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Fons & Porter's Love Of Quilting

Fons & Porter's Love Of Quilting

2016 - Now  •  Monday on PBS
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Home and Garden
The public television series Fons & Porter's "Love of Quilting" was originally hosted by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter and a co-production with Iowa Public Television. During the 1600 Series, Mary Fons began co-hositng with Marianne. Liz comes back once in while to make guest appearances on "Love of Quilting", ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Presto! Aired on 05/14/2020
Season 35: Episode 13
Season 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
Season 1
S01 E01
Planning a Quilt
S01 E02
Quilting Tools
S01 E03
Madison County Quilts
S01 E04
Sewing Curves
S01 E05
Preparing Applique
S01 E06
Feed Sack Yo-Yos
Season 2
S02 E01
Lucky Stars Quilt
S02 E02
Flag Quilts
S02 E03
Freezer paper Applique
S02 E04
Painters' Tape Diagonals
S02 E05
Star Sampler Quilt
S02 E06
Strip Sets
S02 E07
Blazing Star Block
S02 E08
Triangle Square Units
S02 E09
S02 E10
Metallic Thread Quilting
S02 E11
Working With Diamonds
S02 E12
Photos in Quilts
S02 E13
Square-in-Square Units
Season 4
S04 E01
Easy Pineapple Blocks
S04 E02
Tri-Recs Evening Star
S04 E03
Falling Leaves Table Runner
S04 E04
Washington Pavement
S04 E05
Fashionable Quilted Totes
S04 E06
Sunburst Quilt
S04 E07
Crazy Quilts & Bobbin Work
S04 E08
Blue Lagoon Tumbling Blocks
S04 E09
Longarm Quilting in Japan
S04 E10
Diamond Four Patch
S04 E11
Thread for Machine Quilting
S04 E12
Print Your Own Fabric
S04 E13
Keepsaking Your Quilts
Season 5
S05 E01
Sassy Stars
S05 E02
Easy Quilted Rag Throw
S05 E03
Winter Stars Part I
S05 E04
Winter Stars Part II
S05 E05
Panorama Quilts
S05 E06
Make a Miniature
S05 E07
Perfectly Planned Quilting
S05 E08
Luminosity Stars
S05 E09
No-Mark Quilting Designs
S05 E10
Traditional Log Cabin Quilts
S05 E11
Embellishing Your Quilt
S05 E12
Fun With Nine-Blade Fan Blocks
S05 E13
Big Block Quilts
Season 6
S06 E01
Off the Beaten Path
S06 E02
Diagonally Set Quilts
S06 E03
Bodacious Bloomers
S06 E04
Needle Punch Embellishment
S06 E05
Baby Room Accessories
S06 E06
Machine Quilting Methods
S06 E07
Gone Fishin’ Panel Quilt
S06 E08
Embroidery Stitch Recipes
S06 E09
State Fair Blue Ribbon Quilts
S06 E10
Cute Chenille Appliqué
S06 E11
Longarm Quilting 101
S06 E12
Pre-Quilted Backpack
S06 E13
Basic Borders
Season 7
S07 E01
Brave New World
S07 E02
English Paper Pieced Ornaments
S07 E03
Embroidering Large Quilt Blocks
S07 E04
Wedding Wishes Quilt
S07 E05
Let’s Quilt
S07 E06
Pine Burr Quilt
S07 E07
Vintage Handkerchief Quilts
S07 E08
Thread Painted Scene
S07 E09
Longarm Quilting
S07 E10
Rotary Cutting Basic Shapes
S07 E11
Flying Geese Units
S07 E12
Point Trimming
S07 E13
Half-Yard Challenge
Season 8
S08 E01
Garden Window
S08 E02
Fabric Valentines
S08 E03
Design Your Own Fabric with Machine Stitching
S08 E04
Double Wedding Ring, Part 1
S08 E05
Double Wedding Ring, Part 2
S08 E06
Thread Embellished Border Prints
S08 E07
Fabric Fun with Paintstiks
S08 E08
Fantastic Freemotion Quilting
S08 E09
Wagon Wheel Quilt
S08 E10
Multi-Frame Machine Quilting
S08 E11
Weaver Fever Quilts
S08 E12
Bobbin Play
S08 E13
Interfacing Appliqué
Season 9
S09 E01
Homespun Galaxy Quilt
S09 E02
Chenille Snuggle Quilt
S09 E03
Designing Quilts with Embroidery Software
S09 E04
Wool Appliqué Stitches
S09 E05
Peek-A-Boo Crib Quilt
S09 E06
Fabric Bowls with Joyce Drexler
S09 E07
Flannel Brick Road
S09 E08
Make a Quillow
S09 E09
Layered Machine Appliqué
S09 E10
Longarm Tools of the Trade
S09 E11
Blue Streak Quilt
S09 E12
Invisible Machine Appliqué
S09 E13
Rain Forest Quilt
Season 10
S10 E01
Cottage Square
S10 E02
Radiant Blue, Part 1
S10 E03
Radiant Blue, Part 2
S10 E04
Suns and Moons Quilt
S10 E05
Basketweave Baby Quilt
S10 E06
Quilting Windmills
S10 E07
Spice Islands Compass, Part 1
S10 E08
Spice Islands Compass, Part 2
S10 E09
Desert Stars
S10 E10
Petite Baskets
S10 E11
Digital Thread Painting
S10 E12
Longarm Mastery
S10 E13
Binding—The Perfect Finish
Season 11
S11 E01
Nouveau Bargello
S11 E02
Flip a Coin
S11 E03
Twice Quilted
S11 E04
T-Shirt Quilts
S11 E05
Monsters in My Closet
S11 E06
Making Thread Scarves
S11 E07
Let it Snow
S11 E08
Birthday Stars
S11 E09
Mother May I
S11 E10
Quilting Ideas for Log Cabin Quilts
S11 E11
Wrap It to Go Notebook Cover
S11 E12
S11 E13
Celebrate a New Star
Season 12
S12 E01
Spin Wheel
S12 E02
Flip Flops
S12 E03
Longarm Basics
S12 E04
Seams Too Easy
S12 E05
Embroidered Wall Flowers
S12 E06
Cutting Mat Bag
S12 E07
Ginger’s Flower Garden
S12 E08
Visit to Colonial Williamsburg
S12 E09
Williamsburg Basket
S12 E10
Bandana Beauty
S12 E11
Three Zinnias
S12 E12
Painted Patchwork
S12 E13
Buggy Days
Season 13
S13 E01
Autumn Stars
S13 E02
Embroidery Makes the Quilt
S13 E03
Diamond Leaves
S13 E04
Jumbo Embroidered Ferns
S13 E05
Hand Appliqué Techniques
S13 E06
Autopilot Paper Piecing
S13 E07
Kalamkari Strippy
S13 E08
My Style Pillows
S13 E09
Longarm Quilting Artists
S13 E10
Printed Labels
S13 E11
A Peek at the Past
S13 E12
Let\'s Make Cake
S13 E13
Blended Borders
Season 14
S14 E01
Star of Bethlehem, Part 1
S14 E02
Star of Bethlehem, Part 2
S14 E03
Baby Needs a Quilt
S14 E04
Curved Paper Piecing - Grandmother's Daisy Garden
S14 E05
Shadow Play
S14 E06
Travel ‘n Style
S14 E07
Daisy Doodle
S14 E08
Cinnamon Stars
S14 E09
Dimples and Duckies
S14 E10
Time for Teddie
S14 E11
S14 E12
In a Clutch
S14 E13
Triangle Boot Camp
Season 15
S15 E01
Nothing But Triangles
S15 E02
Spring Flowers
S15 E03
Geisha Princess – Dress Her Up
S15 E04
Basket of Flowers
S15 E05
Rosie’s Quilt
S15 E06
Garden Fresh
S15 E07
Quilts with a Twist
S15 E08
Quilting for Dimension
S15 E09
Antique Influences
S15 E10
Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine
S15 E11
The Great Cover Up
S15 E12
Three Dimensional Leaves
S15 E13
Fabric 101
Season 16
S16 E01
Cottage Baskets
S16 E02
Amish Buggy Wheels
S16 E03
Serge Your Quilt
S16 E04
Christmas Memories
S16 E05
Bluebonnet Baby Quilt
S16 E06
Home to Roost
S16 E07
Twirling Triangles
S16 E08
Valiant Eagle, Part I
S16 E09
Valiant Eagle, Part II
S16 E10
Drunkard’s Path with a New Twist
S16 E11
Montana Hearth
S16 E12
Edge-to-Edge Quilting
S16 E13
Spring Poppies / Fall Foliage
Season 17
S17 E01
Amish Triangles
S17 E02
Quilt It and Paint It
S17 E03
Fabric Weaving Fun
S17 E04
Argyle Stocking
S17 E05
Jazzy Stars
S17 E06
Perfect Flying Geese
S17 E07
Pineapple Salsa
S17 E08
Pressing Matters–Understand Your Iron
S17 E09
S17 E10
Strata Quilts
S17 E11
Interlocking Stars
S17 E12
Quilter’s Caddy
S17 E13
Friendship Quilts
Season 18
S18 E01
Ozark Star Table Topper
S18 E02
Crazy Quilts Scissor Holder
S18 E03
Jewels of the Garden, Part I
S18 E04
Jewels of the Garden, Part II
S18 E05
Triangle Roundup
S18 E06
Joseph’s Pinwheel
S18 E07
Imperial Diamonds
S18 E08
Computerized Quilting
S18 E09
Batik Braid
S18 E10
Cutting Bee Quilts
S18 E11
Crossed Kayaks
S18 E12
Tri-fold Quilting Wallet
S18 E13
Cathedral Window Table Topper
Season 19
S19 E01
Times Square
S19 E02
Blue Bird of Happiness
S19 E03
Conquer Curved Seams with Your Serger
S19 E04
Feedsack Flowers
S19 E05
Machine Quilting Basics
S19 E06
By the Big Lake
S19 E07
Bringing Life and Dimension to Your Projects
S19 E08
Indigo Star
S19 E09
Scrappy Triangles
S19 E10
Piping Adds Punch to Your Quilt
S19 E11
Quilters Tool Bag
S19 E12
Scrappy Stars
S19 E13
Basic Binding Boot Camp
Season 20
S20 E01
Northport Crossing
S20 E02
Toddler Quilt with Lettering
S20 E03
Milky Way
S20 E04
Appliqué with McKenna Ryan
S20 E05
Gallery Walk
S20 E06
Pinwheels Plus
S20 E07
Spring Garden Delight
S20 E08
Churn Dash
S20 E09
Labeling Techniques
S20 E10
Perky Pinwheels
S20 E11
Quilting Tips & Tricks
S20 E12
Tie the Knot
S20 E13
Puppy Pals
Season 21
S21 E01
Three Tours
S21 E02
Circles for Paige
S21 E03
Periwinkles in Bloom
S21 E04
Links, Part I
S21 E05
Links, Part II
S21 E06
Fabulous Free Motion
S21 E07
Chasing Chevrons
S21 E08
Flower Power
S21 E09
S21 E10
Machine Quilting Styles
S21 E11
Fluttering By
S21 E12
Calypso Tote
S21 E13
Season 22
S22 E01
Bygone Table Runner
S22 E02
Washington Island Poppies
S22 E03
Deck the Halls Table Runner
S22 E04
Anniversary Memories
S22 E05
Emily’s Wedding Quilt
S22 E06
What Do I Quilt on my Quilt?
S22 E07
Scallop Edge Baby Quilt
S22 E08
Quilt of Valor
S22 E09
Serge Ahead Table Runner
S22 E10
Hunter’s Star
S22 E11
Modern Crib Quilt
S22 E12
Sewing Machine Cover
S22 E13
Rock Island Campfires
Season 23
S23 E01
Flower Bed
S23 E02
Baby Owls at Play
S23 E03
Stitch and Slice Quilt
S23 E04
Modern Tote
S23 E05
North Carolina Lily
S23 E06
Quilting in the Sashing
S23 E07
Thank You Stars
S23 E08
Speaking of Thread
S23 E09
Wagon Wheels
S23 E10
Serger Techniques - Ruffles and More
S23 E11
Lovebirds Placemat
S23 E12
On The Square
Season 24
S24 E01
S24 E02
Random Acts of Happy - Springs
S24 E03
Flower Power Table Runner
S24 E04
Double Stars
S24 E05
S24 E06
Machine Quilting - APQS
S24 E07
Ralli Pop
S24 E08
Madeira Thread show
S24 E09
Endless Chain
S24 E10
Ohio Star
S24 E11
Zig A Zag Table Runner - Baby Lock
S24 E12
Season 25
S25 E01
Libby's Log Cabin
S25 E02
Leather and Lavender
S25 E03
Splendid Stars
S25 E04
Stars and Nines
S25 E05
Appliquéd Mini Mats
S25 E06
Marking Your Quilt Top
S25 E07
Cabins at the Lake
S25 E08
Stippled Owl Pillow
S25 E09
Twisted Triangles
S25 E10
Terrific Table Topper, Many Happy Returns
S25 E11
Thread Embellished Coasters
S25 E12
Moonlight Bay
S25 E13
Prairie Sunrise
Season 26
S26 E01
Remembered Friends
S26 E02
Country Fair
S26 E03
Pixie Wings
S26 E04
Liz's LeMoyne Star
S26 E05
Quilted Scallop Pillow
S26 E06
Free-motion Quilting Feathers
S26 E07
Boughs & Berries
S26 E08
Quilting Traditions with Jim Shore
S26 E09
Hero's Tribute
S26 E10
Chilly Willy
S26 E11
Fond Memories
S26 E12
Cottage Home Mini Quilt
S26 E13
Prussian Blue
Season 27
S27 E04
Row Quilt, Part 2
S27 E05
Row Quilt, Part 3
S27 E06
Easy Edge to Edge Quilting
S27 E07
Bountiful Stars
S27 E08
Rail Fence Baby Quilts
S27 E09
Garden House Pillow
S27 E10
Goose Crossing
S27 E12
Strawberry Fields Quilt
S27 E13
Glorified Nine Patch Quilt
Season 28
S28 E01
Folk Dance
S28 E02
Kin Coterie
S28 E03
Valiant Eagle
S28 E04
Anna's Starflake
S28 E05
Freshly Pieced Vegetables
S28 E06
Picnic in Provence
S28 E07
New Hampshire Nights
S28 E08
Autumn Star Shine
S28 E09
Red, White & Gratitude
S28 E10
Quilting With an Accent: Embellishment Techniques
S28 E11
String Me Along
S28 E12
Shattered Dresden
S28 E13
Free Motion Designs
Season 29
S29 E01
From Sea to Shining Sea
S29 E02
Home, State Home
S29 E03
Freemotion and Threads with Karen McTavish
S29 E04
Cactus Blooms
S29 E05
West Point
S29 E06
Kitchen Windows
S29 E07
Red Between the Lines, Part 1
S29 E08
Red Between the Lines, Part 2
S29 E09
Rainbow Mosaic
S29 E10
Farmer’s Wife Table Runner
S29 E11
Cross Road to Grandma’s House
S29 E12
A Formal Affair
S29 E13
Twilight in the Garden
Season 30
S30 E01
Diagonally Set Log Cabin Quilts
S30 E02
Orange You Sweet?
S30 E03
Parisian Posies
S30 E04
Patchy Stars
S30 E05
Freeform Pillow
S30 E06
Shooting Stars
S30 E07
Brighten Up, Buttercup!
S30 E08
Crazy-Quilted Tablet Sleeve
S30 E09
Quilting for Drama, Direction, Diversion
S30 E10
Parade Rest
S30 E11
S30 E12
Dublin Town
S30 E13
American Pie
Season 31
S31 E01
It Waves Forever
S31 E02
Cabins of Carolina
S31 E03
Princess Pillows
S31 E04
Friendship Rings
S31 E05
Pioneer Rose
S31 E06
S31 E07
Orange Peel Two-Step
S31 E08
Custom Quilting for Spectacular Patchwork
S31 E09
S31 E10
Pastoral Patchwork
S31 E11
Piecing a Blue Streak
S31 E12
Martha Washington's Star
S31 E13
Starring Sunflowers
Season 32
S32 E01
Reverse Applique
S32 E02
Getting Gussied Up
S32 E03
S32 E04
Chain Link Pillow
S32 E05
A Way With Applique
S32 E06
S32 E07
7047 Miles
S32 E08
Primary Lessons
S32 E09
Starry Surprise
S32 E10
Berry Blue
S32 E11
Mademoiselle Jackie
S32 E12
Simple Crazy Piecing
S32 E13
Kiddos & Bobbins
Season 33
S33 E01
S33 E02
A House and a Home
S33 E03
Lightning in a Bottle
S33 E04
Moon Hopper
S33 E05
Twiddle Dee Dee
S33 E06
Candy Dreams
S33 E07
Star Spangled Banner
S33 E08
Pinwheel Tote
S33 E09
Using Panels for Practice
S33 E10
From My Window
S33 E11
Magic and Illusion
S33 E12
Applique in Bloom
S33 E13
Love of Leftovers
Season 34
S34 E01
Snail's Trail
S34 E02
Pops of Poinsettia
S34 E03
Sharing Traditions
S34 E04
Mother's Choice
S34 E05
Mayday Festival
S34 E06
Refracted Fire
S34 E07
Cottage Teatime
S34 E08
Bliss and Blossoms
S34 E09
Creating Memories
S34 E10
Hometown Blooms
S34 E11
Using Scallop Templates
S34 E12
Home to Kentucky
S34 E13
Sapphire Ikat
Season 35
S35 E01
Column-Style Quilting
S35 E02
S35 E03
Coast to Coast
S35 E04
Baby's First Wedding
S35 E05
Snowy Spring
S35 E06
Pickled Pink
S35 E07
Cut Glass Echoes
S35 E08
Ribbons of Valor
S35 E09
Dreams & Wishes
S35 E11
Forest Jubilee
S35 E12
Summer's Revival
S35 E13
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