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If Loving You Is Wrong

If Loving You Is Wrong

2014 - 2020   •  Oprah Winfrey Network  •   95 hours
12 votes
1153 votes
# 10815
This sexy, sleek drama takes viewers into the lives of a group of husbands, wives and friends that live and love in the same middle class neighborhood. On the surface they are true-to-life, relatable people – raising children, working jobs, finding and maintaining romance - but just below the veneer ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Sound the Alarm Aired on 05/30/2017
Sound the Alarm
Season 6: Episode 11
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
127 episodes total
If Loving You Is Wrong | New Season of "If Loving You Is Wrong" Returns in March | Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong | OWN
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season 1
S01 E01
A Twisted Affair
S01 E02
Shots Fired
S01 E03
Alex Is Pregnant
S01 E04
The Colombian
S01 E05
The War Begins
S01 E06
Game Night
S01 E07
After Heartbreak
S01 E08
14 Weeks
S01 E09
S01 E10
Look Closely
S01 E11
The Lady Next Door
S01 E12
S01 E13
Fatherless Boys
S01 E14
Who Knew
S01 E15
Marcie and Brad
S01 E16
Whose Baby
S01 E17
The Randal Connection
S01 E18
The Debt
S01 E19
Nine PM
S01 E20
Alex's Baby
S01 E21
Miss Louise
S01 E22
The Beauty That Is
S01 E23
The Painter
S01 E24
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
S01 E25
The Shed
S01 E26
Being A Woman
S01 E27
Joey and Faun
S01 E28
The Tape
S01 E29
He's Beautiful
S01 E30
Time For A Cigar
S01 E31
Out of Control
S01 E32
Mortal & Fifth
S01 E33
The Last Word
S01 E34
S01 E35
Randal's Wicked Web
S01 E36
A Mother's Love
S01 E37
Betting on Tina
S01 E38
The Brown Paper Bag
S01 E39
For Pete
S01 E40
The Will
S01 E41
An Evil Alliance
S01 E42
The Wicked Soul
Season 2
S02 E01
Watch Your Back
S02 E02
911 Emergency
S02 E03
Boiling Point
S02 E04
You're The Boss
S02 E05
An Unlikely Suspect
S02 E06
The Power Of Love
S02 E07
The Wages of Sin
S02 E08
Keeping Watch
S02 E09
A Room For You
S02 E10
Every Minute Counts
S02 E11
Rusty's Brand of Justice
S02 E12
A Neighborhood in Crisis
S02 E13
Sui Ling Mai
S02 E14
A Fatal Attraction
S02 E15
The Missing Person
S02 E16
The Mail Man
S02 E17
Tippa Haynes
S02 E18
The Party Just Arrived
S02 E19
Don't Lose Your Deposit
S02 E20
No One is Safe
S02 E21
Angry Men
S02 E22
Sound The Alarm
Season 3
S03 E01
A Difficult Path
S03 E02
S03 E03
In Distress
S03 E04
Enemy Secrets
S03 E05
A Taste of Freedom
S03 E06
S03 E07
Something is Rotten
S03 E08
Dark Intentions
S03 E09
Chains, Guns, And Automobiles
S03 E10
A Dame In Distress
S03 E11
The Porch Light
S03 E12
The Papers
S03 E13
Hanging in the Balance
S03 E14
The Battleground State
S03 E15
S03 E16
Rock Solid
S03 E17
In God's Hands
S03 E18
Behind Enemy Lines
S03 E19
Don't Lose Your Deposit
S03 E20
No One is Safe
S03 E21
Angry Men
S03 E22
Sound The Alarm
Season 4
S04 E01
Let It Burn
S04 E02
The Red Dress
S04 E03
Randal's Stage
S04 E04
Chest Pains
S04 E05
S04 E06
A First Date
S04 E07
Digging Up Old Dirt
S04 E08
S04 E09
Chains, Guns, And Automobiles
S04 E10
A Dame In Distress
S04 E11
The Porch Light
S04 E12
The Papers
S04 E13
Hanging in the Balance
S04 E14
The Battleground State
S04 E15
S04 E16
Rock Solid
S04 E17
In God's Hands
S04 E18
Behind Enemy Lines
Season 5
S05 E01
An Old Skeleton
S05 E02
Jennifer Peppa
S05 E03
Under The Influence
S05 E04
S05 E05
Going Along For The Ride
S05 E06
The Pardon
S05 E07
Red Paint
S05 E08
The Firm
S05 E09
The Great Escape
S05 E10
S05 E11
I Need A Hero
S05 E12
Season 6
S06 E01
An Old Skeleton
S06 E02
Jennifer Peppa
S06 E03
Under The Influence
S06 E04
S06 E05
Going Along For The Ride
S06 E06
Tippa Haynes
S06 E07
The Party Just Arrived
S06 E08
Don't Lose Your Deposit
S06 E09
No One Is Safe
S06 E10
Angry Men
S06 E11
Sound the Alarm
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