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Farouk Omar | عمر الفاروق

Farouk Omar | عمر الفاروق

2012 - 2012   •  MBC 1  •   31 hours
1 vote
2932 votes
# 65
Drama, Documentary, Adventure
A comprehensive documentary for one of the greatest eras in the history of Islam: the era of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. Expanding the Islamic state shortly after the death of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) to the entire Arab World; standing on the threshold of India and China in the East and the ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Death of Umar Aired on 08/18/2012
Death of Umar
Season 1: Episode 31
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
31 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Umar during his youth
S01 E02
Islam begins
S01 E03
Abu Lahab
S01 E04
Family affairs
S01 E05
Torture begins
S01 E06
Bilal ibn Rabah gains freedom
S01 E07
Hijrah to Abissinia
S01 E08
Umar embraces Islam
S01 E09
Boycott against Muslims
S01 E10
Hijrah to Yathrib
S01 E11
Battle of Badr
S01 E12
Prisoners of the Battle of Badr
S01 E13
Battle of Uhud & Khandaq
S01 E14
Battle of Khandaq, Invasion of Banu Qurayza, Treaty of Hudaibiyah
S01 E15
The struggle of Abu Baseer, The year of delegations, First Hajj
S01 E16
Khalid ibn Al-Walid & 'Amr ibn al-'As embrace Islam, attack of Banu Bakr ...
S01 E17
Abu Sufian and some others embrace Islam, Death of Prophet
S01 E18
Abu Bakr becomes the first caliph, Battle against people not paying Zakat
S01 E19
Rise of Sajah, Battles against Ridda
S01 E20
Battle against Musailimah (Battle of Yamama)
S01 E21
Battle against Persian
S01 E22
Umar becomes the second caliph
S01 E23
Battle of Yarmuk against Rome (Byzantine)
S01 E24
Battle in Syria
S01 E25
Umar and his subjects
S01 E26
Conquest of Damascus
S01 E27
Battle of Qadisiya against Sassanids
S01 E28
Battle of Madain, conquest of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)
S01 E29
Famine Year
S01 E30
Plague and conquest of Egypt
S01 E31
Death of Umar
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