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Critical Role

Critical Role

2015 - Now  •  Thursday 10:00 PM on Twitch  •   19 days
45 votes
5941 votes
# 25093
Fantasy, Adventure
Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role!
  Previously Aired Episode
Fleeting Memories Aired on 04/12/2018
Fleeting Memories
Season 10: Episode 2
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Season 1
S01 E01
Arrival at Kraghammer
S01 E02
Into The Greyspine Mines
S01 E03
Strange Bedfellows
S01 E04
Attack on the Duergar Warcamp
S01 E05
The Trick About Falling
S01 E06
Breaching the Emberhold
S01 E07
The Throne Room
S01 E08
Glass and Bone
S01 E09
Yug'voril Uncovered
S01 E10
K'Varn Revealed
S01 E11
The Temple Showdown
S01 E12
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips
S01 E13
Escape from the Underdark
S01 E14
Shopping and Shipping
S01 E15
S01 E16
Enter Vasselheim
S01 E17
S01 E18
Trial of the Take: Part 1
S01 E19
Trial of the Take: Part 2
S01 E20
Trial of the Take: Part 3
S01 E21
Trial of the Take: Part 4
S01 E22
AraMente to Pyrah
S01 E23
The Rematch
Season 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
Trial of the Take: Part 1
S02 E03
Trial of the Take: Part 2
S02 E04
Trial of the Take: Part 3
S02 E05
Trial of the Take: Part 4
S02 E06
AraMente to Pyrah
S02 E07
The Rematch
S02 E08
Gunpowder Plot
S02 E09
Against The Tide of Bone
S02 E10
S02 E11
Race to the Ziggurat
S02 E12
S02 E13
Winter's Crest in Whitestone
S02 E14
A Musician's Nostalgia
S02 E15
Echoes of the Past
Season 3
S03 E01
The Feast
S03 E02
Crimson Diplomacy
S03 E03
Consequences and Cows
S03 E04
The Path to Whitestone
S03 E05
The Sun Tree
S03 E06
S03 E07
Stoke The Flames
S03 E08
Gunpowder Plot
S03 E09
Against The Tide of Bone
S03 E10
S03 E11
Race to the Ziggurat
S03 E12
S03 E13
Winter's Crest in Whitestone
S03 E14
A Musician's Nostalgia
S03 E15
Echoes of the Past
S03 E16
In the Belly of the Beast
S03 E17
S03 E18
S03 E19
S03 E20
A Cycle of Vengeance
S03 E21
The Feywild
S03 E22
Heredity and Hats
S03 E23
Denizens of the Moonbrush
S03 E24
Uninviting Waters
S03 E25
The Echo Tree
S03 E26
The Frigid Doom
S03 E27
The Streets of Ank'Harel
S03 E28
A Traveler's Gamble
S03 E29
The Chase to Glintshore
S03 E30
Cloak and Dagger
S03 E31
Passed Through Fire
S03 E32
S03 E33
S03 E34
The Elephant in the Room
S03 E35
The Coming Storm
S03 E36
Path of Brass
S03 E37
Where The Cards Fall
S03 E38
Brawl in the Arches
S03 E39
Clash at Daxio
S03 E40
The Siege of Emon
S03 E41
S03 E42
S03 E43
What Lies Beneath The Surface
S03 E44
Deadly Echoes
S03 E45
The Deceiver's Stand
Season 4
S04 E01
S04 E02
Desperate Measures
S04 E03
In Ruins
S04 E04
Dangerous Dealings
S04 E05
Return to Vasselheim
S04 E06
The Sunken Tomb
S04 E07
Those Who Walk Away...
S04 E08
Cindergrove Revisited
S04 E09
The Family Business
S04 E10
Into The Frostweald
S04 E11
A Name Is Earned
S04 E12
Best Laid Plans...
S04 E13
Test of Pride
S04 E14
The Kill Box
S04 E15
At Dawn, We Plan!
S04 E16
In the Belly of the Beast
S04 E17
S04 E18
Season 5
S05 E01
S05 E02
A Cycle of Vengeance
S05 E03
The Feywild
S05 E04
Heredity and Hats
S05 E05
Denizens of the Moonbrush
S05 E06
Uninviting Waters
S05 E07
The Echo Tree
S05 E08
The Frigid Doom
S05 E09
The Streets of Ank'Harel
S05 E10
A Traveler's Gamble
S05 E11
The Chase to Glintshore
S05 E12
Cloak and Dagger
S05 E13
Passed Through Fire
S05 E14
The Final Ascent
S05 E15
Vecna, the Ascended
S05 E16
The Chapter Closes
Season 6
S06 E01
S06 E02
S06 E03
The Elephant in the Room
S06 E04
The Coming Storm
S06 E05
Path of Brass
S06 E06
Where The Cards Fall
S06 E07
Brawl in the Arches
S06 E08
Clash at Daxio
S06 E09
The Siege of Emon
S06 E10
S06 E11
S06 E12
What Lies Beneath The Surface
S06 E13
Deadly Echoes
S06 E14
The Deceiver's Stand
S06 E15
Loose Ends
Season 7
S07 E01
A Bard's Lament
S07 E02
Daring Days
S07 E03
Onward to Vesrah
S07 E04
Tangled Depths
S07 E05
Curious Tides
S07 E06
Voice of the Tempest
S07 E07
Vox Machina go to Hell
S07 E08
Deals in the Dark
S07 E09
Bats out of Hell
S07 E10
Jugs and Rods
S07 E11
One Year Later...
S07 E12
Family Matters
S07 E13
Taryon, My Wayward Son
S07 E14
The Mines of the Many
S07 E15
Season 8
S08 E01
Unfinished Business
S08 E02
Thar Amphala
S08 E03
Race to the Tower
S08 E04
The Fate-Touched
S08 E05
S08 E06
The Fear of Isolation
S08 E07
The Endless Atheneeum
S08 E08
S08 E09
The Core Anvil
S08 E10
The Ominous March
S08 E11
The Climb Within
S08 E12
Shadows of Thomara
S08 E13
Dark Dealings
S08 E14
The Final Ascent
S08 E15
Vecna, the Ascended
S08 E16
The Chapter Closes
Season 9
S09 E01
Curious Beginnings
S09 E02
A Show of Scrutiny
S09 E03
The Midnight Chase
S09 E04
Disparate Pieces
S09 E05
The Open Road
S09 E06
The Howling Mines
S09 E07
S09 E08
The Gates of Zadash
S09 E09
Steam and Conversation
S09 E10
Waste and Webs
S09 E11
Zemnian Nights
S09 E12
Midnight Espionage
S09 E13
Lost & Found
S09 E14
Fleeting Memories
S09 E15
Where The River Goes
S09 E16
A Favor in Kind
S09 E17
Harvest Close
S09 E18
Whispers of War
S09 E19
The Gentleman's Path
S09 E20
Labenda Awaits
S09 E21
Stalker in the Swamp
S09 E22
Lost Treasures
S09 E23
Have Bird, Will Travel
S09 E24
The Hour of Honor
S09 E25
Divergent Paths
S09 E26
Found & Lost
S09 E27
Converging Fury
S09 E28
Within the Nest
S09 E29
The Stalking Nightmare
S09 E30
The Journey Home
S09 E31
Commerce & Chaos
S09 E32
Beyond the Boundaries
S09 E33
The Ruby and the Sapphire
S09 E34
Encroaching Waters
S09 E35
Dockside Diplomacy
S09 E36
O Captain, Who's Captain?
S09 E37
Dangerous Liaisons
S09 E38
Welcome to the Jungle
S09 E39
Temple of the False Serpent
S09 E40
Dubious Pursuits
S09 E41
A Pirates's Life for Me
S09 E42
A Hole In the Plan
S09 E43
In Hot Water
S09 E44
The Diver's Grave
S09 E45
The Stowaway
S09 E46
A Storm of Memories
S09 E47
The Second Seal
S09 E48
Homeward Bound
S09 E49
A Game of Names
S09 E50
The Endless Burrows
S09 E51
S09 E52
Feral Business
S09 E53
S09 E54
Well Beneath
S09 E55
S09 E56
The Favor
S09 E57
In Love and War
S09 E58
Wood and Steel
S09 E59
S09 E60
A Turtle By Any Other Name
S09 E61
S09 E62
Domestic Respite
S09 E63
S09 E64
A Dangerous Chase
S09 E65
Chases and Trees
S09 E66
Beneath Bazzoxan
S09 E67
Episode 67
S09 E68
Episode 68
Season 10
S10 E01
Lost & Found
S10 E02
Fleeting Memories
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Frequently Asked Questions about RPGs! (Game Master Tips)
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Critical Sloth
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Critical Role x Kinda Funny: Dungeons & Dragons Pt. 3
Episodes 38
Critical Role x Kinda Funny: Dungeons & Dragons Pt. 4
Episodes 39
TO THE POOP! - The Goblins
Episodes 40
Critical Role Q&A and Battle Royale 2!
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Critical Role and GameSpot at E3 2016
Episodes 42
Deadlands One-Shot for MDA Charity!
Episodes 43
Special One-Shot with Liam O'Brien and Friends!
Episodes 44
Critical Role Panel 1 Live at Comic Con!
Episodes 45
One-Shot with Liam O'Brien and Friends!
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Setting up your Gamemaster's Screen! (Game Master Tips)
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Roleplaying Against Type in D&D! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)
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How to Prevent RPG Game Master Burnout! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)
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Talking CRITICAL ROLE Live From WONDERCON! (Talks Machina)
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Critical Role Extra - Liam's Quest: Full Circle
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Fireside Q&A with Matthew Mercer
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Battle Royale Special
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Talks Machina - Live from WonderCon 2018
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Critical Role Answers Your Questions - C2E2 2018
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D&D Beyond Official Theme
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Talks Machina Live from San Diego Comic Con 2018
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Fireside Chat & NPC Build with Matthew Mercer
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Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo
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Critical Role One-Shot
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Sam Riegel's Crash Pandas One-Shot
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Sunday Critical Role Interview @ MCM London 2018
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Mighty Nein Intro
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The Night Before Critmas
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Vox Machina: The Search for Grog (live from LA)
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Stephen Colbert's D&D Adventure with Matthew Mercer (Red Nose Day 2019)
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Tails of Equestria One-Shot
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