S06 E31
War on The Block
S06 E32
Dan strips for Charity
S06 E33
Bondi Sculpture Challenge
S06 E34
Phil's Revenge
S06 E35
The Block UNLOCKED: Kitchen
S06 E36
Living Room Reveal
S06 E37
Exterior renovations continue
S06 E38
Exterior Reveal
S06 E39
The Block Auction Grand Finale
Season 7
S07 E01
The Couples Move In
S07 E02
The Challenge Continues
S07 E03
Hotel Room Reveal
S07 E04
Bedroom Renovations Continue
S07 E05
Shelley's Bedlam Challenge
S07 E06
The Block UNLOCKED - Hotel Room
S07 E07
Bedroom and Ensuite Room Reveal
S07 E08
Double Ensuite Week Begins
S07 E09
Steam Room Scandal
S07 E10
Tough Mudders Challenge
S07 E11
Paint Roller Wars
S07 E12
The Block UNLOCKED - Bedroom and Ensuite Room
S07 E13
His and Hers Ensuites Room Reveal
S07 E14
Teams Team Up
S07 E15
Bec's Birthday Surprise
S07 E16
All Stars Tour The Block
S07 E17
Scott & Shelley walk around The Block
S07 E18
The Block Unlocked - His and Hers Ensuites
S07 E19
Master Bedroom Room Reveal
S07 E20
Return to The Block
S07 E21
Bedhead Bedlam Begins
S07 E22
Bec & George return to The Block
S07 E23
Matt’s Meltdown
S07 E24
The Block UNLOCKED - Master Bedroom
S07 E25
Guest Bedroom and Ensuite Room Reveal
S07 E26
Kitchen Week Begins
S07 E27
Challenges & Cheats
S07 E28
The Candle Scandal
S07 E29
Trixie’s Birthday Surprise
S07 E30
The Block UNLOCKED - Guest Bedroom and Ensuite Room
S07 E31
Kitchen Room Reveal
S07 E32
The Halfway Mark
S07 E33
The Block on safari
S07 E34
Living room week continues
S07 E35
Day at the races
S07 E36
The Block UNLOCKED - Kitchen
S07 E37
Living & Dining Room Reveal
S07 E38
Living and Dining Room Reveal continues
S07 E39
Mike & Andrew return
S07 E40
Super-sized Block
S07 E41
Foyers and Laundries
S07 E42
S07 E43
Room Reveal - Foyer and Laundry
S07 E44
Last Room of the Apartment: Terrace Begins
S07 E45
Myers Windows are judged
S07 E46
Terrace Week Continues
S07 E47
George vs. Keith
S07 E48
The Block UNLOCKED - foyer and laundry
S07 E49
Room Reveal - terrace & re-do room
S07 E50
Blockheads Unite
S07 E51
The Block vs Madi
S07 E52
Designer Decades Challenge
S07 E53
Bec vs Mat
S07 E54
The Block Unlocked - Terrace and Re-Do Room
S07 E55
Foyer & rooftop reveal
S07 E56
The Challenge Level begins
S07 E57
Bec vs Keith
S07 E58
Real Estate Challenge
S07 E59
Scott & Shelley tour the block
S07 E60
The Block UNLOCKED - Exterior, Foyer & Rooftop
S07 E61
Challenge Level Room Reveal
S07 E62
The Final Week begins
S07 E63
Challenge Level continues
S07 E64
Johnno Goes Sky High
S07 E65
The Final Room Reveal
S07 E66
S07 E67
Grand Finale
S07 E68
Domestic Blitz - The Block to the Rescue
Season 8
S08 E01
Elimination 1
S08 E02
Elimination 2
S08 E03
Fans meet Faves
S08 E04
Apartment challenge: Fans v Faves
S08 E05
Move in, camp out
S08 E06
Super Luke
S08 E07
Shelley's First Challenge - Switched On
S08 E08
Scott and Shelley walk around The Block
S08 E09
The Block Unlocked 1 (Elimination Rooms + Favourites)
S08 E10
Guest Bedroom Room Reveal
S08 E11
Triple Room Week
S08 E12
Bathroom Disasters
S08 E13
Square Metre House Challenge
S08 E14
Sleepy Steve and Chantelle
S08 E15
The Block Unlocked 2 (Guest Bedroom 1)
S08 E16
Guest Bathroom, Laundry, Drying Terrace Room Reveal
S08 E17
Darren Palmer master class
S08 E18
The morning after
S08 E19
The Mark Tuckey Challenge
S08 E20
Wall wars
S08 E21
The Block Unlocked 3 (Guest Bathroom, Laundry, Drying Terrace)
S08 E22
Bedroom Two Room Reveal
S08 E23
The Forgotten Pool
S08 E24
The Pool Area Reveal
S08 E25
A Block Wedding
S08 E26
Bathroom Battles
S08 E27
The Block Unlocked 4 (Second Bedroom/Pool Area)
S08 E28
The Main Bathrooms
S08 E29
Kitchen Week Begins
S08 E30
Budget Blues
S08 E31
Shelley's Challenge
S08 E32
The Heart of the Home
S08 E33
The Block Unlocked 5 (Main Bathroom)
S08 E34
Kitchen Room Reveal
S08 E35
The Ground Floor
S08 E36
The Block Under Attack
S08 E37
Phil and Amity Return
S08 E38
The Block's Best Kept Secret
S08 E39
The Block Unlocked 6 (Kitchens)
S08 E40
Living And Dining Rooms Reveal
S08 E41
Master Bedroom Week
S08 E42
Comedy Night
S08 E43
Colour My World Challenge
S08 E44
Tensions Rise
S08 E45
The Block Unlocked 7 (Living & Dining Rooms)
S08 E46
Master Suites Revealed
S08 E47
Scores Are Revealed
S08 E48
Last Rooms On The Block
S08 E49
Best Worst Room Ever
S08 E50
Racing To The Finish Line
S08 E51
The Block Unlocked 8 (Master Suites)
S08 E52
The Final Block Judging
S08 E53
Two House Challenge
S08 E54
Bedroom Blitz
S08 E55
The First Points
S08 E56
The Pressure's On
S08 E57
The Block Unlocked (Terrace)
S08 E58
The Interiors
S08 E59
The Final Judgment
S08 E60
Open For Inspections
S08 E61
The Grand Finale
Season 9
S09 E01
Welcome To The Block!
S09 E02
First Room Begins
S09 E03
Settle the Score
S09 E04
Building Delays
S09 E05
Design Disputes & The Block Unlocked
S09 E06
Guest Bedrooms Revealed
S09 E07
Scotty's Game Changer
S09 E08
Safety First
S09 E09
Love Thy Neighbour Challenge
S09 E10
Problem After Problem
S09 E11
The Block Unlocked (Guest Bedroom)
S09 E12
Main Bathroom Revealed
S09 E13
The Jury Votes
S09 E14
Secret Rooms and Building Delays
S09 E15
Pop Up Shop Challenge
S09 E16
Pop Up Shop Politics
S09 E17
The Block Unlocked (Main Bathrooms)
S09 E18
Bedroom and Study Room Reveal
S09 E19
Jury with a Difference
S09 E20
Take Down The Walls
S09 E21
Taking Shape
S09 E22
In Trouble
S09 E23
The Block Unlocked (Bedroom and Study)
S09 E24
Master Bedrooms Revealed
S09 E25
The Block Jury Votes
S09 E26
Pop Up Shop Is Revealed
S09 E27
The Best Challenge Ever
S09 E28
Staircases and Laundries
S09 E29
The Block Unlocked (Master Bedroom)
S09 E30
Laundry and Staircase Reveal
S09 E31
The Buyers Vote
S09 E32
Kitchen Build Continues
S09 E33
Brothers' Kitchen Nightmare
S09 E34
Will There Be An Audit?
S09 E35
The Block Unlocked (Laundry and Staircase)
S09 E36
Kitchen Reveal
S09 E37
The Jury Votes
S09 E38
Living and Dining on a Budget
S09 E39
Australian Made Challenge
S09 E40
The Block Audit
S09 E41
The Block Unlocked (Kitchens)
S09 E42
Living and Dining Room Revealed
S09 E43
Jury Revenge
S09 E44
Keith's Discovery
S09 E45
Reno Replay Challenge Begins
S09 E46
Reno Replay Challenge Results
S09 E47
The Block Unlocked (Living and Dining Rooms)
S09 E48
Ensuites Revealed
S09 E49
Jury Votes
S09 E50
Children First Charity Challenge
S09 E51
Terraces Take Shape
S09 E52
Keith Faces An Uprising
S09 E53
The Block Unlocked (Ensuites)
S09 E54
Terraces Are Revealed
S09 E55
Block's Biggest Bust Up
S09 E56
Apartment 6 Challenge Gets Competitive
S09 E57
Keith Recruits New Labourers
S09 E58
Keith Accused of Playing Favourites
S09 E59
The Block Unlocked (Terraces)
S09 E60
Apartment 6 Revealed
S09 E61
Darren Defies Keith's Kitchen Request
S09 E62
Brothers Caught in Rooftop Hell
S09 E63
Challenge Apartment Downstairs Rooms Revealed
S09 E64
The Block Unlocked (Apartment 6)
S09 E65
The Auction
Season 10
S10 E01
Welcome to The Block!
S10 E02
Elimination Number One
S10 E03
Elimination Challenge Two
S10 E04
Who's the Next to Go?
S10 E05
The Final Elimination Round Begins
S10 E06
Bathrooms in 72 hours!
S10 E07
Meet Our New Blockheads!
S10 E08
The Triple Threat Arrives
S10 E09
Let the Renovating Begin
S10 E10
Demolition and Design
S10 E11
The Block Open House: Eliminations Review
S10 E12
Bedrooms Are Revealed
S10 E13
Bathroom Week Begins
S10 E14
The Rug Rat Challenge
S10 E15
Bathroom Week Continues
S10 E16
The Block Open House 2: Bedroom 1 Review
S10 E17
Bathroom Reveal
S10 E18
Buyers Jury
S10 E19
Jimmy Possum Challenge
S10 E20
The Battle Of The Seagrass Wallpaper
S10 E21
The Block Open House 3: Main Bathroom Review
S10 E22
Bedrooms Revealed
S10 E23
Buyers Jury
S10 E24
Make A Wish Challenge
S10 E25
Three Room Reality
S10 E26
The Block Open House 4: Bedroom 2 Review
S10 E27
Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar Reveal
S10 E28
Buyers Jury
S10 E29
Model Tenants Challenge
S10 E30
Living and Dining Rooms Take Shape
S10 E31
The Block Open House 5: Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar Review
S10 E32
Living and Dining Rooms Revealed
S10 E33
Shaynna Mentors Dea
S10 E34
Face Value Challenge
S10 E35
Ensuite Week Continues
S10 E36
The Block Open House 6: Living & Dining Review
S10 E37
Ensuites Revealed
S10 E38
Master Bedrooms Begin
S10 E39
Style To Sell Challenge
S10 E40
The Wine Audit
S10 E41
The Block Open House 7: Ensuites Review
S10 E42
Master Bedroom Reveal
S10 E43
The Block Triple Threat Special
S10 E44
Kitchen Week Begins
S10 E45
Kitchen Week Continues
S10 E46
Challenge Day
S10 E47
Kitchens Revealed
S10 E48
Study And Stairs
S10 E49
Triple Threat Radio
S10 E50
Kitchen Capers Challenge
S10 E51
Staircase Judging
S10 E52
Terrace Week Begins
S10 E53
Terraces Take Shape
S10 E54
The Budget Blowout
S10 E55
Terraces Revealed
S10 E56
The Final Challenge
S10 E57
The Last Chance
S10 E58
The Auction
Season 11
S11 E01
Let's Begin!
S11 E02
Who Gets The Penthouse?
S11 E03
Bathroom Ideas A Plenty
S11 E04
The Truth Comes Out
S11 E05
Master Ensuite Room Reveal
S11 E06
Bedroom Begins
S11 E07
Game Plays On The Block
S11 E08
Who Said It Was Tacky?
S11 E09
Guest Bedrooms & Ensuite Reveal
S11 E10
Master Bedroom Week Begins
S11 E11
Life Lessons On A Building Site
S11 E12
Designer Bed Head Challenge
S11 E13
Master Bedrooms Revealed
S11 E14
Neale And Darren Host Brunch
S11 E15
Budget Blow Outs
S11 E16
Shelley And Scotty's Mid Week Visit
S11 E17
Bedroom and Ensuite Reveal
S11 E18
Triple Room Reno
S11 E19
Blocktagon Blues
S11 E20
Coffee Challenge With Colin and Justin
S11 E21
Triple Room Reveal
S11 E22
Scotty's Shock Announcement
S11 E23
Budget Blues and Bonuses
S11 E24
Challenge Day
S11 E25
Living Room Reveal
S11 E26
Kitchen Week Begins
S11 E27
Suzi and Vonni Lag Behind
S11 E28
Supermarket Rush Challenge
S11 E29
Kitchens Completed
S11 E30
Dining Room and Foyer Week Begins
S11 E31
$10,000 Challenge
S11 E32
Budget Highs and Lows
S11 E33
Dining Room and Foyer Reveal
S11 E34
Terraces and Tantrums
S11 E35
Terraces and Re-do Rooms
S11 E36
Budget Woes and Break-Ups
S11 E37
Terraces And Re-Do Rooms Revealed
S11 E38
One Apartment Five Couples
S11 E39
Battle Of The Builders
S11 E40
Surprise Not to Miss
S11 E41
Challenge Apartment Reveal
S11 E42
The Final Rooms Begin
S11 E43
Go Karting and Paint Partying
S11 E44
Team Work Proves Difficult
S11 E45
Final Rooms Revealed
S11 E46
Open For Inspection
S11 E47
Blocktagon Auction Day
Season 12
S12 E01
The Biggest Block Begins
S12 E02
The Vault is Opened
S12 E03
Battle of the Master Bathrooms
S12 E04
Master Bathrooms Revealed
S12 E05
Demolition and Design
S12 E06
Guest Bedrooms Continue
S12 E07
Budget Blowouts
S12 E08
Guest Bedrooms Revealed
S12 E09
The Art of Art Deco
S12 E10
Master Bathrooms Continue
S12 E11
The Roof Top Garden Challenge
S12 E12
Bathroom Reveals
S12 E13
Guest Bedroom Week
S12 E14
Restoration and Re-purposing Challenge
S12 E15
Flooring Disaster
S12 E16
Guest Bedroom Reveals
S12 E17
Living and Dining Week Begins
S12 E18
$10,000 Challenge
S12 E19
Mid Week Blues
S12 E20
Living and Dining Rooms Revealed
S12 E21
Master Bedroom Week Begins
S12 E22
Bubbles Challenge
S12 E23
Budget Blues
S12 E24
Master Bedrooms Revealed
S12 E25
Hallway, Laundry and Powder Rooms
S12 E26
Tassie Road Trip Challenge
S12 E27
Mid Week Mayhem
S12 E28
Hallways, Laundries and Powder Rooms Revealed
S12 E29
Kitchen Week Begins
S12 E30
Challenge Day
S12 E31
Kitchen Week Chaos
S12 E32
Kitchens Revealed
S12 E33
Terrace and Re-do Rooms
S12 E34
Budget Blues
S12 E35
Brendan Fevola Cooking Challenge
S12 E36
Terraces Revealed
S12 E37
The Final Challenge Begins
S12 E38
Renovating Roller Coaster
S12 E39
Challenge Episode Takes Shape
S12 E40
Challenge Apartment Rooms Revealed
S12 E41
Final Week Begins
S12 E42
Budget Blues and Budget Wins
S12 E43
Birthday Bash
S12 E44
Final Challenge Rooms Revealed
S12 E45
Party Time
S12 E46
Auction Day
Season 13
S13 E01
48 Hour Challenge (I)
S13 E02
48 Hour Challenge (II)
S13 E03
Bathroom Week
S13 E04
Bathroom Week continues
S13 E05
Bathroom Reveals
S13 E06
Guest Bedroom Begins
S13 E07
Guest Bedroom Continues
S13 E08
Guest Bedroom Takes It's Toll
S13 E09
Guest Bedroom Judging
S13 E10
Kids Bedroom Begins
S13 E11
Kids Bedroom Continues And Challenge
S13 E12
Kids Bedroom And Walk Arounds
S13 E13
Kids Bedroom Judging
S13 E14
Anything But A Bedroom Begins
S13 E15
Anything But A Bedroom Continues
S13 E16
Anything But A Bedroom And Challenge
S13 E17
Anything But A Bedroom Judging
S13 E18
Living And Dining Commences
S13 E19
Living And Dining Continues
S13 E20
Living And Dining And Challenge
S13 E21
Living And Dining Judging
S13 E22
Master Suite Commences
S13 E23
Master Suite And Challenge
S13 E24
Master Suite Continues
S13 E25
Master Suite Judging
S13 E26
Kitchen Commences
S13 E27
Kitchen And Challenge
S13 E28
Kitchen And Challenge Continues
S13 E29
Kitchen Judging
S13 E30
Hall And Laundry Commence
S13 E31
Hall,Laundry And Challenge
S13 E32
Hall, Laundry And Challenge Continues
S13 E33
Hall And Laundry Judging
S13 E34
Guest Bedroom Rebuild Commences
S13 E35
Guest Bedroom Rebuild And Challenge
S13 E36
Guest Bedroom Rebuild Continues
S13 E37
Guest Bedroom Rebuild Judging
S13 E38
Backyard Week Commences
S13 E39
Backyards Continued
S13 E40
Backyards And Walk Arounds
S13 E41
Backyards Judging
S13 E42
Studio And Garage Week Commences
S13 E43
Studios And Garages Continues
S13 E44
Studios And Garages Continue And Final Walk Arounds
S13 E45
Studio And Garage Judging
S13 E46
Front Garden Commences
S13 E47
Front Garden Continues And Teams Work On Their Defects Lists
S13 E48
Front Gardens Continue
S13 E49
Front Garden Judging
S13 E50
The Best Of The Block - Pimp My Pad Block Style
S13 E51
The Teams At Home And Public Open For Inspection
S13 E52
The Block Auctions
Season 14
S14 E01
Welcome To The Gatwick
S14 E02
48 Hour Challenge
S14 E03
Bathroom Week (1)
S14 E04
Bathroom Week (2)
S14 E05
Bathroom Reveals
S14 E06
Guest Bedroom Week (1)
S14 E07
Style To Sell Challenge
S14 E08
Guest Bedroom Week (2)
S14 E09
Guest Bedroom Reveals
S14 E10
Master Ensuite (1)
S14 E11
Kids Undercover Challenge
S14 E12
Master Ensuite (2)
S14 E13
Master Ensuite Reveal
S14 E14
Master Bedroom And Walk In Robe (1)
S14 E15
Caravan Challenge
S14 E16
Master Bedroom And Walk In Robe (2)
S14 E17
Master Bedroom And Walk In Robe Reveal
S14 E18
Living & Dining Week (1)
S14 E19
Living & Dining Week (2)
S14 E20
Ronald McDonald House Challenge
S14 E21
Living & Dining Reveal
S14 E22
Kitchen Week (1)
S14 E23
Steel Sculpture Challenge
S14 E24
Kitchen Week (2)
S14 E25
Kitchen Reveal
S14 E26
Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Week (1)
S14 E27
Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Week (2)
S14 E28
Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Week (3)
S14 E29
Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Reveal
S14 E30
Guest Bed And Re-do Room Week (1)
S14 E31
Suncorp Challenge
S14 E32
Guest Bed And Re-do Room Week (2)
S14 E33
Guest Bed And Re-Do Room Week Reveal
S14 E34
Terrace Week
S14 E35
Terrace Week
S14 E36
Volkswagen Challenge
S14 E37
Terrace Reveal
S14 E38
Challenge Apartment Week One
S14 E39
Challenge Apartment Week One
S14 E40
Challenge Apartment Week One
S14 E41
Challenge Apartment Week One Reveals
S14 E42
Final Challenge Apartment Week
S14 E43
Final Challenge Apartment Week
S14 E44
Final Challenge Apartment Week
S14 E45
Final Challenge Apartment Week Reveals
S14 E46
Open For Inspections
S14 E47
Season 15
S15 E01
Welcome to The Oslo
S15 E02
Guest Bedrooms and Ensuites
S15 E03
Guest Bedrooms Reveal (1)
S15 E04
Guest Bedrooms Reveal (2)
S15 E05
Ensuite Bathrooms Reveal
S15 E06
Formal Living Rooms Begin
S15 E07
Formal Living Rooms Continue
S15 E08
Budget Blowouts
S15 E09
Formal Living Rooms Reveal
S15 E10
Master Bedrooms & Walk-in-Wardrobes Begin
S15 E11
Master Bedrooms & Walk-in-Wardrobes Continue
S15 E12
Budget Saving
S15 E13
Master Bedrooms & Walk-in-Wardrobes Reveal
S15 E14
Main Bathrooms Begin
S15 E15
Main Bathrooms Continue
S15 E16
Room Switch
S15 E17
Main Bathrooms Reveal
S15 E18
Second Guest Bedrooms Begin
S15 E19
The Block All-Stars Challenge (1)
S15 E20
The Block All-Stars Challenge (2)
S15 E21
Second Guest Bedrooms Reveal
S15 E22
Master Ensuites Begin
S15 E23
Master Ensuites Continue
S15 E24
Million-Dollar Look Room
S15 E25
Master Ensuites Reveal
S15 E26
Kitchens Begin
S15 E27
Kitchens Continue
S15 E28
Charity Challenge
S15 E29
Kitchens Reveal
S15 E30
Living & Dinings Begin
S15 E31
Living & Dinings Continue
S15 E32
Ronald McDonald Challenge
S15 E33
Living & Dinings Reveal
S15 E34
Courtyards Begin
S15 E35
Buyers Jury Night
S15 E36
Lip Sync Challenge
S15 E37
Courtyards Reveal
S15 E38
Studios Begin
S15 E39
Tiny House Challenge
S15 E40
Money Blowout
S15 E41
Studios Reveal
S15 E42
Verandahs Begin
S15 E43
Verandahs Continue
S15 E44
Obstacle Course Challenge
S15 E45
Verandahs Reveal
S15 E46
Hallways & Study Begin
S15 E47
Hallways & Study Continues
S15 E48
Domain Cover Winner
S15 E49
Hallways & Study Revealed
S15 E50
Roof Top Terrace/ Garage/ Re-do Room Begin
S15 E51
Roof Top Terrace/ Garage/ Re-do Room Continues
S15 E52
Episode 52
S15 E53
Roof-Top Terrace And Garage Reveal
S15 E54
Front Garden Begins
S15 E55
Front Garden Reveal
S15 E56
Open For Inspections
S15 E57
Season 16
S16 E01
Welcome to The Block
S16 E02
Guest Bedrooms Begin
S16 E03
Guest Bedrooms Continue
S16 E04
Guest Bedroom Reveal
S16 E05
Guest Ensuites Begin
S16 E06
Guest Ensuites Continue
S16 E07
Guest Ensuites Walk Arounds
S16 E08
Guest Ensuites Revealed
S16 E09
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Begins
S16 E10
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Continues
S16 E11
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Walk Arounds
S16 E12
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Reveal
S16 E13
Master En-suite Begins
S16 E14
Master En-suite Continues
S16 E15
Master En-suite Walk Arounds
S16 E16
Master En-suite Reveal
S16 E17
Bedroom And Bathroom Begins
S16 E18
Bedroom And Bathroom Continues
S16 E19
Bedroom And Bathroom Walk Arounds
S16 E20
Bedroom And Bathroom Reveals
S16 E21
Kitchens Begins
S16 E22
Kitchens Continue
S16 E23
Kitchens Walk Arounds
S16 E24
Kitchens Revealed
S16 E25
Living/Dining Room Begins
S16 E26
Living/Dining Room Continues
S16 E27
Living/Dining Room Walk Arounds
S16 E28
Living/Dining Room Reveals
S16 E29
Upstairs Begins
S16 E30
Upstairs Continues
S16 E31
Upstairs Walk Arounds
S16 E32
Upstairs Reveals
S16 E33
Hallway Begins
S16 E34
Hallway Continues
S16 E35
Hallway Walk Arounds
S16 E36
Hallway Reveals
S16 E37
Front Garden And Facade Begins
S16 E38
Front Garden And Facade Continues
S16 E39
Front Garden And Facade Walk Arounds
S16 E40
Front Garden And Facade Reveals
S16 E41
Studio And Garage Begins
S16 E42
Studio And Garage Continues
S16 E43
Studio And Garage Walk Arounds
S16 E44
Studio And Garage Reveals
S16 E45
Backyards Begins
S16 E46
Backyards Continue
S16 E47
Backyards Walk Arounds
S16 E48
Backyards Revealed
S16 E49
Open for Inspection
S16 E50
Season 17
S17 E01
House Decider Challenge
S17 E02
Guest Bedroom Week (1)
S17 E03
Guest Bedroom Week (2)
S17 E04
Guest Bedroom Week (3)
S17 E05
Guest Bedroom Reveal
S17 E06
Bathroom Week (1)
S17 E07
Bathroom Week (2)
S17 E08
Bathroom Week (3)
S17 E09
Bathrooms Reveal
S17 E10
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Week (1)
S17 E11
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Week (2)
S17 E12
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Week (3)
S17 E13
Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Week Reveal
S17 E14
Half Basement Week (1)
S17 E15
Half Basement Week (2)
S17 E16
Half Basement Week (3)
S17 E17
Half Basement Reveal
S17 E18
Master Ensuite Week (1)
S17 E19
Master Ensuite Week (2)
S17 E20
Master Ensuite Week (3)
S17 E21
Master Ensuite Reveals
S17 E22
Guest Bedroom & Redo Week (1)
S17 E23
Guest Bedroom & Redo Week (2)
S17 E24
Guest Bedroom & Redo Week (3)
S17 E25
Guest Bedroom & Redo Week Reveal
S17 E26
Kitchen Week (1)
S17 E27
Kitchen Week (2)
S17 E28
Kitchen Week (3)
S17 E29
Kitchen Reveals
S17 E30
Living Room And Dining Room Week (1)
S17 E31
Living Room And Dining Room Week (2)
S17 E32
Living Room And Dining Room Week (3)
S17 E33
Living Room And Dining Room Week Reveal
S17 E34
Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week (1)
S17 E35
Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week (2)
S17 E36
Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week (3)
S17 E37
Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week Reveal
S17 E38
Backyard Week (1)
S17 E39
Backyard Week (2)
S17 E40
Backyard Week (3)
S17 E41
Backyard Reveals
S17 E42
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (1)
S17 E43
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (2)
S17 E44
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (3)
S17 E45
Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Reveal
S17 E46
Front Garden & Facade Week (1)
S17 E47
Front Garden & Facade Week (2)
S17 E48
Front Garden & Facade Week (3)
S17 E49
Front Garden & Facade Reveal
Episode 1
The Block Open House 5: Living & Dining Review
Episode 2
Tears, Tantrums & Triumphs
Episode 3
Domestic Blitz Special
Episode 4
Domestic Blitz: The Block to the Rescue 2013
Episode 5
The Block Unlocked 7
Episode 6
First Look at The Block 2020
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