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Bad Girls

Bad Girls

1999 - 2006  •  ITV1  •  107 hours  •  107 episodes
2 votes
2182 votes
# 2256
British hard-hitting drama about the staff and inmates of a women's prison.
  Previously Aired Episode
Christmas Special 2006 Aired on 12/20/2006
Christmas Special 2006
Season 8: Episode 11
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
107 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Them and Us
S01 E02
Drug Wars
S01 E03
Love Rivals
S01 E04
The Victim
S01 E05
Tangled Web
S01 E06
A Big Mistake
S01 E07
Playing With Fire
S01 E08
Falling Apart
S01 E09
Pay Back Time
S01 E10
Love Hurts
Season 2
S02 E01
Tug of Love
S02 E02
Shit Happens
S02 E03
Visiting Time
S02 E04
Looking For Love
S02 E05
Mistaken Identity
S02 E06
Losing It
S02 E07
The Set-Up
S02 E08
Babes Behind Bars
S02 E09
The Leaving
S02 E10
Family Plan
S02 E11
Rough Justice
S02 E12
Facing Up
S02 E13
Oh What a Night
Season 3
S03 E01
Back From the Brink
S03 E02
The Turn of the Screw
S03 E03
The Chains of Freedom
S03 E04
False Identity
S03 E05
Blood Ties
S03 E06
Do or Die
S03 E07
The Great Escape
S03 E08
Uninvited Guests
S03 E09
Common Criminal
S03 E10
Chapel of Love
S03 E11
Battle Lines
S03 E12
Tough Love
S03 E13
Revolving Doors
S03 E14
Fronting Up
S03 E15
Cat & Mouse
S03 E16
Coming Out
Season 4
S04 E01
Fight or Flight
S04 E02
Unholy Alliances
S04 E03
Behind Closed Doors
S04 E04
Fait Accompli
S04 E05
Only the Lonely
S04 E06
Sweet Sixteen
S04 E07
Pillow Talk
S04 E08
Prison Issue
S04 E09
Baby on Board
S04 E10
Family Matters
S04 E11
Battle Lines
S04 E12
Appearances Sake
S04 E13
True Colours
S04 E14
Hard Knock Life
S04 E15
Marriage of Inconvenience
S04 E16
Curtain Call
Season 5
S05 E01
Episode One
S05 E02
Episode Two
S05 E03
Episode Three
S05 E04
Episode Four
S05 E05
Episode Five
S05 E06
Episode Six
S05 E07
Episode Seven
S05 E08
Episode Eight
S05 E09
Episode Nine
S05 E10
Episode Ten
S05 E11
Episode Eleven
S05 E12
Episode Twelve
S05 E13
Episode Thirteen
S05 E14
Episode Fourteen
S05 E15
Episode Fifteen
S05 E16
Episode Sixteen
Season 6
S06 E01
Series 6 - Episode 1
S06 E02
Series 6 - Episode 2
S06 E03
Series 6 - Episode 3
S06 E04
Series 6 - Episode 4
S06 E05
Series 6 - Episode 5
S06 E06
Series 6 - Episode 6
S06 E07
Series 6 - Episode 7
S06 E08
Series 6 - Episode 8
S06 E09
Series 6 - Episode 9
S06 E10
Series 6 - Episode 10
S06 E11
Series 6 - Episode 11
S06 E12
Series 6 - Episode 12
Season 7
S07 E01
Series 7 - Episode 1
S07 E02
Series 7 - Episode 2
S07 E03
Series 7 - Episode 3
S07 E04
Series 7 - Episode 4
S07 E05
Series 7 - Episode 5
S07 E06
Series 7 - Episode 6
S07 E07
Series 7 - Episode 7
S07 E08
Series 7 - Episode 8
S07 E09
Series 7 - Episode 9
S07 E10
Series 7 - Episode 10
S07 E11
Series 7 - Episode 11
S07 E12
Series 7 - Episode 12
S07 E13
Christmas Special
Season 8
S08 E01
Series 8 - Episode 1
S08 E02
Series 8 - Episode 2
S08 E03
Series 8 - Episode 3
S08 E04
Series 8 - Episode 4
S08 E05
Series 8 - Episode 5
S08 E06
Series 8 - Episode 6
S08 E07
Series 8 - Episode 7
S08 E08
Series 8 - Episode 8
S08 E09
Series 8 - Episode 9
S08 E10
Series 8 - Episode 10
S08 E11
Christmas Special 2006
Episode 1
Bad Girls The Musical
Episode 2
Fan Featurette
Episode 3
Fruit Salad
Episode 4
Season 4 Out-Takes
Episode 5
Season 5 Out-Takes
Episode 6
International Promo Trailer
Episode 7
Amanda Barrie Interview
Episode 8
Antonia Okonma Interview
Episode 9
James Gaddas Interview
Episode 10
King of Larkhall
Episode 11
The Musical - Preview
Episode 12
Tristan Sturrock Interview
Episode 13
Tanya Turner
Episode 14
Season 6 Out-Takes
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