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All That

All That

1994 - 2020  •  Nickelodeon  •  83 hours  •  11 seasons  •  218 episodes
13 votes
233 votes
# 21413
Comedy, Children, Family
This American sketch comedy series, originally lasting 10 seasons, features original short comedic sketches and weekly musical guests aimed toward a young audience. Its sketches parody contemporary culture and are performed by a large and varying cast of child and teen actors. Now, the new kids of comedy ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Episode 1134 Aired on 12/17/2020
Episode 1134
Season 11: Episode 34
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
218 episodes total
All That | All That: May 2019 commercial - Nickelodeon
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Season 1
S01 E01
Phil Moore / TLC
S01 E02
Da Brat
S01 E03
S01 E04
S01 E05
Craig Mack
S01 E06
Malcolm-Jamal Warner / Brandy
S01 E07
S01 E08
S01 E09
Soul 4 Real
S01 E10
Changing Faces
S01 E11
S01 E12
S01 E13
S01 E14
A Few Good Men
S01 E15
Aftermath ft. Kel Mitchell
Season 2
S02 E01
Naughty By Nature
S02 E02
S02 E03
Larisa Oleynik / Da Brat
S02 E04
Malcolm Jamal-Warner / Mokenstef
S02 E05
Jon B
S02 E06
The Twinz
S02 E07
S02 E08
Soul 4 Real
S02 E09
S02 E10
S02 E11
S02 E12
Diana King
S02 E13
Sinbad / Coolio
S02 E14
Mark Curry / Deborah Cox
S02 E15
S02 E16
Terry Ellis
S02 E17
Faith Evans
S02 E18
S02 E19
S02 E20
IV Xample
S02 E21
Good Burger Special
S02 E22
Season 3
S03 E01
Tia & Tamera Mowry / LL Cool J
S03 E02
Montell Jordan
S03 E03
Oliver Muirhead / Immature ft. Smooth & Kel Mitchell
S03 E04
Dru Hill
S03 E05
Tyra Banks / Blackstreet
S03 E06
A Tribe Called Quest
S03 E07
S03 E08
Tony! Toni! Toné! ft. DJ Quik
S03 E09
Chris Farley / Mint Condition
S03 E10
S03 E11
Sherman Hemsley / Nas
S03 E12
John Leguizamo / Mona Lisa
S03 E13
Ray J
S03 E14
For Real
S03 E15
S03 E16
Az Yet
S03 E17
S03 E18
MC Lyte
S03 E19
Dr. Joyce Brothers / Sherman Hemsley / Heavy D.
S03 E20
Erykah Badu
S03 E21
Erykah Badu
Season 4
S04 E01
S04 E02
Busta Rhymes
S04 E03
Tommy Davidson / Robyn
S04 E04
Wyclef Jean
S04 E05
Dru Hill
S04 E06
S04 E07
Mary J. Blige
S04 E08
Spice Girls
S04 E09
Missy Elliot
S04 E10
S04 E11
Kirk Franklin & God's Property
S04 E12
Backstreet Boys
S04 E13
Boyz II Men
S04 E14
Destiny's Child
S04 E15
LL Cool J
S04 E16
Jermaine Dupri & Da Brat
S04 E17
Salt 'N Pepa
S04 E18
K-Ci & JoJo
S04 E19
Kobe Bryant / Ice Cube
S04 E20
The Lox
S04 E21
Sugar Ray
Season 5
S05 E01
Blackstreet ft. Mya
S05 E02
Tatyana Ali
S05 E03
Deborah Cox
S05 E04
Shaquille O'Neal
S05 E05
S05 E06
Faith Evans
S05 E07
S05 E08
All That Live! (100th)
S05 E09
98 Degrees
S05 E10
S05 E11
S05 E12
S05 E13
5 Young Men
S05 E14
Joey McIntyre
S05 E15
Backstreet Boys
S05 E16
3rd Storee
S05 E17
New Radicals
S05 E18
The M.A.F.T. ft. Kel Mitchell
S05 E19
Season 6
S06 E01
S06 E02
S06 E03
Mandy Moore
S06 E04
Cast of Snow Day / Hoku
S06 E05
S06 E06
S06 E07
Sheryl Swoopes / No Authority
S06 E08
S06 E09
Britney Spears
S06 E10
S06 E11
Tracie Spencer
S06 E12
S06 E13
S06 E19
The Best Of Leon Frierson
S06 E21
The Best Of Christy Knowings
S06 E22
Peas, Cheese, Bag of Chips
Season 7
S07 E01
Frankie Muniz / Aaron Carter
S07 E02
Melissa Joan Hart / Usher
S07 E03
P. Diddy
S07 E04
Britney Spears
S07 E05
Tony Hawk / Barenaked Ladies
S07 E06
David Arquette / Mandy Moore
S07 E07
Kenan Thompson / LFO
S07 E08
Barry Watson / Christina Milian
S07 E09
Lisa Leslie / Ray Romano / Willa Ford
S07 E10
Amanda Bynes / City High
S07 E11
Aaron Carter / Samantha Mumba
S07 E12
Will Friedle / Nelly Furtado
S07 E13
Christina Vidal / Tyrese
S07 E15
Episode 127
S07 E16
Episode 128
S07 E17
Episode 129
S07 E18
Episode 130
S07 E19
Episode 131
S07 E20
Episode 126
Season 8
S08 E01
S08 E02
Alexa Vega & Daryl Sabara / Play ft. Chris Trousdale
S08 E03
S08 E04
Jeffrey Licon / Jennifer Love Hewitt
S08 E05
Justin Timberlake / Aaron Carter
S08 E06
Steve Bridges / Tom Green / Avril Lavigne
S08 E07
S08 E08
Nick Carter / BBMak
S08 E09
Harry Bladder Special
S08 E10
Justincase / Britney Spears
S08 E11
Nick Cannon / Monica / Ashton Kutcher / Orlando Jones
S08 E12
Debbie Gibson
S08 E13
Matthew Lillard / O-Town
S08 E14
Tom Green / No Secrets
S08 E15
Substitute Jack
S08 E16
Episode 147
S08 E17
Episode 148
S08 E18
Episode 149
S08 E19
Episode 150
Season 9
S09 E01
S09 E02
S09 E03
Da Razkalz Cru
S09 E04
Third Eye Blind
S09 E05
Fefe Dobson
S09 E06
Drake Bell / Nikki Cleary
S09 E07
JC Chasez / Drake Bell
S09 E08
S09 E09
Britney Spears / Nick Cannon
S09 E10
Brittany Snow / Wakefield
S09 E11
S09 E12
Nick Lachey
S09 E13
Avril Lavigne
S09 E14
Substitute Jack
S09 E15
Aaron Carter
S09 E16
Nickelodeon's All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special
Season 10
S10 E01
S10 E02
Fantasia Barrino
S10 E03
Jesse McCartney
S10 E04
S10 E05
Tyler Hilton
S10 E06
Drake Bell
S10 E07
Avril Lavigne
S10 E08
Morgan Smith
S10 E09
Brooke Valentine
S10 E10
American Hi-Fi
S10 E11
S10 E12
Bow Wow
S10 E13
Brie Larson
S10 E14
S10 E15
Bow Wow
S10 E16
Brie Larson
Season 11
S11 E01
Episode 1101
S11 E02
Episode 1102
S11 E03
Episode 1103
S11 E04
Episode 1104
S11 E05
Episode 1105
S11 E06
Episode 1106
S11 E07
Episode 1107
S11 E08
Episode 1108
S11 E09
Episode 1111
S11 E10
Episode 1110
S11 E11
Episode 1109
S11 E12
Episode 1112
S11 E13
Episode 1113
S11 E14
Episode 1114
S11 E15
Episode 1116
S11 E16
Episode 1115
S11 E17
Episode 1117
S11 E18
Episode 1118
S11 E19
Episode 1119
S11 E20
Episode 1121
S11 E21
Episode 1120
S11 E22
Episode 1122
S11 E23
Episode 1123
S11 E24
Episode 1124
S11 E25
Episode 1125
S11 E26
Episode 1126
S11 E27
Episode 1127
S11 E28
Episode 1128
S11 E29
Episode 1129
S11 E30
Episode 1130
S11 E31
Episode 1131
S11 E32
Episode 1132
S11 E33
Episode 1133
S11 E34
Episode 1134
Episode 1
All That New Years Eve
Episode 2
All That Music and More: Backstage Pass
Episode 3
The Best of Kenan Thompson
Episode 4
The Best of Amanda Bynes
Episode 5
The Best of Kel Mitchell
Episode 6
The Best of Josh Server
Episode 7
The Best of Lori Beth Denberg
Episode 8
The Best of Danny Tamberelli
Episode 9
Tunes into TV
Episode 10
The Best of Tunes into TV
Episode 11
Peas, Cheese and a Bag of Chips
Episode 12
The Best of Music
Episode 13
Dates, Goats, and Romance
Episode 14
Music and More Backstage Pass
Episode 15
R U All That?: Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Kid in America
Episode 16
10th Anniversary Reunion Special Part 1
Episode 17
10th Anniversary Reunion Special Part 2
Episode 18
All That Music Special
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