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Jorel's Brother

Jorel's Brother

2012 - Now  •  Thursday 05:45 PM on Cartoon Network Brasil  •  19 hours  •  4 seasons  •  104 episodes
7 votes
1012 votes
# 220
Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Family
The series shows the daily life of an eccentric and extravagant family. Jorel is the middle child, with silky hair and a sweet and attractive way to win girls that makes him the most popular guy in town. However the show does not revolve around him, but to his younger brother, a shy and nameless boy ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Ponymorphosis Aired on 01/27/2022
Season 4: Episode 26
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
The Phenomenal Helmet with Casters
S01 E02
Seesaws of the Revolution
S01 E03
Fight Club
S01 E04
Do not Be Afraid of Your Fear
S01 E05
Backyard's Newspaper
S01 E06
The Mystery of the Ultra-Secret little notes
S01 E07
The Dangerous Brutal Lambada
S01 E08
The Story Without Beginning, Half and End
S01 E09
Maximum Expressiveness
S01 E10
The Terrible Attack of the Mutants Lice
S01 E11
Nature Totally Wild
S01 E12
Relentless Morning Journey
S01 E13
Terrifying Adulthood
S01 E14
Pen of 250 Colors
S01 E15
Boarding in This Wave
S01 E16
Occupation: Clown
S01 E17
An Odissey in The Recreational Space
S01 E18
Hunters For The Lost Cards
S01 E19
Mortal Scavenger Hunt
S01 E20
Crazy Island
S01 E21
The Incredible Lateenagers
S01 E22
The Legend of the Cotton Woman
S01 E23
Family Afloat
S01 E24
Little Master of Gi Gitsu
S01 E25
Rage and Power on Wheels
S01 E26
My Second Love
Season 2
S02 E01
Carlos Felino: Matchmaker
S02 E02
Fluffy, The Killer Dolphin
S02 E03
Shostners Shopping
S02 E04
Dare or Dare?
S02 E05
Through the Wardrobe
S02 E06
Awesome Tour Without Brake
S02 E07
Jorel's Brother and the Soda Factory
S02 E08
Brutal Camp
S02 E09
So it's Christmas
S02 E10
The Secret Life of Belezitos
S02 E11
MC Juju
S02 E12
Saturday Afternoon Fever
S02 E13
Interplanetary Success
S02 E14
Maquinito, the Friend Robot
S02 E15
Silky Cream Double Cream
S02 E16
Shostners Burger
S02 E17
Nico's Brother
S02 E18
Lost in Cinema
S02 E19
Adelino Adventure Park
S02 E20
Back to the Future of the Past
S02 E21
Brutal Recreation
S02 E22
In Search of Freedom
S02 E23
Imaginary Enemy
S02 E24
Porcelain Elephant
S02 E25
Sleeping Awake Sleeping
S02 E26
Special Eject
Season 3
S03 E01
Badass Garden
S03 E02
Jorel's Little Brother
S03 E03
S03 E04
Ed Show
S03 E05
The Ideal Kite
S03 E06
Contest of the Craziest of School
S03 E07
Grandma takes me to class
S03 E08
Eternal Hiccup
S03 E09
Be Broccoli!
S03 E10
Shostners Cable
S03 E11
Meanwhile, in Japan
S03 E12
Cine horror
S03 E13
S03 E14
Urgent Yard News
S03 E15
Life is too short to like soccer
S03 E16
Carnival anytime
S03 E17
Steve Vs Sidney
S03 E18
My friend Vincent
S03 E19
Revolution of things
S03 E20
The Flying Sandals Clan
S03 E21
The Last Video Store in the World
S03 E22
The Lost High Five
S03 E23
Pigeon Boy
S03 E24
Hashtag Art
S03 E25
Unlimited fun
S03 E26
Rock N' Sprok
Season 4
S04 E01
In Search of Lost Edson
S04 E02
Just Felino
S04 E03
The Greatest Music Video Of All Time
S04 E04
Danuza goes to fight
S04 E05
Little mall thief
S04 E06
Jorel's cousin
S04 E07
Don't say no to my dream
S04 E08
Fortifying Mendonça
S04 E09
Boy injured
S04 E10
Shostners Games
S04 E11
Vote for me
S04 E12
Future Collector
S04 E13
Gesonel Time Detective
S04 E14
In English, Please!
S04 E15
Judoka Kid II
S04 E16
Ducks Committee
S04 E17
Vampire Baby Tooth
S04 E18
Kleyton's Revenge
S04 E19
Cool Life
S04 E20
Jorginhous and Dragons
S04 E21
Sprokalipse Show
S04 E22
One Hundredth Episode
S04 E23
The Bear in the Nutshell
S04 E24
The Abduction of Colors
S04 E25
Juju and the Avocado Tree
S04 E26
Episode 1
Perdigotto Show: Flared Briefs
Episode 2
Perdigotto Show: Jorel's brother
Episode 3
Perdigotto Show: Edson and Danuza
Episode 4
Perdigotto Show: Jorelovers Vs Joreletes
Episode 5
Perdigotto Show: Steve Magal
Episode 6
Episode 6
Episode 7
Perdigotto Show: Executives
Episode 8
Episode 7
Episode 9
Belezitos: The Musical
Episode 10
Episode 8
Episode 11
Yuki Show I
Episode 12
Episode 9
Episode 13
Yuki Show II
Episode 14
Episode 10
Episode 15
Yuki Show III
Episode 16
Episode 11
Episode 17
Yuki Show IV
Episode 18
Episode 12
Episode 19
The Lara & Yuki Show
Episode 20
Episode 13
Episode 21
The Lara & Yuki Show 2
Episode 22
Episode 14
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 15
Episode 25
PomboBoy for the Honor of the Shattered Dolls
Episode 26
Episode 16
Episode 27
Reginaldo Discos
Episode 28
Episode 17
Episode 29
Carnaval Bruttal Special
Episode 30
Episode 18
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