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The Flying Nun

The Flying Nun

1967 - 1970   •  ABC (US)  •   34 hours
4 votes
2035 votes
# 7778
American sitcom vehicle for Sally Field as Sister Bertrille, a nun with a very special ability. Based on the book "The Fifteenth Pelican" by Tere Rios.
  Previously Aired Episode
No Tears for Mrs. Thomas Aired on 04/03/1970
No Tears for Mrs. Thomas
Season 3: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
83 episodes total
The Flying Nun | Flying Nun,The (Intro) S1 E2 (1967)
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
The Flying Nun
S01 E02
The Convert
S01 E03
Old Cars for New
S01 E04
A Bell for San Tanco
S01 E05
The Fatal Hibiscus
S01 E06
Flight of the Dodo Bird
S01 E07
Polly Wants a Crack in the Head
S01 E08
Ah Love, Could You and I Conspire
S01 E09
Days of Nuns and Roses
S01 E10
With Love from Irving
S01 E11
It's an Ill Wind
S01 E12
A Young Man with a Cornette
S01 E13
The Patron of Santa Thomasina
S01 E14
If You Want to Fly, Keep Your Cornette Dry
S01 E15
The Dig In
S01 E16
Wailing in a Winter Wonderland
S01 E17
With a Friend Like Him
S01 E18
Tonio's Mother
S01 E19
A Fish Story
S01 E20
The Hot Spell
S01 E21
My Sister, the Sister
S01 E22
Sister Lucky
S01 E23
The Sister and the Old Salt
S01 E24
Cyrano de Bertrille
S01 E25
Reconversion of Sister Shapiro
S01 E26
Where There's a Will
S01 E27
The Puce Albert
S01 E28
May the Wind Be Always at Your Back
S01 E29
Love Me, Love My Dog
S01 E30
You Can't Get There from Here
S01 E31
You Can't Get There from Here
Season 2
S02 E01
Song of Bertrille
S02 E02
The Crooked Convent
S02 E03
The Rabbi and the Nun
S02 E04
The Return of Father Lundigan
S02 E05
The Convent Is Condemned
S02 E06
A Star Is Reborn
S02 E07
The Organ Transplant
S02 E08
Two Bad Eggs
S02 E09
All Alone by the Convent Phone
S02 E10
It's an Ill Windfall
S02 E11
Slightly Hot Parking Meters
S02 E12
To Fly or Not to Fly
S02 E13
How to Be a Spanish Grandmother
S02 E14
The Landlord Cometh
S02 E15
Sister Socko in San Tanco
S02 E16
Great Casino Robbery (Part 1)
S02 E17
Great Casino Robbery (Part 2)
S02 E18
The Boyfriend
S02 E19
The Kleptomonkeyac
S02 E20
The Moo Is Blue
S02 E21
The Breakaway Monk
S02 E22
Happy Birthday, Dear Gaspar
S02 E23
Cast Your Bread upon the Waters
S02 E24
The Convent Gets the Business
S02 E25
Cousins by the Dozen
S02 E26
The Lottery
Season 3
S03 E01
The Big Game
S03 E02
My Sister the Star
S03 E03
Speek the Speach, I Pray You
S03 E04
The Paolo Story
S03 E05
Marcello's Idol
S03 E06
Guess Who's Coming To Picket
S03 E07
The Not So Great Impostor
S03 E08
A Convent Full of Miracles
S03 E09
Hector and the Brass Band
S03 E10
The New Habit
S03 E11
Bertrille and the Silent Flicks
S03 E12
A Ticket for Betrille
S03 E13
The New Carlos
S03 E14
Dear Aggie
S03 E15
My Sister, the Doctor
S03 E16
Armando and the Pool Table
S03 E17
Hello Columbus
S03 E18
The Dumbest Kid in School
S03 E19
A Man's Best Friend Isn't
S03 E20
The Somnaviatrix
S03 E21
Papa Carlos
S03 E22
The Candid Commercial
S03 E23
A Gift for El Charro
S03 E24
When Generations Gap
S03 E25
Operation Population
S03 E26
No Tears for Mrs. Thomas
Episode 1
A Look Back at the Flying Nun
Episode 2
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