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Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Doctor Who: The Fan Show

2015 - 2017   •  YouTube
1 vote
Documentary, News
The weekly show from the Official Doctor Who YouTube channel.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Steven Moffat Interview Part 3 (08-03-18) Aired on 08/03/2018
The Steven Moffat Interview Part 3 (08-03-18)
Season 4: Episode 8
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
108 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
Zygons & Osgood In Series 9!
S01 E02
The Magician's Apprentice: What We Know So Far
S01 E03
The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular!
S01 E04
Doctor Who is Invading The World!
S01 E05
Meeting Doctor Who Cosplayers
S01 E06
Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who
S01 E07
Stealing Series 9 Scripts
S01 E08
Doctor Who Minecraft
S01 E09
S01 E10
We've Landed At Comic-Con!
S01 E11
First Look At LEGO Dimensions Gameplay
S01 E12
Comic-Con Reacts to Series 9
S01 E13
Doctor Who Fan Meet-Up
S01 E14
EXCLUSIVE Behind Wholock And More
S01 E15
Peter Capaldi On Being A Doctor Who Fan
S01 E16
Charlieissocoollike In The TARDIS
S01 E17
Behind Doctor Puppet
S01 E18
Doctor Who Comics Day!
S01 E19
Meet Michelle “Missy” Gomez
S01 E20
Jenna Coleman On What It Takes To Be A Companion
S01 E21
Millenium FX Makeover & Doctor Who Festival Updates
S01 E22
How To Make A TARDIS Cake
S01 E23
The Finale
S01 E99
Doctor Who: The Fan Show
Season 2
S02 E01
The Magician's Apprentice Reactions
S02 E02
The Witch's Familiar Reactions
S02 E03
Under the Lake Reactions
S02 E04
Before the Flood Reactions
S02 E05
The Girl Who Died Reactions
S02 E06
The Woman Who Lived Reactions
S02 E07
The Zygon Invasion Reactions
S02 E08
The Zygon Inversion Reactions
S02 E09
Sleep No More Reactions
S02 E10
Face The Raven Reactions
S02 E11
A Doctor Who LEGO Set Adventure!
S02 E12
Heaven Sent Reactions
S02 E13
Hell Bent Reactions
S02 E14
Husbands of River Song Reactions
S02 E15
What Happened In Series 9 With Jake Yapp
S02 E16
LEGO Dimensions Easter Eggs
S02 E17
Spearhead From Space Review
S02 E18
The Old Monsters Home
S02 E19
Amazing Audio Adventures
S02 E20
Gallifrey One 2016
S02 E21
Cosplay at Gallifrey One
S02 E22
What Are Ribbons At Gallifrey One
S02 E23
The Silurians Review
S02 E24
Michelle Gomez's Guide To Monsters
S02 E25
Peter Capaldi Talks Series 9 and 10
S02 E26
Draw My Life - Peter Capaldi
S02 E27
Top 10 Tips For Being A Companion
S02 E28
Doctor Who Fans Guinness World Record!
S02 E29
Blink Review
S02 E30
The Impossible Astronaut Review
S02 E31
New Companion Reaction
S02 E32
Target Book Exhibition ft. Peter Capaldi
S02 E33
The New Sonic Screwdriver Toy
S02 E34
Planet Of The Ood Review
S02 E35
The 500th Doctor Who Magazine
S02 E36
Davros Review
S02 E37
Meeting Fans At VidCon
S02 E38
Series 10 What We Know So Far
S02 E39
The Master Review
S02 E40
How To Make Doctor Who Cookies
S02 E41
How To Cosplay As Bill
S02 E42
The Zygons Review ft. Ingrid Oliver
S02 E43
Restoring Classic Monsters
S02 E44
Series 10 Production Update
S02 E45
The Sontarans Review ft. Dan Starkey
S02 E46
Christmas Read-through Reaction
S02 E47
Series 10 & Class #NYCC Round-Up
S02 E48
Meeting The Class Cast
S02 E49
The Cybermen Review
S02 E50
The Power of the Daleks
S02 E51
The Daleks Review ft. Nicholas Briggs
S02 E52
Series 10 Filming, Writers & Missy!
S02 E53
The Gift (A Christmas Story) With Frances Barber
S02 E54
The Return of Doctor Mysterio Reactions
S02 E55
Series 10 Trailer, The Pirate Planet and More!
S02 E56
Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who
S02 E57
The Ice Warriors Are Back!
S02 E58
Ice Warriors, Series 10 Latest & LEGO Daleks!
S02 E59
John Barrowman Talks Captain Jack
S02 E60
10 Things From The Series 10 Trailer!
S02 E61
Animating Series 10 Poster ft. Lucy Crewe
S02 E62
Series 10 Is Almost Here!
S02 E63
Visiting The Doctor Who Set (ft. Jake Dudman, Bully & Maude Garrett)
Season 3
S03 E01
Pearl Mackie & Steven Moffat - The Aftershow
S03 E02
Peter Capaldi & Brian Minchin Interview - The Aftershow
S03 E03
Sarah Dollard & Hayley Nebauer - The Aftershow
S03 E04
David Suchet & Mike Bartlett - The Aftershow
S03 E05
Jamie Mathieson, Mimi Ndiweni & Kieran Bew - The Aftershow
S03 E06
Michelle Gomez & Nick Lambon - The Aftershow
S03 E07
Rachel Denning & Jamie Hill - The Aftershow
S03 E08
Millenium FX’s Gary Pollard Talks Series 10 Monsters - The Aftershow
S03 E09
Matt Lucas & Mark Gatiss - The Aftershow
S03 E10
Rebecca Benson Talks The Eaters of Light - The Aftershow
S03 E11
Brian Minchin Talks World Enough And Time - The Aftershow
S03 E12
Steven Moffat & Rachel Talalay - The Aftershow
S03 E13
Series 10 Review - The Aftershow
Season 4
S04 E01
Thirteenth Doctor Reaction
S04 E02
LGBTQ In The World of Doctor Who
S04 E03
Jake Dudman Voices The Doctor
S04 E04
Russell T Davies Draws Daleks, The Tenth Doctor & MORE!
S04 E05
The Twelfth Doctors Final Story, Regeneration & MORE!
S04 E06
Steven Moffat On Writing, Weeping Angels, and More
S04 E07
Steven Moffat On Matt Smiths Era, Writing, The 50th Anniversary & MORE!
S04 E08
The Steven Moffat Interview Part 3 (08-03-18)
Episode 1
Meet Christel
Episode 2
Doctor Who Titles Challenge
Episode 3
We Need YOU! - San Diego Comic-Con
Episode 4
The Doctor Who Festival
Episode 5
Full Interview with Dr Marek Kukula
Episode 6
Christel Gets Caught!
Episode 7
Minecraft Rollercoaster Full Interview
Episode 8
Minecraft Titles Runners-Up
Episode 9
Full Interview With John Smith
Episode 10
Comic-Con Exclusive Merchandise
Episode 11
How To Make A Time Lord Collar
Episode 12
Full Interview With Doctor Puppet
Episode 13
Full Interview with Titan Comics
Episode 14
How To Make Prosthetics (Full Interview with Millenium FX)
Episode 15
Behind The Scenes Q&A
Episode 16
Q&A with Tom Spilsbury
Episode 17
Q&A with Cherry Wallis
Episode 18
Q&A with Rebecca Brown
Episode 19
Q&A with TARDISArchives
Episode 20
Q&A with Dan Slott
Episode 21
Q&A with Jenny Colgan
Episode 22
Q&A with Jake Dudman
Episode 23
Q&A with Kezia Newson
Episode 24
Q&A with Morgan Jeffery
Episode 25
Q&A with Rachael Stott
Episode 26
Q&A with Crispy Pro
Episode 27
Q&A with Carrie Hope Fletcher
Episode 28
Q&A with Stuart Ashens
Episode 29
Q&A With Rosianna Halse Rojas
Episode 30
Q&A With Paul Cornell
Episode 31
Q&A With The Chique Geeks
Episode 32
Q&A With Ben Cook
Episode 33
Q&A With Blair Mowat
Episode 34
Q&A With Bethany Black
Episode 35
Q&A With Jake Yapp
Episode 36
Q&A With Peter Ware
Episode 37
Q&A With Tom Webster
Episode 38
Doctor Who Impressions
Episode 39
Q&A With Simon Guerrier
Episode 40
Q&A With Jenny Lippmann
Episode 41
Peter Capaldi Talks Series 9 and 10
Episode 42
Q&A with Tom Dix / Epic Who
Episode 43
Q&A with Tony Lee
Episode 44
Q&A With The Hillywood Show
Episode 45
Q&A With Chris Foxx
Episode 46
Q&A With Sarah Dollard
Episode 47
Stop Motion With Doctor Puppet
Episode 48
Interview With Mike Tucker
Episode 49
Q&A With Dan Starkey
Episode 50
Sontaran Or Potato
Episode 51
Q&A With Christel Dee & Luke Spillane
Episode 52
The Return of Doctor Mysterio Reactions
Episode 53
Doctor Who Meets Mr. Men
Episode 54
Series 10 Trailer, The Pirate Planet and More!
Episode 55
Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who
Episode 56
The Ice Warriors Are Back!
Episode 57
Ice Warriors, Series 10 Latest & LEGO Daleks!
Episode 58
John Barrowman Talks Captain Jack
Episode 59
10 Things From The Series 10 Trailer!
Episode 60
Animating Series 10 Poster ft. Lucy Crewe
Episode 61
Series 10 Is Almost Here!
Episode 62
Visiting The Doctor Who Set (ft. Jake Dudman, Bully & Maude Garrett)
Episode 63
Doctor Who: The Fan Show
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