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Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter

2004 - 2012   •  A&E  •   95 hours
3 votes
4077 votes
# 11271
Dog: The Bounty Hunter follows the exploits of real-life bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, who runs Da Kine Bail Bonds in beautiful Honolulu, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Aided by his team of family coworkers - partner/wife, Beth Smith; son, Leland; "brother," Tim - Dog always gets his man. They ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Mid-Course Correction Aired on 06/23/2012
Mid-Course Correction
Season 8: Episode 23
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
230 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Meet the Chapmans
S01 E02
Father and Son
S01 E03
The Competition
S01 E04
A Walk on the Wild Side
S01 E05
Bounty Hunters Have Hearts Too
S01 E06
Love's Labors Lost and Found
S01 E07
The Godfather of Waikiki
S01 E08
Hide and Seek (1)
S01 E09
Hide and Seek (2)
S01 E10
Justin's Big Day
S01 E11
It's Good To Be Home
S01 E12
You Can't Go Home Again
S01 E13
A Family Feud
S01 E14
Sons and Daughters
S01 E15
The Sweep
S01 E16
Stress Management
S01 E17
Where There's Smoke...
S01 E18
Second Chances
Season 2
S02 E01
Baby's Back In Town
S02 E02
Surprise! Surprise!
S02 E03
No Ice In Paradise
S02 E04
Fathers In Law
S02 E05
Son of Dog
S02 E06
Bosco the Clown
S02 E07
Brother's Keeper
S02 E08
Mama's Boys
S02 E09
Lost in Paradise
S02 E10
Coaching Day
S02 E11
Women of Waikiki
S02 E12
To Capture One's Own
S02 E13
This Dog Can Hunt
S02 E14
Big Bags and Boxers
S02 E15
Cats & Dogs
S02 E16
Destiny Love
S02 E17
If You Knew Nunu
S02 E18
Double Trouble
S02 E19
Big Island, Small Town
S02 E20
Jonah Is Missing
S02 E21
Suga on my Cuffs
S02 E22
Mothers and Daughters
S02 E23
Dog is Smokin
Season 3
S03 E01
You Snooze You Lose
S03 E02
Judgement Day
S03 E03
Do Unto Others
S03 E04
Moms & Dads
S03 E05
A Helping Hand
S03 E06
Take Your Daughter to Work Day
S03 E07
In Sickness and in Health
S03 E08
If the Shirt Fits
S03 E09
The Thief Who Stole Christmas
S03 E10
Rock-A-Bye Bounty
S03 E11
Father Hood
S03 E12
Cops and Criminals
S03 E13
Out of Sight
S03 E14
Cupid in Cuffs
S03 E15
Bustin' With Justin
S03 E16
Run Fugitive, Run
S03 E17
Vegas or Bust
S03 E18
Playing Possum
S03 E19
Rainy Day Woman
S03 E20
Ticket to Ride
S03 E21
Mother Knows Best
S03 E22
Irons in the Fire
S03 E23
Rocky Mountain Roundup
S03 E24
This One's for You
S03 E25
Baby Lyssa Steps Up
S03 E26
Running on Empty
S03 E27
Growing Up Is Hard to Do
Season 4
S04 E01
The Mystery of Mona Lisa
S04 E02
Rusty Cuffs
S04 E03
Make a Wish
S04 E04
Tough Love
S04 E05
Surprise Ending
S04 E06
The Big Wipe-Out
S04 E07
You Can Bet on It!
S04 E08
Fly Boy
S04 E09
Guns & Ice
S04 E10
The Good Fight
S04 E11
The Last Call
S04 E12
The Smackdown of Baby Lyssa
S04 E13
A Friend in Need
S04 E14
Your Lying Eyes
S04 E15
Crime Don't Pay
S04 E16
Twisted Love
S04 E17
Where the Wild Things Are
S04 E18
No Love Still
S04 E19
Day of the Dog
S04 E20
The Time To Cry
S04 E21
Up on the Roof (1)
S04 E22
Up on the Roof (2)
S04 E23
Family Business (1)
S04 E24
Family Business (2)
S04 E25
Felons Interrupted (1)
S04 E26
Felons Interrupted (2)
S04 E27
Let It Snow
S04 E28
Rush from Judgment
S04 E29
Burn & Return
S04 E30
Stormy Weather
S04 E31
One For The Money
S04 E32
Reality Check
S04 E33
No Piece of Cake
S04 E34
Prayers and Mace
S04 E35
New Dog in Town
S04 E36
Trick or Treat
S04 E37
Girl Trouble (1)
S04 E38
Girl Trouble (2)
S04 E39
Seeing the Light
S04 E40
When a Stranger Calls
Season 5
S05 E01
Tricks of the Trade
S05 E02
Jack & Jill (1)
S05 E03
Jack & Jill (2)
S05 E04
Island Hopper
S05 E05
Nice Guys Finish Last
S05 E06
No Fly Zone
S05 E07
Teaching Moment
S05 E08
Mission of Mercy
S05 E09
Practice Makes Perfect
S05 E10
Save The Dogs
S05 E11
Back Behind Bars
S05 E12
Family Man
S05 E13
All in the Family
S05 E14
Mother Courage (1)
S05 E15
Mother Courage (2)
S05 E16
Bounty Boot Camp (1)
S05 E17
Bounty Boot Camp (2)
S05 E18
Friends and Neighbors (1)
S05 E19
Friends and Neighbors (2)
S05 E20
The Set-Up (1)
S05 E21
The Set-Up (2)
S05 E22
The Searchers (1)
S05 E23
The Searchers (2)
S05 E24
Buddha's Delight (1)
S05 E25
Buddha's Delight (2)
S05 E26
Three's Company (1)
S05 E27
Three's Company (2)
S05 E28
Strip Search
S05 E29
Secret Places
S05 E30
Father of the Bride (1)
S05 E31
Father of the Bride (2)
Season 6
S06 E01
Wrong Turn (1)
S06 E02
Wrong Turn (2)
S06 E03
Midnight Run (1)
S06 E04
Midnight Run (2)
S06 E05
Easy Rider (1)
S06 E06
Easy Rider (2)
S06 E07
The Hunt for Santa (1)
S06 E08
The Hunt for Santa (2)
S06 E09
Call Waiting
S06 E10
Kid Stuff
S06 E11
Easy Does It
S06 E12
Ghost Rider
S06 E13
Back in the Hood
S06 E14
One for the Road
S06 E15
Bait and Switch (1)
S06 E16
Bait and Switch (2)
S06 E17
True Identity
S06 E18
Secrets and Lies
S06 E19
Match Point
S06 E20
Menehune Mischief
S06 E21
Mister Mom
S06 E22
Bait & Snitch
S06 E23
Scared Straight
S06 E24
All My Children (1)
S06 E25
All My Children (2)
S06 E26
Welcome to the Jungle (1)
S06 E27
Welcome to the Jungle (2)
S06 E28
Bounty Baby (1)
S06 E29
Bounty Baby (2)
S06 E30
Rain Check (1)
S06 E31
Rain Check (2)
S06 E32
Love on the Run
S06 E33
Jump Start
Season 7
S07 E01
The Ice Man (1)
S07 E02
The Ice Man (2)
S07 E03
Trouble In Paradise (1)
S07 E04
Trouble In Paradise (2)
S07 E05
Girl Power
S07 E06
Prodigal Sun
S07 E07
Family Ties
S07 E08
Special Delivery
S07 E09
Surface Scratches
S07 E10
The Great Debate
S07 E11
S07 E12
S07 E13
The Road Show: Where Mercy Is Shown - Part 1
S07 E14
The Road Show: Where Mercy Is Shown - Part 2
S07 E15
The Road Show: Where Mercy Is Shown - Part 3
S07 E16
The Road Show: Where Mercy Is Shown - Part 4
S07 E17
The Comeback Kid (1)
S07 E18
The Comeback Kid (2)
S07 E19
Tent City (1)
S07 E20
Tent City (2)
S07 E21
Dead Of Night (1)
S07 E22
Dead Of Night (2)
S07 E23
Montrose Files: The Million Dollar Man - Part 1 (1)
S07 E24
Montrose Files: The Million Dollar Man - Part 1 (2)
S07 E25
Montrose Files: The Million Dollar Man - Part 2 (1)
S07 E26
Montrose Files: The Million Dollar Man - Part 2 (2)
S07 E27
The Montrose Files: Round the Clock (1)
S07 E28
The Montrose Files: Round the Clock (2)
S07 E29
Montrose Files: And Then There Were None (1)
S07 E30
Montrose Files: And Then There Were None (2)
S07 E31
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (1)
S07 E32
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (2)
S07 E33
Cap And Gown (1)
S07 E34
Cap And Gown (2)
S07 E35
Best Of
Season 8
S08 E01
And Baby Makes Three
S08 E02
The Tender Trap
S08 E03
Greed Is Good
S08 E04
Tears for Fears
S08 E05
Picture This
S08 E06
Tag, You're It
S08 E07
A Family Affair
S08 E08
Training Day
S08 E09
Cutting the Apron Strings
S08 E10
Short Handed
S08 E11
Photo Op
S08 E12
A House Divided
S08 E13
All Grown Up
S08 E14
Fight Like a Girl
S08 E15
A Higher Power
S08 E16
Ties That Bind
S08 E17
Who's the Boss
S08 E18
Bus Stop Bruiser
S08 E19
Luck Be a Lady
S08 E20
Behind the Scenes
S08 E21
God Looks on the Heart
S08 E22
Big Brother
S08 E23
Mid-Course Correction
Episodes 1
The Wedding
Episodes 2
For the Love of Dog - Luau Special
Episodes 3
Year Of The Dog
Episodes 4
The Family Speaks
Episodes 5
The Lost Dog Pilot
Episodes 6
To Love and Cherish
Episodes 7
200th Retrospective
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