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Chopped Canada

Chopped Canada

2014 - 2016   •  Food Network Canada  •   61 hours
1 vote
162 votes
# 37949
Reality, Food
American favorite ``Chopped'' heads north of the border to Canada with a familiar format and new host, Toronto native Dean McDermott, perhaps best known as being the husband of actress Tori Spelling and co-star of the ``Tori & Dean'' reality TV franchise. Each episode of ``Chopped Canada'' challenges ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Proof Is in the Pudding Aired on 01/02/2014
The Proof Is in the Pudding
Season 1: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
88 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
The Proof Is in the Pudding
S01 E02
Disheveled Until Dessert
S01 E03
Food, Sweat and Tears
S01 E04
All's Fair in Cooking and War
S01 E05
Just Desserts
S01 E06
The Trouble with Tuile
S01 E07
Clams, Lamb, Thank You Ma'am
S01 E08
Ramp It Up!
S01 E09
Offal to the Races
S01 E10
You Can't Win If You Don't Plate
S01 E11
The Sweet Taste of Success
S01 E12
Slippery When Wet
S01 E13
A Wing and a Prayer
S01 E14
Slaying the Dragonfruit
S01 E15
High Steaks
S01 E16
For the Love of Cod
S01 E17
The Young and the Timeless
S01 E18
When Life Hands You Lemonade
S01 E19
Snakes and Batters
S01 E20
The Spruce is Loose
S01 E21
Pressed for Ham
S01 E22
Showdown at the Oka Corral
S01 E23
That Wascally Wabbit
S01 E24
One Flew Over the Cocoa's Nest
S01 E25
Some Skin in the Game
S01 E26
Who Gives A Geoduck
Season 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
Holler for Challah
S02 E03
It's a Halva Day
S02 E04
In a Pig's Ear
S02 E05
Viewers' Choice: Land, Sea, Air
S02 E06
How About Them Apples?
S02 E07
Dippity Do What?
S02 E08
Steaking Their Claim
S02 E09
Every Round Has Its Thorns
S02 E10
A Brisket, A Basket
S02 E11
Taken out by Takeout
S02 E12
Crème de la Crop
S02 E13
Fire In the Hole
S02 E14
Fowl Play
S02 E15
No Choking Around
S02 E16
Can You Stomach This?
S02 E17
Leftovers: Recycle, Reuse, Reheat
S02 E18
Lost In Transformation
S02 E19
One For The Family
S02 E20
In The Name Of The Game
S02 E21
Crabby Pans
S02 E22
Carnival: No Room For Seconds
S02 E23
Rib 'N Roll
S02 E24
Everything But The Kitchen Sink
S02 E25
The World Is Your Lobster
S02 E26
Cookin' At The Savoy
Season 3
S03 E01
Sauce on the Side
S03 E02
Batter Battle
S03 E03
Rice Twice
S03 E04
Return to Victory
S03 E05
Cooking With Courage
S03 E06
All About the Bass
S03 E07
Shell Shocked
S03 E08
What the Shell?
S03 E09
Duelling Over Devilled Eggs
S03 E10
Fish Become Sausages
S03 E11
Cooking With Heart
S03 E12
Bro-Down Showdown
S03 E13
Win By A Hare
S03 E14
Rabbit Roundabout
S03 E15
Full Of Beans
S03 E16
Sweet Success
S03 E17
Something's Fishy
S03 E18
Pepper Powerhouse
S03 E19
Candy is Dandy
S03 E20
Helping Hand
S03 E21
Cooking La Vida Loca
S03 E22
Redemption - Gone Too Soon
S03 E23
S03 E24
Cooking For Love
S03 E25
Dessert Dilemma
S03 E26
Keep On Truckin
Season 4
S04 E01
Judge Or Be Judged
S04 E02
Grandmas Go For Broke
S04 E03
Fired Up
S04 E04
Celebrity Challenge
S04 E05
Episode 5
S04 E06
Episode 6
S04 E07
Episode 7
S04 E08
Episode 8
S04 E09
Episode 9
S04 E10
Episode 10
Episode 1
Judge Or Be Judged
Episode 2
Grandmas Go For Broke
Episode 3
Fired Up
Episode 4
Celebrity Challenge
Episode 5
Teen Tournament: Dukkah-Ing It Out
Episode 6
Teen Tournament: Lunchbox Letdown
Episode 7
Teen Tournament: Clawing to the Win
Episode 8
Teen Tournament: In a Deep Fried Pickle
Episode 9
Teen Tournament: Higher Steaks
Episode 10
Chopped Canada Junior: Going Crackers
Episode 11
Chopped Canada Junior: O For Cake's Sake
Episode 12
Chopped Canada Junior: Put A Pork In It
Episode 13
Chopped Canada Junior: Live Life With Spice
Episode 14
Chopped Canada Junior: Hook, Line And Sinker
Episode 15
Chopped Canada Junior: Escargot Away
Episode 16
Teen Tournament: Crash And Burn
Episode 17
Teen Tournament: From the Ground Up
Episode 18
Teen Tournament: Clammy Hands, Warm Heart
Episode 19
Teen Tournament: Pie For Dessert
Episode 20
Teen Tournament: Mirin, Mirin On The Wall
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