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iOS Today

iOS Today

2010 - 2017  •  TWiT  •  13 days  •  1 season  •  328 episodes
0 vote
Talk Show, News
Formerly this show was called "iPad Today". Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone love their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches so much they've created iOS Today, the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding iOS.
  Previously Aired Episode
TBA Aired on 01/09/2017
Season 1: Episode 328
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
328 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
It Begins
S01 E02
Field Trip!
S01 E03
Office On The Go
S01 E04
S01 E05
Aviation Apps
S01 E06
Cooking! Printing! Cool Hunting!
S01 E07
Productivity, Celebrity, & A Little History
S01 E08
The One With The Bad Karaoke
S01 E09
Travel Apps, 3D Fun, Uranus
S01 E10
Education, Celebrity, & Gettin' Friendly
S01 E11
Alternative Browsers, 4.2 for Devs, FLUD vs. Pulse!
S01 E12
Physics Games, Fraser Speirs, VLC & ZumoCast!
S01 E13
Fitness Apps, iTunes-Free Syncing, Singing Huskies, & Remote 2.0
S01 E14
Clocks! Kanye! Zappos! Glympse!
S01 E15
Best Baseball Apps, Home Button Wars, Cut the Rope
S01 E16
Numbers Apps, TED, iPads for special needs, Angry Birds Halloween!
S01 E17
Radioliffic Apps, Mute Button Woes, iPad Cat Stands, Fruit Ninjas!
S01 E18
Impressive Art Apps, 4.2 Is Close, Hulu Plus, iPad-only Office Options!
S01 E19
4.2 App Must-Haves, Aweditorium, Magic Fiddle, 9-iPad Photo Shoots
S01 E20
Gluttony! Rage! Canines! Peter Rabbit!
S01 E21
Holiday Shopping Apps, Spirits, Boutiques, Goodreader, 4.2 Goodness!
S01 E22
UK-based news apps, iPad cash registers, Ninjump, Momento
S01 E23
Lens happy apps, a Virgin Project, iPad Voyeurs, Propellerhead's Rebirth,...
S01 E24
City Guides, iMockups, CNN Goes Free, Flipboard's Update, Parrots!
S01 E25
Our Favorite 2010 Apps, The Amazing iBand, iPad Glitches, World Of Goo, S...
S01 E26
E-Readers Galore, Skype Video, Risk, ToonCamera, A Microfiber Miracle!
S01 E27
iPad Killer Madness At CES, iLounge Gadgets, Accessories, Apps, And Bling...
S01 E28
Apps For Busy Folks, iOS 4.3 Goodies, Solar System, Prezi, Overdrive!
S01 E29
Flipboard FTW (But You've Got Other News Options), iPad's A Mega-Seller, ...
S01 E30
iOS Madness at Macworld 2011!
S01 E31
Messaging Apps, The Daily Goes Daily, Honeycomb Looms, Trickle, SimCity!
S01 E32
Anti-Valentine Apps (that are cool all year), Square, Intellivision, DIY ...
S01 E33
Apple vs. Publishers: Which Apps Will Suffer? Belkin 360, Pennant, Airske...
S01 E34
We're iPad 2 Rumor Crazy, AppShopper, SignMyPad, Animation Deck, Wunderli...
S01 E35
Essential SXSW Apps & The Group Messaging Army, iPad 2 Launch, Emoji, Bat...
S01 E36
Surviving Tax Time, Zite, Naturespace, Bluetooth Earbuds, iPad 2 Magic Co...
S01 E37
Front-facing Cam Goodies, SXSW Cheers, VideoHunters, Incredibooth, iMovie...
S01 E38
Airplay apps, Banana TV, Spin hipsters, Land-a Panda, Word Lens, & an iPa...
S01 E39
The Definitive Baseball Collection, 100 Photos in 1, Weather +
S01 E40
Print Like A Pro, Instagallery, Tiny Planets, Bing!
S01 E41
Social Video Apps, Squrl, Youshow, Newsy, Jetsetter, Mog!
S01 E42
State Of The Pad, A USB Typewriter And SIM Transfer In A Snap!
S01 E43
Notability vs. Moleskine in our note-taking app roundup! Houzz! Qwiki! Ne...
S01 E44
Planetary, TripIt, Feedly, HBO Go!
S01 E45
Our Summer Game Roundup, Podcaster vs. Downcast, Woodstock Nostalgia, Not...
S01 E46
Apps That Age Well, Gilt Taste, New York App Explosion!
S01 E47
Apps for Tots, Garageband Guitar Solos, Starfront Collision, Oh the Place...
S01 E48
Summer vacation must-have apps, Hipmunk, open tabs on Square, Order & Cha...
S01 E49
We've got iOS 5!
S01 E50
60k Free Books, Maps, & Infographics!
S01 E51
Embrace the Browser!
S01 E52
Weather App Extravaganza!
S01 E53
Games Galore!
S01 E54
Lazypad Apps!
S01 E55
Alarm Clock App Recap, Google+ on iPad, Paper Camera!
S01 E56
99 Cent App Store!
S01 E57
New Apps on the Block!
S01 E58
Accessibility Apps!
S01 E59
Back to School Apps, Snapseed, Defender of the Crown
S01 E60
Video Fever, Inkling 2.0, Appetites
S01 E61
Natali Morris & Apps for Parents!
S01 E62
PhotoPuppet HD, fancy, Google + Zagat!
S01 E63, VidRhythm, Machinarium!
S01 E64
Tasks,, Gowalla, F8, MadPad!
S01 E65
Kindle Fire vs. iPad, Bookmarklet Mania, Shadowgun!
S01 E66
Goodbye Steve, Thanks for All the Shows
S01 E67
iOS 5 is live, iPhone 4S is here, Siri is smart!
S01 E68
iWork, Facebook, The Economist, iTune Radio Pro, Siegecraft!
S01 E69
Financial apps, StockTouch, SoundCloud, Mint!
S01 E70
New News Apps: Livestand, Bloomberg TV+, Engadget Distro, SkyGrid
S01 E71
Holiday Survival Apps, iOS 5.0.1,, Aquaria!
S01 E72
Got Game? Minecraft, Stuck on Earth, Shredder Chess
S01 E73
Black Friday Apps, Google Search, eBay for iPad
S01 E74
Best RSS Readers, Mixel, Anthropologie
S01 E75
Path 2.0, Office on iPad, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Infinity Blade 2!
S01 E76
Tweet Better
S01 E77
Top 5 Must-Have Apps For New iPads!
S01 E78
App Store 2011 Rewind Winners!
S01 E79
New Years Resolution apps, Nest, Apps for Apes!
S01 E80
CES 2012!
S01 E81
iBooks 2, iBooks Author, iTunes U
S01 E82
iWorld Bonanza At Macworld 2012
S01 E83
Avid Studio, iStopMotion, Game Your Video
S01 E84
Tweetbot, Buzzfeed, Upcoming iPad 3
S01 E85
OS X Mountain Lion, iPad 3 Is Coming, Address Book-Gate
S01 E86
Storify, Oscars, Travelocity, PaperKarma
S01 E87
Exec vs. TaskRabbit vs. Zaarly, March 7th iPad announcement, Photoshop To...
S01 E88
S01 E89
New iPad Unboxing! Retina Display! Apps!
S01 E90
Heat-Gate, Angry Birds Space, OMGPOP!
S01 E91
Track Your Life, Paper app, EyeEm
S01 E92
Today's Ten Must-Have Apps!
S01 E93
Slice, Bump, Sincerely: the next $1B Instagram?
S01 E94
Baseball's back, SoundHound, Jetpac, Pixable
S01 E95
Big Earnings, WWDC, iOS 6, Art Authority
S01 E96
Twitter Wars! Tweetbot, Stream Board, HootSuite, Twizgrid
S01 E97
Google+, Currents, Svpply, Band of the Day
S01 E98
Gina Trapani's Home Screen!
S01 E99
Cannes 2012, Moviefone, Movie360
S01 E100
Happy 100th Anniversary to Us!
S01 E101
HopStop, 123D Catch, Barefoot World Atlas
S01 E102
iOS 6! Maps! Siri! Passbook!
S01 E103
Maps, Big Jambox, Zombies!
S01 E104
TripIt! Trey's Travel Photos! Amazon Cloud!
S01 E105
Music Apps, iOS 6, Photo Tagging
S01 E106
Google+, Next Issue, Breaking News
S01 E107
Olympics apps, Nexus 7, Tiny Wings, Velocirapture
S01 E108
Mountain Lion marries iOS, LastPass, Art Set
S01 E109
Google Earth 3D, IntoNow, Amazon Instant Video
S01 E110
Weather HD 2, Chameleon Clock, Battery Doctor HD
S01 E111
New apps for kids, Trapit, Pinterest goes universal
S01 E112
Vegging out with TV apps, GetGlue, Boxfish Live Guide, WWE
S01 E113
Note taking apps, Drafts, Learnist, Spacecraft 3D
S01 E114
Pinnacle Studio, The Walking Dead, Viator
S01 E115
New iTunes, EarPods, Gojee, YouTube
S01 E116
iOS 6, HopStop, Nik, NFL Rewind
S01 E117
Super News Edition, Bad Piggies, Camera+ for iPad
S01 E118
Puzzlejuice, The Rebus Show, Naught!
S01 E119
iMoney & Finance apps, Rockmelt, The Magazine
S01 E120
App Stew! Girls Like Robots, Dungeon Story
S01 E121
iPad Mini vs. iPad 4 Retina, Photosmith
S01 E122
Toca Tailor, Borderlands Legends, Path
S01 E123
Wedding apps! Mini beating Retina, Kumo Lumo
S01 E124
iOS vs. Android, Fayve, Angry Birds: Star Wars
S01 E125
Life with mini, Maps fallout, AC/DC Pinball Rocks!
S01 E126
HERE Maps, TomTom, Circuit Playground
S01 E127
Threadflip, Etsy, Gift Suggester, Cook Happy!
S01 E128
New & TWiT-Worthy Apps, Snapguide, QuickOffice, Evernote Food
S01 E129
Best of 2012!
S01 E130
Read Quick, Royal Envoy 2, Living Earth
S01 E131
Twitterrific 5, Foldify, Double Robotics
S01 E132
Temple Run 2, Day One, Electric Sheep
S01 E133
GV Connect, Twitter's Vine, Dominion HD
S01 E134
RepairPal, 500px porn, 128GB iPad
S01 E135
Little Inferno, History of Jazz, Rolling Stone
S01 E136
Airplay HBO Go, DrawQuest, 123D Creature
S01 E137, Blush for Wine, Reading Rainbow
S01 E138
Sound Uncovered, Instashare, CloudClip
S01 E139
Path 3, realMyst, Cloud Player, Groovboard
S01 E140
R.I.P. Google Reader, Digg Reader, Currents
S01 E141
BaiBoard HD, Electric Slide, Incredimail, iRest
S01 E142
Venmo, TurboTax, PocketJustice, iCircuit
S01 E143
Vdio, Talkatone, Angry Gran Run
S01 E144
Uncrate, The Wirecutter, McTube
S01 E145
Read Later Showdown, Facebook Chat Heads, Twitter #music
S01 E146
Fragile Earth, Mail Pilot, Drafts 3.0
S01 E147
Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Cooking Basics, Evomail
S01 E148
Viber, The Loop, Photosmith
S01 E149
Google Hangouts, Square Stand, Kashoo Accounting
S01 E150
Mailbox, Map Camera, Yahoo's Tumblr
S01 E151
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, AnyList, Dots
S01 E152
FitStar, Musyc, Dumb Ways to Die
S01 E153
iOS 7, Feedly's Cloud, Control Center
S01 E154
Gardening apps, Instagram video, Carmegeddon
S01 E155
iOS 7 for iPad, Digg Reader, Atlantic Weekly
S01 E156
TouchCast, Badland, Over
S01 E157
Hotel Tonight, Duolingo, Tiny Thief!
S01 E158
djay 2, Glide, FitBit One & Flex
S01 E159
Imgur, Quip, Retina iPad mini!
S01 E160
MixBit, Rise Alarm Clock, Double Robotics!
S01 E161
Tinder, HowAboutWe, Timeline Civil War!
S01 E162
Plants vs. Zombies 2, Poems by Heart, TripRider
S01 E163
The Human Body, iTunes Festival, US Open 2013
S01 E164
Fan, Doctape, Call of Duty
S01 E165
Reeder 2, Tetris Blitz, Coast for Opera
S01 E166
iOS 7 for all!
S01 E167
iOS 7 security, Scanner Pro, Diptic PDQ
S01 E168
Homesnap, iMessage Hell, Spin
S01 E169
FaceTune HD, RockPack, Frax HD
S01 E170
Gif Finder, LensFlare, Le Vamp
S01 E171
iPad Air, Retina mini, DEVICE 6, Threema!
S01 E172
Spooky apps, DEAD TRIGGER 2, Papa Sangre II
S01 E173
iPad Air Unboxing, Twitter IPO day, Parallax Wallpapers
S01 E174
ARTPOP, Retina mini, Leo's Pad
S01 E175
Coin, Pitchfork Weekly, Oceanhorn
S01 E176
Gifts HD 2, Elf Dance, Clash of Clans
S01 E177
Assassin's Creed Pirates, Instagram Direct Messages, Snapshots of the Uni...
S01 E178
The Hobbit, Writer Pro, Yahoo Weather
S01 E179
Cook's Illustrated, Republique, Angry Birds Go!
S01 E180
Shine CV Creator, MagicPlan, Homestyler, Zinio
S01 E181
Lose It! Fat Secret! Mosaique!
S01 E182
Sunrise Calendar, NHM Alive, We Heart It
S01 E183
Fitstar, Duolingo, Piano Mania
S01 E184
Superbowl XLVIII, Storehouse, Nasty Gal
S01 E185
Flappy Bird, Facebook's Paper, Swiftkey Note
S01 E186
Pacemaker, Prismatic, Cinebeat
S01 E187
Tengami, Gneo, Fragment
S01 E188
Icycle, Card Wars: Adventure Time, Castle of Ilusion
S01 E189
Brushstroke, Smash Hit, Rails, iTunes Festival
S01 E190
Action: Infinity, Tynker, Daily Burn
S01 E191
Loopy HD, Duet, Toc and Roll
S01 E192
Microsoft Office for iPad, Surgeon Simulator, at Bat
S01 E193
Tax Apps, IFTTT, Monument Valley
S01 E194
Cooking Apps, Solar Walk, Fantastical 2
S01 E195
Luvocracy, Lightroom, Cosmos
S01 E196
Last-Minute Travel Guides, NYT Now, Leo's Fortune
S01 E197
Khan Academy, Hitman GO, Google Docs
S01 E198
dEXTRIS, Joy of Cooking, Adobe Voice
S01 E199
Apps for Grads, Glassdoor, Launch Center Pro, Blek
S01 E200
iOS 8, iTranslate Voice, Battleheart Legacy
S01 E201
FIFA, News Republic, NYT Crossword, Rival Knights
S01 E202
Opentable, Unread, Angry Birds Epic
S01 E203
TwoDots, Photoshop Mix, RunPee
S01 E204
Homescreens Exposed, iTunes U,120 Sports, Instructables
S01 E205
Diptic, Waterlogue, Pixlr Express
S01 E206
BeerSmith, Corkz, Vino Pal
S01 E207
Evernote, Molto, and Minecraft
S01 E208
Bonza, Splice, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
S01 E209
OneNote, Learnist, Crazy Taxi
S01 E210
LINE Disney Tsum Tsum, Foursquare Redesign
S01 E211
Beats Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music
S01 E212
QuakeFeed Earthquake Map, NOAA Radar Pro
S01 E213
Redfin, Star Walk 2, Bioshock
S01 E214
Elevate, Science on iTunes U, WunderStation
S01 E215
iOS 8, Mr. Crab, new App Store bundles
S01 E216
GIF Keyboard, Transmit iOS, Osnap!
S01 E217
Entwined Challenge, Emoji++, Longform
S01 E218
Adobe Lightroom, Spark Camera, Goat Simulator
S01 E219
iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, Apple SIM
S01 E220
AskMD, Hello Doctor, Mayo Clinic
S01 E221
TinType, Overcast, Castro
S01 E222
PhotoMath, Diddeo, Best iOS widgets
S01 E223
VSCO Cam, Aviary, Retry
S01 E224
Kitchen Stories, Cheezburger, Five Nights at Freddy's
S01 E225
Best Holiday shopping apps, Google+ uncertainty, Emoji Cosmos!
S01 E226
Apple's Best of 2014 Awards
S01 E227
Foursquare for iPad, Workflow,
S01 E228
2014 in Review
S01 E229
Stickered for Messenger, Trivia Crack, Paperless Post
S01 E230
Strata, SeatGeek, Crossy Road
S01 E231
FitStar Yoga, MyFitnessPal, Under Armour Record
S01 E232
Be My Eyes, Verbally, ECHO
S01 E233
Fuzel Collage, Postagram, Aviary
S01 E234
Vine for Kids, Toca Hair Salon
S01 E235
Instagram, Sonos Controller, Amazon, SwiftKey
S01 E236
Beats Music, YouTube Kids, Mars Colony 2
S01 E237
MLB, Amazon Instant Video, Looksee
S01 E238
Hipchat, Slack, Forge
S01 E239
Alto's Adventure, Device 6, True Legends
S01 E240, SubscriptMe, Inbox
S01 E241
Periscope, Vine, Vessel
S01 E242
Adobe Slate, Storehouse, Google+ Story
S01 E243
Twitterrific, Comixology, Alto's Adventure
S01 E244
Skout, Yik-Yak, Omegle
S01 E245
Wunderlust, Evernote, Facebook Messenger
S01 E246
Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you
S01 E247
Memoir, Authy, GoatZ
S01 E248
Activity Apps
S01 E249
Google on iOS
S01 E250
WWDC 2015
S01 E251
Father's Day Gifts
S01 E252
Summer Vacation Photos
S01 E253
Plane Finder, Wakie, PCalc
S01 E254
DIY iPhone and iPad Cases
S01 E255
iOS 9 BEta, iTunes Match, Ecobee3 Thermostat
S01 E256
Lightroom, Zero Email, Postagram, Packing Pro
S01 E257
Prune, Google Spotlight Stories, Imoji, Loop
S01 E258
Photos, Dropbox Carousel, Trunx, OneDrive
S01 E259
Quizlet, Brainscape, Evernote StudyBlue
S01 E260
Hydra, Hologram Machine, Telegram Messenger
S01 E261
Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, iTranslate
S01 E262
Siri Voice Commands
S01 E263
Apple's Fall Product Announcement
S01 E264
iOS 9 Tips and Tricks
S01 E265
Apps Designed for iPhone 6s and iOS 9
S01 E266
Alternatives to Apple Music
S01 E267
Best News Apps
S01 E268
Should You Still Use LastPass?
S01 E269
Scary Apps for Halloween
S01 E270
The New Apple TV is Here!
S01 E271
Best Guitar Learning Apps
S01 E272
The iPad Pro: Yes or No?
S01 E273
Black Friday iOS Deals!
S01 E274
Healthy Eating Apps
S01 E275
Holiday Gift Ideas
S01 E276
Alternatives to Mailbox
S01 E277
Your Questions and Our Answers
S01 E278
Setting Up Your New Devices
S01 E279
New Year's Resolution Apps
S01 E280
Messaging Apps are the new Siri
S01 E281
Your Movie Collection on iOS Devices
S01 E282
Music Memos for iOS
S01 E283
Snapchat Like a Boss on Fleek in the His House
S01 E284
iFive for the iPhone SE
S01 E285
There's a Bot for That
S01 E286
Easy iPhone Photo Tips
S01 E287
Waste Your Time Wisely
S01 E288
Smart Sports Bra and Activity Trackers
S01 E289
Apple iPhone SE Event Recap
S01 E290
Spring Cleaning your iDevices
S01 E291
Jason Snell At Bat
S01 E292
Who Needs Facebook Live?
S01 E293
Broadcasting on iOS
S01 E294
iOS for Your Mother
S01 E295
Chindogu for iOS
S01 E296
New Apps for the iPad Pro
S01 E297
3rd-Party iOS Keyboards
S01 E298
Amazon Echo Envy
S01 E299
Learning to Code on an iPad
S01 E300
Differential Privacy
S01 E301
Messaging and More From WWDC
S01 E302
Apps to Pack on Vacation
S01 E303
Writing tools for the iPad
S01 E304
Make Art from Your Photos
S01 E305
Summer Movie Hits!
S01 E306
What Your Apps Know About You
S01 E307
Olympics on iOS
S01 E308
Moving Day with iOS
S01 E309
Back to School with iOS
S01 E310
Automotive Apps
S01 E311
Greedy Courage
S01 E312
Picks from Georgia Dow
S01 E313
iOS Picks from Myke Hurley
S01 E314
Productivity Tips with Andy Ihnatko
S01 E315
Apps for Book Lovers
S01 E316
10 Tricks for iOS 10
S01 E317
Apple TV Tips & Apps
S01 E318
Halloween Apps
S01 E319
Best iOS Shopping Apps
S01 E320
Apps to Distract You From Reality
S01 E321
Thanksgiving Apps
S01 E322
Best Board Games for iPad and iPhone
S01 E323
Cordcutting 2016
S01 E324
How-to Apps
S01 E325
TWiT Staff iOS Picks
S01 E326
Best of 2016
S01 E327
New Year Resolutions
S01 E328
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