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Primetime: What Would You Do?

Primetime: What Would You Do?

2008 - Now  •  Tuesday 10:00 PM on ABC (US)  •  5 days  •  172 episodes
1 vote
947 votes
# 41950
ABC's hidden camera, ethical dilemma series What Would You Do? puts ordinary people on the spot. From bullying to abuse, racial attacks and more.
  Previously Aired Episode
Special Edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?' Aired on 09/08/2020
Special Edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?'
Season 16: Episode 10
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Season 1
S01 E01
People react to everyday dilemmas
S01 E02
Cameras capture people's reactions
S01 E03
Interracial abuse; Good Samaritan
S01 E04
Overweight woman harassed
Season 2
S02 E01
January 6, 2009
S02 E02
January 13, 2009
S02 E03
January 27, 2009
S02 E04
February 3, 2009
S02 E05
February 17, 2009
S02 E06
February 24, 2009
S02 E07
March 10, 2009
S02 E08
March 17, 2009
S02 E09
March 24, 2009
Season 3
S03 E01
People react to an intoxicated woman
S03 E02
A battered woman in a New Jersey diner
S03 E03
Pilots drink at a bar before a flight
S03 E04
Out-of-control soccer coach
S03 E05
Overweight woman harassed
S03 E06
Latinos experience prejudice
S03 E07
Capturing reactions to a list child
S03 E08
Women steal items at an open house
Season 4
S04 E01
Reactions to a gay teen being bullied
S04 E02
A new mother brings her infant to a bar
S04 E03
A teenager is emotionally abused
S04 E04
Doctors drink at a bar before work
S04 E05
A tipsy teenager heads towards his car
S04 E06
A pregnant woman drinking alcohol
S04 E07
A girl is verbally attacked
S04 E08
January 7, 2011
S04 E09
January 14, 2011
S04 E10
January 21, 2011
S04 E11
January 28, 2011
S04 E12
A guard confronts a Latino family
S04 E13
February 18, 2011
S04 E14
People mock a little person
S04 E15
February 25, 2011
S04 E16
March 4, 2011
S04 E17
March 11, 2011
S04 E18
March 18, 2011
S04 E19
March 25, 2011
S04 E20
April 8, 2011
S04 E21
April 15, 2011
S04 E22
April 22, 2011
S04 E23
May 6, 2011
S04 E24
May 13, 2011
S04 E25
A waitress verbally abuses a gay couple
Season 5
S05 E01
Two men try to scam a free meal
S05 E02
A man offers two teens modeling jobs
S05 E03
A salesperson dealing with a rude bride
S05 E04
Diners comment on a women's meal choice
S05 E05
A woman smokes near her baby
S05 E06
A woman reveals a secret to her fiance
S05 E07
A teen faces pressure to have sex
S05 E08
Standing Up to Albinism Bullies
S05 E09
A woman at a salon's hair looks bad
S05 E10
Reactions to a child using profanity
S05 E11
Reactions to a teen with a stutter
S05 E12
April 13, 2012
S05 E13
Women pressure a friend to get drunk
S05 E14
A teen prepares to text a revealing photo
S05 E15
A man hits on his son's girlfriend
S05 E16
An extreme couponer holds a line up
S05 E17
A mother uses a toy store as daycare
S05 E18
Summer Slim Down
S05 E19
Scams & Schemes
Season 6
S06 E01
September 14, 2012
S06 E02
September 21, 2012
S06 E03
October 5, 2012
S06 E04
October 12, 2012
S06 E05
October 19, 2012
Season 7
S07 E01
May 31, 2013
S07 E02
June 7, 2013
S07 E03
June 14, 2013
S07 E04
June 21, 2013
S07 E05
June 28, 2013
S07 E06
July 05, 2013
S07 E07
July 12, 2013
S07 E08
July 19, 2013
Season 8
S08 E01
December 3, 2013
S08 E02
December 10, 2013
S08 E03
December 17, 2013
S08 E04
May 23, 2014
S08 E05
May 30, 2014
S08 E06
June 6, 2014
S08 E08
June 20, 2014
S08 E09
June 27, 2014
S08 E10
July 4, 2014
S08 E11
July 11, 2014
S08 E12
July 18, 2014
S08 E13
July 25, 2014
S08 E14
August 8, 2014
Season 9
S09 E01
May 23, 2014
S09 E02
May 30, 2014
S09 E03
June 6, 2014
S09 E04
June 13, 2014
S09 E05
June 20, 2014
S09 E06
June 27, 2014
S09 E07
July 4, 2014
S09 E08
July 11, 2014
S09 E09
July 18, 2014
S09 E10
July 25, 2014
S09 E11
August 8, 2014
Season 10
S10 E01
S10 E02
S10 E03
S10 E04
S10 E05
S10 E06
S10 E07
S10 E08
S10 E09
S10 E10
S10 E11
S10 E12
S10 E13
Season 11
S11 E01
Muslim Woman Needs Help Changing Tire
S11 E02
Possible Bike Thief Caught in the Act in Portland
S11 E03
Caregiver Takes Advantage Of Patient With Dementia
Season 12
S12 E01
Customer Abuses Employee with Down Syndrome
S12 E02
Parents Try To Force Surrogate To Abort One Child
S12 E03
Employee Tries to Steal From Store
S12 E04
Man Outraged When Friend Says He's HIV Positive
S12 E05
College Students Peer Pressure Friend Into Abusing Adderall
S12 E06
Muslim Woman Needs Help Changing Tire
S12 E07
Parent Leaves Baby in a Hot Car
S12 E08
Military Veteran Doesn't Have Enough Cash To Buy Groceries
S12 E09
White Woman Introduces Asian Fiance To Disapproving Parents
S12 E10
Concerned Mom Disapproves Of Son's Desire To Play Football
Season 13
S13 E01
Muslim Teen Bullied by Peers
S13 E02
Waitress Discriminates Against Muslim Family
S13 E03
Foster Child Abused By Foster Mother
S13 E04
Mom Argues with Child over Gender Appropriate Toys
S13 E05
Nanny Is Abused By Child While Mother Is Not Watching
S13 E06
Man Pushes His Pregnant Wife to Lose Weight
S13 E07
Sales Clerk Refuses To Sell Clothes To Transgender Woman
S13 E08
Drug Store Employee Denies Muslim Man Passport Photo
S13 E09
Customer Abuses Employee with Down Syndrome
S13 E10
Onlooker Harasses Parent With Different Race Child
S13 E11
Fraternity, Sorority Recruits Publicly Hazed
S13 E12
Then and Now
Season 14
S14 E01
Parents Disapprove of Lesbian Daughter's Fiancee
S14 E02
Grandparents Verbally Abuse Grandchildren
S14 E03
Discrimination at a Diner
S14 E04
Couple Refuses to Leave a Tip for Their Lesbian Waitress
S14 E05
Man Harasses Waitress at a Diner
S14 E06
Onlooker Harasses Parent With Different Race Child
S14 E07
Parents Disapprove Of Pregnant Teen's Decision
S14 E08
Transgender Man is Bullied by Former Classmates
S14 E09
Woman is Harassed for Being Muscular
S14 E10
Pregnant Later in Life
S14 E11
Manager Tells Man He Needs to Remove His MAGA Hat
S14 E12
Young Man Comes Out as Gay to His Traditional Asian Parents
S14 E13
Gay Fathers Condemned for Raising Child Without 'Mom'
S14 E14
Pharmacy Calls Police on Black Woman for Using Coupon
S14 E15
Coach Doesn't Want Student Athletes Kneeling During Anthem
S14 E16
Episode 16
Season 15
S15 E01
Mother Can Only Afford One Meal to Share with Her Family
S15 E02
Cashier Shames Elderly Man for Paying with Coins
S15 E03
Coach Forces Wrestler to Cut His Hair
S15 E04
Man Claims to Be Woman's Rideshare Driver, App Disagrees
S15 E05
Children bully their classmates because of race
S15 E06
Episode 6
Season 16
S16 E01
Confronting man wearing Confederate flag jacket
S16 E02
Olympian Adam Rippon joins scenario about coming out
S16 E03
Helping a new mom with postpartum depression
S16 E04
Exploring negative impact of 'positive' stereotypes
S16 E05
Diners react to student wanting to be a 'sugar baby'
S16 E06
Sutton Foster participants in an age discrimination scenario
S16 E07
Diners react when mom denies son vaccinations
S16 E08
Diners react to border wall controversy
S16 E09
Conversations around bisexuality
S16 E10
Special Edition: 'Would You Lie For Me?'
Episode 1
Holiday Edition: Kids Dispute Santa's Skin Tone
Episode 2
June 13, 2014
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