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Chop & Brew

Chop & Brew

2012 - Now  •  YouTube  •  41 hours  •  1 season  •  125 episodes
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Documentary, Food
Chop & Brew is a webshow about life’s great food and fermentations. A large focus is on homebrewing of all sorts: extract, partial mash, brew in a bag, and all-grain; ales, lagers, and experimental brews, along with other home fermentations such as wine, mead, sake and kombucha. Other featured topics ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Janet's Brown Ale Seven Ways Aired on 04/23/2021
Janet's Brown Ale Seven Ways
Season 1: Episode 125
Season 1
S01 E01
Two Reds are Better Than One
S01 E02
Makin’ Bacon
S01 E03
Brewing for 311 and Dre Day
S01 E04
Washing Yeast with Don O.
S01 E05
Irish Beef Stew & Some Tasting Notes
S01 E06
Growing Hops at Home (Part 1)
S01 E07
Roll Out the Barrels
S01 E08
How to Cook with Beer (Presentation by Sean Z. Paxton)
S01 E09
Crawfish Boil with Cajun 2 Geaux
S01 E10
Boat Bitter (Brewing Session Ales with Michael Dawson)
S01 E11
Growing Hops at Home (Part 2)
S01 E12
Belgian Dark Strong Ales
S01 E13
Brewing Aletoberfest
S01 E14
Brewing with Fresh/Wet Hops
S01 E15
Making Pie From Scratch
S01 E16
Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA
S01 E17
Fresh Hop Tasting Notes
S01 E18
Joose Tasting Notes
S01 E19
NYC Homebrew Tour
S01 E20
Homebrew Video Nerds Unite
S01 E21
Meet the Brewer – Mino Choi
S01 E22
John Kimmich from The Alchemist
S01 E23
Music City Brew Off
S01 E24
Basement Stout Fest
S01 E25
Meet the Brewer – Keith Ciani
S01 E26
2014 BJCP Style Guidelines (NHC 2014 Presentation)
S01 E27
C&B Theme Song Contest
S01 E28
AHA Wort Rally Beer Tasting Notes
S01 E29
Bad Ass Barrelfied Imperial Porter
S01 E30
Rhubarb Saison
S01 E31
P. Berry’s Batch 1,000
S01 E32
Brewing with New Hop Varieties
S01 E33
Belgian Dark Strong Ales Part 2
S01 E34
Bad Ass Saison with Nathan Smith
S01 E35
Brewing Up A Cure
S01 E36
Big Brew Day at Summit Brewing Company
S01 E37
Influence of Mashing on Sour Beer Production
S01 E38
Homebrewing with Tea
S01 E39
Minnesota State Fair 2015
S01 E40
Gold Medal Basement Flight Throwdown
S01 E41
Chopinator Choppelbock
S01 E42
Making Snack Sticks at Home
S01 E43
Making Turkey Stock at Home
S01 E44
Pig Out Smoked Blonde Ale
S01 E45
Frost Bite Tasting Notes
S01 E46
Rye Stout + Espresso
S01 E47
Juicy Lucy Stuffed Hamburgers with Chef Zander Dixon
S01 E48
Meet the Brewer: Benjamin Valentine
S01 E49
Homebrewing History: A Photographic Tour with Charlie
S01 E50
King Cake Ale
S01 E51
Irish Coddle
S01 E52
One Chip Challenge
S01 E53
Here Comes Samichlaus
S01 E54
Homebrewing Svagdricka
S01 E55
Cody’s Gotlandsdricka and Christmas Wit
S01 E56
Solar Wave Golden IPA
S01 E57
Northeast Ohio Style Holiday Ales
S01 E58
Solar Wave IPA & Idaho 7 Hops
S01 E59
BrewCon: Homebrewing in Ireland
S01 E60
Dandelion Wine
S01 E61
Americans React to Irish Craft Beer
S01 E62
Mead Masters Steve Fletty (Part 1)
S01 E63
Mead Masters Steve Fletty (Part 2)
S01 E64
Mead Day Mini-Mead Tasting Notes
S01 E65
Homebrew Con Beer Tasting Notes
S01 E66
Beer Mustard & Bacon Jam with Natedogs
S01 E67
Media Circus Hazy Pale Ale
S01 E68
High Hat Brewing
S01 E69
Making Salsa at Home
S01 E70
Surly Darkness
S01 E71
The Upside Down (Cake)
S01 E72
Barke Vienna Homebrew Roundtable
S01 E73
Chief Hopper’s Coffee Dark Mild
S01 E74
Courage Russian Imperial Stout
S01 E75
Whey Stout Three Ways
S01 E76
Homebrew Worldwide
S01 E77
Live Interview with Charlie Papazian
S01 E78
Paint It Black Tripel
S01 E79
Snozz Project
S01 E80
Trillium Coffee Beers
S01 E81
Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference
S01 E82
Bent Brewstillery Grape Salad
S01 E83
Meet the Brewer: Jeremy Jalabert
S01 E84
Wheaty Brown Two Ways
S01 E85
Where the Wild Beers Are
S01 E86
Belgian Abbey Style Christmas Beer
S01 E87
American Wild Ales with Chuck Gosnell
S01 E88
Smoked Mead
S01 E89
Fresh Pressed Hard Cider
S01 E90
Making Ice Cider at Home
S01 E91
Tasting Notes: Oktoberfest Side-by-Side
S01 E92
Norwegian Haimabrygg Unboxing and NYE Tasting
S01 E93
Battle Street Brewery: Chocolate Raspberry Porter & NEIPA
S01 E94
Tree House Brewing Company Tasting
S01 E95
Homemade Snack Mix
S01 E96
Basic Water Chemistry: Brewing Salts
S01 E97
From Chaos NE (Nebraska) IPA
S01 E98
Headless Mumby Super Flight
S01 E99
Home Smoked Beef Jerky
S01 E100
Barry Salem's Batch 100
S01 E101
Wild Rice Mild
S01 E102
The Grainfather Brew Day
S01 E103
Meet the Brewer: Omar Zamora
S01 E104
Ingenious Brewing Company Holiday Beer Throwdown
S01 E105
Meet the Meadmaker: Jared Ro Bear (Superstition Meadery)
S01 E106
Inside Imperial Yeast (Full Tour Video)
S01 E107
Berry Bomb Mead
S01 E108
Storm in a Teacup Barleywine Brew Day
S01 E109
Falling Knife Brewing Company | Socially Distant Q&A
S01 E110
Brewing TV Symposium and Lost Episode
S01 E111
Spruce Tip Wine
S01 E112
Black is Beautiful - Part 1: Marcus Baskerville Interview & Homebrew Tips
S01 E113
Starting a Brewery in a Time of Chaos | Arbeiter Brewing Company
S01 E114
Saison Yeast Showdown
S01 E115
Mustard Beer Tasting Notes (Oskar Blues & French's Collaboration)
S01 E116
Black Is Beautiful | Niko Tonks @ Fair State Brewing Cooperative
S01 E117
NanoCon | Annual Nanobrewing Conference
S01 E118
Making Homemade Sausage
S01 E119
Charlie P. Birthday Burger + Smoked Burgers for Hoomans
S01 E120
Norwegian Kornølfestival & the Cultural Importance of Kveik
S01 E121
Leif's Green Chili
S01 E122
Homemade Venison Jerky | Paired with SMASH Homebrew
S01 E123
Rauchgraf | Smoked Beer & Hard Cider Hybrid
S01 E124
Pro Tips: Dip Hopping | Arbeiter Brewing Co x Fair State Brewing Cooperat...
S01 E125
Janet's Brown Ale Seven Ways
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