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DIY Tryin

DIY Tryin

2013 - 2014   •  Revision3  •   14 hours
0 vote
Special Interest
DIY Tryin is a weekly, hands-on adventure in do-it-yourself and do it with others. Hosted by Patrick Norton and Michael Hand, whether it's experimenting with cronuts in the kitchen, welding up a bombproof bike rack, making your or building an amazing media server, DIY Tryin is ready to help viewers develop ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Best Winter Apps for Android Aired on 12/29/2014
Best Winter Apps for Android
Season 1: Episode 56
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
56 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Build a home server with FreeNAS
S01 E02
Fizzy Eggnog & Sparkling OJ: We Build a Home Carbonation System!
S01 E03
Hollow Book Build Hides Secrets, Covers eBooks, & Makes Tablets Retro Coo...
S01 E04
New Year's Hangover Fix: Make Fresh Donuts!
S01 E05
Power Tool! Use a Digital Multimeter To Find Voltage, Resistance, & Amper...
S01 E06
DIY Salt Battery Urine Can Charge Your Smart Phone!
S01 E07
Build The Perfect Windows Gaming PC -AND- Get A Great Deal On The Parts!
S01 E08
Build A Light Box On The Cheap, Take Gorgeous Photos!
S01 E09
Build a Custom Suitcase Boom Box!
S01 E10
DIY Cardboard Boats Float Two Adults!
S01 E11
Vintage Suitcase Speaker Gets Battery Power & Better Sound!
S01 E12
FreeNAS Developers Help Us Build A Better FreeNAS Box!
S01 E13
Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Experiment!
S01 E14
Hack a $5 Laser Pointer Into a Laser Communicator!
S01 E15
Print Large Posters with Any Printer!
S01 E16
Save Energy: Hack Yourself A Watt Meter!
S01 E17
Upgrade Your Router For Free! Better Security, Speed Up WiFi, Throttle Ba...
S01 E18
$10 Relay Board + Arduino (or Raspberry Pi) = Switch Anything On or Off!!...
S01 E19
Build A Raspberry Pi Home Theater PC that Plays Netflix, Amazon & Your Me...
S01 E20
Hack Your Nerves with Electricity. Muscle Dancing with MIDI and Arduinos.
S01 E21
Headlight Restoration Makes Your Car Safer
S01 E22
Make a Wireless Charging Stand
S01 E23
Turn a Car Battery Into an Emergency Power Charger
S01 E24
Making Your Own Bacon is Cheap and DELICIOUS!!
S01 E25
Raspberry Pi PirateBox For Anonymous File Swapping
S01 E26
How to Replace Your Toilet and Save Money
S01 E27
How to Fix Broken Headphone Cables
S01 E28
Electric Russian Roulette - DIY Extra
S01 E29
Weld a DIY Adjustable Standing Desk
S01 E30
Coolant & Oil Change: Make Your Car Last!
S01 E31
Car DIY Tuneup! Spark Plugs, OBDII with Android, and More
S01 E32
Do-It-Yourself Bed Liner On Truck, Skateboard, Cell Phone Cover, Shoes?!?...
S01 E33
Build a quick and easy tool for working out! Build Grip Strength with a ...
S01 E34
Need to tow your latest project home? Here's how to do it safely! Car Tr...
S01 E35
Got a problem that needs solving? Try using a Raspberry Pi! Use a Raspber...
S01 E36
Fixing Broken Screens. Replacing Broken iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Glass
S01 E37
Surface Mount Soldering w/ Ben Heck
S01 E38
Data Visualization and Plotting Made Easy - DIY Extra
S01 E39
Build Your Own VPN. Browse Securely from Anywhere
S01 E40
Screw The XBOX ONE and the PS4... We Built a Gaming PC for $380!
S01 E41
Cable Management 101: Make Your PC Pretty and Improve Airflow - DIY Extra
S01 E42
Build A Survival Kit BEFORE The Next Emergency or Disaster!!!
S01 E43
Gain Complete Control of Your Phone with Tasker
S01 E44
Control Your PC With Chat Commands! Twitch Plays Anything.
S01 E45
Pick a Lock for Free with DIY Lock Picking Set
S01 E46
Can Static Electricity Kill Your PC?
S01 E47
How to Make An Easy Van de Graaff Generator
S01 E48
Building the Ultimate Video Editing PC
S01 E49
DIY Fire Starters and Magic Underwater Matches
S01 E50
Overclocking Haswell-E 25% Performance Boost For Free!
S01 E51
Engine Mounts, Oil Change, and a Tuneup - We're Going to SEMA!
S01 E52
3D Printed Cars, Oculus Rift Meets Welding, Tite-Reach Extension Wrench &...
S01 E53
Parking Lot Car Stereo Upgrade
S01 E54
Building an Office Zip Line
S01 E55
Make Your Favorite Gloves Work With a Touchscreen!
S01 E56
Best Winter Apps for Android
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