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Fit 2 Stitch

Fit 2 Stitch

2014 - Now  •  Wednesday on PBS  •  17 hours  •  93 episodes
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Home and Garden
This PBS series will give anyone who has a desire to fit and sew clothing the opportunity to develop these talents - for themselves and others. Join us as we venture into a world of thread and cloth. We will carve a deliberate path, showing you how to achieve the garments of your dreams.
  Previously Aired Episode
Embroider That Wrap! Aired on 04/08/2020
Embroider That Wrap!
Season 8: Episode 2
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
The Bodice and Why Darts Are A Woman's Best Friend
S01 E02
The Skirt, for All Ages
S01 E03
The Sleeve. Up, Down and All Around
S01 E04
What Is Great Fit? LCD
S01 E05
The French Curve, Design vs. Fit
S01 E06
Proportions and Sewing Slim
S01 E07
Pants -- Even Quilter's Need Pants
S01 E08
Jeans -- Fit to Make You Slim
S01 E09
Yoga Pants - Out of the Gym to the Office
S01 E10
Great EZ Sewing Styles for Everyone
S01 E11
Beautiful Fitting Silk Blouses for All
S01 E12
One Pattern, An Array of Style
S01 E13
Sewing Tips That Simplify It All
Season 2
S02 E01
Contemporary Pants
S02 E02
S02 E03
LCD Again, and Again
S02 E04
Dirty Dozen Fitting Issues
S02 E05
Fabric Speaks, Are We Listening?
S02 E06
The Perfect Tank
S02 E07
Leather Play
S02 E08
Capes Fit for Any Fashion
S02 E09
Zippers, Here, There, Everywhere
S02 E10
Three Patterns, One Wardrobe
S02 E11
The Wrap Dress
S02 E12
Sewing Myths
S02 E13
The Skirt
Season 3
S03 E01
Intro to Sewing Fashion
S03 E02
A Trip to Europe
S03 E03
Have Fun With Fabrics
S03 E04
10 All Time Best Sewing Tips
S03 E05
Pattern Rules
S03 E06
The Yoga Skirt
S03 E07
One Pattern: My New Wardrobe
S03 E08
Lace in Fashion
S03 E09
Collar Options
S03 E10
Handicap Dressing: Each of Our Needs Is Different
S03 E11
Off-the-Rack Sewing
S03 E12
Lining vs. Interfacing and Seam Finishing
S03 E13
The Trench Coat -- Look at Me Now!!
Season 4
S04 E01
Job Interview and Business
S04 E02
Business Casual
S04 E03
Graduations and Celebrations
S04 E04
Semi-formal and Cocktail Parties
S04 E05
Black or White Tie Events
S04 E06
S04 E07
Casual Events and Parties
S04 E08
Broadway Plays
S04 E09
S04 E10
Benefits and Fund-Raisers
S04 E11
Grocery Shopping and Errands
S04 E12
Beach and Outdoor Activities
S04 E13
Casual Dinners and Dates
Season 5
S05 E01
The Technology of Sewing and How It Has Evolved
S05 E02
Capes, Wraps, and Trench Coats: From World War I to Today
S05 E03
The Riding Jacket: From Yesterday to Today
S05 E04
The Modern Pant
S05 E05
The Modern Jean
S05 E06
The Modern Skirt
S05 E07
The Sweater Girl Era
S05 E08
The Modern Blouse
S05 E09
The Wrap Dress
S05 E10
The Modern Jean Jacket
S05 E11
Making Your Own Swimsuit and Lingerie
S05 E12
Garment Finishing Touches
S05 E13
Historical Lace
Season 6
S06 E01
Designing and Making Your Own Fashion Collection
S06 E02
Inside the Fiber Industry
S06 E03
Putting Design Ideas Onto Paper
S06 E04
Custom Tailoring
S06 E05
Line, Focal Point, Color and Proportion
S06 E06
The Use of Color as a Designer
S06 E07
Pattern Rules
S06 E08
Grading and Fitting
S06 E09
Fitting and the Design Process
S06 E10
Easy Pattern Making and Pattern Changes
S06 E11
Tips Including Grain Line Play, Methods of Sewing and Sewing Machine Care
S06 E12
Overview of the Leather Industry and Added Trims Options
S06 E13
Helping Viewers in Their Real-Life Fashion Design Projects
Season 7
S07 E01
The Base Concept
S07 E02
The T-Shirt for Everyone
S07 E03
Image Consultant and Closet Organization
S07 E04
The Blouse
S07 E05
The Jean Jacket
S07 E06
Seam Finishes
S07 E07
The Jacket
S07 E08
Sewing, Lining, and Fusing the Jacket
S07 E09
S07 E10
The Pant
S07 E11
The Jean
S07 E12
Skirts and Knit Cardigan
S07 E13
The Coat/Dress
Season 8
S08 E01
Easy Wraps and Shawls
S08 E02
Embroider That Wrap!
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