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Blank on Blank

Blank on Blank

2012 - 2017   •  YouTube
1 vote
Blank on Blank is a production of Quoted: a nonprofit digital studio based in Brooklyn with a simple mission: preserve and re-imagine the American interview.
  Previously Aired Episode
Kevin Costner's Ding Dongs Aired on 05/18/2017
Kevin Costner's Ding Dongs
Season 1: Episode 90
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
90 episodes total
Blank on Blank | Blank on Blank Promotional Trailer
Season 1
S01 E01
Bono on His Dad's Final Days
S01 E02
Surfer Kelly Slater on Problems in his Perfect Life
S01 E03
Muhammad Ali On Going To Mars
S01 E04
Dave Brubeck on Fighting Communism with Jazz
S01 E05
Larry King on Getting Seduced
S01 E06
Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful
S01 E07
David Foster Wallace on Ambition
S01 E08
Beastie Boys on Being Stupid
S01 E09
Wilt Chamberlain on Tall Tales
S01 E10
James Brown on Conviction, Respect & Reagan
S01 E11
Maurice Sendak on Being a Kid
S01 E12
Louis Armstrong on His Chops
S01 E13
Farrah Fawcett on Stiletto Power
S01 E14
Fidel Castro: The Lost Interview
S01 E15
Janis Joplin on Rejection
S01 E16
Ray Charles on Singing True
S01 E17
Kurt Cobain on Identity
S01 E18
Jerry Garcia on The Acid Tests
S01 E19
Grace Kelly on JFK
S01 E20
Tupac Shakur on Life and Death
S01 E21
John Updike on Family Affairs
S01 E22
Barry White on Making Love
S01 E23
Carol Burnett on Finding Home
S01 E24
Stan Getz on Wasted Years
S01 E25
Heath Ledger on Role Playing
S01 E26
Johnny Cash on The Gospel
S01 E27
John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Love
S01 E28
Gene Wilder on The Truth
S01 E29
David Bowie on Stardust
S01 E30
Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness
S01 E31
Meryl Streep on Beauty
S01 E32
Jimi Hendrix on The Experience
S01 E33
Michael Jackson on Godliness
S01 E34
Bette Davis on The Sexes
S01 E35
Liberace on Peacocking
S01 E36
Maya Angelou on Con Men
S01 E37
Wayne Coyne on Living With Death
S01 E38
Robin Williams on Masks
S01 E39
Tom Robbins on Jitterbugs
S01 E40
Elliott Smith on Freaks
S01 E41
B.B. King on The Blues
S01 E42
Lou Reed on Guns & Ammo
S01 E43
Dolly Parton on Getting Dirty
S01 E44
Ray Bradbury on Madmen
S01 E45
John Coltrane on Giant Steps
S01 E46
Joni Mitchell on Illusions
S01 E47
Ayn Rand on Love and Happiness
S01 E48
Roger Ebert on Ego
S01 E49
Dustin Hoffman in 1971 on Duplicity and Famosity
S01 E50
Hunter S. Thompson on Outlaws
S01 E51
Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing
S01 E52
Patty Hearst on Reasonable Doubt
S01 E53
Bill Murray on Being Obnoxious
S01 E54
Kurt Vonnegut on Man-Eating Lampreys
S01 E55
Nina Simone on Shock
S01 E56
Garrison Keillor on Humor
S01 E57
Sally Ride on Dumb Questions
S01 E58
Frank Lloyd Wright on Arrogance
S01 E59
Temple Grandin On Her Search Engine
S01 E60
Jane Goodall on Instinct
S01 E61
Dame Stephanie Shirley on Survival Code
S01 E62
Buckminster Fuller on The Geodesic Life
S01 E63
Richard Feynman on What It Means
S01 E64
Carl Sagan on Extraterrestrials
S01 E65
Martin Scorsese on Framing
S01 E66
Patti Smith in 1976 on Getting Bleeped
S01 E67
Cher on Kitsch
S01 E68
Rod Serling on Kamikazes
S01 E69
Frank Zappa on Fads
S01 E70
Bob Dylan at 20 on Freak Shows
S01 E71
Nora Ephron on Crazy Salad
S01 E72
Marlene Dietrich on Sex Symbols
S01 E73
Aldous Huxley on Technodictators
S01 E74
Stevie Wonder on Keys of Life
S01 E75
Ronald Reagan on Oatmeal Meat
S01 E76
Jimmy Carter on Power and God
S01 E77
Leonard Cohen on Moonlight
S01 E78
Francis Ford Coppola on Solitude
S01 E79
Stephen King on Childhood
S01 E80
Oliver Sacks on Ripe Bananas
S01 E81
George Washington Carver on Ego and Self
S01 E82
Jacques Cousteau on Atlantis and Cognac
S01 E83
Alfred Hitchcock on Dead Bodies
S01 E84
George Michael on Freedom
S01 E85
Charles Bukowski's Crappy Life
S01 E86
Clint Eastwood's Pussy Generation
S01 E87
Sting's Name Change
S01 E88
George Clooney's Uncle Chick
S01 E89
Johnny Depp Breaks Stuff
S01 E90
Kevin Costner's Ding Dongs
Episode 1
Tim Gunn on His FBI Agent Father
Episode 2
Charles Bukowski's Crappy Life
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